John Mayer - Helpless Lyrics

The same drink that gets me out the door
Is the same drink that puts me on the floor
And the new thing I wanna try some more
Is the same mistake I used to make before

If I'm helpless tell me now
Tell me now
If I'm helpless tell me now
Tell me now
If I'm helpless tell me now
Tell me now
And I'll stop trying to figure it out

The same brain that brings me ecstacy
Is the same pain that gets the best of me
And the one I love the most just said to me
A broken heart is all I'll ever be

If I'm helpless tell me now
Tell me now
If I'm helpless tell me now
Tell me now
If I'm helpless tell me now
Tell me now
And I'll stop trying to figure it out

Help me
Help me
Help me

If I'm helpless tell me now
Tell me now
If I'm helpless tell me now
Tell me now
If I'm helpless tell me now
Tell me now
And I'll stop trying to figure it out

If I'm helpless
If I'm helpless
If I'm helpless
Then I'll stop trying to figure it out

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John Mayer Helpless Comments
  1. Toseef Ahmed Malik

    2:35 albert king style

  2. James DeWald

    0:15 is that Michael C Hall?

  3. M Sato -Bluesy City Popper- [Music & Travel]

    sooo goood.... but John my most favourite part is the outro solo you cut on the recording.... I loved it so much and I've made a cover with guitar TAB I hope you dig it! :)

  4. Bern C

    Not one intelligent comment. Just listen and enjoy.

  5. ankur srivastav

    Mr Palladino, Mr John Mayer together.... Need I say more

  6. GGB Chronicles

    John Mayer Is the fucking man. Point blank period

  7. Ace Dragon

    3:22 hold up, is that Madison Cunningham?

  8. Rahul Vig

    I want JM and The Weeknd on a track 💜😍

  9. Michael steffens

    3:22 - Could this girl be any more lame?

  10. Edward Incierto

    2:33 I think the girl on the right is the same girl who won the free ticket when John asked him if he could ask her extra seat in the Dive Bar ad.

  11. 2v_5r

    Are his vocals edited here?

  12. Enrico Rossignoli

    texas blues meet funky! awesome! thank you John

  13. 2v_5r

    "John Mayer doesn't make good music anymore"

  14. Drone Studios

    This is why he should’ve stayed with the strat.

    Justin Church

    Drone Studios so true

  15. Henrique Melo

    the song is all good, but past minute four it gets totally BADAS! especially the final riff

  16. Al's Chronicles

    pino paladino was amazing on this so subtle but my gosh

  17. Hunter Angus

    2:20 I think is most peoples reaction to this solo

  18. sam forkkio

    I seriously wanna meet John Mayer just to tell him that he is truly the best, I mean anyone who aspires to play guitar or write music can feel me on that its ridiculous how much of a musical genius he is!

  19. JeSsYneSs

    I'm still in..awe.. That is some piece of real guitar-art that no one can like John Mayer

  20. Aniruddh Singh

    I only wish i was present in this room

  21. Downey Jr

    Me: 0:52

  22. calex901

    Laaame crowd. People don't know how to get down to a groove no more

  23. Julio Gonzalez

    3:22 freeze woman

  24. elxubaka

    dat solo man kill the studio solo

  25. Rahul Let

    I need this printed shirt, in India, where can I get it?

  26. Kiana

    3:22 <3

  27. Arnaldo Costa

    So groovy... gotta love this

  28. Sana Kamran

    Fuck me dead his playing works like a drug!

  29. Muadz Muslih

    Best nak mampos

  30. Gabriela Valadares

    Incríveeeeeeeeeeeel! Um ABSURDO de tão talentoso

  31. Hanika Zahra

    love you John

  32. Shrey Kundra

    0:16 Dexter planning on his next kill

    Lucas Moraes

    Its really michael c hall?

    Shrey Kundra

    @Lucas Moraes Yes.

  33. StevieRayBone

    3:14 😍😂

  34. Xander Mohan

    Its july 2019 and I'm on 100th watch of this

  35. Lachlan Ford

    Does he really need every pedal ever made? I guess John can do whatever he wants I guess

  36. Sheri Lynn Bettevy

    Wow...I came back to it again😁😁👌👍😁when I first saw JM live on Facebook at the budlight night😁😁😁✌️✌️👍👍👌👌👏👏👏👏👏yes⚡️🎸⚡️☀️💥💥💥💥💥🔥🔥🔥

  37. Terece Anctil

    First song in my head when I’d be having a rough go at work. Then The Home Depot playlist would play Daughters and I’d be just fine 🤗 fired for attendance lol come to Portland and I promise I won’t be late ;)

    Terece Anctil

    Also, raw.

    Terece Anctil


  38. Diego Menezes


  39. Crispin Ali Basah

    He wore the same shirt and opened with this song in Singapore 2019

  40. Chuchu collections Jay nice

    John mayer is so country and cute 😆

  41. Dave Pilgrim

    He is great at guitar, songwriting, performing and also singing.
    But.. He must be always thanksful to SRV!
    So much of SRV in JM songs and approach.

  42. Jake Williams

    How cringe is this crowd man

  43. Nick L.A.

    1:11 what is Pino saying?

    Kevin Smith

    bass up or drum sound up.

  44. Mogyorosi Szilárd

    Anyone knows if there is a similar high quality audio recording of this whole concert? I’m desperate in finding it...

  45. Josho Music

    I forgot to breath the whole time 😱 Flawless rhythm.

  46. Jason B

    Woo! JM slayed this one. This might be my new favorite track. This live performance was a beauty too!

  47. Lucas Brito

    John Mayer without Palladino and Steve Jordan makes no sense!!!

  48. maru sagara

    Hi Sir John Mayer, just wanted to say I love you 😊

  49. Ace Dragon

    this grooves harder than I don't need no doctor

    Xander Mohan

    It's a sweet groove. But to me "I dont need no doctor" is just the best

  50. sjfoster12

    John with Pino, David Ryan and Steve Jordan is pretty much as good as it gets

  51. Lauren C

    ugh that bridge at 2:46 <3

  52. Gil Cruz Music

    4:13 enough pedals? john is the man!

  53. Sheri Bettevy


  54. David Möhringer

    why is his crowd never enthousiastic. I mean this guy is one of the best guitarists in the world and they be standing there like ayyy ok.

    Russ monte

    I went and I thought I’d be super enthusiastic but truth be told you’re actually so shocked of how good he is live you just kinda admire. Easily the greatest music experience I’ve ever and will ever have.


    Watch his show on YouTube from Rock at Rio 2013

  55. Nick Levesque

    I love how Bud Light haven't seen the video where John attacks a guy for drinking a Bud Light lime

  56. The Gharqad Tree

    He is the only rocker who can get more girls in his bed than Robert Plant ahah

  57. Pafares s

    If i'm elvis tell me now tell me now

  58. Purple Reels

    I bet this is amazing LIVE!! 💜💜💜🔥🎶🎶🎶🎶

  59. Antônio André

    Beautiful chicks that enjoy a good guitar solo... Ladies, take this example

  60. Puri Asri

    Everything in this version is just tasty. I can listen to this on loop at home, in the car, everywhere! Love it so much ♥♥♥

  61. Marco Roggerini

    imagine being the guy on the bottom left at 0:06

  62. anthony

    SHRED IT!!

  63. Gani Naufal

    Where is the outro that goes faded?

  64. Mai

    My addiction is this song

  65. Tyas Ajeng Nastiti

    Your solo gutar makes me orgasm

  66. George Gomez

    You ever see a room full of women all get wet at the same time?

  67. Black Leather

    Girl at 2:21 is me the whole song

  68. Alex Viana de Brito

    the public does not seem excited

  69. Michael Pietzsch

    1:11 Pino Palladino on the Mike saying .... MORE BASS

  70. Daniel Vermeulen

    Much better than the original..

  71. Nick Tann

    You can hear him channeling B.B. King in parts

  72. David Zaci

    ..bass linea is the Very bad Killer! Fucking Bravo mates😩🤟

  73. Adilson Pereira

    I see Joe Satriani on the bass guitar

  74. Snowboyx93

    Listen that sol.. 3:00 Whaaaaat da fak!!!

  75. Alberto de Haro

    2:48 pedalboard!!

  76. Krisna Cahyadi

    Love this song

  77. João Mota

    Dexter in the crowd? 0:15

  78. Jeff Wagnon

    He’s extremely gifted! His facilities are phenomenal. He’s a
    master, I don’t think he even knows how good he is.

    Eric Clapton

    Matthew Greenberg

    lol i love john but he definitely knows how good he is

  79. Haziq Ahmad

    Noob crowd.

  80. ReleasedEn3rgy

    The girl at 2:21 is me whenever I’m listening to John improvise lmao

  81. ayushman bhalla

    2:21 she got a free ticket for loyalty test by john..... if you know what i mean 😉

  82. Lewis Myihtoi

    Great song, great band, great guitar solo. But man .. love that bass line.

  83. Flo Ryan

    2:47 yes.

  84. Daniel Diaz


  85. Fool Proof

    3:02 when every chick in the crowd wants to f%ck your brains out!

  86. Chuchu collections Jay nice

    💧💧💧💔💧💧💧 never helpless with that handsome voice. smooches John Mayer Luv your imagination lyrics and swag. 🔥💋💋🔥💋💋🔥
    Miss you so much!

    Chuchu collections Jay nice

    I Luv his 🎸 solos very engaging.

  87. TheMitchellOrth

    Is that Dexter at like 16 seconds in?

  88. Joshua Ralphs

    If you ever feel useless remember​ that JM has backup guitarists.

    Caleb Lim

    Sharkey is excellent

    adza botchway

    they're not backups tho.. they're rhythm guitarists while john is lead. both are essential to music


    @adza botchway yea but still a good joke

  89. Lozz

    What a live performer. One of the best guitarists around

  90. Fer Ramirez

    That tone!

  91. BGuitar

    0:15 Dexter eyeing up a killer, riff.


    with Reese Witherspoon right next to him

  92. Gerardo Pernalete

    this man is a genius! woo

  93. Lamar Hinojosa


  94. Dianne Stanley

    John Mayer played like all of the great rock guitarists were merging onto his Autobahn. We love his music and rarely does a day go by without his brilliant songs and complex musicality on our waves up here in Canada.

  95. Billy Ruegger

    Check out the audience close up at 0:15. Does anyone else agree that man is actor Michael C. Hall who plays Dexter?

  96. Tom Bryant

    Is that chick with overalls not the cutest?