John Denver - Isabel Lyrics

Isabel is waiting
In a room of many shadows
Her eyes like flashing diamonds
Shining brightly from the sea
Her hair in silken tresses
Like a robe around her shoulders
Hiding tantalising treasures
That the sun has never seen

Isabel is watching
Like a princess from the mountains
For the first soft snows of winter
And the icy winds they bring
With a whisper of her sadness
In the passing of the summer
Her crown is wild red roses
With a lace of forest green

And she wraps her arms around me and she sighs
And she sing to me in silence with her eyes
And her hair upon my pillow comforts me

Isabel is weeping
And her eyes are full of wonder
She knows that it's the time for her
And she cannot understand
She's a mistress of the moonlight
To the stars she is a sister
And the morning now awaits her
To betray her once again

And she whispers as she sadly slips away
Then she smiles because there's nothing left to say
And she takes with her the sadness and the sun

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John Denver Isabel Comments
  1. Isabelle Villeneuve

    My name is Isabelle 🌻

  2. Jong Wai Tommee

    The arrangements make this song sound kind of trippy. Not usual for a John Denver song

  3. colin morton

    such a beautiful song,absolutely love it,bless you johnboy

  4. sandinyourshoes

    Denver's early days on RCA were so mysterious. Like Elvis, who also recorded on the same label, our Rocky Mountain hero could never truly leave it. When he did, it was a long spiral toward the end.

  5. Katherine Collingwood

    I called my daughter Isabel because of this song, incredibly beautiful

  6. Bill Donaldson

    One of JD's best tunes, yet, in my opinion, one of his worst arrangements. "Isabel" sounds magnificent as a simple ballad with guitars and vocals. All this production ruins it for me. I especially think the keyboard player should have been locked in a closet.


    It sounds stunning on an original LP through a decent system. The CD/mp3 versions sound dead.

    Jimmy Hughes

    Your so right the keyboard takes too much away from the songs direction. Thank God John's voice over comes this. Still a haunting ballad, lyrics, and melody.
    Jimmy Liverpool England.

  7. Karen Lucking

    My soul mate...beautiful....

  8. Peggy Buck

    hauntingly beautiful ❤️

  9. Shawn Ward

    This is probably my favorite JD song.

  10. Isabel Chavalitaxo

    omg my name is isabel

  11. dlazarus6660

    Isabel was the name of one of his guitars. I think it was the Guild six string with the duel pickgards.

  12. 3literZ3

    Beautiful. This and Aspenglow are my favorite JD songs. He's missed.

  13. CidadelaDoCaos

    a beautiful name...


    Why thank u