John Mayer - Paper Doll Lyrics

Paper doll come try it on
And step out of that black chiffon
Here's a dress of gold and blue
Sure was fun being good to you

This one we made just for fall
And winter runs a bit too small
This mint green is new for spring
My love didn't cost a thing

You're like 22 girls in one
And none of them know what they're running from
Was it just too far to fall
For a little paper doll?

Fold a scarf, Moroccan red
And tie your hair behind your head
Strap into some heels that hurt
You shoulda kept my undershirt

You're like 22 girls in one
And none of them know what they're running from
Was it just too far to fall
For a little paper doll?

Cut the cord and pull some strings
And make yourself some angel wings
And if those angel wings don't fly
Someone's gonna paint you another sky

'Cause you're like 22 girls in one
And none of them know what they're running from
Was it just too far to fall
Was it just too far to fall

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John Mayer Paper Doll Comments
  1. Ciara Wetherell

    Shallow non-meaningful lyrics, huh? He sucks!

  2. Skyla Shaw

    This is about Taylor Swift no doubt about it

  3. Sophia Driver-Dickerson

    Dear John: I look back and regret I ignored when they said run as fast as you can
    Paper Doll: None of them know what they're runnin' from

    This song makes my skin crawl

  4. Alexandra Justine Jarvis

    *John* : "None of them know what they're running from."
    *Taylor* : "I'll look back and regret how I ignored when they said "run as fast as you can"

  5. Patricia Sheck

    White people write lame diss tracks.

    Tristan Van Der Walt

    Yea and black people only make one hit wonders:)

  6. Jus Ben

    te acordas cuando taylor te lleno el culo de leche

  7. Mel

    Speed at 1.25 -- loved it :)


    Mel what’s up with people listening to music at 1.25 speed fucking creep

  8. Jessica Flores

    This song blows!

  9. kasandra Anderson

    Can we just admit... John is a beautiful womanizing douche

  10. pls dun heyt meh aym just a potato

    Autoplay the next song is dear John 😂😂😂

    Engred Fiel

    Yessss hahahahahaha

    ryl sanchez

    ikr hahahahaha

  11. pls dun heyt meh aym just a potato


    That's actually pretty sweet...

    Deep lyric making here and it makes me want to hear more... Gosh why does this song feel so short...

  12. Krystall

    Here because of Carly and erins video lol

    Bridgette Dupree

    Oh my gosh same! Hahaha

    Bridgette Dupree

    Too bad he didn't respond


    Bridgette Dupree I know 😭 lmao

  13. Carlos Perez

    Love this song

  14. Judy Huang

    Well done John!!!

  15. Sanobar Malik

    Taylor's awesome with lyrics. So is John Mayer. Paper Doll is a masterpiece and a complete answer to what she wrote in DearJohn. I see there must have been some misunderstanding between them which lead to breakup.

  16. Theo

    As a swiftie, i can kinda say that Taylor, in her early songs, was hammering boys down graciously and John throwing little subtle shades here and there.
    They are amazing songwriters and singers but in their own lightings.

  17. July

    Did he just compare Taylor to a little paper doll? That's mean.

    Mushi Sparkle

    Yes because she goes wherever the wind takes her. Meaning she had no values that kept her weighed down to a normal place. She would just let the wind take her far away.

    Merrissa Hill

    "And all you're ever gonna be is mean" ;)

  18. xelocin

    Can NOBODY spell John correctly?

  19. Therealist Tru'

    Here after what culture video!!!

  20. luca alvez

    This song fucking sucks 🤦🏽😂

  21. Michaela Tomon

    Everybody was talking about

    “22 girls in one”
    “Someone’s gonna paint you another sky”
    “Strap into some heels that hurt” and
    “Black chiffon”

    which relates to Dear John, Begin Again, and her outfit. But nobody talks about the “Fold a scarf” line? I mean, is all too well a joke to you?

    Natasha Mohammed

    All too well was written for Jake Gyllenhaal

  22. Jorn Kirkengard

    Damn this guy!

  23. Nehal Tiwari

    when you google John Mayer and Taylor Swift, the picture that comes up kind of hints the black chiffon dress that Taylor wore that award night.

  24. thewillingwell

    If you’re 32 then maybe you’re too old to play with Paper Dolls. Just saying.

    Hannah Polan

    RIIIGHT, I think it's funny he thought she was immature for writing a song about him. Don't fool around with a kid if you want someone mature.

  25. Jennifer Anderson

    Who cares who it’s about it’s a smooth tune......John

  26. Rahim-Ul-Islam Remon

    Now, she's shinning like fireworks over your flop-empty career.

    Jonathan Mendler

    John Mayer is a lot of things, and a flop is not one of them

    Elaine Grace

    Rahim-Ul-Islam Remon how he’s a flop when he ables to sell out entire arena with no controversial marketing or without new album. He’s a musician not some mainstream pop artist and popularity is not everything in being a musician , its talent that matters

    Therealist Tru'

    John will always be remembered 30 years from now they will be saying Taylor who??

    Gin-chan Jared

    Therealist Tru' TAYLOR FUCKING SWIFT
    Y'all hate to admit it but she's one of the biggest star right now and will always be remembered.
    Sorry but I even forgot he existed.

    Tristan Van Der Walt

    @Gin-chan Jared Taylor sucks,sorry bot sorry


    Once a swiftie always a swiftie.

    Dawngi Kawlni

    You love Zayn Malik
    You are Swities
    And you kept BTS LOGO

    I MEAN

  28. Brittany Hannah

    Such a cheap shot, John...

    Jonathan Mendler

    And Taylor’s wasn’t?

    Elaine Grace

    Its a beautiful song and he didn’t say anything bad about that person, how is it’s a cheap shot?

    Krystal Rowan

    It's actually a mature song, much less petty and spiteful than the song that sparked it.

  29. cogntve ¿

    How is it that I've only got to know this now!? His songs are amazing!

  30. Pagano

    How does anyone correlate this with the Mills Brothers

  31. dante9481

    Both songs sucked!

  32. Farahkonza 23

    Sorry, what is this song? Dear John was better.

    Elaine Grace

    Farahkonza 23 it’s a two different genres that can’t be compared. Both are good in their own ways. Clearly you are biased

  33. cjasso33

    Love his voice

  34. Samantha Lopez

    Taylor song is better. This one is depressing and boring.

  35. Fabulous_KittyCat

    I am here 'cause I watched a video that said John and Taylor Swift were dating but broke up and he made this song to get back at her for writing "Dear John" witch is about John Mayer, obvi. Like the line "Your 22 girls in one" Might be reffering to Taylor's song 22, and the line "Someone's gonna paint you another sky" Is simular to the line in "Dear John" that says "You paint me a blue sky and go back and turn it to rain" Idk if it's true but to me it seems pretty obvious. Who agrees?

  36. Danaelle

    I didn't know it might be about Taylor Swift before I read the comments, II saw it on my list and was attracted by the name of the song. But I'm very disappointed, the lyrics sucks... It's a really lame song. I go check out "Dear John". I don't care if it's really about him but it's a very good song. If it's a reply, the melody is sweet but he should try harder on the lyrics. Very disappointed. Well, I was hoping to find another artist to follow, even if I like Taylor Swift, but it's not gonna happen. Sorry for my english, I'm from Belgium. Obviously it's only my opinion. Someone who care a lot about melody might find this one great. Have a nice day everyone.

  37. Kyla Nograles Cruz

    who here cant still get over about taylor swift and john mayer?

  38. Asma Khursheed

    I think there were most certainly some misunderstandings which led to the break i just heard Dear John n now this

  39. Gummy Bear

    john mayer: strap into same heels that hurts..

    taylor(begin again) : HE DIDN'T LIKE WHEN I WORE HIGH HEELS ..BUT I DO!!

    Pallavi Kottur

    But that's for Harry styles

    Eisha Khan

    Pallavi Kottur yall think everything is about Harry styles

    Hira Fatima

    @Pallavi Kottur wtf no song from red album is related to harry


    Pallavi Kottur harry and taylor started dating after red was released

    Mariana Lehnertz

    its for jake gydjdfhadkfjhall

  40. Einav Attia

    In both songs "paper doll" and " dear john" it sounds like taylor was super needy in the relationship and from this position its very hard to be truly objective about the relationship because she always feels disadvanteg and every little thing might hurt. Im sure that both of them have many issues ( being able to write such a beautifull & sensetive songs comes with "price") and i dont see a reason to be shocked from their age gap- its a matter of attitude to the relationship. She loves to be the gentle, fradgle girl and it just seems like this is her thing in her relationships. Anyway- these two songs complete one each other perfectly, beautiful two points of view over their relationship that tells a life story that many can relate to

    Hannah Polan

    I'm not a Swifty or Mayer superfan but I personally think John's "revenge" song was weak. I do like his other songs.

  41. Aysha

    Just listen it ' becz it was about *Taylor Swift*

  42. Paola

    I am a Swiftie and I think that the song is good but not as good as dear John . Feels like he wanted revenge two years later and he’s in his right but idk

  43. Jenesis Flewwellin

    I just listened to Dear John :(

  44. Kebo Girasez

    i've heard tony dancer

  45. Aayushi Naraniya

    John is a piece of shit. 👊

  46. Hnin Nwe Oo

    "None of them knows what they're running from." made me think of "When they told me to run as fast as I can."

  47. ImAlwaysRight YouKnow

    why get mad when someone splits up with you. it's not serious anyways. Easy relationship is going nowhere.

  48. andra popa

    It shows the age in both songs, "Dear John" clearly sounds like a teenage drama of an intense crush, but "Paper Doll" is more of an adult response to something viewed as silly.

    Its Mona

    andra popa but if he thinks a relationship with a 19 year old is silly then he shouldn't have dated her

    Erica Bautista

    Teenage drama of an intense crush? Dear John highlights the emotional abuse/manipulation she went through. Do you know how traumatizing that could get? And saying this is an 'adult response to something silly' invalidates the message and themes of Dear John.

    Elaine Grace

    Erica Bautista john said that he never dated her and didn’t see it as a relationship, more to friendship and working together. From the lyric “maybe its me and my blind optimism to blame. Maybe its you and your sick need to give love and take it away” just shows that it is one sided love. John was just being nice to her and she thought it was love. Dear John is about a guy who didn't want the same thing and broke her heart, break up is not abusive.

  49. Jessie Guan

    you paint me a blue sky then go back and turn it to rain~Taylor Swift~dear Johnsomeone's gonna paint you another sky ~John mayer~paper doll

  50. Rose benju

    John: *"Someone's gonna paint you another sky"*
    Taylor: *"You paint me a blue sky"*

  51. The Best

    Taylor- You painted me a blue sky and went back turned it into rain
    John- someone's gonna paint you another sky
    I can totally feel that some misunderstanding happened between them which lead to their breakup

  52. Kim Kim

    I love how whoever wrote these slides has a lisp at 3:50

  53. ImJiminss 24

    « Someone’s gonna paint you another sky » this is totally about taylor

    « you paint me a blue sky and go back and turn it to rain » -Dear John

  54. MP4Life

    He may have been immature most of his adult life, but with this song he showed he could be way more mature than Taylor. All she did in that song is be blunt, offensive and foolish. While this song has more mature references and he's not full on attacking her. And listen to his songs, if you play guitar you can see the differences in quality between her music than his. He is WAY more musically talented than her.

    SetThemOnFireBaby! Lets!Go!

    That's how an adult act and that song is a mature song and Taylor "Dear John" is a teenage song so two different can't be compared. Frankly, I love both of this songs both has its flaws but depicts perfection. No hate both of them.

  55. ohifonlyx33

    taylor: you messed with me and played games with me and made me cry... don't you think i was too young i should've known you were trouble
    john: lol silly little paper doll.... you were lucky to have had a chance with me.

    Erica Bautista

    Right this song just feels very condescending. Has a nice melody tho

  56. Arina

    Still on Team Taylor

    Jenesis Flewwellin

    Arina me too

    Romy Agmon


  57. Anuja Churi

    One such equivocated song is this ! too Melodious too meaningful for the expectation... love you John

  58. GERSON Fernández

    Imagine if instead of John responding to Taylor
    It would've been Eminem

    I think taylor would win xd😂😂😂

  59. Liya Nathania

    Much better than that old grandma....

  60. Luzata Stha

    dear john is nicer. partially coz I am a swifty and partially coz I like fast songs better.

  61. Lillith Cleary

    I really tried to like this.... but I just dont

  62. Yuhao Zhang

    Can anyone explain to me how does this song reflect the dear john?

    Its Mona

    Yuhao Zhang
    Dear john: "You paint me a blue sky and go back and turn it to rain"
    Paper doll: "Someone else is gonna paint you another sky"
    22: "I don't know about you but I'm feeling 22"
    Paper doll: "You're like 22 girls in one and none of them know what they're running from"
    And many more but I'm too lazy

  63. Sonde

    Guys this song came out 3+ years ago.
    Will you stop talking about TS?

  64. Aakriti Khosla

    Omg guys SHUT UP. I'm a huge Swiftie. I've been one since Love Story. And yes, I came to this song because I heard the rumours. And yes, it's ninety percent about Taylor, but tbh who cares. Stop whining (both sides) and appreciate it for its beauty. It's a lovely, mature song with beautiful lyrics. For the record, Dear John is one of my favourite TS songs because of its impeccable lyrics and the emotion behind it. But. Both these people are ARTISTS putting their art out there. This art should be appreciated for what it is, not for what it's about.

    vidushi agarwal

    I'm literally like ya, I'm also a fan since love story... I had never heard her before but now I'm a HUGEE Taylor addict( swiftie)


    Aakriti Khosla I am to!!!! #TaylorSwift4evah!!!!!!!!!!

    Tooba Bernhard

    Sensible Comment.

    Romy Agmon

    Dear John gave me life and don't blame me took me to church


    Did he just compare Taylor to a little paper doll? That's just mean.

  65. Norma Gilpin

    Not one of his best!

  66. n3crok

    so Taylor is not just better at songwriting than you are, but she's more popular, too. lol

    Sister WARS

    i tried and i hate them sorry. still team tay

    Weird Girl

    Sister WARS 😁 Maybe you just have a BAD TASTE in music that cannot be cured. So goodluck with that 😂

    Mikaiah Thanq

    n3crok not everyone can appreciate fine art...


    woah woah John is a superior song writer to Taylor Swift, her songs may be more popular but that doesn't mean they are better

    Anita Posa

    @Sister WARS 😁 half a heart was Co written with Taylor(she even sang as a backup vocal) so that's kinds embarrassing.

  67. Eden Grace

    Dear john is so much better than this song tbh

    Romy Agmon

    like its just so much more calming

  68. Maggie Clark

    Theory: When he says "Strap into some heels that hurt" does that mean that the guy from Taylor's past in the song Begin Again is about him, because she says "He didn't like it when I wore high heels"????

  69. Jade C

    What I love about this song is JM's best talent of songwriting. Those hints of the paper doll, her 22 personalities, the undershirt that she should have kept like she did for Jake, someone who will paint her new sky. It's clever and pretty deep. It's not a harsh meaning song, just a little bit subtle criticizing :P Beautiful song.


    Really shows his craftsmanship in songwriting vs Taylor Swifts.


    @QuinnUltra lol. You're really trying to paint Taylor bad? He broke up with her and burned her down. Not vice versa. Ofc he'd be calm ag

  70. Neeloc

    Dear John is way better than this. Sorry JM.

  71. The_Howler

    Am I the only JM fan over here, who came just for the song and Mayers amazing voice?

    Also, to all the swifties; this song could be about Taylor, but that's the beauty of this song. It could be about any of his Exs. or it could be about none of them, unlike a pretentious bitch who isn't smart enough to disguise the song and just names it the first thing that comes to mind.

    jillian valentine

    you're right. i'm JM fan, i love his art and i really dont care about his personnal life


    Oh please. He wrote this in response to Dear John. He is a douchebag cheater who hasn't got a clue how to treat women. Look at his past. One after another. He is a pig.


    @kellie77381 No one gives a fuck! he's an awesome composer and one of the finest guitarists of our time, Get over yourself please!

    Juan Dela Cruz

    Really? Just like tswift, very unprofessional i may say. Yeah he may be what you call him, and tay?, the pretentious bitch (sorry) but how many guys he hopped on at this very moment? She's squeaking on how young she was yet she went into a relationship with an older man at her YOUNG age. Come'on!

    Just appreciate JM's work as a good composer and one of the A class guitarists of this generation as how you appreciate tay's. if not, better shut up.

    Amie L

    The_Howler at least she can write songs better than you. And this is early about Taylor. "someone will paint you a new sky" -- "you'd paint me a blue sky and go back and turn it to rain." also, "strap on some new heels" -- "you never liked it when I wore them" .... yah, totally not about Taylor

  72. eva karkitsou

    hahah you paint me a blue sky and go back and turned it to rain
    sounds familiar

    smol swifty walnut with anxiety

    yup. *cough* Dear John *cough*

  73. SwiftieTay Mac

    Same lol

  74. Seyma

    Dear John is better sorry

  75. Kimi & Ebba

    Dear John was better

    Jot bindra

    John was right, some people don’t understand if you write a really good song


    Jot bindra this song on the other hand is a masterpiece

    Jenesis Flewwellin

    Kimi & Ebba I completely agree

    Mikaiah Thanq

    Kimi & Ebba how the heck was it better? 😂


    Agreed. This is boring

  76. Sophia Rojas

    came from dear john and I'm sorry but this is terrible

    Amal George

    Sophia Rojas too many notes? Lyrics not as dumb and straightforward?


    @Amal George omg hahahah *dead*

    Bilge Kilicci


  77. Salazar Slytherin

    changed the speed to 1.25.. twas actually good.. haha

    Salazar Slytherin

    yeaahhh.. the song is super slowww.. just came from taylor's dear john.. hahaha

    Sweet Kpop

    @Sheryl Amyrelle same lmfao

    Cherryimin Dunkin

    Salazar Slytherin omg same

    Pallavi Kottur

    Yea...this is far more better!!!!

  78. AL1F

    Anyone else here from "Dear Jhon"?



    Wahid Choudhury

    @Areli Díaz omg
    You predicted the new song title 3 years back.

  79. AL1F

    Lol all I did was watch that video, click on this video to check the lyrics, first thing I do before the video even starts is check out the comments section and the first comment is my whole life story explained. Full Stop.

  80. Kyria

    "You're like 22 girls in one" ==John Mayer

    "I dont know about you but I'm feelin 22, we just keep dancing like we're 22, ooh-ooh" ==Taylor Swift- 22 😆😅

    Tantra Intuition

    Hahaha I noticed that too!


    +georgia stokes 👍lol


    That is why he said that.

    Jessie Guan

    you paint me a blue sky then go back and turn it to rain~Taylor Swift~dear John
    someone's gonna paint you another sky ~John mayer~paper doll


    i noticed that too!

  81. Hutchinson Lydon Music Making

    Ha, if this is an answer to Dear John, both clever.. love it.

  82. dinah Liang

    I'm here because I watched a video called "8 songs that were written about Taylor Swift" and John Mayer was first with this song, so I had to listen to see what lyrics sounded like they were about Taylor.


    so am I!

    Shaira Sta Clara

    dinah Liang HAHAHA OMG SAMEDT

  83. Kartik Shukla


  84. KAnansey

    JM did an admirable job of answering Swift's unsubtle jab with this beautiful melody which just oozes with maturity. Awesome song!!

    Chloe Vehonsky

    you releize he wrote a song five years after the break up but she wrote came out with one the next year so it's a immature to write a song 5 years later but somehow Taylor is the immature one

    Ceren Aras

    KAnansey she was like 19 years old back then damn just give her a break

    Romy Agmon

    [email protected] Vehonsky

    Romy Agmon

    [email protected] Aras

  85. Pris

    That's how I feel right now ; (?

  86. Alessandra Cardenas

    Coming from hearing Dear Jonh.... I'm speechless

    Brendan Ortega

    +Karen Martinez so small minded

    Sister WARS

    dear john sounded better tho

    Muhammad HarDick

    @Sister WARS 😁 i think you meant bitter.

    Nadishia Forbes

    Alessandra Cardenas me too Lmaoooo

  87. Missy Sample

    You're welcome for "wathing"

  88. So.phie


    Melanie Johnson

    +TheSuggLife it's a song and he's using references to explain so leave without posting if you got hate and if you got love or SUGGESTIONS FOR THE VIDEO (Constructive Criticism) Then post

    It's Real

    +Melanie Johnson Right! Maybe TheSuggLife never heard of symbolization. That's why they said music is an art, and it's up to the listeners on how to interpret it. If the words doesn't make sense then you've got to read between the lines, GENIUS!

    Danie Cabrera

    hello good sir have u ever heard of metaphors

    DevilishSeraphim Marionettes have strings. Puppets require hands inside their bodies to work. 🤦🏼‍♀️

    Muhammad HarDick

    This girl is thot lol can't even use her brain LMAO

  89. Alondra Ávila

    A 45 swifties no les gusta esto :v

  90. Monika Z

    '....someone's gonna paint you another sky' John Mayer ----- 'you paint me a blue sky then go back and turn it to rain' Taylor swift 😭😭😭 this song is beyond boring, I'm sorry, go Tay ❤️

    Jonathan Mendler

    Just because a song is more subtle doesn’t mean it’s “boring”

    Tristan Van Der Walt

    @Jonathan Mendler don't worry about it just brain dead taylor swift fans,smh

  91. mark andrie largo

    for me, this is a bad song written by John Mayer. He just wanna have revenge to Taylor Swift with this song. Not so artistic and inspiring at all. Just my own opinion.

    Anass Yassine

    he is speaking his language which is music , + who was really immature was taylor to begin with , the way she talked about him was very low while mayer respectfully answered , u wouldnt be quiet if u were to be called an asshole ( or hinted )

  92. Shania Tomlinson

    This song is so great i love john mayer so much. You actually have to listen over and over again to read in between the lines. Unlike taylor, she just puts everything so simply in her songs.

    Victoria Mann

    Shania Tomlinson I agree !! I love Taylor songs but its too straight forward I like a little metaphor in songs hehe

    Sarah Telford

    Listen to all too well and clean then get back to me bitch


    Dear John is full of metaphors!

    "Counting my footsteps praying the floor won't fall through again" - walking on eggshells around someone, scared of making them angry and having the "floor fall through"

    "You paint a blue sky and go back and turn it to rain" - making her happy only to take it away and make her cry

    "I lived in your chess game, but you changed the rules everyday" - she was over her head and was just being played by him, everything part of his "game" was dictated by him

    "never impressed by me acing your tests" - she figured out the game he was playing with her

    "but I took your matches before fire could catch me...I'm shining like fireworks..." - she stopped herself getting too "burned" by him. She used the fire to shine like fireworks instead of getting burned.

    Sister WARS

    excuse ne WHAT? Did u just say she puts things too "sinply" being a swiftie i know thats one thing she doesn't do. at least try to listen to songs like all too well, clean, treacherous and the moment i knew. there are countless more. Ronan, sad beautiful tragic, never grow up and she tells a beautiful story with each and every one of them. call me obsessed but im team tay THANK U VERY MUCH

  93. Alien Talk Show

    Ok so I am kinda obsessed with this song lol =) <3 Taylor Swift

  94. Sarah Kaminsky

    Here's true talent... Unlike the blond bitch he wrote this about.

    Alina Enderby

    this is so rude girl. U act like a bully


    So jealous..

    nina mz

    At least the "blond bitch" has more hits than him


    +Sarah Kaminsky I'm sure that Taylor lyrics are the reason why she's talented. Go listen to her other songs other than Blank Space and any other hits from her. You'll see that she's an amazing song writer.


    Taylor sucks as a musician in my opinion as well

  95. Lespeth Alaban

    Nice relaxing this s my bf made by john mayer.

  96. Jordan Parker

    John says the dress is gold AND blue I'm going with him

    ohh sally!

    it's BLACK AND BLUE 😲😲😲😲


    John said it was Gold and Blue! Not gold and white or Black and blue! In John We Trust!

    Eds Sangga

    The_Howler hahahaha

    Jemima Rivas

    Jordan Parker its gold and white lol

    Tam Urao Jr.

    @Jemima Rivas I think he was actually referring to that dress and somehow telling how confusing Taylor was. He can't figure her out if she's White and Gold or Black and Blue. '22 girls in one'

  97. TheSummerDolls

    Probably the only swiftie who actually likes this song...


    TheSummerDolls you're not the only one.


    TheSummerDolls i ❤️ this song.

    Moonlight Pirate

    TheSummerDolls I love this song and I love Taylor. Their relationship is their life I'm here to enjoy music

    Lici Charlotte


    Danny Zuko

    John and Taylor are my favorite artists from this millennium. Both are amazing songwriters.

  98. ken

    Fav song, ctfu poor swift

  99. mebs au

    I think John Mayer really loved Taylor from seeing this, and Taylor loved him too, but the age difference was a bit too much to handle, their maturities were clashing I reckon. 

    "You're like twenty-two girls in one, and none of them know what they're running from. What is just too far to fall? For a little paper doll?"

    xyz zyx

    I agree. The things he was complaining in this are things he would complain after dating almous any teenage girl. And the things she complain about were because he was emotional but mature man.


    'Run as fast as you can'

    Adrian Johnson

    Lizz Mebs Disagree bc he dated several women who said he was a dick (Katy Perry n I think a few actors) I think he suffered from some issues but he's still an ass (I don't like Taylor either, but he's not innocent)

    Ace Dragon

    @Adrian Johnson John is a changed man, whoever calls him an ass doesn't know anything about him and only follows Vogue and shit like that

  100. Magnificent 7

    John is known for being a womanizor and this time he picked on someone who would fight back and she was practically just a kid at the time.

    Angelica Bandal

    Now, he found what he's looking for OR an ultra opponent from the opposite. HAHAHA


    Like when she dated Taylor Lautner and he was ACTUALLY a child

    cornelia street

    zpyang um taylor swift is 3 years older than taylor lautner and they were both teenagers at the time they were dating...john mayer is 12 years older than her and they dated when she was 9TEEN. i know im one year late :(