John Frusciante - Wind Up Space Lyrics

I can't wait
I can't wait for the time to break
Use it for a motorbike
You'll spin right out of sight
You'll never have been where you'll be
You go back to the faceless ride
Wind up space
Wind up space to go place to place
Dream that you died
It takes you out of your mind

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John Frusciante Wind Up Space Comments
  1. Steamboat

    3 downvoters. GFY immediately.

  2. Louie R

    I love this song!!!

  3. Marcus 1993

    Johns music cuts in so deep , he is an absolute genius.

  4. -. J \

    his drum programming is awwesome in this track. So trippy

  5. stelios komodromos

    Man for me this album made me picture French cathedrals

  6. Dr. Doofenshmirtz

    Who tf dislikes this

    Funky Monks

    Bots or people doing yoga

  7. Royal Room Studios

    I love so much this song, it just took's all I need from John <3

  8. Brian Argüello

    The tools! They will be swinging!!!

  9. Macbeth Gaming

    I forgot about this awesome song. for shame

  10. Rick Gonzalez

    Smoke a joint and go on a trip thanks John

    Steven Recknagel

    Rick Gonzalez blunts are better ;) haha

    -. J \

    Steven Recknagel haha


    Ganja and some John Frus, always a great combo...

  11. Callum Jay Abbott

    This whole album, and especially this song, makes me picture myself walking around and getting lost in a derelict industrial estate with grey skies overhead

  12. Joaquin Gutierrez

    awesome music ;)

  13. Olivier Lefrancois

    just lost my job yet i dont know why so beautiful music is the soundtrack of my shit life

    Olivier Lefrancois

    thanks to john


    work really hard folow your dreams youll be alright

  14. Nick Maxwell

    This song is taking me back to where I was two years ago and it feels so weird...
    John's music is extremely powerful.

  15. J.S. Carie

    Definitely my favorite Frusciante song. And Moments have You.

    J.S. Carie

    +TheGreatUtopiaCat btw, your prof pic is obviously a painting by John correct? Wonderful palette of colors.

    J.S. Carie

    +TheGreatUtopiaCat Oh really? I will! I've been an abstract painter myself for the past 20 years. always enjoy seeing artists I don't know. Come to think of it Johns artwork is a bit more muddy. Not at all in a bad way. All art is beautiful. unless its starving animals in a gallery.


    @J. S. Carie idk what pic your referring to

    jjwp 1988

    Your profile pic

  16. Charles Buckland

    Fuck i love this song so much. So chill but eerie.... Long live the mighty FROOSH

  17. Carlo De Simone

    Brilliant! !