John Lennon - Beautiful Boys Lyrics

You're a beautiful boy,
With all your little toys,
Your eyes have seen the world,
Though your only four years old,
And your tears are streaming,
Even when your smiling,
Please never be afraid to cry,

You're a beautiful boy,
With all your little ploys,
Your mind has changed the world,
And your now forty years old,
You got all you can carry,
And still somehow empty,
Don't ever be afraid to fly,

All you beautiful boys,
Creating multiple plays,
You like to fence in your world,
And settle down when you're old,
You can run from pole to pole,
And never scratch your soul,
Don't be afraid to go to hell and back,
Don't be afraid to go to hell and back,
Don't be afraid to be afraid.

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John Lennon Beautiful Boys Comments
  1. Daniel Navarro

    To whoever thumbed down...the song sounds good to me 😁

  2. bonie norris

    believe it or not my cat LOVES this song and goes to sleep when he hears it!! HONEST

  3. Ashley Ryder

    I’m putting this to my belly so my son can hear this song 🥰❤️ He can’t quite hear yet, I’m only 21 weeks, but I’m gonna keep doing it until he’s born 🥰

  4. Jesus Castillo

    Yesterday was born my boy, and I’m singing this great song for him . John Lennon, the best singer!

  5. frank facts

    Beautiful song

  6. sasso bobby08

    Mr Peabody and Sherman be like:

  7. Sinia Webb

    All these beautiful story’s about this song I just came from watching MR.Peabody and Sherman again.

  8. Ariana Zayas

    1:36 oh John....

  9. Yuasa Masumi

    I can hardly wait to see you come of age...don’t let me cry 😢

  10. George Harrison •The Beatles•

    *Omg I referenced this song without knowing, I must be a mega fan-*

  11. sagafilip

    i lovvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this song

  12. Steve Kelly

    This was the latest song that my dad song to me just before committing suicide and now I finally found the song I’m crying

  13. Carol Alvarez

    Good night, Sean! See you in the morning... bright and early! ❤

  14. Donae Cotton

    my dad sang this to me when i was a baby

  15. Ruby T.

    I use to sing this song to my baby boy all the time when he was in my belly🤰❤️...3 years later and I still sing it to him, especially before bedtime. He loves it. This song means alot to me😍👣🌹

  16. hello kitty kat

    Beautiful song so sad the monster actually took his dad away. That is so heartbreaking that Sean had to loose his dad and Julian didn't get that chance to be close with him.😢😢😢😢

  17. Sammy Spaniel

    I love my 3 year old little boy. He's so precious. I'm so sorry for the losses in the comments.

  18. Romário Cruz

    Saudades jonh lennon

  19. Enda Hynes

    I love this song

  20. Sherry Muthiga

    Before I listen:... o my god somebody don’t tell me but.. IS THIS THE SONG FROM MR PEABODY AND SHERMAN😠😱😆😭❤️?!

  21. Connie VIla

    My dad passed when I was 8. Huge Lennon fan. I'm older than he was now. This song wrecks me

  22. Jen mcewan

    Reminds me of nephew sean when wee boy now 19 still beatiful song

  23. Micaela Amaru

    Es hermosisimo. El video es puro Amor

  24. Micaela Amaru

    Recontra lloro con este tema , lpm .

  25. Dean Argiris

    This song and Cat Steven's "Father & Son" are the two songs I always sing to my children. I hope when they grow up, they understand the meaning and message I wished to convey to them.

  26. Neil Steadman

    Always reminds me of my son.

  27. Ali Mahlies

    "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans".

    *gets whacked on NYC streets*

  28. Scott Reynolds

    All the honeys Lennon could of impregnated and he picks this manly looking twat! Nice song though!

  29. Kinjongla Mrs

    John Lennon is alive. He is immortal

  30. Cale Strom-baker

    We miss you John

  31. jose salas

    Many Have died and are in the very same moment there is a newborn brought to this world.....

  32. Amrit Mech Baruah

    I love how every comment is a beautiful story itself

  33. GIbson Chhantyal

    O my god why songs nowadays sound shits

  34. VenusRising

    Darlin' Julian!

  35. Giuseppe Castillo

    When Steve Carell started to sing this song I’d just melt
    3:10 imagine when julian listen this part of the song
    I sing this to my baby boy every day. He was born 4 days ago. 😊

  36. Nikki Rabie

    Came here from paperweight page 204

  37. Astro

    Mom and dad if I ever die play this at my funeral

  38. Ryan Volonis

    To Joey and Jeff. My beautiful boys.

  39. beekind

    not a mother, but my best friend died 2 weeks ago and this makes me think of him. my beautiful beautiful boy.

  40. Sitting On A Froot Loop

    Yeah let's skip to the part where John loves Sean more than Julian

    Carlos Bans

    Hey Jules is literally for Julian

    Sitting On A Froot Loop

    @Carlos Bans it's Jude, not Jule

  41. Ben74

    OK< I'm the 94th person to say this, I know, but John already had a beautiful darling boy, Julian. (Whose actual first name is John, named for his dad). I'm just glad that despite the various eccentricities of John/Cynthia/Yoko etc etc, Julian and Sean have emerged as fond brothers and as level-headed as can be expected under the weight of that surname.

  42. Muff Diver

    @3:16: I bet Julian just adored this. Makes me think John was a huge asshole.

  43. David Brizuela

    When Steve Carell started to sing this song I’d just melt

  44. Bev Gadsby

    I love this song it’s so so lovely song 🎸👏👏🎤🎤🎤👏🎸🎸👏👏

  45. Aaron Ramone

    who else is reading thru the comments as they listen and cry at the same time? :')

  46. ༺Ǥᑌ_ᖇᑌᙖƗḰ༻

    As músicas do john Leblon sempre trazem uma melancólica, eu sei que é coisa da minha cabeça, mas, parece que as músicas eram feitas sob um pensamento " eu vou morrer logo"....

  47. 安倍三蔵


  48. Joseph Gil

    Si buena pero no tan buena como starman de David howie

  49. William Skauge

    Beautiful song" John Lennon greatest achievement at the time" lyrics amazing, music interphase to tone, astonishing! Rip John may God have mercy on your soul, in Jesus Christ" Amen... ✡📖 ✝ ❤

  50. Bear Sausage

    i have depression and my finals are coming up and i keep on procrastinating on studying and homework. it isnt worth it. i need answers and an explanation.

  51. Samuel Robinson

    love this song

  52. xx sammy

    Mr Peabody and Sherman: exists
    Me: This. This is why I’m into the Beatles now.

    Abster Mite 999

    xx sammy I love that movie so damn much.

    sasso bobby08

    @Abster Mite 999 I don't

  53. Alejandro Betancur-Osorio

    So beautiful 😭😭

  54. Jennifer Hardesty

    I named my sons Sean and Julian for John Lennon’s sons. I crooned Sean to sleep to this song so many many nights for so many years. Both my boys grew up listening to Lennon and the Beatles 🥰

  55. Elvia Urquiza

    My girls lullaby

  56. 500 subs with 0 vids?

    Rip John 😔

  57. Sergio A. Magrini

    God bless you and Yoko for ever

    Matthew Soileau

    RIP John Lennon

  58. Amber Whitney

    I'm a mom but I've been singing this to my baby since I found out he was a boy at 20 weeks. He is now 10 months and he is my beautiful boy and my whole world

  59. beatles fan

    yoko wasn't a bad mom At all

    mr nobody

    beatles fan but it was a bad stepmom

  60. Oi, Jesus

    The Best 👌🏻🇧🇷

  61. Ana Paz

    My son was born sep 18, 2013 he’s 6 and I can’t wait to sing this to him for bed time

    I also had a son September 2,2018 and I wish I could sing this song to him today, but he’s in a better place! 😭💔

  62. Robert Olmstead

    My son was born last week.
    Singing this to him right now.

  63. Stefano Serrani

    La dedico al mio caro figlio Giovanni

  64. Chris Banach

    "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans" - Lennon's most profound quote (and my life's moto). Seize the day, guys!

  65. Devin12327

    I know it’s not as sad as other stories here but this song makes me think of my beautiful cat Leo. He was only a year old when he had to be put to sleep. Leo was my buddy, he was the first animal I raised since birth. He was my beautiful lil kitty. I’ll miss him forever.

  66. Latuqui77

    1564 personas no saben de Música...

  67. Sky Henry Blue

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  72. Bundle Dick

    This is a very emotional song. Without -?- a reason, a couple of tears suddenly roll over my cheeks.

  73. Caio Marcos

    The day I met this song, it was in a video of Paul talking about John, his death and this song, and then I sent this song to an old friend, one of my best friends, because he was a big fan of John, and it was the last thing I said to him, that I had heard and remembered him, unfortunately, one day later he passed away, this song will always have something special for me, I will always remember him with this song, and I dedicate it to him.
    thank you John, thank you Rodrigo
    Rodrigo, rest in peace

  74. lhcarter

    John was ALWAYS “on” when a camera was around.

  75. Donald Albano

    I think that's their house in cold spring harbor, ny.

  76. Paul Carson

    Mr Holland’s opus anyone?

  77. トシ

    I almost cry all the time I listen to the song.

  78. Rhea

    fuckin song sounds like fuckin rockos modern life rip john

  79. Aneurion Williams

    What animation did this song appear on? Unsure if it was a film or tv but I know its not Mr Peabody and Sherman that I'm thinking of.

  80. mbrodie

    dis was in mr peabody and sherman

  81. Jamie Orford

    My dad said this was my song......35 years ago...I love you dad

  82. Martha May

    For my son, Sebastian King !

  83. Charlotte Shumate

    Love this song thank you John! 👍😁🎶☮️♥️🎵😊🙏🏼

  84. 2026 Lukas Andrew

    my brothers funeral played this song
    he was 2 and i was 10

  85. Bra SSJ Terricola

    Almost 39 years without John Lennon is a beautiful song.

    I will dedicate it to my son or daughter when I am born.

    We miss you and we remind you a lot John Lennon rest in peace ♥: '(

  86. julius dogta

    John had such an adorable personality why do you have to go? Please come BACCKKK 💔😢💔😓💔😟

  87. tomsacadden

    We have lost our own beautiful boy,,

  88. Agnes Cleary

    Can't hear this without thinking of my beautiful Sean, now 40 and with beautiful boys of his own!

  89. Sawmi Chhangte

    So nice!!💜👌

  90. Francesca Tini

    Sweet sweet John... you are a spring wind in a green hill

  91. Giulia Moretti

    Música linda 🙆‍♀️

  92. Man Man

    everywhere millions of child groomers are getting chills from this song

  93. carolynn

    used to sing this to my brother when i would put him to sleep :(

  94. Jlynn V

    Can we appreciate how Yoko was as a step mother, must have been hard for her

    She was a beautiful women

  95. Nislanha Anjos

    I sing this song to my daughter sleep since she was a little baby, she will turn 8 this month. Her name is Bebel and i did some modification putting her name at this song, also sing ^Mom is here^ instead of Dad. This song remember my childhood with my brother that passed away in the same year my daughter born, he singed and played guitar. This song, give peace a chance and stand by me are very special for me. Thanks John

  96. Jeongim PARK

    =절간 御寺。

  97. DA666

    I have no sad story to share about this song, like so many others of you. I also don't have a happy story to share, like some others. I watched the movie Mr. Holland's Opus while I was a kid and it kind of struck a nerve. The music was beautiful, the acting great and I enjoyed the story. The quote "life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans" has been running around my head a lot lately. I've been studying for a university degree for far to long and I have decided to stop it, because it is now too late to do anything meaningful about it. I am going to have to find another way to have a good life. And that quote somehow sums up what happened in the mean time. I got married (happily still). My parents nearly died due to heart attacks. My mother was dead for 10 minutes (no heartbeat) they told us, before they brought her back. My father was not so severe. I got injured for a while. My brother was sick. My father in law died. My wife got sick. And I just lost track of things.

  98. Manuel Carmona

    I wish I had a father who would have said such words.

  99. Geoff Carter

    "Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans". I quote him on this all the time.