John Denver - Four Strong Winds Lyrics

Four strong winds that blow lonely, seven seas that run high,
all those things that don't change, come what may.
Now our good times are all gone, and I'm bound for moving on,
I'll look for you if I'm ever back this way.
Guess I'll go out to Alberta, weather's good there in the fall.
Got some friends that I can go to working for.
Still, I wish you'd change your mind, if I asked you one more time.
But we've been through that a hundred times or more.

Four strong winds that blow lonely, seven seas that run high,
all those things that don't change, come what may.
Now our good times are all gone, and I'm bound for moving on,
I'll look for you if I'm ever back this way.
If I get there before the snow flies, and if things are going good,
you could meet me if I sent you down the fare.
But by then it would be winter, nothing much for you to do,
and the wind sure blows cold way out there.

Four strong winds that blow lonely, seven seas that run high,
all those things that don't change, come what may.
Now our good times are all gone, and I'm bound for moving on,
I'll look for you if I'm ever back this way.
Yes, our good times are all gone, and I'm bound for moving on,
I'll look for you if I'm ever back this way.

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John Denver Four Strong Winds Comments
  1. George Kilroy

    I like John's version better than Neil Young...

  2. Paul D Ballance

    As a boy in Belfast this song planted a seed in me. So in later life I left the gray skies of Ireland with a young family for the blue skies of Alberta and after 30 years have never looked back. Thanks Ian. Paul

  3. Gloria Ertel

    Another beautiful day......loving me some John Denver.....a beautiful human being......RIP....missing you every day.....12/20/19

  4. Gloria Ertel

    One of the many, many, many, many, many beautiful songs/voice of John Denver.     Wow!   We are so fortunate to be able  to listen-  tohim as often as we choose...….God Bless You

  5. Thomas Tommy

    What a truly awesome beautiful song. Song by a truly awesome entertainer. John went home too soon. I think God needed to hear his golden voice also. I'm sure John Denver is in Heaven playing for God and the Angles tonight. God Bless You, John. You are truly missed here on earth.

  6. Gloria Ertel

    Teary eyed today...…..Loving John Denver, his song, his voice......Love..Love..Love You..RIP

  7. Little O

    Great voice but I miss the harmony of a (fitting) female voice!

  8. Gloria Ertel

    One of the many favorite songs l listen to every day...….Love and miss you every day John Denver

  9. gloria ertel

    Precious JohnDenver......Miss you

  10. Gloria Ertel

    so wonderful...……..sigh

  11. Gloria Ertel

    Love'n me some John Denver......every day....8/4/19

  12. Roger Johansen

    Originally an Irish Folk song. John does it so f... beautiful !

  13. Francis Alan Wormald

    JOHN could create magic & also interpret the magic of others...True Genius!! RIP

    Gloria Ertel beautiful

  14. Gloria Ertel

    I JUST LISTENED TO OTHER VERSIONS OF THIS SONG ;;;;;Waylon....Johnny Cash...…...Omg!!   There is no comparison...John Denvers voice is simply the most beautiful; No doubt...………...H e is  so amazing...…….Love

    scott sanderson

    He is one of the best. . . .

  15. gloria ertel

    Such a beautiful song John Denver..Miss you.....Love...Love...Love

  16. Henry Peachey

    I sang this in the late 60s with my late wife, then 18 years old. I considered emigrating from Scotland to Canada to join the Canadian Air Force but I couldn't leave her behind and I feared she might not follow me. Thankfully, I married her and had a long and joyous marriage until I lost her two years ago to cancer. We both loved John Denver and his music and I listen to this often with a very heavy heart.

    David Perkins

    Your have the memories. God bless

    Anj Diongco

    God Bless you Henry

    Ralph Ellis

    We all loved John

  17. Mr Bear Lee There - BearRon

    Was this on a album? Don't remember it. Nice tune.

  18. John E

    Thank you for posting. Very well done.

    My only gripe is Denver's use of the original and admittedly alliterative, but grammatically grating "... if things are going good," rather than the often-substituted "... if things are looking good."

  19. Robert Jackson

    Thank you 😻🌈😍👋❤️❗️ Great video of wonderful song !

  20. mhsewbiz

    Tears......always loved this Ian Tyson song, and John does SUCH a beautiful version. Gives me chills.

  21. The Pilgrim's Online

    oh my Gad i fell into love thru this song

  22. Steve 100

    Nice version of a Canadian classic !  RIP John.

  23. Steve 100

    Superb version of the Ian & Sylvia song all Canadians love.

  24. Ted Garlock

    Great voice, great song, great feelings left behind

  25. Norm Hall

    Song by the great Ian Tyson. John does it very well indeed.

  26. Kim Duckworth

    I like John's version the best, because I always liked the man.

  27. Anne Taylor

    Rare 3 octive range. Streisand is the only other one I have ever known.

  28. Andy Watt

    Sir Neil has the best version.

  29. Marian Van IJzendoorn

    Prachtig verdrietig lied, zullen veel mensen om huilen,maar ook herkennen, dat er zoveel mensen zijn, we zijn niet alleen.liefs marian.

  30. Diane Nelson

    After his 'Perhaps Love' with Placido Domingo, he learned so much about vocal control and bringing our from his diaphragm. Oh, and this is a Neil Young song ... but the folkiness of John's touch can't help but put a smile on your face. RIP

    Michael D. Fallon

    Ian Tyson

    Diane Nelson

    Thanks for the tip ... We truly enjoyed the "Ian and Sylvia Concert Tour" with so many wonderfully talented musicians ... it was a trip to our youth. Thanks! Also Neil Young and Willie Nelson do the song justice, too!

  31. wolstenholme100

    Please see my video taken in London and showing Judith Durham leaving the Albert Hall.Seekers 50th Anniversary Concert, London, 2 June 2014

  32. Jake Wilson


  33. Generic Comment

    This song was written about Canada by Ian tyson

  34. pam lorenz

    Miss him so.

  35. Jeremy Whittaker

    This anthemic Canadian song was written by Canadian songwriter and singer Ian Tyson who at 85 is still [ February 2018 ] with us thankfully. Neil Young covered it but did not write it.A classic and enduring love song.

  36. musik102

    John had an amazing voice, and it's a shame that the rock press lacked the ability to grasp that fact.Miss you, John.

    steve mann


  37. Gene Tomczak

    Absolutely gorgeous.....

  38. Gene Tomczak

    Absolutely gorgeous.....

  39. marco brenni

    The master of folk !

  40. Patricia Burke

    Thanks for sharing. I loved Ian & Sylvia. I didn't know John Denver also sang this song. Love this version of this wonderful song .

  41. Pamela Pugh

    The best song by John I have ever heard and sung so well. This man had amazing talent and cry daily that he is gone. It hurts so bad that he is gone and why did he get taken so early? I loved him so very much for the person he was and still is in memory today. Pray that he is doing what he loved in heaven.

    Geoffrey Hodgkinson

    You are not alone dear lady. We are still grieving 22 years after he left us. Thank God for his music and words sung with feeling and warmth.

    Gloria Ertel


    Morten Nielsen


  42. Stella Taylor

    Always thought my favourite version of this song was by the inimitable Seekers, but today I stumbled across this version by John Denver, just lovely I've two favourites now!

  43. Vivian Andersson

    Hey Gordon. thanks. I have listen to them but I'm back direktly to John. 👈🌟

  44. Gordon M

    I didn't know John Denver sang this great great song. Ian Tyson made a masterpiece here. I heard it first through Neil Young, the Winnipeg Wonder! Beautiful tune.

  45. mtchair4me

    I have just listened to Neil Young's cover of the same piece. In comparing the two versions noticed the lack of the authors original opening verses. I feel that Mr. young changes the original meaning of the song in a meaningful way. The original verse structure and meaning is significantly changed I feel in a detrimental way loosing what the poet author was trying to express. Thanks for posting this beautiful piece of music.

  46. musik102

    Great! But maybe a tad too slow. BUT, what a wonderful voice.

  47. Brian Skinner

    I sure do miss this---his voiced was a gift to this world.

    Gloria Ertel


  48. Les Minall

    Australian Trevor Knight is as close as you can get to J D.

  49. kuya sam

    Unfortunately John Denver died in a plane crash many years ago... there is a better version of this song sung by one of my favourite singers..Neil've got to hear it ! God Bless!

    x ppP

    Are you high on crack?? Neil Young's a better singer than this??? WTF

  50. anita lehtonen

    the most beautiful song and performance ever!!!!

  51. anita lehtonen

    Voiko tätä laulua enää kauniimmin laulaa?

  52. Robert Olivier

    Well done once again

  53. Mary Joanne Roth

    I always feel like dancing to this song. Would I do the two-step?

  54. Ronnie

    I'm partial to Neil Young's version.

  55. SoloPilot6

    I miss this voice. To lose it because he didn't refuel his plane was STUPID.

  56. Jorose Rosello

    pareha jod mi ni john og tingog

  57. Gordon M.

    One of the greatest songs of all time.

    I found out about it through Neil Young.

    It's a powerful tune. Haunting images.

    God bless us all.

  58. Charles King

    one of my all-time favorite songs!! By. one of one of my all-time favorite Singers!!😃🎸

  59. gpbuck89011

    Why is there 12 Thumbs down?

  60. bart Last

    still think of him.19 years .doesnt seem mr denver.obviously you have lived on through your music.i'm here listening to are so many others.

  61. Mark Keating

    miss him

  62. Luba Williams

    WOW he did that amazing I never heard this performance
    Jim Cuddy of Blue Rodeo did this song live on CBC radio once and I wish I could find it. This is lovely. God I miss this guy

    Sue Hutchings

    Henry burbank

    Luba WilliamsS

    Pauline Pelletier

    Luba Williams

  63. gregorheinrich

  64. Brad Averill

    Yes, this is a nice cover of Ian's song and so is Neil Young's. But, in my opinion, the best is by Ian Tyson himself on his solo album, "I Outgrew the Wagon". Ian's voice at its very best (and it doesn't get any better than that) with great backing by the Calgary session musicians of the time. Blue Rodeo also does a very nice cover on the Ian Tyson tribute album. Surely Ian is one of the best songwriters of the last 50 years.

    Beverley Smith

    There is nobody like Ian Tyson.

  65. Kittenclaws Guitar Videos

    this song is soooo sad but i love it

    Ann Brett

    Just an amazing songs

  66. 박혜자

    뜻도 모르나 좋아요!

  67. 박혜자

    뜻도 모르나 좋아요!

    Shyamal Bhattacharjee

    박혜자 away prasn0

  68. 박혜자

    뜻도 모르나 좋아요!

  69. Paul Cooke

    yes it's Ian Tyson's song but Neil Young and nicollete Larson's cover from comes a time as more balls than this version just take a listen and mite just notice the genius that is Neil young

    Ann Brett

    ofenblase @


    Neil Young's voice sounds like a squeaking hinge, Ian Tyson wrote it and sang it best.

    Cathy. Gilligan

    All renditions speak to a different part of my soul....

  70. Nancy Sutton Murray

    John sang 4 Strong Winds a bit slower than I like. I could hear his struggle. Perhaps like all who hear and love the poignant song, it struck the anguish chord so many of us feel in life...

    Daniel Praks

    you are so correct

    Dan Cunningham

    Love John, but you are correct - too slow.

  71. Paul Cooke

    Dutch blood

  72. Orlando P

    This truly is a wonderful song. The lyrics and music are captivatingly melancholic. It draws you back to listening over and over again. My favorite versions are from the Brothers Four who sung it in their concerts and have recorded it as the original Brothers Four and also when they changed some of their members. The Brothers Four versions are so mellow with great rhythm and pace. The BF voices and harmonies are the best of all group singers that I've ever heard. I like John Denver too!


    yes! I remember the Brothers Four version of Four Strong Winds. quiet and lovely.

  73. olderthandadirt

    This song (by Ian Tyson) was recently voted the greatest Canadian folk song, I vote we make John Denver an honourary Canadian for this great version!!

    Gloria Ertel

    For sure...….a loyal fan......8/4/19

  74. Paula Ashley

    Dominic Do thank you for your comments it was nice to hear from someone as l am quite new to all this l have not long had my l-pad so l don't know what all the things are l can do on it as l,m on my own with no family or close friends l just have to use trial and error, But l do know how to get all of John Denvers songs and live performances on and watch him every day , such a gifted and talented lovely man l do get upset and feel sad knowing he has left us , l would love to have met him and put my arms around him and gave him all my love which he so needed and deserved, l do hope to go to colarado and visit all the places he did and see where he lived and to feel his presence there,l know he is here in spirit but l miss him and love him so much it hurts but l will meet him and be with him with the angels God Bless Him my love forever and always. Paula xxx June 26 2016 hope this finds you well Domi by the way l am not on face book.

  75. Paul Cooke

    Neil young's version is the best you drongos


    Only an idiot ozzie would say that.

    Cathy. Gilligan

    Drongos?? Every version has it's strong points.... depending on your mood...I love all of them...

  76. Abdelrahman Sadi

    For those interested . It is on the CD forever ,john marketed few months following John Denver death

  77. John Nolan

    great version !!

  78. Mick Soiseth

    Great classic song but his vibrato drives me nuts.

  79. candy nichols

    John does the simple folk songs more beautifully than anyone.....'cuz he felt them and lived them in his heart. Darcy Farrow is another one he does really well and over the top.

    Chris Chmelar

    john denver and the boston pops

    João Santos

    Darcy Farow is a brilliant cover! Couldn't agree more!!

    Sherry Cohen

    Darcy Farrow is one of my favorite songs that John sang

    Gloria Ertel

    for sure...…….

  80. Huub Verstappen

    lovely song sung by John Denver

  81. Kerry Evans

    wow John does Tyson song justice who knew ...this is most exellent...
    .Greetings from IRELAND 😉 salamat for this gem. ..........

  82. Deborah H.

    John Denver's voice to these words and music are the strongest I have heard; listening to many versions from the original Ian version on up. There is determination and no uncertainty in his voice.

  83. Suzie M

    My mum asked him to cover this song took her a while to convince him to do it. It was in his safe in his office :)

  84. Annie M

    the searchers did a very nice version of this song


    +Annie M Just listened to it. Really nice track, thanks for the tip! X

    Charlie Morgan

    so doesn't Neil young


    Many great versions, but no one does it better than Ian.

    Allan Lavallee

    Do you possibly mean the Seekers?


    Allan Lavallee: Them too. :-) No, I did mean The Searchers.

  85. Paula Ashley

    Please can anyone tell me where I can obtain this most beautiful song sung by the most beautiful man in the world with the most beautiful voice in the world I cannot get enough of him I listen to him day and night I love every one of his songs his beautiful voice is pitch perfect and there is no one else as good as John and there never will be he is unique and multi talented he cared so much about the planet the animals people oceans sealife such a loving kind compassionate man how sad and worried he would be to see how man is destroying the planet and killing the animals and hurting people he did so much to teach people and make them aware of being kind and showing love for the world we live in if only he were here the world would be a far better place and we could here more of his beautiful songs and his exquisite voice I love and miss John every second of the day my eyes fill with tears when I hear him and watch him I will see you and hear you with the angels my darling in my heart and prayers always rip John God Bless you all my love for ever Paula broken hearted xxx

    Zoren Omalza

    Neal yung is the origin song for this song

    Jim Thorne

    No, the origin is Canada's Ian Tyson

    kurt anderson

    I enjoy many of his songs although I never agreed with his political agenda and his views on the environment. It was a sad day when he died and I still listen to many songs with enjoyment.

    Keith Pretorius

    @Paula Ashley I listened to JD in the seventies, it is near the end of 2018 and still listen and love JD'S music.

    Katherine Collingwood

    An amazing summary of an incredible man 🙂

  86. Paula Ashley

    Another beautiful song from the man with the best voice in the world John sings as if he is only singing it for you alone I have not heard him sing this before I was mesmerised by the beautiful words and the beautiful perfect pitch as John always sings the tears just fell I just cannot get enough of this multi talented modest kind loving beautiful gentle wonderful man who was with us for too short a time I hope I can find him and hold him and give him all my love and listen to his most beautiful every minute of the day as I do now there will never be anyone who will be as good as John he was unique in every way and could sing any song with perfect pitch the most beautiful man in the world and I love him for eternity in my heart and mind forever I Love You So Much It Hurts God Bless you darling Paula xxx

    Andrew Skelton

    Paula Ashley My thoughts exactly,he was such a beautiful soul with the voice of an angel, I’ve loved him from the start back in the 70s I still weep for him many times , I have never felt that that way about a performer before , he was , and always will be the best , I think the only one these days to be nearly on a par with John , is Josh Groban .

    Francis Bouwman

    @Andrew Skelton The man I still adore to this day.

    Gloria Ertel

    Well said Paula

    Gloria Ertel

    Nicely said.....Every day listening to his beautiful songs and voice 8/12/19

    Gloria Ertel

    amen...………..Wonderful John Denver.....RIP  9/25/9

  87. fabiotorino48

    The song was written by Ian Tyson in the early '60. The first cover was recorded in 1963 by The Four Brothers (one of my favorite version).

    Franco Brandares

    fabiotorino48 Neil Young is not the original?

  88. michaelene gon

    It certainly seems that John was really depressed.  Therefore...speculation will go on.....

  89. charles winters


  90. Dave Saam

    Written by Ian Tyson, performed by the same Ian and Sylvia in the 60s. One of my favorite songs. John Denver sings it well.

  91. David Corbett

    Ian Tysson

  92. Abdelrahman Sadi

    This song is from album, Forever john .the original writer is anonymous. Definitely this is the best version


    @Abdelrahman Sadi no, it was written by Ian Tyson and first recorded by him with his wife Sylvia Fricker Tyson (Ian and Sylvia). They are Canadian artists.

    George Haber

    +Abdelrahman Sadi I'd vote for Bobby Bare's version as the "best"--a stronger statement than the "sweetness" of Denver's.

    anita lehtonen

    George Haber

    Ann Brett

    Abdeahman Sadi

    Ann Brett

    DaithiBOC @

  93. kaiser islam

    It had originally written by Neil Young but when John covered it, it sounded something kind of celestial 

    Pierre Huot

    Nope, it's a song by Ian Tyson.

    Michael D. Fallon

    Ian Tyson

  94. Bob Wislocki

    Is this on any of his albums?

    Anjan Chakraborty

    definitely.but I will have to check my external drive or CD s to confirm the name of the album


    Forever, John is the name of the album.  It is an album of less popular or previously uncut songs I believe.

    Peter Leng

    Anjan Chakraborty 1

    Ann Brett

    Bob Wislocki o

    Maureen Gillies

    I love this beautiful song first time i’ve heard this version by john denver and it’s hauntingly beautiful

  95. Peggy Buck

    Beautifully sung. Best version of this song I hav heard.


    Listen to Ian sing it.  No one does it better.