John Frusciante - Remain Lyrics

I'm crowded when I'm gone
I live here to seep thru this song
Hey la
I can't go on
I'm lost
I'll be there running on & off
Hey la
And when you reach that point
You're a wall
And when you bleed sight
You receive a call
Oh please take us
We're wrong
We live now to relive on & on
Place my paces
Pave my way
We only remain
The same way as the sounds on a tape
And when you draw a line
It goes where you want
And when shadows step ahead of you
They start and stop
With these riches we walk & walk
We give to this time all that we got
We play it this way cuz this is how we feel
It means so much to me when the pretend becomes real

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John Frusciante Remain Comments
  1. Seva

    Love this tune, thanks John!

  2. andrew

    you get lost in this song. Jonh came from the 4th dimension.

  3. Daniel Viegas

    It means so much to me when the pretend becomes real

  4. RighteousBrother

    Had this album for years, and was listening to it the other day whilst running though a forest, and suddenly this track just hit me, as if I was listening to it for the first time, especially at 2:14  I wish there was an extended version of it.

    Steve Blechman

    I love listening to John's solo work whenever I'm walking somewhere, it's all so relaxing and relateable

  5. Magical Element

    It means so much to me
    When the pretend becomes real

  6. Sojung Vage

    Thank you John for your transcending music! : )

  7. David Gonzalez

    My favorite off the album

  8. peanut with a cashew

    3:38 chilli time!

  9. Daniel Murdock

    Eargasm @ 2:14

  10. Jeremy Akigacfr

    This joint goes hard in the paint!

  11. Empyrean Manstein

    My favourite off the album



    Empyrean Manstein

    This song has been soothing to me throughout the years when I discovered it as a teen. I aventurine touched base with frusciante I awhile, but all the same emotions and warmth has just been found again in this song.

  12. Eq Datshit

    that switch coming after 2:14 !!

  13. Alejandro Cirilo Gonzalez

    from 2004 i dont have any other album that i just feel every note.

    Jay 88

    Alejandro Cirilo Gonzalez its *not* from 2004...

  14. bolenat1981

    i actually think its one of the best song ever recorded , too bad its in poor sound quality ... but still amazing

    Steven Recknagel

    i think the sound quality is part of the magic



    Stuart Francis

    Exactly!! 👍🏻👍🏻

    Timm Brockmann

    everyone mentions that this albums sounds so lo-fi, but I somehow don´t feel that. You can certainly hear that it was mixed and mastered properly. I think the problem can lie in the format Frusciante recorded it onto, which was Mini-Disc. I read in an interview with the mixing engineer that he was not so pleased when he received the tracks, as Mini-Disc has quite a bad quality.

  15. Grant Hespeler

    did anyone see that commercial with the hot girl talking about taking shits that was crazy

  16. reelbigcheese

    I am also coming to believe all of us who truly "get" frusciantes music are seeing life from the same angle he is. We need to think and talk about this more, I think everyone views and interprets the world though similar cultural religious and social filters. However, you can see though these filters if you are open minded enough.

    Steven Recknagel

    i feel it man.

    Lou Berg

    I strongly Agree

    Pena Denise

  17. reelbigcheese

    John talks about Depersonalization alot in his songs. "Becoming walls" and stuff. His brain perceives reality in a different way to other people and he talks about that in his songs.


    Yep, walls come up a lot...this album is really weighed down but sooooo much beauty shines through.  Definitely some of his best work within this album.

  18. andrew kilik

    that life has nothing to do with death

  19. kosmonautt

    Akai MPC3000, plus Clavia Nord Lead 2, and a Casio SK-1 synths.

  20. waejc

    Does anyone know what kind of drum machine he used in this album?

    Empyrean58 m

    waejc his heart

  21. Dontforgetme1992

    What a pro

  22. soapcakesgal

    John. I love you.

  23. aigmeyer

    What is the truth?

  24. Steven Schafer

    this song is absolutely amazing... somehow after listening to this I know what john is talking about when he speaks of the 4th dimension lol

  25. TheGrubification

    By far one of my favorite frusciante pieces.

  26. Ignacio Saade

    This song is perfect