John Lennon - To Know Her Is To Love Her Lyrics

To know, know, know her
is to love, love, love her
ev'ryone said there'll come a day
when i, i walk along side of her.
Yeah! Just to know, know, know her
is to love, love, love her.
You know that i do,
you know that i do,
yeah, i do, oh, i do.

Why, why can't she see?
Oh, how, how blind can she be?
Some day she'll see
that she was meant just for me, oh yeah.

To know, know, know her
is to love, love, love her.
'Just, just to see her smile,
makes my life worth while.
Yeah, just to know, just to know her,
you know, is to love, love, love, love her.
You know that i do,
you know that i do,
yeah, i do

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John Lennon To Know Her Is To Love Her Comments

    John was awesome here. Written and produced by PHIL SPECTOR, the living legend, the genius! Eccentric, but a real genius, the Wall of Sound was a musical revolution! The best music producer of the world, fact!

  2. rattyeely

    Honestly some his best singing, sad this wasn't included on the original album

  3. Tammycari Daugherty

    Sadly I've never heard this version until a couple of days ago. Love my Sirius Beatles channel. For some reason this has just fascinated me, and I'm so appreciative of my husband for signing me up for Serius for our 35th wedding Anniversary. I saw the Beatles in 1965. I thought I knew ALL of their music. I was so, so WRONG. I love The Beatles, and have for a very LONG TIME.

  4. Andre Sassi

    People who complain about Spector's production probably have ear cancer...

  5. Lawrence Watson

    Spector completely ruined this arrangement.

  6. kavi poag


  7. Arturo Walrus

    Wow! I likes this psycodelic sound

  8. Joseph Wagner

    1:31 that's the best yell in the history of recorded music

  9. MeloLand

    I love his voice in this song

  10. hitwomanfromkorea

    John is not always perfect. This is no good.

  11. Alan

    Self indulgent and tedious.

  12. Jeremy Aparicio

    Bien por Jose Feliciano! Grandes maestros

  13. Billis Lopez

    The ones he did with the lads for Decca and the BBC are much better. I think John really liked singing this one

  14. Jeff Peters

    Wow this is so different to me. Never head it before. Different style.

  15. ABC DEF


  16. mouse mouth

    Like many others, I'd have to say that I prefer the Beatle version over this one.

  17. Stefania Giustini

    John quant'è brutta la solitudine di credi chi ti stia accanto ma è solo un abbaglio

  18. Robert Osborne

    love this track, great voice control

  19. kavi poag


  20. kincaide67

    Indeed there are better versions...including the Beatles version (s)...but what makes this - The Voice, and - more importantly - The Scream. That makes it for me. Too much Spector influence with all the noise/band, etc....but the voice/performance of vocals...and that Scream......oh man...

    brandon czech

    kincaide67 Phil Spector wrote the song

  21. FotoMax Jalpa

    malditas drogas, que asco de version, prefiero con the beatles.

  22. Heliogabby

    For the record (no pun intended) this track first appeared on the compilation of outtakes, Menlove Avenue, in the mid-1980s. It wasn't on the original Rock 'n' Roll album. Apologies if this has been mentioned already.

  23. Chantelle Adlington

    I like this version, but I like the version he did on Live At The BBC better

    Chantelle Adlington

    @Michelle Godinez Yeah his voice did change alot. Even didn't look the same really, but that's due to his drug taking and the diet he was on that basically nearly starved him to death. Quite sad really...

    Chantelle Adlington

    @Michelle Godinez​ No I said I liked the Live at the BBC version better

    Michelle Godinez

    oh i meant the bbc version

    Societal Revival

    Chantelle Adlington listen to the version from the Decca tapes

    Marco Zucchi

    @Chantelle Adlington I love you

  24. patrick

    it's fantastic but the bars need to go by twice as fast...

  25. Egil Guthormsen

    Splendid gamble.

  26. Rip Cord

    the backup band sounds the same on every track. It's like there is no defined musical arrangement. garbled mess. He should have cut 60% of his band.

  27. Lennon Bedelyn


  28. Lennon Bedelyn


  29. Timothy Perdian

    Role on John!



  31. Stacey Sauls

    Guess I'm different than everyone else cause I love this shi* lol. Guess it's mainly for John's voice here, I freaking love it. Thanks for the upload! <3


    its just a leftist distortion of the classic


    +Goldayassir the only lefty was starkey.

    Mithras Enkidu

    I prefer the version recorded with The Beatles for the BBC ten years earlier. But yeah! ;)

  32. Michel Bilodeau

    Pour Toi Marilou.

  33. Shannon Condella

    +afrina mokhtar  Written by Phil Spector, originally covered by sung as To Know Him is to Love Him by The Teddy Bears.  Best cover of it IMO is The Beatles version from '63.

  34. fitless

    not bad, but Lennon leading the Beatles did a lot better version of the song - by far the best interpretation of all 


    +fitless to my knowledge the Beatles never covered that song.. The Quarrymen did tho, and that was before the Beatles..


    "The Beatles recorded a version of this classic by Phil Spector for the eighth edition of the BBC Radio show Pop Go The Beatles" 

    Pete Dako

    that Beatles version is on youTube too
    no disrespect but check out the version by TRIO - Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt

  35. Afrina Mokhtar

    This song is originally by the teddy bears right? If I'm not mistaken it was recorded in the 50's

  36. Julieanne Kennedy-Williams

    I want this version as my wedding song

  37. Gypsyscotty9

    Great Lennon scream!!

  38. Fide Fide

    Thanks. I have the Cd but this comes in handy. And to anyone who has ever spent a lost weekend, do it carefuly. Smiley face.

  39. 박민국

    I am very like song.

  40. Weldon Johnson

    Miss the horns in music
    . No pun intended

  41. Maxi Paz Sandoval

    Good version but I like the version with the Beatles audition for Decca in 1962.


    @Maxi Paz Sandoval that was shit xD... for me... the BBC ver is the best

  42. trfesok

    Yes, it sounds like a dirge! Phil Spector's arrangement is a disaster, with that horn riff just repeating endlessly. No wonder it was originally rejected for the album!

    I M

    Trfesok interestingly enough that repeating, endless horn riff is what I love about this song. I had NEVER heard it but I love it 👍.

  43. Samalamalamdam

    The first recorded version was issued by The Teddy Bears in 1958. It was a number one hit in America.

  44. Preußischer Grenadier

    But it was recorded for "Rock 'n' Roll", same with "Angel Baby"

  45. P4C4

    I have that 2Cassette". I bought it on montevideo from "palacio de la musica" yesars AGO!!!! great memories

  46. Preußischer Grenadier

    The Silver Beetles (Pre-Beatles) recorded one too. It is a bit faster with John still on vocals.

  47. Aytaj Akberli

    Wow!!! I didn't even know that this song belonged to my lovely John Lennon, 'cause i used to listen it while Amy Winehouse sang. Love both versions, but Amy's one is more melodic:)) ♥

  48. Álvaro Vega

    1:32 YEAAAAAH!! ( fookin great)

  49. Black Pearl


  50. juan jesus ivan blanco ovalle

    wooaaahoooo no sabia de la existencia de esta rola del maestro Lennon lo extraño esq seguramente no la publico en este album de 1975 titulado ROCK N´ROLL. Es un excelente album!

  51. YngtchieMusic

    How does this have so many likes?

  52. DanielinLaTuna

    To Know Her Is To Love Her -- so retro that it's hip! You've got to love the slow danceability of the piece. Hardly anyone is doing this anymore...

  53. Zach Childs

    Lol first time hearing this and you are correct ... maybe im not heroin enough

  54. esize

    @ratonmickey83 the 2004 re-issue of this album... includes this track

  55. Steven Treminio

    @ratonmickey83 its on the reissue for this album as bonus tracks

  56. GerryMATW

    Not even John Lennon stood a chance of breathing any life into this Dead On Arrival rhythm.

  57. Ginon Antoine

    it was on the album Menlove Avenue in 86

  58. Michael Armijos

    This wasn't on the original Rock 'n' Roll album. Why is this here?