John Frusciante - Regret Lyrics

i regret my past
my past
i regret my past
to her
i regret my past
to her
i regret my past
to her

stay alone
stay alone
stay alone
stay alone
stay alone
stay alone

i refret my past
to her
i regret my past
to her
i regret my past
to her
i regret my past

to her

stay alone
stay alone
stay alone
stay alone
stay alone
stay alone

stay alone
stay alone
stay alone
stay alone
stay alone
stay alone

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John Frusciante Regret Comments
  1. shai m

    every day

  2. Caden Lopez

    If aliens ever do make it to earth, I hope somebody shows them John Frusciante. I feel like it would be the ultimate sign of peace

  3. Anthony Colombo

    for some reason, you can't cover John Frusciante. it is not possible.

  4. novafan77

    Jan Phillip wird vatter.,......gr3ts tobthe hermannstr 7

  5. mrkoxx

    Cheers john for always being there for me dude <3

  6. GIANCA Travel

    Yo pense que era aleluyaaaas

  7. E SN

    What a simple, but so powerfull and beautiful song! One of my favourites. I can listen to this song forever and sometimes it can set me to tears.....

  8. Jarrett Thomas

    what do you think he means by stay alone?

  9. TheMouldyMushroom

    How good? .........

  10. Shamo império

    I Love this song 😍❤❤❤

  11. Alan Ayazyam

    Stay alone

  12. Ray Hoodoo

    I was together for 4 years with my gf. She left me 2 months ago, mostly because of mistakes I made. I regret so much, we were the happiest people, I loved her with all my heart, but I never really appreciated what a gift she was, and lost the love of my life

    Falcon noclaF

    Time heals all wounds and know what you are going through. Stay positive and always remember that everything in this world happens for a reason. You just dont know what that reason is yet but one day you will. All the best brother

    Ray Hoodoo

    thanks man

    Jarrett Thomas

    Im in the same boat we just broke up a few months ago and I never realized how much she meant to me until the day i can no longer talk to her or see her. It sucks. But there is a reason for everything and I have to find myself again


    Ray Hoodoo Soft lad

  13. Ha Te

    the moral of the story is stay alone so you don't make future regrets

  14. Big Phat Walrus

    Only John Frusciante can make such a great song using only 6 words.

    standardprotocol format

    cool tunes

  15. ThePowerOfEquality432

    "I regret my past..."

  16. M. Gabriela Hernandez

    JF is amazing!

  17. Samsonite Capone

    What did he regret again?

    Kleber Heinzen

    Hahahaha... Best answers ever...


    its obvious, his past.

    Jeremias Surbano

    his paaaaAaAaAaAaAAaaaast


    Not brushing his teeths


    K-daz chilll😂😂

  18. OD Music

    I love the fact that this song is actually just ironic. John said in an interview that "I regret my past" was such an absurd thing to say that he found it funny and decided to make a song out of it.

    Jim stevens

    ok. He's not as sincere as i thought he was. Funny, Peter Perret said the same about 'No Peace for the Wicked'. I guess I need to be more cynical, and take these musicians less seriously. 

    OD Music

    @itsjustskinsteven stevens Wow, bitter much?

    Jack Elliott

    @itsjustskinsteven stevens To be fair I was disappointed when I found out it was a sort of piss take. I found the idea of genuine regret to be quite refreshing actually - so when the old cliche of not regretting anything got wheeled out in this interview it kind of ruined the song for me a bit.. 


    personal opinion, of course, but i don't see why it's a cliché, or why the idea of genuine regret is in any way refreshing - that's how most people actually feel about their past mistakes/wrong choices, regardless of whether they tattoo "no regrets" on their bicep or wear a t-shirt with that motto written across their chest. so, to me, the idea of fully embracing one's past, no matter how bleak, to the point that regretting anything about it seems like a ridiculous notion is what's refreshing about this song & Frusciante's whole stance on life.


    Nah I liked what he did with it, much more wisdom, regret like guilt is a useless state. Fucking everyone up with such a minimalist lyric was also a touch of class.

  19. Sakari Nieminen

    Stay alone, Say alone, Stay along, Sail alone, Sail along, Sail on

  20. Binky Draws

    The shivers this gives me right now are so intense. I have a lot of regrets, I left the love of my life, I went on a total wreck of a ride because of a lot of impulses realising the mistakes I'd made, I tried to find ways to fill the gaping hole I'd left inside myself and nothing worked. Luckily enough I somehow got the love of my life back, I'm starting to repair myself and our relationship now, and I'm really glad I got the opportunity to fix everything, and I am so lucky I did.

    But I have so many regrets, this song makes me break down in both sorrow and relief that everything worked out in the end once I started fixing myself up. I can't fucking tell you how much I've been through.

    Alden B

    omg no way

    Janneke Goossens

    Best wishes to you pal, keep your head up.
    And if this song helps you cry and shiver etc..... that's amazing. Frusciante is a true hero. I'm glad his music helps you, too.

    Jadi Peperzak

    the song is about him not having regret of his past ...

  21. ArsenalMarco

    It shows how good of a musician he is. He used 2 sentences to create a masterpiece like this. Its truly magical.

  22. David Davenport

    I picked up a guitar and learned how to play because of this album. Here I am 4 years later in a studio recording an album with my band. Thank you John Frusciante for helping me find my way.

    M. Gabriela Hernandez


    Ethan Gasperson

    David Davenport could you get me a copy of one of your albums or Eps

    Evan W. Craig

    thats awesome man.. hes the best. a monk of men

    Caden Lopez

    Rock on brother keep the jam alive. Hope you’re still at it 4 years later

  23. yellowrocker34

    Musical genius

  24. chippchipp1

    Sail on, stay alone, sail on, stay alone!

  25. Agustin Boedo

    John is great!

  26. smoochy

    John doesn't regret anything.  Those years he isolated himself on drugs and all the physical and mental anguish he endured were necessary.  His mind and soul only became greater and more creative.  He is a true hero and inspiration to all.............

    John N. Garner

    @turtles How have you evolved in saying that you want to change who you are? 


    @John N. Garner Well in order to evolve past hard drugs, one has to admit that they aren't good for you, and to truly get past them you have to stop and not go back--meaning that you acknowledge its a detrimental behavior.

    John N. Garner

    @turtles You can acknowledge that it's bad behavior, but you don't have to regret it. 


    if you read some of his thoughts on life, our place on earth & the origin/purpose of creativity, you'll find that his very genuine "no regrets" stance makes a lot of sense and is absolutely compatible with personal growth.

    Devin MC

    That doesn’t mean he doesn’t regret it

  27. Thomas Nagel

    isnt it sometimes ," stay alone, sail along " ? maybe im wrong about that , ... i just sing it this way

    Johiden Wolf

    @Thomas Nagel I also thought it was "stay along, say hello" I could have sworn I read it some where.

    Thomas Nagel

    its " stay alone , stay alone " ... i looked it up , .... but " sail alone " musically identical the lyrics ,..... so what , its fine song

  28. joe dirt

    hey if you love this song like i do would you mind checking out my cover version? would be greatly appreciated!! :)

  29. Vntti

    ihr dummen fotzengeburten warum habt ihr das lied verschandelt? scheiss techno aids opfer

  30. getback4444

    This means nothing.

    Gabriel Medeiros

    This means anything

  31. giulia salandri

    Mi educhi allo splendore..


    i heard him saying that he wrote this song from a different perspective. In 1997 or in this period of time he regretted everything, but he realised that he can't regret anything if he wants to continue to live.

  33. dillon teeple

    sounds like hes running it through a synth to get the wobble effect

  34. David Davenport

    The first time I listened to this song and The Dying song where the first time i have ever cried becuase of the beauty of the song. Everytime i hear these songs i still do.

    Birman Hitman

    I really only cried when I listened to his Smile fron the streets You hold album. Particularly I may again know John. The level of suffering in that song is insane.

    Birman Hitman

    That said, yes this song is incredibly beautiful, and the dying song also.

  35. Rafael Caro

    i regret my pastwawwwawawaw. xd

  36. Spider_Chew

    Wait... Holy poop, you're right! But it feels like it has a whole bunch of meaningful, complex lyrics... Jesus...

  37. mcloven295

    This song explains my life

  38. invisiblem0vement

    i think this is the first JF song i listened to. it only took this and Carvel before i was hooked.

  39. TheGrubification

    hahaha the name of this playlist <3

  40. Giuseppe Saavedra

    does someone know which effect use he when says "past" ?:)

  41. Enrico Schulz

    Only one M0:00re Time!!! ... The Replay Button is down :D

  42. FolsomBluesPrison

    Have no regrets.
    At the time, its what you wanted.


  43. lolkewlJ

    Ones own regret implies they and their outlook has changed and prolly will continue to, regret is like happiness...fleeting

  44. peppersonstage

    these guys who say that john doesn't regret his past are WRONG. watch the DVD "greatest videos" and see. john says it

  45. Daniel Leal

    El mejor disco

  46. bahcsas


  47. Anthony Kaufman

    not many this gifted.

  48. Juppie007

    Just created an Account to up vote this Comment :). Love John!

  49. Justin Eady

    How do you know this?

  50. Qain Negro

    I also regret my past.

  51. jbarkerhill92

    I'm glad Frusciante's out there making music. He's a really big inspiration to me, I play music and can relate to his personal struggles. I think he touches and inspires a lot of people with his songs. Keep doing your thing man!

  52. Udovica70

    so simple but so beautiful song!

  53. Nico Maddox

    This song brings tears to my eyes. Especially when hearing the line "I regret my past" and thinking about his dark lonely drug years". He truly is a strong evolving musician.

  54. James Gol

    @Thatswhopunk fuckin download it from here. Don't give money to apple for no reason

  55. aigmeyer

    The beginning reminds me of twin peaks.

  56. pofgden22

    This is the song that i click the replay button the most on. Its always just amazing!

  57. Nick Kinney

    is this on itunes? i cant find it

  58. finley fatty

    this song only has 6 words in it and its such a masterpiece...only JF can do that

  59. T Adams

    @svolil you gay

  60. Dvermoet

    there's so much to say about john's music so i will keep it short,

  61. sneakychewbacca

    @svolil he doesn't regret the past dude he has said it in an interview and if it weren't for his past, then he wouldn't be the man that he is today. If he were to regret his past then he would most likely block out the heroin addiction and sugar coat what really happened, which could possibly lead him back to heroin. It takes a real man to face his past head on and not try to dodge it. I find your lack of knowledge disturbing.

  62. Lukas Grigas

    @MsConeSka he doesn't regret anything, he said that in interview, he spoke about this song.

  63. Imperator114

    @7sunday I think you're right! He's not doing it for the money - more than enough of that coming from when he was in the rhcp - he's doing it for the love. His story is amazing, he's like an epic hero for the modern age.

  64. Oregone

    Fucking beautiful song.....reminds me of when I got clean and had sooo many feelings coming through.

  65. O' Lee

    I was wondering, who is this "1" motherfucker, who doesn''t like this song????

  66. wolfgang warden

    @stael0w who?......WHO? TELL ME!!!!

  67. finley fatty

    @7sunday i think your right. Plus john has never been one to crave the spotlight or being a "rockstar" so its good that he's doing what he loves and that that we love what he's doing

  68. George Coffey

    @MrVanhalen5 I also used to think that he was an underrated solo artist, but I came to figure out that he is not, he just did want his music to he sold as all the other garbage, he creates all this beautiful music only for people who really admires it and feels it the ways he does, as you can see, there is a lot (thousands) of people like you and me who recognized such amazing music! he is my biggest inspiration as a person and musician!

  69. finley fatty

    john frusciante is greatly underrated as a solo artist, hes very talented

  70. JEH78


    Actually he does regret his past and how immature he acted. He often said he was embarased looking at himself as young man.

  71. Mike Brookman

    @MsConeSka yes.

  72. Mike Brookman

    @MsConeSka He doens't regret his past. This is just a song.

  73. Veggie55

    Only 6 words and still he makes magnificent and moving music.
    Thank you John, for existing :)

  74. samuel turner

    this song is simply one of the most beautiful pieces of music i've ever heard

  75. Michael Hudson

    One person quite simply has no taste in music what-so-ever and should run before I find out who it was.


    @SociallyDistortedMe Blame Warner ;).

  77. Ryan Beckenbaugh

    @RWEAnimation he released an acoustic version of this album, too. check em out.

  78. Diana Diamond

    0 people dislike this song.

  79. Brett's Movie World

    my fav song

  80. Kas Smith

    holy shit this is the legit one

    all the covers i was getting were starting to piss me off

  81. haza942

    haaha nice work copying wikipedia for the description lol :P