John Lennon - Walking On Thin Ice Lyrics

Walking on thin ice
I'm paying the price
For throwing the dice in the air
Why must we learn it the hard way
And play the game of life with your heart?

I gave you my knife
You gave me my life
Like a gush of wind in my hair
Why do we forget what's been said
And play the game of life with our hearts?

I may cry someday
But the tears will dry whichever way
And when our hearts return to ashes
It'll be just a story
It'll be just a story



"I knew a girl who tried to walk across the lake,
'Course it was winter when all this was ice.
That's a hell of a thing to do, you know.
They say the lake is as big as the ocean.
I wonder if she knew about it?"


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John Lennon Walking On Thin Ice Comments
  1. Sean's Myth

    Weird, I have both DF and M&H on cd but not this song. I'm 53 and I've *never* heard this song actually.

  2. Alan Hartley

    How do we know that what we're listening to here is from the actual take on the day he died? Has this been researched?

  3. TheNinjaGuy Animations

    It's shocking to see him returning from recording this the bang bang dead by an asshole name Bill Chapman he should have died good he rotting jail just because John Lennon had a famous quote saying 'the Beatles are more popular than jesus' like what? The Beatles aren't around idiot!

  4. DollyNipples

    I wish that Mark Chapman hadn't shot John Lennon - because then he wouldn't have been martyred. Maybe he would have faded away instead of being the atheist Jesus.

  5. Lost my Good Account

    Spooky, listening at 10:05 pm on December 8th.

  6. Danse Macabre

    The vibe in certain parts, reminded me of abracadabra Steve Miller band

  7. Марцус Åкерман

    Such a great song. Love Yoko Ono's music.

  8. SixStringCaesar

    I do think it's a bit ironic the last track Lennon was on was the worst piece of music in his recording career.

  9. Sparky Bonehead

    Ron Weasley: "'re a little scary sometimes, you know that. Brilliant....
    but scary!"

  10. Grumberf Warcraft'

    Man I still get the feeling The bass and guitar riff is just stolen from Steve miller Band Abracadabra but can be wrong but each time i hear the guitar riffing of i think of Steve miller Band Abracadabra I think john must have been a steve miller band fan

    Ross Horton

    This song was recorded about a year before the Steve Miller song. It's more likely that Steve Miller was a John Lennon fan, no?

  11. Freddy Richards

    Why am I imagining this song's music video concerning a guy that axes someone at a corner alley?

  12. harlandted

    I always kinda wished the reverb guitars and beat would wash over ice ice completely then a musical breakdown with her vocals.

  13. Alfredo Sanchez

    Yoko Ono voice isn't that great but this song it's one of kind especially John Lennon playing that guitar I love it 😎👍

  14. Pippi Shortstocking

    With a different talented singer this would be great.

  15. Pippi Shortstocking

    Too had he was so blinded by her that he was incapable of acknowledging how crap her voice was. Like Rob zombie is incapable of acknowledging what a crap actress Sherri moon is.

  16. gdg1963


  17. Marc Bell

    No wonder Ringo doesn't shake hands or sign autographs.

  18. Drew Dowdy

    This song sucks.

  19. Valerie Nemeth

    I wonder if this is the song about John Lennon's life with Yoko Oh - No, oops I meant Ono for he may have been doing that or "walking on thin ice" ever since he married her

  20. Score Tuber

    its sad that his last recording was a stupid Yoko song

  21. VitalHonet98

    I'm kinda disappointed, this song isn't that great...

  22. Spaceybb Cybernet

    Steve Miller's Abracadabra is lifted directly off this song especially with the Whiplash guitar effects that he tried to emulate on his own song.. nonetheless vocally was a huge Improvement on this terrible Asian warbling

    K K

    Spaceybb Cybernet 死ね白んぼ。

  23. Jason Lee

    Brilliant song, John created most of this, as Yoko says. Check out Abracadabra it copies Johns guitar here, as a tribute in the mix! Not many people know that!

  24. Alain Vincent

    2:31 Paradise Garage

  25. James Oertli

    Yokos lyrics were so dark and powerfull

  26. Alena Bethke

    i actually really like this song (and i normally don't like her music), it's pretty underrated

  27. ᗪAMoήrỮ ➈➆

    Fuck it i'm gonna say it
    Yoko sounds beatiful in this and some other songs

  28. Luca Parry Paxton

    So badddd

  29. Madeline Mayer

    Yoko sounds decent when she isn't screaming.

  30. Bigga Winna Crapsa

    Not big on lyrics, this one!

  31. Nasu Tek

    There is some kind of remix around, that sounds really bad compared to this.

  32. skfj67

    If this KILLED @ CLUB ZANZIBAR....I'd really love to see what it did at The Paradise Garage!!!! And if there's any LOFT people ( CARD CARRYING MEMBERS ....Did DAVID play this? Don't have to wonder about BETTER DAYS(TEE SCOTT) or CLUB CHEETAHS ( LARRY PATERSON)

  33. Musixhunter

    Think of Ono whatever you want, this is just a great song!

  34. Tim Jones

    I heard her singing was so bad they had to stich final vocal tracks together from literally dozens of takes..

  35. Fernando Graça

    3:19 Lennon's guitar (last thing he played and recorded) give me goosebumps! 😮😮😮 To think he would be shot just some minutes after...

    Michael rimz

    Fernando Graça crazy and the song is eerie aswell like a bad dream coming


    @Michael rimz glad we have free as a bird amd real love as a well rounded ending

  36. Jonathan Sharp

    Class 😊

  37. rafael marcelo mcarthur suarez


  38. fowlerham

    Happy 85th Yoko! I love you!

  39. 2JOHNNYT

    If YOKO didn't have JOHN all her "ART" would've gotten her was a WORKING GIRLS BUNK in a BANGKOK BORDELLO!
    In related news...
    INSTANT KARMA didn’t kill John Lennon – the BLUE MEANIES at the CIA did >

    Natalee Oz

    you racist piece of shit

  40. Mr Chavez81

    I remember this song from the TV movie "J&Y a love story", the sound quality was very shitty, of course...The very last song John recorded...

  41. biggerdeck

    Don't care what anyone says. Her songs on Double Fantasy are very good and this single is fantastic. Haunting.


    I agree. It's double fantasy, without her it would be half the album it is.

    Jason Lee

    and Milk and honey too...and starpeace album...

    Spaceybb Cybernet

    She got sued for the only catchy songs you wrote on the album it was taken directly from Ain't Misbehavin anything that came off is musically good at all was because of Lenin and the musicians around her has proved by subsequent Works he ever tried to do after John wasn't there to cover her talentless ass..

    Spaceybb Cybernet

    The only way to listen to those albums he put her on is to edit her out so you could listen to some decent music every song is threadbare you could have put a dog in their barking himself and created a song around it and it could have been just as good the proof is in the pudding. Look at what she produced after he was gone even with the guest stars singing her music it was lifeless soulless crap


    "Kiss Kiss Kiss" is the best song on the album, in terms of originality. Lennon heard the B-52'S while he was on vacation in the Caribbean in the Summer of 79, and realized JUST how influential Yoko's music was to this "New wave" of music.......

  42. parker Productions

    This one's pretty good too bad he died right after the song with me too bad

  43. Charity Miles

    Wow it’s been 37 years

  44. ellie jobe

    Yoko was a wanna be. She did a number on John that he didn't have time to realize & make corrections. To me his killer stole from the world. When he killed Lennon he took away our chance to enjoy through the years his music. He was just starting to write again. She is a nobody now & always.

  45. El ogro loco

    she's so out of tune in he's falsetes, I don't know, something in his voice is so annoying.

  46. PotatoDroid 97

    John last guitar recording

  47. Sklave Stotterhund

    On this song you hear John Lennon play gguitar for the last time ever.

  48. Sheila hayes

    They were making music not for recognition or financial gains but because they were really creative and like beauty, music, is in the eye of the beholder. Really hated Yoko in the early days as i blamed her for the break up of The Beatles. With maturity i just value the music for what it is and in my view ...I love it.

  49. Tom Baddley

    Interesting interview with producer Jack Douglas, discussing the night that they recorded this, right before John was killed.

  50. Fernando Graça

    Lennon last record ever.
    The lyrics are so prophetic... :o
    To think at the same day he got shoot.
    Also Lennon's solo guitar is like a terror soundtrack.

  51. 三瓶隆司


  52. MrScotmac

    the tories really have their finger on the pulse but who's

  53. MrScotmac

    not again here we go


    im paying the price for throwing the dice in the air

  55. Larry Wilson

    The last song John Lennon would ever play on. An hour or so after this session wrapped, he was murdered...


    Scott Kaiser Walking on Thin Ice isn’t on the original album. It was added later as a bonus track.

    rich roehl

    remember listening to this song a lot just before he was killed so this above comment is bs.

    Sarajane Sein

    rich roehl you may have been listening to a single version. It’s mentioned in the interview on Dec 6 I think, so there may have been *a* version out, just not the final one that John and Yoko we’re mixing on the 8th.

    Arron P.

    They went to the studio on Dec 8 to put the finishing touches on her song......yoko wasn't releasing an album so since she cowrote alot of songs on double fantasy, to add this last minute one would be added later to the album. DF was released in November 1980 so it couldn't be on the first edition of it later on it was added to DF..the next year I believe..they finished it the night John died for future release...John would no doubt have it released in some way

    Joe Kelemen

    rich roehl walking on thin ice was not on the original album and was released as a single in January 1981

  56. ClassicalTTunes

    Why did John Lennon have to die? It makes me so sad when I think about him and all the things he could've gone on to do. :'(

    Juan Ignacio Espeche

    No sos el único, amigo mío.... A mí me pasa exactamente lo mismo que a vos (prefiero escribirte en español, antes que hacerlo en un inglés malo como me pasó en otras ocasiones, perdón).

    Ethan Taube

    I wish someone could have reported to cops there is this man stalking John

  57. audioman628

    Great Song. Amazing guitar work.

  58. The Don

    The song "Why" is her best.

  59. The Don

    Defining moment in my life

  60. Juan A. F.V.

    i don't care anything...John lennon is there on the guitar and that it's make great!!!
    by the way loooveeee this album

  61. IoST

    This is really bad. Sorry, but it is

    zsolt szekely1222

    This is Crazy....

    Kate Lundberg

    That's its charm.

  62. Paul Knight

    This is the coolest edgiest thing ever

  63. Jay Sizzle

    LMAO! Oh Dear God, bitch you can't sing!!!

  64. Dominic Rossi

    If I'm right I believe John used his first rickenbacker on this. Right??


    Dominic Rossi yes

    Max Frudd

    No he used a Cherry Red Strat ...Jack Douglas told me....✌️


    And his last

  65. Alain Vincent

    Larry Levan Use To Kill This Record The 2:31 Mark

  66. KilBarz

    I listen to the lyrics and then think of his murder...John was walking on thin ice that day, sounds scary.

  67. RatTail Tony

    I keep hearing parts of this song were recorded on the actual day John died. But how could that be? Double Fantasy was already released by that time, how could they still be recording for it?


    That song was not included in the album's original edition, only as a bonus track in the following remastered versions. And yes, John and Yoko were finishing it the day he was murdered.

    Brian Emanuel

    Neo Anderson It's true yes. John was actually holding the master tapes in his hand when he was shot. All the guitar work on this track was done by John the day he was killed. About 4 hours before.

  68. Rikhardo Tavayary צבי

    es grandiosa pero me transmite melancolia, muy buena rola

  69. Rikhardo Tavayary צבי

    es grandiosa pero me grans

  70. Jack & Pops

    This is great. It carries a real New York new wave vibe.

  71. Rayon

    This is great, love the guitars. I would have loved to have seen how John would have progressed.


    Rayon Bizarre Judging by this song I think he would have been a 80's new wave success.

    Rudy Overlord

    Beatles would have finally reunited - Paul was under contract by Columbia Records in mid-1979 to put out a new album under the Beatles name, and John was scheduled to fly to London to meet up with Paul and reunite them.....

  72. Jorge David Galeano Saavedra


  73. O r a n g e G i r l

    :P suena horrible para mis gustos, no sé que opinan...

  74. Staffs Trains

    the sounds of her "throwing up" are influenced by David Bowie making shivering noises in the mid section of Ashes To Ashes, a song that Lennon liked very much and which inspired him to create something different from the rather tame ballads on Double Fantasy.


    Oh really?  Where do you get that information from?

    Fernando Graça

    "return to ashes" reminds of "ashes to ashes"

    Staffs Trains

    +paranormal33 I read a book written by his press man.


    Lennon also loved Bowie's "Heroes" Lp and aspired to make something "as good as that" (said during his Andy Peebles interview I believe-- one of his last)

  75. Pete Hall

    Absolutely love this

  76. Euford King

    Yokohama sings good on this track and this tune john was a great musician..he s playing guitar keyboards...he I imagine helped write this...his wife..they had love and diagreements like all couples...John was the voice of a generation....the beatles will never be topped..never....

    Piter U. Caizer

    +Euford King Never be Topped - but by Z Beatles

    Euford King

    @Piter U. Caizer really what 2..Ringo maybe ..George maybe..paul...never..lightweight of the group

    Scott Herford



    those guitar sound resemble the guns sgoots that would be heard that unforgettable evening.


    ok lennon was a badass he made all this amazing how he made yoko have some talent


    +marcelo ratzkowski wow ur a yoko fan? you must enjoy moaning and screaming

    Susan Bame

    +MILLION CROWNS Read an article yesterday about Yoko. She was raised in a very wealthy family before the bombs fell on Japan in WWII. She was recounting a time where her mom told her not to hang out with the servant girls because they were talking about things she didn't need to hear, which of course motivated her to go listen to what they were talking about. And then she heard them talking about one of the girls' aunts having a baby just the day before.

    The sounds she makes -- what you call moaning and screaming -- are the sounds of a woman in childbirth. This is the sound of the feminine. What she's been showing us all this time, now that she's 83 and has opened up about her "style," and she likes it just fine, thanks, is that this is the sound a woman makes when she gives birth to the next generation of life on the planet.

    I find that totally awesome.

    Listen to her sound now. She sounds much more modern and current than even the Beatles did in the '60s. Definitely edgier and more avant-garde. She's been showing us the future this whole time.


    +Susan Bame ok ok i get she goes deep. but shes no musician! and those moans just mock all of us who make true music

    Susan Bame

    I must admit, I never really cared much for her vocal style myself.  But reading this comment about her moanings and screamings recently helped me see her in a much different light.  I've always appreciated her for her artistry and her vision.  She is the one who inspired "Imagine," after all.  Do you know how that came to be?  In the war, she and her brother had nothing -- nothing to eat, and at times went hungry.  So they would sit and imagine, and share with each other their imaginings, of the wonderful food they would eat -- some day.  That's how they got through those times.  Years later John wrote the song for all of us so we'd know how to get through and survive the rough spots just like Yoko did.  That's the power of her art.  Her book "Grapefruit" is amazing if you've never seen that.


    MILLION CROWNS who are you?? Beyonce cousin Lucy.......

  79. Water Falls

    The music itself is fine. The singing......ugh......painful!

  80. Stu M

    and that folks is the last time Lennon is recorded playing guitar, the afternoon of December 8th.


    +Stu M December 4th. On December 8th, they mixed the track.

    Natalee Oz

    +GerSHAK December 4 is my birthday

  81. 348frank348

    is this the original song before Lennon's death? it hasn't been altered in any way?


    +348frank348 Yes this is the original completed mix of the very last song he ever played on, recorded on the night of his death.


    +paulph12002  Yes, original mix.  No, not recorded night of his death.  His last overdubs were recorded Dec 4, 1980.  All they were doing after that is mixing.  And that includes Dec 8.

    Piter U. Caizer

    +hmann48823 Yes, but he held the tapes of this song in his hands when he was cowardly assassinated from the back that night...

  82. Nowhere Man

    John's guitar tho

    Max Frudd

    Played on his Cherry Red Strat not Ricky too....

    Fernando Graça

    Lennon's guitar (last thing he played and recorded) give me goosebumps! 😮😮😮 To think he would be shot just some minutes after...


    Max Frudd Sardonyx guitar!


    Sardonyx guitar

    Max Frudd

    kobylee911 Definitely a Red Strat..Jack Douglas told me👍

  83. Lauren Mary Socha

    Yeah, when she actually tries to sing she sounds a little like Olivia Newton John.

  84. Staffs Trains

    Beautiful voice bless her

  85. Brickmaster4496

    It's weird because, when she's not screaming random gibberish, Yoko's singing doesn't sound half bad.


    the random gibberish is part of her style. I think it sounds cool. Remember this song came out in 80 or 81. That was the height of new wave music at that time.

  86. RODRIGO S.

    is a great song, the last one 

  87. OinkLove100

    Yoko is my favourite Beatle

  88. Brian

    I understand y people hated her and I agree her voice sounds silly but I gotta stick up for her on people calling her a gold digger thing I believe is john knew love when he felt it and he wouldn't of been with her if she was after his money and she had plenty of opportunities to leave and remain rich like being credited on writing songs, married and having a child.. shit that alone is jackpot to a gold digger she coulda divorced right there but she stayed with him to the end


    And I gotta say there love is inspiring.. they didn't care what anyone thought and john was getting shit from it from day one..he coulda had anyone but he really loved almost destroyed his career but didn't care cause love was more important to him...I think there marriage symbolizes real love and his songs like "love" and "oh my love" ext are more significant knowing that...ill always admire them especially after taking the shit they did from the media , people, whoever...and music is art anyone could express themselves some how in music weather its through instruments , singing or jus even if its bad but I don't think it was a terrible move on John's part...he represented the husband in the world and she represented the wife and women in a marriage of people in love...I think it was genius what they did..

    Daniel Chico

    she's wasnt even a gold digger ono was successful artist in NY. way before she met John

    Water Falls

    +Daniel Chico No she wasn't. She only claimed she was successful before John AFTER she was tagged with the "gold digger" label. Before Lennon she and her work, was obscure and known only in the tiniest of avant garde circles in the larger New York art world.


    +Water Falls she was rich though.

  89. Spazzoid Studio

    This is the only good thing she ever did

    Water Falls

    +James Reeno "This is the only good thing she ever did"
    True and except for the music, it's not that good.

    Euford King

    Water Falls sorry dude its very good..macca is over rated

    Spazzoid Studio

    Water Falls yes. Her voice is SHIT. Too bad no instrumental mix exists.

  90. AlejandroR1990

    This song could be better with only the instruments without voice

  91. Jennifer Griffithe

    Why must we learn it the hard way and play the game of life
    with your heart

    I may cry someday but the tears will dry whichever way

  92. Gina Miller

    The spooky part of this song is the lyric, "And when our hearts return to ashes,".....the day after John Lennon was killed he was cremated. They were working on this song the night John Lennon was killed what a strange song to be working on especially the title.

    Fernando Graça

    The lyrics are so prophetic... :o
    To think at the same day he got shoot.
    Also Lennon's solo guitar is like a terror soundtrack.


    Maybe it's a possibility that Yoko ordered the kill? maybe there's something we don't know because this is just too much coincidence or too "perfect" in timing

    Natalee Oz

    +KilBarz stfu with that conspiracy bullshit


    Almost makes you think she might have some knowledge of what's to come.... His death did cause this to be one of her best selling tracks after all

    Michael rimz

    KilBarz she was way ahead of him that night when the limo.pulled up at the Dakota which may just be a coincidence or very suspicious perhaps she was threatened by the power fucks at the top who wantes Lennon gone from this earth as he was anti war and all they want is war. What is deeply suspicious is her uncles links with Richard Nixon, the same guy who tried to get Lennon deported and failed. Doorman Jose pedromo a bay of.pigs veteran with links to the cia was working on the door the night Lennon was taken out and immediately disappeared after the shooting.never to work there again.
    It's all very sinister and Very suspicious and I doubt they will ever tell us the truth about what really happened

  93. John Beal

    best song ever from Yoko.


    Are there runners-up anyway?!

    Ethan Spencer

    *WaLkInG* *On* *tHiN* *IcE*

    Марцус Åкерман

    @musicsavage lots of them. This is a great song, but she's released so much it's hard to pick one. I like this specifically because of her singing, lyrics and the kind of "post-disco" sound (or what you would like to call it) it has.

  94. David Gluck

    I love this tune.  I knew a girl who tried to walk across the lake... come on!

  95. Ellen Atkinson

    John didn't like his voice, according to George Martin at least.  He loved Yoko and may have enjoyed writing and recording music with her even because people didn't like her voice.  Paul was more of a competition musically and wouldn't record the negative stuff Yoko was up for.  This is still great music, imo

  96. daschy123

    Yoko has absolutely no voice whatsoever, even in her so called "Number one hit" according to one of the interviews. Sad, but true! The woman has no musical talent either. The song of a puking sea gull.


    I'm sorry to hear about your loss. Then you have another personal connection to this story, than me. I do love Lennon a lot and that he was murdered is a tragedy for me too. Concerning manipulation: just read one of his last interviews, for example, (I think it was with Playboy), where he says something like "I owe to Mother (meaning Yoko) everything I know". A great genius of our times telling that about a person, who had been following him in the beginning, made him leave his first wife and later his lover and possessed nothing, but a belief in her own greatness.I find evidence to this in so many books and articles I read. Can't stand the woman.

    Jennifer Griffithe

    Yes, I read that interview. It did not bother me.  John Lennon was English, it is not that rare for men to call their mates "Mother,"  Yoko Ono did not, could not, make him leave Cynthia Lennon.  Cynthia Lennon may wish to believe that, but Johnny Depp got it right when he said that if you are with one gal and fall in love with another, go with the second, she is the one who has what is lacking in the other.  Another thing that offends me are the comments that Yoko Ono was "Yellow and Old," a reference to her being Japanese.  A man I dated is Japanese, he was interred during World War II for the crime of the color of his skin, and that is UGLY. I've just read Cynthia Lennon's book and she makes so many comments about Yoko's appearance, and then wrote that if she could go back in time she would never have gotten involved with John Lennon, but I also note that Cynthia Lennon is still using his name to generate cash.


    @Jennifer Griffithe 
    You know, I never heard somebody else calling his partner “Mother”, so I find it pretty unusual, especially if you know about Lennon's childhood and how he lost his mother and grew up with his auntie Mimi. Yoko substituted this “mother figure” in his life, which he needed and even associated herself with the strict Mimi, which was fair. That's where manipulation comes in again. I don't think this is a good relationship to have.
    Listen to what May Pang or John's assistant Fred had said, Yoko was cold and caltulating. She knew John's weaknesses and knew how to make use of them. She gave him neither enough affection, nor sex. In his last years he felt quite lonely. She was the one using him for the sake of fame and made money out of everything, including John's blood-covered glasses! Wasn't it Yoko, who sold houses, where his aunt and sisters used to live, the first day she could? Cynthia had to work hard, while Yoko was living in luxury and I believe Cynthia kept the name for the sake of her past and the feelings. Although she did make some money, as she had to earn her living and care for Julian. In my opinion though, she was very reserved and mild in her book “John”. Did you read this one? I wonder, how she managed, after everything Yoko had done. Yes, it was Yoko who had been persecuting John with her letters, calls and visits for about a year first. It wasnot him, who became interested in her.
    Wasn't it Yoko, who arranged for John to be with May Pang and then took him back like a little boy, “allowed to come home”, when he was shortly before buying a house with her and swore to May that he would never come back to her. Was not it Mrs Ono, who was not ready to let Julian even have his father's presents, so that he had to sue her first to get them. Wasn't it her, who kept John's diaries, although he had expressed his wish, that Julian should have them?
    I don't care what colour she is or about her age. It's not my point. Her “art”, her manner of interfering in everything (listen to their interviews, where she talks over John!) and her narcissism. She pretends to be wise, while saying banalities. And on the top of all I hate the way she “sings”. Like on those tapes, where John sings rock'n roll and she just cries or makes her famous sound, being neither able to sing, nor having enough sanity to close her mouth, she spoils his beautiful songs. I just wonder, how John could be so blind and that anyone likes Yoko's “music” at all.

    Jennifer Griffithe

    Again, I never knew any of them, to me, the Beatles were a bit over-hyped and over-rated, just four blokes who got lucky and sold some records.  Never have met Yoko Ono, what I know of her is what I have read:  She is the daughter descended from a long line of bankers.  She was an artist, famous in her circle, and she did not know John Lennon. 

    As for John Lennon, he said of Yoko that he had never known a love so strong.*  From Pattie Boyd's book,  Wonderful Tonight, 2007, just read it this week.  

    My interest in May Pang and the rest:  Little and none and little just left town.  

    John Lennon was stupid for not hiring a bodyguard, or at the very least, wearing a bullet proof vest.   He paid for that with his life, but he had what he wanted:   Freedom even at the cost of his personal safety.

    In another hundred years, people might remember some of those names.


    @Jennifer Griffithe: I have Pattie Boyd's book, her sister Jenny Boyd's book (she was married to Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac), Cynthia's books, and both of Mick Fleetwood's autobiographies. The consistent witness accounts they all give of Yoko's narcissistic, manipulative behaviour cannot be discounted just because you have no interest in hearing about it, nor are you capable of being objective about Yoko given the shared tragedy you and Yoko experienced with the deaths of your husbands. The difference here though is you genuinely cared and loved your husband, whereas Yoko's behaviour was not that of a woman who did. Everything Daschy123 pointed out to you in the above comments are corroborated in these books, as well as in many interviews I've watched and listened to given by Julian Lennon, George Harrison, Cynthia Lennon, Paul McCartney, and John himself (complete with Yoko's incessant interruptions and constant talking over the top of John as Daschy123 mentioned!). You have misquoted Pattie by taking it out of context with the scenes she witnessed, and which Jenny did also, being that Jenny was with Cynthia when they went back to the Lennon's home to find Yoko wearing only Cynthia's dressing gown, as she had moved herself in during the week they'd been away in Greece on holiday. Yoko had relentlessly stalked the Lennon family for a year prior to this, threatening to kill herself if John did not fund and attend her so-called art exhibitions. In a TV interview here on youtube Julian Lennon revealed that all the letters John had ever written to him were withheld by Yoko until after John's death, at which point she still refused to give them to him and had Julian bid for them at auction instead. This was just one of many heartless and cunning things she did to Julian and Cynthia that Julian spoke of, unfortunately there are many more...

  97. michael88863

    Ono's voice is like a bad X Factor audition. John made some awful musical decisions. He is more remembered in my view as one of the men of our time.


    @Prince Charles John McCartney's never going to say anything other than something like that about Yoko though is he.

  98. hereinvegas

    Chilling and deep, wish Ono had a little better voice, but then it would just be another song. Instead there is no one who can duplicate it, as true artists do.

    Natalee Oz

    bjork could

  99. paulph12002

    This is a good track but I find it chilling to listen to, especially John's guitar parts.

  100. AlejandroR1990

    The music is better than voice