Joey + Rory - Good Truck Lyrics

The first time I saw her I just turned 16
She looked like somethin' straight out of a magazine
I worked that whole summer just to make her mine
God I still think about her from time to time

She was a good truck
She never got stuck
She fired every time I'd crank her up
She could climb a hill
And haul a load
Leave a hundred foot of rubber on a black top road
I don't know why I ever gave her up
She was a good truck

Well I stole my first kiss on her tailgate
My first time was in her bed Lord we couldn't wait
We drug cans behind her on our wedding day
Lord I cried when my ex-wife drove her away

[Chorus x2]

Yeah she was a good truck
Man she was a good truck
She was a Chevy truck

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