John Frusciante - Everyperson Lyrics

You take me by the hand
A hand's all I feel right now
It's all I am
It's all that I am
You think that I'm a man
I beg to differ
For I am her as much as I'm me
You know this moment in time
Is all my life
Every day is each day thats past
Every person alive is everyone who's died
A ship out in the distance
Is here if I draw it
Multiply time by letting it go by
You paint a star
You give many years ago
New life and it appreciates it
You know this moment in time
Is all my life
Everyday i each day that's past
Every person alive is everyone who's died

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John Frusciante Everyperson Comments
  1. Mike Fantasia

    Jesus this album is one of the all time greats. Front to back

  2. Hayter Anna

    If i ever take my life away, this is the song ill have on loop

  3. Klaud

    the intro is like no other, the feelings i get from the lyrics-- that autumn, those emotions, i never felt again this way.

  4. Jair Sodré

    essa música sempre me emociona demais...

  5. Ada Prado

    my fav frusciante song ❤️

  6. Ben Furniss Music

    Only just hearing this for the first time. Vocally phenomenal!

    Daniel Epson

    I heard it 15 years ago, and I'm still in awe every time I listen to it.

  7. Daniel S

    John and Josh is like cheese and guava! Love 🥰

  8. Misa rai

    I haven’t cried to a song since I heard Lover you should have come over by Jeff buckley...Music like his and this, John and Jeff to me have some of the most spiritual music I’ve ever heard, music that is spiritual is music that touches places nothing else can. this was so beautiful, lord before I leave this earth let me meet this man just once, so I can tell him how much his music means to a lot of people, though i’m sure he already knows

  9. Agony Defeat

    Iam with you John

  10. César V

    "You think that I'm a man, I beg to differ for I am her as much as I am".
    I love his phillosophy. Also the vision he has of a divinity in "God". Very spiritual man.

  11. Jojo siwa Is 5’9

    He’s Jesus

  12. Franco Genchi

    Alguien sabe si la afinación de esta canción es estándar o medio tono abajo?

  13. Valentina Henriquez

    I think John Frusciante took inspiration from Jeff Buckley’s song “lover you should've come over” in the beginning of the song, those simple notes, beautiful! Same motive. Love you John and Jeff, all my respect to you both


    John Frusciante is my only friend

  15. Manguy mcDudebro

    10 dislikes? who the fuck are these 10 weirdos? Dave Navarro?


    Dave was such the inspiration during the early Janes, he couldn't be any cooler, the Brit influence in his style and music...then WTF happened to him?

  16. Simon Hall

    It’s got this art house feel - fucking love it...

  17. Dor Shlush

    Really reminds me of the band Cold

  18. Vinicius Bezerra


  19. XX XX

    La música es tan grandiosa , sigo en la corriente , sigo vivo gracias a ti John.

  20. Dian Aldinita

    ❤️ this song

  21. Eduardo Borges

    the best álbum!!

    Anthony Gabryel

    Eduardo Borges com certeza

  22. Joseph Lucas

    Just really good music!

  23. Jussi

    Multiply time by letting it go by

    I love it, describes how I feel the sense of flow when I'm playing the guitar, reading, writing or lifting. You get trapped in the infinite and it feels like forever, then you snap out and it's only been an hour

  24. KomunjaraBalkan

    Every time i hear this song it remembers me of some moments that were so beautiful , it gives energy, love, melancholy, nostalgia, it gives pure life in it's natural state! This song has some power that will always rise your emotions to its highest power!
    I won't say thank you John Frusciante, because we all deserve to hear songs like this, songs that remember you that you are a human!

    Rick Gonzalez

    KomunjaraBalkan well put😑

  25. Tricikloplots

    One of John's best vocal performances.

  26. super coate

    simplemente Fantástico
    Frusciante eres un Maestro...

  27. Aileen Navarrete

    this sobg ends as quickly as it started. i love the feeling you get when this song ends, it's as if you'd never heard it at all.


    wow, so accurate

  28. Shane

    The beginning of this song reminds me Led Zeppelin 1

  29. getback4444

    It just works.

  30. Grant Kerr

    This is one of my favourite songs ever.

  31. Lou Berg

    I really love the demo version of this beautiful song. Especially when he says"You know this moment in time, is all my life" and you can hear john just give a yell..Damn that always gets me

  32. CachanillaFFM

    3 people have no soul

    Grant Kerr

    +CachanillaFFM *5

  33. johnflea

    today is my birthday. i choose this song to celebrate it. 12 years has passed since I discover Frulove <3

  34. Prisms Edits

    This one is very unique in it's feel, one of my favorites for sure.


    I absolutely agree!

  35. Jazmín Lopa


  36. Ronen Ben

    Every day is each day that's past ..
    love you John

    Ronen Ben

    +getback4444 past !
    check yourself

  37. MetallicaNHL11

    a musical genius John is

  38. Odysseus Cosby

    Lyrically my favorite song from John.

  39. Anthony Morrison

    John Frusciante is my best friend

    John Arundell

    Tell him I said hi :)


    he can so much in just one sound


    also mine

    Nate Boughan

    Same bro

  40. Michael Brookman

    can we get a ten hour version of the acoustic guitar tracks for this song john?

  41. Michael Brookman

    love it. 

  42. Lauren Salvador

    What a beautiful song and beautiful lyrics and voice .. Wow

  43. Jana Rose Arts

    Wow, I don't think I've ever seen a video with this many views and not one single thumbs down. One of my all time favorite ear treats to listen to. Glad to see I'm not the only one affected by this brilliant work of art. :o)

  44. Sebastián Reyes

    Es de las canciones más hermosas que he escuchado en toda mi vida, todas las letras de John son parte de una verdad universal. Está en otro plano

  45. Maria Ch

    The only problem with this song is that it's too damn short..

    Stefano Ponce

    Yeah, most of his best songs are as short as this one.


    I totally agree!

  46. darkbluesf

    My favourite album just now......fantastic. Its like a well kept secret but I don't understand why more people don't own this album. It's brilliant.

    Rick Gonzalez

    darkbluesf true


    man, somehow I slept on this album until just a year ago. back in 2004 I was 16 and was still hung up on RHCP, which seems so cringy now. John's music is ageing much better, but it's also the kind of music you may need to grow into, as I did at 30

  47. Edu Fernandez

    Creo que esta ,es de las mayores obras de arte del mundo.

  48. Francesca Peroni

    every person alive is everyone who's died

  49. Jackson Withrow

    When I was reading "Oryx and Crake" by Margaret Atwood, I had this song in my head the whole time. It seemed perfect for it, I dunno.

    Steven Osborne

    Holy shit, I see it. Even though I've only just discovered this song and read that book almost a decade ago now, I totally understand.

  50. Danny V

    I really feel the pain guilt and resentment in his music. I hate my struggle and love this music. Fuck you Michael Schlosser, you wish you could make the melodies and harmonies that John so naturally makes, you probably can't handle the heaviness of his heart in the music.

  51. Udovica70

    this song changed my life forever. John i love your music so much!

  52. Pol Baquedano

    Every person alive is everyone who's died

  53. Shantelle Gary


  54. Bottenbig

    My only complaint is that it's not long enough

  55. cmdreno

    Incredible spiritual depth. This one impinges and gives goosebumps every time.

  56. nikša matas

    pure art...

  57. MiyuGaming

    Take me by the hand Katerina! QQ

  58. morymb

    one of those tunes that ends way too quick...definitely a "wmp loop" tune

  59. Alonso de Orbegoso Aspillaga

    great song!
    ¡gran canción! - felicitaciones JF!

    i play guitar the hole 2:44 folowing you!

  60. bobalooay1

    Anyone else in love with the mellotron after hearing the intro to this song?

  61. Hfye DGDCI

    There is no dislike, it's normal, John is so deep in his music <3

  62. Peaches&Honey

    makes me think of the theory that everyone shares atoms from everything in the past. So you have atoms from Einstein or Anne Frank. Fascinating stuff.

  63. Jennifer Delgado

    I love everything John makes but I have to admit this is the best album in my opinion of his. I find it just as beautiful as Empyrean but man this song is so deep. I mean "Every day is each day that's past (aaah)
    Every person alive is everyone who's died, aaah", how does that statement right there not rock your brain?

  64. Peaches&Honey

    what a great song this is. one of my favorites off the album

  65. Papy855

    Johns music makes me happy!

  66. psapsapsa

    I could listen to that little organ intro forever

  67. Rodrigo Rombalde

    "Every person alive is everyone who's died". This is so enigmatic

  68. SharkfireRHCP

    Mi favorita del álbum =)

  69. Rodolfo Aguilar Castillo

    @ShaniTheJachnoon s*%& you broke my heart

  70. MrVictor555

    /watch?v=TMSHj_Lqkew&feature=plcp check out my cover :)

  71. Stany Wonka

    100000x better with headphone

  72. oOFirefaceOo


  73. Łukasz Popielarz

    Best song ever, it's simply beautiful.

  74. Shani

    Every morning of every day, in my ride to school, i listen to this incredible beauty. it really inlights my whole day.

  75. andrew crane

    this is one of the best songs ever honestly in the history of music

  76. Elena Van

    is all my life 8:)

  77. amber sneezeweed

    Sound's a bit like Untitled 6 and 7

  78. PeNsAmiEnToS...

    you know this moment in time is all my life........

  79. Omri

    beautiful lyrics.

  80. EuTonvendo

    Every person needs know all the song by John Frusciante.

  81. 515OVanHalen515O

    this album is just amazing. One of his finest. Everything he puts out is golden. Filled with raw emotion and artistic creativity. His Music changed lives. this is truly amazing.

  82. Greathiway

    One person's screen is upside down.

  83. EmilRashid

    You give many years ago, new life and it appreciates it.. You know this moment in time, is all my life.. ♫ ^^'

  84. Kapetan Adam

    he doesn't.
    we do. (:

  85. Paweł Giczek

    extremely transcendental and pantheistic, as I feel and believe these words, because these are only words they can't describe the emotions connected with them. In John's songs words, music, sound are perfectly complement and they are the unificated, at the same time that it beyonds our 'normal perception'. This abnormal perception I call emotional sensibility on unification of pure real energy, emotions and all of space, universum.

  86. floremathieu

    c'est trop bon........

  87. Overload Jar Lank

    this is the reason i cant sleep at nights

  88. pofgden22

    Everything John does is amazing! That's what a good artist is

  89. colddarkplanet

    ..every person...that means forever...thanks John...we knew but we didnt know how to say...he's such a bugger like that !!! x

  90. xxgoaliemaster


  91. StarDust

    "Most of my supernatural experiences are in the past. It's a world I don't really delve into that much anymore. But I believe that there are things we don't see with our eyes that are making every moment what it is. And every person is made up of a bunch of people. And everybody who's alive is everybody who died. I just think it's all one big energy working together. I see the world as being very balanced-completely, perfectly balanced."

  92. FugWugInAMug

    @Themunchiesarecoming Innit Matt!

  93. françois かず

    @elloquendoIan its amazing what john frusciantes music can do to people, beautiful isnt it

  94. Themunchiesarecoming

    john needs his own religion

  95. José Luis Huarcaya

    lo máximo!!

  96. impasse01

    this song is otherwordly. amazing.