John Hiatt - She Loves The Jerk Lyrics

We've talked it to death, cryin' on the telephone.
Nights when he drinks at home, she has to whisper throught her tears.
"Johnny," she says, "you'd never do these things to me."
But I can never make her see he's wasted such precious years.
Well, "you married the wrong guy" is all I ever say.

He's a no good so and so, but she'll never let him go
Though she knows it will never work, she loves the jerk.
She loves the jerk.

He was the guy always out on the make.
I guess he had what it takes to turn the heads of pretty girls.
She thought he would change; the worst of us will settle down.
But he couldn't stay out of town, not even with this precious pearl
Now she lives with the lies and the bumps and the bruises.


Well, I hang up the phone and I pretend she's in my arms.
What I wouldn't give for just one-tenth of what she gives Mister Charming.


He's a no good so and so, but she'll never let him go.
Though she knows it will never work, she loves the jerk

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John Hiatt She Loves The Jerk Comments
  1. Nico Pavot


  2. Jeff Hayford

    Here's an example of how wrong a producer can be with a tremendous songwriter - trying to make Hiatt sound like EC is like oil and water - as the following years have proved. What a rolling train wreck the industry is -will the lawyers and accountants ever start caring about the art and craft of songwriters?

    Sean M

    Jeff Hayford Nobody tried to “make” Hiatt sound like E.C., he DID sound like E.C. Though I’m really a fan of all his incarnations, the albums that I find myself reverting back to are the E.C.-sounding ones. Five titles from 1979 to 1985. Edgier, more snarky, more witty. After that I, like Hiatt, just started getting old.

    Johan Liebert

    @Sean M I think you mean Elvis sounds like Hiatt,Hiatt's released his first album before EC.

  3. William Mark Dyer

    Great quality.

  4. raulantonio65


  5. Josh Solly

    I can't find the Costello version but this works

    Raechel Donahue

    +josh solly Sweetie, it is not a Costello song but you are right in thinking it sounds like him...

    Josh Solly

    +Raechel Donahue he covered it on goodbye cruel world bonus disc I used to have it lying around but I can't find the psychical copy and I can't find it on the interwebs

    Raechel Donahue

    +josh solly Oh I see. I used to play it on KROQ and I think it was actually on a 12 inch.But now it's on Ridin' with the King, which you can get on CD in theUS. If you can't find it let me know and I will find it for you and send it to you, as I assume you are in EU

    Larry Mains

    Found the Costello version! Follow the link!

  6. kevtruth

    Elvis C. covered this song on his live solo tour 1984. When the tour came to LA, Hiatt joined him on stage and sang it with him

  7. Will Allen

    Story of my life...

  8. Raechel Donahue

    Phil Spector

  9. D'Ascoyne

    I've always thought this was a Costello song :)

  10. kris s

    my oh my is this tru. elvis costelloesque he is.

  11. M C


  12. D'Ascoyne

    John Hiatt at his most Costello-esque. Brilliant pop.

  13. Tim Wenburg

    For you ladies whom we guys know can love better.

  14. Bas de Gast

    awesome song thanks!

  15. recordplayr

    Took me a while to find all the necessary equipment and tonight I finally got around to taking my old LP and transferring this song to an mp3. I hadn't heard it in decades and now I discover this video. Always thought this was a great song, don't recall seeing a video back in the day.