John Martyn - Back To Stay Lyrics

Although I've been away so many lonely nights
You know I'm back today
I'm back to stay in your arms
And though I've been around and lived the life I said I loved
You know without you
Honey, all I do is worth nothing
And girlie, don't cry for me

Although there might be other people in my life
Honey, on my mind
You will always find there's only you
And though you say you'll journey to some foreign land
I'll remember you
Yes, and I'll be true to your memory
And girlie, don't cry for me

And when, at last, you do come wandering home to me
I might look at you
But it will be through the weeks between
And when I hold you, it might not be you I have
In the passing days
We might both have changed to something new
And girlie, don't cry for me

And though I've been away so many lonely nights
You know I'm back today
I'm back to stay in your arms
And though I've been around and lived the life I said I loved
You know without you
Honey, all I do is worth nothing
And girlie, don't cry for me

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John Martyn Back To Stay Comments
  1. SecretHighlands

    Nice.  Is it on a LP?

  2. MicheleVK

    Same arrangement as his version of Dylan's 'Don't Think Twice.'

  3. claudio boffa tarlatta

    Thanks John...wherever you are...

    Ashley Martin

    I get the feeling that wherever he is it'll be bonkers (in a nice way)

  4. Paul Goodger

    Not heard this track before, thanks for leading me towards another beautiful John Martyn track the book, this guy made such a difference to my life with his album Solid Air along with the book Jonathan Livingstone Seagull, not sure why I relate these together I cried the day he passed, so many happy memories of listening to his music with friends !!




    Saw a Janice Joplin documentary film with Jonathan Livingston Seagull.Great rush still remembered.Solid air,Astral Weeks,Laurel Canyon blues


    Same here man

  5. Paul Goodger

    Beautiful not heard this before thanks for sharing !!

  6. terry lockhart

    complain complain complain ... some people are never happy ....enjoy ..

  7. Lily Joy

    Ah, so beautiful!!!!!

  8. Evan Berry

    Recorded from vinyl? sounds amazing with the light rice crispies in the background

  9. Will Poole

    He uses the same strumming pattern on 'Don't think twice'.

    Nathan Crofton-Bond

    +Will Poole Well, yeah - they're both from the same album.

  10. Tony Demarest


  11. thebizzle2605

    what a beautiful song..3 dislike?
    , how can anyone dislike this??


    +thebizzle2605 Perhaps One Direction`s marketing team are trying to discredit real music via social media in order to sell more copies of their group`s `greatest hits`... just a theory. Some people`s music choice might be driven by the number of likes so maybe it`s worth a go...


    +Simon Carr LoL true, however the real music will never die as long as the like of you and I keep it alive introducing john martyn to my 4 year old :o) long live john martyn a true british legend..greatly missed in all our hearts

  12. David Hopkins

    Wish you were, John. Wish you were...............................

  13. andrewquigley18

    missed rip big john

  14. Maggie Holley

    Gone but NEVER EVER forgotten <3

    jeff h

    seen big john irvine and flokstone happy times

  15. Dave Sidney


  16. Harry Hoban

    Magical every time :-)

  17. zincalloy11

    Great man,Mighty man..God Bless you John RIP..

  18. B Murray

    I meet John a few times.
    I was on his guest list in Edinburgh..
    I also meet him in the backroom bar in Culdaff Ireland.He invited me and my sister to stay after the show.I gave him a puff of Indian chariss.And he bought me a few beers
    What a down to earth man.The real deal Glaswegian..From Pollokshaws,southside Glasgow.
    It was one of the best nights of my life.My wife was with me who is also gone.
    John and Carol,i miss yous big time.

    Robert Bright

    B Murray .....Aye aye ....what an authentic and grand lad he was.

  19. Shep Trop

    It's not that rare it was on his debut album

  20. TheMrgaztop

    Played at the Sols Arms in London. Oh what a punch up we had! And after the tempest the calm. Several bottles of booze later we sang and laughed. What a night in 85 never to be forgotten. If I dont love you John, there is no god. i there is a god that knows how much I love you. When I turn up my toes, I will be on that stage, doing something to help the gig along.

    I miss this man more than words can ever explain. Go fuck yourself Shakespeare!

  21. blackmaster73

    I listen to and play a shit load of music but i always come back to JM. The greatest!

    Scruffs Bordel

    The soul needs to touch base once in a while!

  22. blackmaster73

    @debismywife Its pretty much exactly the same chords as dylan's don't think twice its alright. John done a cover of that song on the same album as this song was on, obviously making no apologies for borrowing the chord structure. And quite right too! Such a beautiful song!!!

  23. Jamie Parker

    I am ACHING for a full tab of this song, and have not the talent to do it myself. Why oh why oh WHY has nobody tabbed this beautiful song? Anyone out there who will do it I will pay them good money. Find me here!


    Jamie Parker any luck on the tab???

  24. doughboycod2

    my favorite john martyn song

  25. UFOIST

    @davidhealey1 JM was a geezer who played the most incredibly sensitive and beautiful music but also enjoyed brawling.

  26. catone82

    Abrir Puertas y Ventanas!

  27. Maxine McCarthy

    This was written when John Martyn was 18! .... in about 1966 Bow down baby

  28. gmaweill

    I wish I could find more songs from the London Conversation album. But thanks for posting this, such a great song!

  29. Arsenogenics

    Went out with a girl from Kent who wept every time I played this. Should have stayed with her...

  30. Dave

    Anyone know the story behind the black eye in the pic at 1.00?

  31. Brian E. Reinecke

    Thanks for sharing this. Lovely even as it is a bit scratchy.

  32. Pete Glastonbury

    beautiful John!

  33. comicalhorrorpix

    one of my faves glad I found it x

  34. comicalhorrorpix

    one of my faves glad I found it x

  35. ninax23

    Thanks for putting this up --- I looked for it about a year ago and only found some very nice covers. Very appreciated!

  36. DK O'Hara

    One of my favourites from the very underappreciated London Conversation album. Bridget St. John also did a very nice cover of this one too.

  37. ianmcgeachy

    @capaldicorporations Almost, yes. The chord changes are 'almost the same'. John used to play this back to back in Les Cousins with DTTwice and I have a recording where he laughs when he goes from one to the other-acknowledging that. He never avoided the fact that they sounded similar, they were even on the same (his 1st evr) album together. Theres probably another 500 songs also with this same essential chord progression on acoustic!

  38. drb1976

    Brilliant song, thank you

  39. ianmcgeachy

    A great song this one from his 1st album, age 18. Some rare pics here I never seen-amazing where you got them from! -cheers for upload-Ian

  40. Thaleus

    Have sex with a man.