John, Elton - Chloe Lyrics

How come you're so understanding
When I tell you all my lies
And pretending to believe them
See through all my alibis
And I need you more than ever
And I want you till the end

How you handle what you live through
I can never hope to learn
Taking all the pain I give you
Loving blindly in return
And I need you more than ever
I will always be your friend
Chloe, Chloe

Chloe, what you gonna do about me
Chloe, what you gonna do
What you gonna do about me

You're the lifeline that I cling to
When I feel like giving in
When the dreams that I rely on
Start to wear a little thin
Then I need you more than ever
And I want you till the end
Chloe, Chloe

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John, Elton Chloe Comments
  1. Cre8tvMG

    Does Richie Zito play that solo? It is the best guitar solo of all time.


    Yes 😃

  2. T E R E N C E M C K E N N A B I T C H

    Damn I love this song, it's such a mood.

  3. Chloe Stout

    I searched songs with my name so now I can sing this


    Chloe Stout

    •B•O•B•A •ᴥ•

    Sameeee 😂

    a person

    Mhmmm same

  4. brenda bilodeau

    your songs got me thru some tough times

  5. Climate Changed

    My daughter is named Chloe. She is 6 years old. Her mom left us because of drugs. But I have met a woman named Sarah and chloe looks at her as the mom she doesn't have.

  6. Victorious Maximus

    This song takes me back to my first year of high school and my first crush. Amazing how you can be taken back in time by a song and feel the same old feelings.

  7. Antoni Zajkowski

    It's kind of chaotic, but I like it

  8. Chloe Henry

    I'm chloe

  9. Chloe Minaya

    How many Chloes here? 🙋🏻‍♀️

  10. chlo bo

    I'm chloe

    valter moreira

    Lindo nome!

  11. Doobie1975

    Always thought this was a very underappreciated EJ song that has been left off of many of his "Best Of" compilation albums.

  12. VI0LET

    My name is Chloe. This is so weird to hear with the fact that I share the name of this song. (My channel name is just a pseudonym, btw)

  13. Chloe Prygon

    My mama named my Chloe I met my current boyfriend now fiance 2 years ago, I was 16 and my mom sent this to my boyfriend. She sadly pasted on 11.8.17 . But every time I listen to this I think of her. Rest in peace my beautiful angel ❤

  14. Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta

    Had The Fox album on CD as a teenager and use to stay up late at night listen to it. 💖

  15. Daniel Burns

    this song went to #34 on the pop charts in 1981!!!

  16. Laura Maher

    My best friend's cat is Chloe who is very sick right now. I played this to my friend. She cried, loves it!!

  17. Charlotte Power


    cloey murphy

    I am Cloey lol

    Julia Lisz

    OMG SAME 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵

  18. FurtherReview

    Great little-known Elton John song. (But "Fanfare" doesn't belong with it and goes on so long it becomes annoying.)

    Peg Davis

    I agree. Fanfare would not be missed.

  19. Chloe9 Chloe9

    My name is CHLOE!!!!

    Chloe Leanne Smith

    Chloe9 Chloe9 same I'm chloe too

    Chloe Gilson

    Same XD, it's why I found it

    Chloe .S

    SAME !!!!


    Hi Chloe

  20. Chloe Davis

    so is mine im chloe

  21. Teddy's #1 Sheerio


  22. Luca Tontodonati

    Ritchie Zito solo guitar


    Yes! Thanks for noticing that! I double checked and he's not listed on the album credits on this song, but obviously he's playing on this one like other tracks on the album. Thanks for helping out with the details. :-)


    I believe Sir Elton said on "Rockline", when "The Fox" first came out, that he originally wanted David Gilmour to play lead but he was unavailable at the time (probably working on Pink Floyd's (would-be) final album with Roger Waters "The Final Cut".) Imagine how great this song would be with Gilmour playing on it. Oh - What could have been...

  23. Marc Weissman

    smile, hug, talk, love

  24. jessica williams

    My pomeranian's name is Chloe, and tbh this song is perfect for her

    Gee Me

    jessica williams my Pom is named after a Rolling Stones song ❤🐶🎶

  25. Jeremiah Peppercorn

    The dynamics on this song are irritating. At the beginning, I have to turn the volume all the way up in order to hear it, and then it blows my ears out when the chorus drops.

    Eliezer Pennywhistler

    You mean it is just like music?

    Jeremiah Peppercorn

    Not exactly, but sort of.

    Great name, by the way.

    Eliezer Pennywhistler

    Thank you.

    Antoni Zajkowski

    it's probably bad re-recording's fault

  26. Colin Sanders

    entered Billboard July 25, 1981 ..reached #34

  27. Sam Toucan

    I love the Chloe song, but feel the Fanfare actually ruined the Carla Etude/Fanfare/Chloe suite, simply because it is too synthesizer based, and it was odd for him to tag that onto the end of the wonderful Carla Etude (which was performed with the London Symphony Orchestra). Fanfare sounds incredibly dated now. I'd recommend people remixing it and removing Fanfare, so that Chloe starts straight after Carla Etude.


    But thanks for reminding me about Carla/Etude!


    I really like the synth intro myself, but I've always been a fan of synth in general, and even in the context of Elton John he's been a prolific user of synthesizers all his career, so its hardly out of place, one only need hear funeral for a friend to know he's a fan of electronic sounds.


    Totally agree: "Fanfare" clashes with the soft, understated quality of "Chloe" and doesn't even sound like it belongs on an Elton John album. In fact, I own another, more obscure album with "Chloe" on it that, thankfully, omits "Fanfare."

    Bob Corbin

    Yes I love Fanfare also it reminds me of a Time

    Bob Corbin

    If you're one of the few like me and you like when he stretches out once in awhile with an instrumental try out of the blue on Blue Moves

  28. MrJacobrabbit

    my 2nd favorite after  Elton's song

  29. shineonugrzydieman

    My favourite song off the album