John Lennon - O' Sanity Lyrics

It's only sane to be insane
Psychotic builds a castle and neurotic lives in it
I don't know what to do with my sanity
When the world's at the verge of calamity

O' sanity
O' sanity
What am I to do with you
Drink up, shoot up, anything you please
But you're always standing behind me like a devil in hell

O' sanity
Why don't you let me go
Let go, let go, cut it out!

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John Lennon O' Sanity Comments
  1. †bone

    I like this Yoko song better then any other thing

  2. 10,000 Subs For Brownies

    Ono was ahead of her time.

  3. adrian mills design

    She is a great artist .

  4. Randy The Wild Horse

    I once had this song on my old 1990's phone answering machine and the many calls I used to get went way down to very few. Thank You Yoko.

  5. ominous thoughts

    i wish there was a album version with none of yokos songs.

    iDonte Perfect

    ominous thoughts I love YOKO


    ominous that's rude man

  6. Jackson Larison

    0:21 Y O U. D O N ‘ T H A V E. A N Y ! ! !

  7. ikungfuyou2

    Yeah, a bit ironic Yoko singing about sanity. ☺

    Jackson Larison

    ikungfuyou2 ikr

    Lil Meexi

    ikungfuyou2 Was she crazy?