John Lennon - How Do You Sleep? Lyrics

So sgt. pepper took you by surprise
You better see right through that mother's eyes
Those freaks was right when they said you was dead
The one mistake you made was in your head
How do you sleep?
Ah how do you sleep at night?

You live with straights who tell you "you was king"
Jump when your mamma tell you anything
The only thing you done was yesterday
And since you've gone you're just another day
How do you sleep?
Ah how do you sleep at night?

A pretty face may last a year or two
But pretty soon they'll see what you can do
The sound you make is muzak to my ears
You must have learned something all those years
How do you sleep?
Ah how do you sleep at night?

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John Lennon How Do You Sleep? Comments
  1. Nalin Sharma

    First time I ever listened to this, George guitar is wow as is Lennon's singing **love**

  2. Youtube Viewer

    but they really did patched things up at the end

  3. BloodOfYeshuaMessiah

    *Just shows you, "LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED" is NOT all you actualy need. Compassion, empathy, and forgiveness are all things you need too.*

  4. sinister mongodsta

    Well I sleep swell, than you!

  5. Marcos Alvarez

    Simply fantastic. John Lennon was the best.

  6. WPLU572 Trunked Radio

    Whoever is on keys is good at playing fills consistently

  7. Yukihiro Shishido

    This raw mix is way better than phils "wall of sound". His sound was far dated by Imagine, unless you like muddy reverb.

  8. Keith Mendez

    Cool. I was wondering if that was Alan White on the drums, there. Back in the day, the vinyl LP format made liner notes something to be dug, and dug into. Now, it's all so tiny, that I need a magnifying glass to see 'em, even with my glasses on. Then again, I don't see that kind of collaboration going on in rock these days...

  9. Nicholas White

    Wierd from a guy that let his girlfriend break up the Beatles.....hypocrisy was Johns fault as a human

  10. Nicholas White

    John was always a hypocrite , love him but Yoko is still a bitch.

  11. Tom Bell

    "The only thing you done was 'yesterday'" - ouch.

    Edit - I'm on acid and this hits so different

  12. Eduardo Macedo

    How could someone dislike a video like this?

  13. Eduardo Medina

    Its hard to see that George plays guitar knowing that the song is about Paul and he doesnt really care

  14. Henry Berrisford

    The first diss track?

  15. TheWordsOfficial

    a bit sad that John had to get that personal, Paul took a few stabs at John on Ram yes, but he did in a more balanced way and he had a point at least with some of it. John are trying very hard but lines such as "all you did was yesterday" falls flat because it simply isn't true.

  16. Avu 。

    Sam Smith ain't got nothin' on this banger

  17. Amelia Raquel

    How do you sleep? meaning - he is not the real Paul - How he usurper Paul's identity and privilege - "how do you sleep at night?!" Billy Shepard.

  18. Carlos Franco

    that was realy perfect

  19. Extazzy

    Imagine and this song are in the same album. John always was a hypocrite

  20. Aesthetical Twat

    I wish friends would hang out like this more.

  21. cj Smith

    Paul being dead was a big controversy and John says in this song “Those freaks was right when they said you was dead” interesting right ? I don’t think it’s true but just wanted to add that

    GriNGo JR

    he means dead to him, as in paul has changed. They were at a big disagreement in their personal lives at the time

    Amelia Raquel

    He is referring to the fake Paul "How can you sleep at night?" taking Paul's place, bc the real Paul is dead - was replaced by Billy Sheppard. MOstly ALL Beatles song, leave the audience clues with Paul's Passing.
    Strawvberry Fields - nothing is real -
    The Walrus - Onion Glass - "Paul, is the Walrus" In the crash Paul's face was thorn looked like the Walrus with his teeth out.
    Keeps on and on...

    Alex Davis

    @Amelia Raquel no

    Alex Davis

    @Amelia Raquel chemtrails aren't real

  22. RocketBound

    Lennon: "Pretty soon they'll see what you can do."
    McCartney: "Here, hold my Wings gold and platinum albums."

    Seek The Source

    Yeah the frog song and mull of kintyre are up there with Hey Jude and Yesterday. What a fool Lennon must have felt like.


    @Seek The Source I hate to say it, but most of Lennon's post-Beatles work is inferior, particularly the Mind Games album.

  23. Pro Merk

    Greatest diss track in rock history

  24. ConcreteJungle95

    sexiest intro ever

  25. Rob Faulhaber


  26. KailaB 77

    I've always said this is the ultimate shade. John was a master of his craft. 💜

  27. China West

    It seems like everything Nicky Hopkins touched turned out listenable. If you listen you can pick him out on everything from The Faces to The Who to Stones
    et. al. ...many al.

  28. China West

    I wonder if Alan White was something less than overwhelmed with boredom? The same drummer who played with YES...NO?

  29. Klaus Toth

    AWESOME footage, man ! it's so raw, really kicks ass.

  30. Mark Hall

    I'm definitely team John... but never cared for the melody here. So much hate coming from a man who spent 99% of his life preaching about peace and love. Especially when it's directed at your former best friend and co-writer of all your songs that made you who you are.... Not good.

  31. BRLeozin

    “The only thing you done was yesterday”

    Gosh 😨


    Yeah yesterday by paul ;)

    KailaB 77

    I know, right??!! What a savage burn.

  32. Luca Amoroso Incorporated

    Galouises Disque Blu cigarrettes at 0:32, John’s Favourite

  33. Aussie Talks

    “The only thing you have done is yesterday” hmm?
    Seems legit, not like he did
    Hey Jude, let it be, when I’m 64, penny lane, Obladi oblada, I saw her standing there,
    I could go on for ever.

    Thisis Theway

    "Hey Jude" point made.
    "Let it be" you're not wrong.
    "When I'm 64" eh, alright.
    "Penny Lane" Hmm...
    "Ob La Di Ob La Da" wait what..?

    Aussie Talks

    Thisis Theway obladi oblada is good don’t bully lol

    Reinhart Michael

    Paul taught John on how to play the guitar lol

  34. Andrea Lepe

    Jonh Lennon Is so handsome❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍🤩🤤🤤🤤💘🙈🙉🙊

  35. Vani Friske

    Demais, demais, amoooooo

  36. Светлана Тарасова

    Жалко, мало прожил.. Очень талантливый музыкант и исполнитель. Прекрасный организатор. Несколько коллективов имел. Отличный музыкант.

  37. Carlos Josué

    Amazing jam

  38. Licio Vieira

    just go at 1.5x and see the miracle... You're welcome

  39. Ediso Soraot

    So Sgt. Pepper took you by soup rice

  40. Brad Chervel

    Dr Pepper

  41. moh4mmad

    كفو اجلد النكرة بول مكارتني

  42. Syarif Nur

    John : Imagine all the people, living life in peace.

    Also John : How do you sleep, eh Paul?

    Agustina Martinez

    and both songs in the same album haha

    Thisis Theway

    @Sebastian Fitzptraick
    He acknowledged it at least lmao.
    Everyone's a hypocrite, but few admit to it.

    Aussie Talks

    Thisis Theway it doesn’t make me like John any less just because he is a hypocrite but like he talks about peace and love but ditches his first son like what!


    It would be hypocritical if in "Imagine" he said "Imagine Paul and I living life in peace..."
    He wrote "Imagine" with the world in mind and he wrote "How Do You Sleep" with just Paul in mind. Two different subjects, not related at all


    @Proggae yes related becaus paul human in world ..

  43. Valeria Guinevere o

    The guitar sounds very "lo fi"

    Atom Heart Father

    You should listen to the guitar of "hold on" now that's lo fi

    Valeria Guinevere o

    Ohh so cool

  44. Margarita Rojas

    Viejo envidioso

  45. Zack Zallie

    First disstrack ever. LOL

    Zack Zallie

    @Kalvin K in the end, he really loved paul as a brother. The song was excellent btw. John did always change his opinions to different interviewers because he had different point of views

  46. Kit Shibley

    So Sad and spiteful. I don't think this looks good on John. Honestly, it kind of reflects immaturity? Doesn't it? It is powerful but sadly aimed at the wrong person. I guess John just couldn't see through it.

    Thisis Theway

    He said that about the song in a later interview.
    He regretted directing it at Paul, although it's definitely a catchy song, and very well produced/sung. Both the album and studio outtake versions.

  47. Oscar

    Bassist looks bored.

  48. Soundwave Productivity

    And they say diss tracks is a new thing 😂

  49. swiSSy Schweizer

    What happened to John's hair from the sixties???

    Fernando Jules

    Se lo cortó

  50. Michael Rapson

    lyrics aside, musically uninteresting, like most of John's solo material I'm afraid.

    Thisis Theway

    IMO, George's slide guitar was fantastic.
    Klaus' bass was on point, and adding them to Lennon's scathing vocals are a pretty nice combo.

    Michael Rapson

    @Thisis Theway Klaus and George etc did their best to improvise over John's crap.

  51. margus kiis

    Much better than album version.

  52. D'angelo Russell

    Was he dissing Paul?

    The Train

    D'angelo Russell very much so

    Thisis Theway

    He was dissing Ringo, obviously.

    The Train

    Thisis Theway LoL

  53. Mathias Kiriloff

    Nicky 😎

  54. Ashish Panwar

    1k dislikes from Paul's fans.😂😂

    Wicked Ninja

    That's including me

    Ashish Panwar

    @Wicked Ninja You shouldn't have. Just enjoy the music. Your dislike doesn't change anything. Moreover, they hung out later.

    Wicked Ninja

    @Ashish Panwar Your right, I'm sorry.

  55. inner light

    One of the best George's solo!!!

  56. Orlando Sánchez

    John... siempre confió en George!
    Buena música, buena letra!

  57. Chari de goyeneche

    Je te renvoie la question. Moi nikel

  58. Dominic Parry

    I think Paul quit so they actually replaced him with Billy Pepper.

    margus kiis

    Klaus Voorman.

  59. 寺内珍輔

    Ono Yoko R.I.P.

    Liam Logan

    寺内珍輔 She’s not dead..?


    @Liam Logan he killed her

    Thisis Theway

    @Bowgart_ ...
    I... What..?

  60. Robert Jackson

    This is just like a rapple battle diss against Paul McCartney if you read the lyrics. John Lennon the first rap battler.


    R.I.P Yoko Ono.

    Saturated Neō Wax

    I could go for a nice red, juicy rapple rn

  61. Renée Matte

    I do thank you "johnlennon" for this great unforgettable Blues Opus 🙋‍🎼💜🎸🎷 🎻🎹🎺🌺🎧🎼
    Forever and ever in our Music Hearts 💜🎸
    RESPECT Please !


    R.I.P Yoko Ono.

  62. Lee James the one and only.

    I miss all of these things/years.
    Now we have hip hop.
    The end drawith near.
    Maybe I will see you?
    George, John, Richard.
    And the imposter.

  63. JoAnn Thomases

    These guys are totally on the same page, doing their unique thing. Really enjoyable, the way they work out, their own part to co mine so well. Great artistic intricacy !! Loved it !

  64. artemenorainda

    Que tonto o John. Falando mal do amigo Paul. 🤮

  65. marples

    Oh this was unnecessary Lennon!

    Thisis Theway

    It def was, but that bass/slide guitar/vocal combo is addictinggg.
    Shame bout the lyrical content tho.

  66. Matthew Tyson

    Great, now I want a Dr. Pepper and a Lucky Strike.

  67. Rick Wolfe

    Great Music by the Greatest

  68. Timothy 'Sully' Sullivan

    what a great lineup. he should've made this his band!

  69. david wheeler

    From such a bitchy song from John to Paul, emerges high art! Dig George's sublime slide guitar playing. Also check the welded seemed pop top beer can.

  70. Ordinary People

    I'd give anything to be in the studio with these guys just smoking my bud in a corner.

  71. Djalma Freire

    Aí está o rock puro 😎de verdade, 👍😎 música boa nunca vai morre.

  72. kindman718

    My personal opinion is that this version is much better than album version

  73. Jason Oquinn

    Its about William Campbell aka Paul II.

  74. MkD /Gaming and software\

    when i think the song is Paul but wait literally i read all the Description its just all about Him 'Jhon Lennon'

  75. Keith orlandini

    The wonderful Nicky Hopkins is on electric piano. He really ought to be in The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in the 'Sideman' category. He was the most in-demand studio musician from the late '60s until his death in 1995 on both sides of the Atlantic  (USA & UK).

  76. Keith orlandini

    Even without seeing George Harrison on guitar in this clip,  just hearing the song on the radio you could pick out his inimitable style.

  77. michael clarke

    Lesson for Paul..don’t write shite about John..cause John writes better and he’ll rip you a new one.

  78. The Ripper Of Time

    The aggression John shows in this song really translates his love for Paul.....he was obviously hurt but kept the ongoing hostility for inspiration. His references to Paul in songs are so many and very obvious.

  79. J P

    Paul is sleeping

  80. GravityBoy72

    John was such a twat.
    How did that deal with Allen Klein go John?
    How did you sleep?

  81. Sydney D

    I want someone to caress me the way George carresses his guitar.

  82. Gabriel Ayala

    Nicky se parece más a George Harrison que George Harrison

  83. Federico Astica

    6:08 I think he's imitating Paul's voice in that "Tell me."

    Dom Marston

    Yesss good spot

    Barbara Nelson

    Federico Astica Excellent spotting.

  84. George Manifase

    Georgie working ol glass finger.

  85. George Manifase

    No methane.

  86. Georgia Girl

    This was such a mean spirited song. I never really liked it but, wow, all the talent in the room that day was awesome.

  87. Blueskygal

    John was writing about himself here. He admitted that later about his songs that they were about him. "How do you sleep at night?" yes, how do you sleep when you cut your ex-wife and son off without a penny when you were rich? Effectively doing to Julian what was done to him by his dad. Cynthia didn't do him wrong, he did her wrong having sex with yoko in their marriage bed and letting cynthia walk in. He talks about jumping when mama calls which is exactly what he did with yoko. she manipulated him and he let her leaving a good relationship with may pang after yoko called him home. Yes, how do you sleep at night?

  88. J S

    0:57 turned off my phone and went far away

  89. Doug Howell

    Klaus is shit cool

  90. S҉N҉A҉K҉E҉F҉I҉N҉G҉E҉R҉


  91. Senior Sensi

    What can you say?
    Brothers fight.

  92. Rubén Vargas

    Eres Dios!!!

  93. t d

    So what John was really saying is, I hope you'll join us and the world will live as one… without Paul. Lol

  94. Paxy Roa

    John was evil

  95. victor pross

    Why the fuck is Yoko doing there?

  96. paralyzer paralyzer

    Probably not the first one to say so or think about it but I would like to have a beer and smoke a blunt with the bassist

  97. Karen Randall

    Clueless who don't know about Billy and the Pepper Pots! Maybe he was a more talented version of Paul? It seemed to be that way at first. John has a broken heart. He was in love with Paul. I guess that would not do at that time. He is singing about Faux, who took the place of his best friend and maybe the love of his life. How did he grow taller than John? But he is! The heartbreak and sadness and anger of this song is supported by George Harrison who knew the truth. Wake up people. My heart goes out to those who know the truth 💔.

  98. Lucas Carioli

    This Nicky Hopkins was damn good.