John Martyn - John Wayne Lyrics

I believe I'm John Wayne
They call me John Wayne

You know you've got it coming
I'll tell it to you straight
I'm coming for you very soon
I'll never hesitate
I've come to measure you
I will fit you up
I've come to measure you
Fit you up

I am John Wayne
I believe I'm John Wayne
They call me John Wayne

You felt the money flowing
You watched the beast arrive
You felt your money going away
And tried to skin the lamb alive
Come to measure you
Fit you up
I come to measure you
Fit you up

I am John Wayne
I am John Wayne
They tell me I am, the John Wayne

Coming very soon
I'm coming for you
Any day now

Don't you dare look behind you
For you know I will be there
You'll feel my breath on your neck
Turn, face me if you dare
I've come to measure you
I've come to fix you up
I've come to measure you
Fix you up

I am John Wayne
I believe I'm John Wayne
You know, my name is John Wayne
Get on your horse

Measure you
This man has come to measure you, measure you, measure you
Measure you
This man, this man and that man come to measure you

I say, measure you
Coming inch by inch like a marigold line
Smiling inchworm like a marigold line
Inch my way, measure you
Measure you, measure you
I come to measure you
I come to measure you
I come to measure you

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John Martyn John Wayne Comments
  1. Ian M

    Fabulous. Nice to see Radio One's Gary Davis on alto sax too ;-)

  2. J. C. Hunt

    Mind blowing... Thanks for the post.

  3. Jeannie Campbell

    I have been taken to a beautiful musical space here .

  4. Jipes Blues

    What an amazing performer and huge talent ! Whether he plays solo or with a full band he play with so much intensity it's just mind blowing

  5. peter gregory

    Jungian? John Wayne. Archytype. This is so good.

  6. Fatgeologist

    Never heard this before. Utterly wonderful!

  7. Ant Corke


  8. Silvaraci Designer - USA

    Nice song

  9. Raymond Evans

    I first John Martyn in a smoky basement at Brighton Art College in about 1970/71. Awesome then and awesome now - I find myself revisiting his music more and more. It is just very powerful, in a band or solo, electric or acoustic.

  10. Jimmy Bee

    Jeez that's good.Was a big JM fan back in the day but never came across this till now - sublime!!!

  11. Beatrice Zumofen


  12. Karma Norbu

    John was a giant in every sense. Followed him regularly when he played the college circuit. Always inspiring - brilliant! Was lucky enough to share a few sherberts with him towards the end. We both ended up legless - although he had the edge in that respect! (Sorry, off-colour joke, but I'm sure he would approve...)

  13. Dick Dastardly

    Just incredible and done live, no studio recording of this can touch this live performance.

  14. Dave Horrocks

    Dave Gilmour: Legend indeed, maybe you took a back foot on this one, buy JM owned this one!


    John owned this.

  15. Chris James

    It's almost like a religious experience listening to this, so powerful, so cool. I never really liked the album version but this is something very special indeed. I've since gone back and listened to all of his post acoustic phase, given it another go, and a lot of it has really grown on me. I'm a musician myself, a poor man's Stevie Ray Vaughan if you like, but John remains my all time favourite artist - narrowly followed by SRV.

  16. Rick Pettit


  17. Natashahoneypot

    this is a beautiful mix with the headphones on.

  18. Derek Bradbury

    Just lay down and soak this up. Best live recording of the 'Duke'.

  19. Peter Ion

    One of my most surreal ( and proudest ) moments : being mistaken for John Martyn by an ( admittedly drunk ) bloke in the Faroe Islands where John's music had filtered up from the Shetlands that summer of 86. If you need any musical inspiration to accompany you along a circumnavigation of Iceland , then look no further than the Grace&Danger/Glorious Fool/Sapphire period - bleak and introspective but a perfect aural landscape to the volcanic barrenness of the North Atlantic islands.

  20. George McElroy

    This is one of those shows where I wonder if the audience knew the magnitude of what they were experiencing? This is truly awesome! If I had a time machine, I would be in the front row. WOW!!!

  21. Andy Baker

    Man that was awesome... Big john. Big Dave..... big big smile

  22. Cameron Cornish

    "There's some freak on the stage" Hahaha

    The thing I love about John is that he was not just an amazing musician, but a fantastically funny man. Truly knew the lost art of being a musician and a comedian at the same time.

  23. Peter Kroll

    So much better than the album version. That voice could have started the universe with it's raw power.

  24. John LaStrada

    There are good musicians, stylistic musicians, great artists and singers and then there's John Martyn. His ideas and his execution of them was genius. "John Wayne," with its Arabian nights music, progressive rock leanings, from an English folk-rock singer-songwriter -- and Martyn's insane, aggressive and dynamic vocal declaration that he is John Wayne, absolutely marvelous. Classic. RIP John -- thanks for leaving this behind for us.

    David Finley

    John was Scottish

  25. sclogse1

    Note the Ensoniq ESQ1.

  26. colorsfly

    der Hammer

  27. Tim McGowan


  28. tall paul

    Sometimes you need a relaxing few minutes. Enjoy the spaghetti..

  29. Pedro lorca

    a genius. saw him maybe 15 times.. each time an almost spiritual experience. his songbook is the soundtrack to my life. much missed.

  30. ageinhippie

    Outstanding! Literally grew up listening to 'One World'. Saw the dude play 3 time live in London and always left a deep impression (he played his 'Piece by Piece album at one concert and everyone, including myself, left that performance literally tripping:)

    A demi-god of music! - Sadly missed... Will be remembered forever!

  31. Dick Dastardly

    just fucking wonderful RIP JM this is my go to song when my life situation gets to much to bare thank you

  32. anthony neil Tracey

    The one that got away, wish you were there,? couldnt love youz more.....! Great Gig #

  33. robbiesize

    Loved you JM, sorry that I only ever bought Solid Air and One World. Ignoring you're later output. Anyway your deid and I own only two Bowie albums too. You're right up there in folks hearts, big man.

  34. jools Pirog

    What a great find. Incredible to see Dave Gilmour as a sidekick. Then, not really anyone close to John and his inimitable stylings eh

    Matt Channing

    +jools Pirog Thank you for both spelling and using the word 'inimitable' correctly.

    jools Pirog

    +Matt Channing English was my 2nd language as a child so I wanted to use words well.

    Matt Channing

    There are people whose first language is English that don't write it with as much care. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate it.

  35. Jakenoy Bennetts

    fuck,,just open mouthed,,no words,,

  36. richie usaguy

    Singer almost Joe cocker, but lose those glasses. you can leave your hat on.

  37. richie usaguy

    I seen Gilmore on the pier, Serious, close enough to touch him and maybe I did or he me.

  38. richie usaguy

    lose the glasses but nice sound.

  39. Elaine Bannister

    Sadly missed, an old aquaintance "Big John". but I still often listen to your songs

  40. Peter Cooper

    John Martyn is what happens when inspired genius meets a talented and a very human musician. So sad that he's not around any more, and particularly that this video has so few views.

  41. MrPaulie287

    Had the privilege of seeing this guy play this live twice and it was amazing. The great thing was that you would see an A4 size poster advertising the gig for the next day, the gig would sell out in a day. I seen him play with the band and solo in a festival setting, a 3000 seat hall and a 300 intimate venue playing solo and every time the man stood his ground and played an amazing set. He is sadly missed. R.I.P. John

  42. Nick Harris

    Got this back in early 90's , still fucking excellent

  43. cosmicdrifter287

    influences bouncing off each other,right before your very eyes.

  44. cosmicdrifter287


  45. Jay John

    Very Scottish sounding. Very powerful. Amazing only 31k views. Much more powerful then anything Floyd has ever done. RIP JOHN

  46. Lee Martin

    John Martyn, Michael Hedges, Jaco Prestorius, Eva Cassidy... GODS BAND!!!

  47. Richard Bradley

    I love this song. Don't understand a f##ng word of it.

  48. tinysteelorchestra

    I will always personally prefer John solo or with Danny Thompson... but this song is great, and that is one killer sax riff :)

  49. Keith Turner

    John Martyn was so feckin good, a headcase genius, there is nothing like him now, well there wasn't back in the day either.

  50. hashyhead

    twas the year and the day the poll tax protest took place in london

  51. Mats Frånlund

    Brilliant! What year was this?

  52. Keith Turner

    I agree, totally awesome!!

  53. GuildF40

    Every Thursday !

  54. Rolando Rivas

    Que bueno haberme vuelto a encontrar con este temon!

  55. Sidlawman Detecting & Outdoors


  56. KramerPacer83

    There's some freak on the stage

  57. Patrick M

    so amazing. is there any other song that has runs similar to what the sax plays? love it

  58. TheMrgaztop

    Love you John and miss you so much. If there is a god please, send me to his place of worship so that I may sin again, in a very nice way.

    Love to you and all that you are.

    Gaz xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  59. TheMrgaztop

    Saturday night Sunday morning the family in bed asleep. Head phones on. Rocking to the beat. John Martyn letting it go with I am John Wayne.! Oh please, let me sleep!

  60. sirvidia

    so obviously hammered here

  61. B Murray

    Miss you Johnny Boy
    Glad i had that drink and puff with you.

  62. TheMrgaztop

    Thank you, again, for putting this up. May your God Bless you.

    Love Light and Peace

    Gaz xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  63. MrZambology


  64. John LaStrada

    I think the real John Wayne would've been proud of this endeavor. It's big, strong & overwhelming in its beauty. John Martyn has always been good but this is one of his finest glorious moments. I simply can't watch shows like the AMA's, People's Choice Awards or Grammys anymore. When artists like Mr. Martyn are missing from those venues, hardly mentioned, never considered -- shameful. Maybe he would just upstage everyone. Ha. Teach 'em a lesson....John Wayne Martyn.

  65. bloodandashes75

    what year was this recorded ?? middle '80's ??

    Ani Williams

    This particular version was from the '90s and part of The Apprentice Tour

  66. boonexy

    pretty sure gilmour figured out the sax line about the second time in.... yep, at 3:45 hes not playing it, then he figures it out by 4:00. Thats called an ear.

  67. TheMrgaztop

    Annie, dont get yur guns bitch! get your rythm stick!!! Aaaaahaaahaaa! Kill it John!
    Never forgotten, Never missed, Just waitin, for the come back kid! xxxxxxxxx

  68. Rikk303

    In my ears, Gilmour is one of my hero guitarists...he never really found his way into the Martyn sound though...something he'll always regret I choice now I suppose

  69. AL GRANT

    awesome thankyou -al

  70. GuildF40

    Thumbs up if you believe J.Martyn "IS" J.Wayne, "Every Thursday".
    Humble Genius.

  71. drumgold23

    Fuck sake, I love John Martyn. That's all I can say really. For anyone that's got their swagger on for a night out. I believe I'm John Wayne.

  72. Richard Mills

    Immense, have this tucked away on VHS somewhere!


    Pure Magic. Doesn't get much better than this. RIP John. Love you Boss!

  74. jan a

    I have this on video but I've worn it out...need to get it on dvd...2 years on and still missing the Big Man...but looking forward to the new album with excitement tinged with a touch of sadness...

  75. Richard Ward

    THAT is amazing! John was a genius.... Thanks for sharing.

  76. Daniel C. Mosteanu

    wow ! what`s with the sound !?!?!?!! Nicee

  77. buzz834

    @tubzinblu Thank You ! I stand Corrected

  78. 111chazz

    @draughnd Not here he ain't. Big John Is Thee man. David's cool too though.

  79. Aaron Holton

    Great atmosperic playing, really took me away!

  80. ianmcgeachy

    Many thanks for this! Is this from a DVD or tape that is or has been available at some point?I knew about this Gilmour+Martyn concert (s?) but have only ever seen one vid (here on utube-look at that girl-Scots TV). This is a nice discovery.

  81. Zerrbernie

    Nice session Bernard !
    Great upload again !
    Thanks a lot !

  82. GrumpyForest

    This is new 2 me. Very interesting. I didn't knew this jazzy side of DG ( DG is not dolce & gabana - pleeeaaassee!!!). I simply love it. Thnx 4 sharing :)

  83. RogelyW

    Wow genial very nice J.C many thanks for sharing !!

  84. Zrnho Correy

    Amazing piece of music, excellent video footage my friend, thumbs up! absolutely :)

  85. irlandos1

    very nice