John Denver - Rusty Green Lyrics

Rusty green, the summer's almost gone. I see winds clouding up the sun
And I can't find my way, everything's gray.

Rusty green eyes on my mind, memory someplace out of time
All the things we would do, I still love you.

It's a sad song to sing, painted rusty green. A green fading picture of spring.

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John Denver Rusty Green Comments
  1. Teri Werda Monahan

    I wrote this on a zylephone with Henry as a baby girl. We wrote it together. (proof via satellite) - Emrec

  2. snokimamesa

    It's also possible that someone else other than John wrote this song.

    Stefano Colistra

    In the alum Rhymes and Reasons John Denver is quoted as the writer of this song 


    It's a 1969 unrealised song ... postumous realeased in 1998 .. album FOREVER JOHN

  4. msimacountrygirl

    Yes, he was sad, but his children brought him happiness. Annie was foolish and not strong enough to keep the relationship going in their troubled time. I miss him.

  5. jrssjdca

    I had never heard it either before this CD. But I loved the guitar playing and his singing. And many ladies feel the same as you in not letting him feel lonely!

  6. ginny05ad

    I Have never heard this.IT is Beautiful ! And If I had been ANNie I would not have let HIM EVER BE LONELY! I MISS HIM SO! RIP.WE will ALL be With you One Day!

  7. Stan. Milam

    Yes, he was lonely. Three songs he wrote especially bear this out. He called them the "Jet Plane Trilogy." The first, of course, is "Leaving on a Jet Plane." He hated leaving Annie and concludes there will be a time when she could go with him. Then "Follow Me." He was practically begging her to go on the road with him. Then "Good-bye Again," where it is very evident there was trouble in the marriage due to the time away from home.

  8. jrssjdca

    @25corn94 Many were sad, and some were very upbeat. But he lived a lonely life despite his huge popularity. I've heard and read that he was bipolar, which would explain that kind of inner chaos.

  9. 25corn94

    I think most of john denvers songs were sad songs my favorite song was whoes garden was this

  10. jrssjdca

    I think it might have been someone before Annie because he sounds so young in this song. You're right, he was sad through so much of what he wrote. Sunshine is supposed to be a "sad" song, as if he doesn't have that day, that song, that tale, or that wish. But to me, it still winds up being a happy song because he does say that sunshine on his shoulders makes him happy. There's also the beauty of life that it represents. BTW, I don't know if I know twice as much about JD as you do. :D

  11. Cindy Blankenship

    It is very sad sounding. Maybe a lost love before Annie had the kind of eyes that appear green, then brown - cat eyes or hazel eyes. Or maybe the woman with the rusty green eyes he sings about is a metaphor for something full of live (green) that has deteriorated (could be his marriage to Annie?). I don't know half as much about John Denver as you do, but after reading his autobiography, I get the feeling he was often lonely and sad. Doesn't seem fair does it? He gave/gives us so much joy.

  12. jrssjdca

    Thanks so much! Rust can be very creative. The song itself is very obscure. All I can find are the lyrics on the internet. The words suggest that it's one of his "loneliness" songs.

  13. Cindy Blankenship

    Nice images! Amazing how something like rust can be so beautiful. I don't know the song either, but it's pretty. Thanks for sharing.

  14. RULQQKN1959

    I have the LP album and forgot this song was on there...thanks so much for posting this!

  15. jrssjdca

    Wonderful to hear, glad you liked it!!

  16. dagocleo

    loved this ! thanks !!!

  17. jrssjdca

    Hey Michelle, thanks! It's not on Whose Garden Was This? So I'm not sure which one it's on either. But it's a nice blast from the past. You're most welcome.