Joey + Rory - If I Needed You Lyrics

If I needed you
Would you come to me
Would you come to me
For to ease my pain
If you needed me
I would come to you
I would swim the sea
For to ease your pain

Oh the night's forlorn
And the morning's born
And the morning shines
With the light of love
You will miss sunrise
If you close your eyes
And that would break my heart in two

Lay these with me now
Since I showed him how
To lay his hand there in mine
Who could ill agree
He's a sight to see
And a treasure for the poor to find


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Joey + Rory If I Needed You Comments
  1. Jim Clarke

    How good was that ))

  2. peter m

    I just found this beautiful couple as I was on youtube. I didn't know the story of this beautiful family. This has to be the saddest story I have ever heard. How people go on believing in an all powerful God knowing he has the ability to change the situation, yet does not is beyond me. All the while proclaiming that God is love. Love doesn't tear beautiful families apart. Either God can't, or God just won't, but that's not the kind of God I want to believe in. I would rather say there is no God, than to say this is the kind of God I believe in.

  3. Andrea Wood

    Oh my eyes 😭I miss her and that beautiful, ❤️ healing voice ❣️🏵️💙🌻💜💮💚🌸💛🌸 XOXO

  4. Andrea Heath

    God is so good!!!

  5. Jessy Wonah

    Can't stop crying Rip dear

  6. euramis777

    Joey Feek,Best singer ever,we miss you so much,RIP beutifull Angel!

  7. Amy Griffin


  8. Monica Wentz

    Rest easy love you and your family your voice vwas an angel live u Joey!!!!¡

  9. robinah mulindwa

    Miss you Lady

  10. Mary Elliott

    I cry every time i watch this video. Joey was such a beautiful woman of faith! Although i didn't get to meet her, i can say i love her. She's with Jesus now!

  11. Tamra Deisher

    Beautiful voice and spirit

  12. Pamela Orock

    R I P Perfect Peace Woman of God

  13. Simon M

    Bought the cd, playing now - better sound quality.

  14. Simon M

    Joey Feek (September 9, 1975 – March 4, 2016) what a shocking waste. This is first I've heard of her; browsing Townes Van Zandt's glorious song. Beautiful face too, those cheekbones.

  15. Cheyenne Emerson

    Love this song

  16. andrew kiesling

    love it!!!

  17. Robin Ferrell

    I like all of your music

  18. Marryann Lamb

    Great song GOD has an Angel with him.

  19. Astro Peanut

    What are the thumbs down? Confused? This is pure joy. God Bless

  20. Vania Adriana Silveira

    Grace and love of God, forever !! God bless you ... I love your songs, and I'm sorry for your departure !!! I live in Brazil, in the city of Goiânia. God is good and your love is renewed over you every day .... always and always, big hug, vaniaadrian and family.

  21. Good Comment Man

    Holy cow. Talk about ripping your heart out. Beautiful people, beautiful song.

  22. Amber Little

    I have followed yall since the first try out on can you duet... when hopie showed indy i knew she had ds... i know Joey was just diagnosed with cervical cancer....

  23. Trucking Annie

    I cant help but cry

  24. Betty Herring

    Rory, Joey is our Angel.I miss her so much. But I asked Joey to take care of my son Johnny. She really touched my heart.Love Betty

  25. Andrea Wood

    What a beautiful, beautiful soul,her voice is so peaceful and loving.thankyou for sharing and may u rest easy 💖

  26. ch sonam

    Breaks my heart that Rory is no longer with us. This is such a wonderful song ❤

  27. Melinda Mullinax

    Oh I love this song so much, it's one of those that reaches the heart and soul.......

  28. Freedom's Guide Trading Company

    What a beautiful and talented woman she was...a talent like that will live forever. RIP



  30. Michael Swinney

    I wish I would have had the pleasure of meeting this incredible couple. People of their spirit are very rare in our world today. God bless them and may Rory find the peace he needs. Joey is now in a much better place. Both Joey and Rory will be remembered and loved by many for a very long time! Thank you lord for giving us people like them.

  31. Lynne Lipovsek

    What a beautiful crystal pure voice she shared and graced the world with , wishing you all the Best as you carry on with living and raising yours sweet Daughter that reflects her mother's love every day Thank you !!!

  32. Perla Colomer

    I hope to see you when I get there so you can sing for me love your music

  33. Louise N

    She was blessed and loved by God. <3

  34. David Bishop

    Rory, you are the luckiest man on earth. You had the love of the most perfect woman I've ever seen. I hope her memory brings you unbelievable strength. I know her songs ease all my pain. Still listening, forever and always.

  35. Patty Fowler

    Beautiful voice 🌸 Miss you Joey ❣️

  36. Ray Wardrup

    Beautiful song -beautifully performed -by a beautiful lady

  37. Beadrix Verwey

    Last night I've discover this angels music for the first time and since then I cant stop listening and crying. She had the most beautiful voice I am sure she is singing now the entire day and God is smiling. Sorry for your lost Rory and the family the stay behind.

  38. Joyce Johnson

    I really do feel bad for you Lori even if Joey passed on but I know you still loved her but yeah she still up there by you I know how it feels because I love the song cheater cheater and I'll Fly Away and I'm gone I like all of her songs and years and she has a

  39. Merc Cruise

    God Bless Her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We'll see you in Heaven Joey ... Amen

  40. John Petty

    What a beautiful voice, earth's lost, heaven's gain, rest in peace in the arm's of jesus.

  41. Praise Time

    So Beautiful! Check out our Southern Gospel trio! Thanks!

  42. Farida Doodnauth

    Love this song

  43. egz1944

    It gives me best memories from the beginning of the eighties I just found this Thanks

  44. Vimal Kolarikkal


  45. Mirjam van Schravendijk


  46. Silvie Spark


  47. Jessica Smith

    Beautiful her songs. I already miss her. She still in the heaven ♡

  48. Justa Drumbum

    Does anyone know who the young lady singing harmonies with them is . ?

  49. Cami Dietrich

    they are truly a beautiful couple.

  50. Morgon Jones

    what a beatifull soul and when you look into that beatifull little girls eyes you'll no why you have too carry on

  51. Linda Hendren

    I followed her journey always hoping for a miracle she was a special lady so happy I got to go to her memorial service was about 50 miiles away from where I live I Indianapolis it was such a beautiful service got to meet her mom and dad as I cried her mom stood strong and told me she is in a better place now and out of pain just so happy to have been there and went by house she spent her last days something I will never forget and whent by highschool saw pictures of her on basketball team it was really a good feeling after following her story GOD bless her family members and friends and rory & indy

  52. Judith Bliss

    Still don't quite understand why God takes some so soon and others live a long, long time but don't make a difference.

  53. robinah mulindwa

    if I needed you 😐

  54. Holly Ewing

    I sing this to the my Little girl

  55. Genoviev kisaka

    i cant stop watching ur videos u inspire me to love and to take care of the loved once n most to remember thers a day ivwill leave this world what will i left behind......

  56. Laurien Cook

    Joey's voice is angelic such a shame

  57. Witza Franza


  58. Carrieann Guerrero

    I miss Joey. She was a very talented woman. Watching this video makes me think how lucky nothing was wrong with Indiana, having a child with special needs alot can go wrong with births. My son had the cord wrapped around his throat 4 times and has mental delayment. So nothing rude was my intention with writing this

  59. Bianca Rutledge

    2 months pregnant and so in love with this song. these past 2 months have been painful and I can hardly eat but God knew I needed this baby growing inside me and this song makes me feel so comforted.

  60. Brandie Blake

    Just watched To Joey With Love...words can't express the love I felt while watching it. What a beautiful and inspirational family. my heart breaks that Joey is gone. Even though she's not here to physically hold their beautiful daughter, she is with Rory, Indiana & the rest of their family everyday. She has her arms wrapped around her sweet baby each and every day from Heaven. Those last 2 years with her sweet baby and loving husband might have been the hardest yet she made them the most BEAUTIFUL. No matter how hard things were it seems she was always smiling and never lost her faith. I challenge myself and others to be more like Joey & Rory and I pray God continues to watch over Rory & Beautiful Indi. Each time that sweet baby smiles I'm sure its because her Momma is smiling over her and leading she and Papa on an amazing path. Thank you Joey & Rory for sharing your lives with us and for showing us how we should all be living. Joey will be missed and I can only hope and pray to be half the amazing & strong woman full of faith that she was. God bless their family.

  61. Gina Harmon

    Such an amazing Voice and amazing woman/wife and Mother. She has a beautiful soul and heart. She will be missed R.I.P Joey Feek

  62. Jenn Herlitz

    Joey I love your voice thank you for inspiring me to keep singing:)

  63. Larry Moore

    Sweet !

  64. Lucy325

    what a beautiful celebration of life!

  65. Lucy325

    This is such a beautiful story...

  66. Kristin TAYLOR

    I was introduced to this beautiful couple after Joey had passed.... this song and when I'm gone touched me so much. Their dvd... is now a family keepsake and she sings my grandson to sleep at night. I know we will bring great friends in eternity. God bless you Rory for sharing your life with us.

  67. eleanor k

    blown away

  68. Ambria Daniels-Dovolis

    R.I.P. girl I have never seen such faith and strength-that only comes from Jesus. I still cry when I watch you sing Joey!. God bless yr beautiful daughter...we pray for her and Rory.

  69. Jamir T Lanuakum

    You brought tears to my eyes.

  70. Irish matty

    Beautiful dueting.

  71. charles brinson


  72. Kara Nicole

    I love the song it is my favorite song is the best thing that has been a long time ago and have love for you to be alive because I would say this to you by the way you are a amazing person I love your songs that you made my sister/ cosine is singing

  73. Hans Rosenthal

    I once asked what her baby's name is: Her name is Indiana. Hans Rosenthal (A.H.R.D.)

  74. Celica Bojorge

    She is in haven .

  75. Guadalupe Carrillo

    what a beautiful miracle.... life is an amazing thing God gave us

  76. Hans Rosenthal

    Whats the name of your baby? -- Hans Rosenthal (A.H.R.D.)

  77. Maxfli82

    She has brought glory for her king with her time on earth and is now enjoying him forever. What a comforting thought that we shall meet our loved ones again.

  78. Ricky Helot

    God given Voice
    awesome,.. :-)

  79. J LW

    Such a beautiful family xx

  80. freelanceminddrift

    video is not showing clip....its blacked out....i can hear your beautiful voices....and baby crying....i'll just close my eyes and remember your face :)

  81. Stephanie Jones

    beautiful video miss you joey god bless you rory

  82. 1968harmony

    How absolutely beautiful, this song has brought me to tears ! how lucky was Rory and Joey and their little baby girl to have had such love, sadly some people will never experience this in a life time. I would rather have thirty minutes of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special.

  83. Sarah Pack

    I pray for the same kind of love u both shared! the music yens shared with all of us soothes my soul when nothing else does. Thanku for letting us all be apart of it.

  84. sharon dean


  85. Hans Rosenthal

    What a beautiful baby, what a happy mother, father, sister, and brother. Hans Rosenhal (A.H.R.D.) PS: Every birth of a baby means a new creation of the world.

  86. Kyna Schadler

    RIP Joey!! You're missed so much. :(

  87. Anne Gwinner

    love always ...

  88. mel mary


  89. Kennedy Morris

    Will miss u

  90. Anondlynn

    Beautiful and Sad...Real Love and loss

  91. Allison Peters

    Awesome Song

  92. Tanya Moellenberndt

    Love this one RIP Joey!😢my one and only if you need me id do anything..

  93. Doreen Crocker

    I could listen to her, them all the time

  94. Dot King Ardoin.


  95. Whyte Buff

    This is gonna be the first song at my wedding, I love Townes and Joey and Rory's love story is so beautiful. I just need to meet the one.

    Allyssa Whitehead

    KT oslin

    Angelica Fry

    Whyte Buff well i hope Whyte God has been kind enough in giving u a good woman. Hoping the very best for ya.

    Cathy Klocheska

    god bless you and your family have a wonderful and safe merry Christmas and new year


    Whyte Buff this won't be the first song at my wedding but it will most certainly be one of the songs there. This song means so much to me.

    Lee White

    Whyte Buff you will 🙏

  96. João levy

    blue life god!

  97. Muffett

    Amazing how she made an impact. Heard of her when she was almost gone. The miracles you see are...she lived, she loved, she left a positive impact on so many. Some of us wish we could do that. But she reminded to. how she affected me...a total stranger. But am I really a stranger? No...not really. *LOVE* Thank you Joey. Thank you......

    Lee White

    Muffett . me to Amen 🙏