Joell Ortiz - Mona Lisa Lyrics

The beauty's in the flaws

I wipe the coal out of my eyes and let the light in
Look to the sky as I'm inviting the sunshine
The lightnin', the rainfall, the downpour, of snow
And how it whitens the whole ground and somehow that brightens
My whole day, run away? No way, come right in
I'm one with all the elements, the benefits of writing
Is I can remain here, but go there, I'm flyin', I'm fallin'
The parachute just opened, look I'm glidin'

Arriving thoughts heighten to the point I feel a slight wind
Goosebumps appear, you see 'em clearly on my light skin
Letters begin swarming words, form and take shape without a warnin'
I can feel my palms warmin'
It's happenin' again, all that I'm imaginin'
Is transferrin' onto this palette as I scratch it with a pen
The first facet of a gem
The corresponding scriptures start matching at the ends
And sound alike my sound bites are at a 10
The tone in my headphones have grown
To a frequency unknown
Some of us call this the zone
Every instrument is on they own but not alone
It's like we rent a separate apartment in a harmonious home

All I see is sounds, all I hear is colors
All I feel is nothin', it's a numbness like no other
Time is nonexistent, like forever in a moment
Wish this moment was forever but it's forever been just moment

I'm staring at a canvas that was once blank
Contemplate if this was read aloud what would one think?
How would they perceive it?
Will everyone receive it,
In the light that intended, comprehending every meaning
Or will the just breeze through it like a gentle summer evenin'
Is this even worth leavin' my easel I flip the sheet
And there's a brand new canvas waitin' for me, how convenient
It's eyebrow raisin' how I scrap a Mona Lisa

All I see is sounds, all I hear is colors
All I feel is nothin', it's a numbness like no other
(The beauty's in the flaws)
Time is nonexistent, like forever in a moment
Wish this moment was forever but it's forever been just moment

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Joell Ortiz Mona Lisa Comments
  1. Anthony L

    313! s/o Apollo brown and joell ortiz!

  2. King K48

    Decisions' beat is the same as in Black on Black Crime 😎


    I fuxx with this type of hip hop. Lyrics are like food and ppl need to be fed. #MARQUEE #FEMMEFATALE #nyc #classics #BLOCKSHAREINC

  4. Tedmaster14

    Apollo Brown and KAAN would be real nice.

  5. SNoCappidona

    "being simple is a yes and being skilled is a not; having substance is lame, using substance is hot"

  6. John Denver

    Crook referred me here an I'm so fuckin happy about it

  7. General Jemz

    Who else listened to this from start to finish?

  8. A Yank Abroad

    Fucking beautiful.

  9. Juice

    Niggas ask me where I'm from and I'd say BROOKLYN proud/wore my Timbs all year round and my kush was loud

  10. Ivan Torres

    Just when I gave up on Hip Hop, my man put me on to Joell Ortiz Mona Lisa album and just like that I'm in love again!!! Unbelievably Classic in the making!🔥🔥🔥💎💎💎🙏🏽🙏🏽🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷

  11. Aaron Burris

    i would love to see apollo do collab projects with Elzhi, Griselda , Rasheed Chappell, and Torae

  12. James

    Bruh... Theres so much trash rap out there, hearing this gave me an eargasm

  13. James


  14. Matthew Colosi

    Bought the vinyl off Amazon and it comes with a whole track that I cannot find anywhere on the internet called "Flashback". It's a killer bonus track and would've never know it existed without the vinyl

  15. Vincent Williams

    Eminem really dropped the ball with Joell Ortiz

  16. Everson Taveras

    Mona Lisa is a Masterpiece.

  17. Onslaught816


  18. Виктор Липухин

    какое же охуенное музло

  19. John Smith

    Damn Joell go in yameen

  20. Yann King

    This boy Joel Ortiz is a problem.. Can’t stop listening to this shit!!

  21. King Pro

    Why he ain't rip to this? @14:36

  22. Brian R

    Masterpiece. I want to say more but would be a page long. Joell deserve that pop money slime sword game is impeccable.

  23. MrCbwTV

    This project is amazing!

  24. Gem M

    Well.....! I would like to say thanks for some classic Hip-hop, lyricism at its finest accompanied by worth production.

  25. Josh Lines

    Got this on vinyl, underground classic

  26. Chyleen Lopez

    I got the chance to actually see Joel Ortiz in person. He performed "Hip-Hop", "Brooklyn Bullshit" etc... talk all my attention, sounded exactly like the song, but it was right there. That was for free btw, he was just on stage at A park. He's one of the last real emcees.

  27. Hibetano

    One more day. Another excellent album by apollo.

  28. Chuck Turnher

    Cain't Phite thuh PHIYA!💥💣🔊🚒

  29. Tay Freely

    five mics. this album is a classic in a time when it's so rare. Thanks.

  30. Not Sure

    Classic. Masterpiece

  31. WYZ PRO

    Great album, If you like this check the album Apollo Brown did with O.C called Trophies

  32. Thomas Mcdougald

    my face hurts after listening fire

  33. Sonar Eskoh


  34. Sonar Eskoh


  35. Tay Freely

    best album I've heard in a long time. thank you for keeping REAL hip hop alive. madd love to everyone involved.

  36. Fly Motives

    I wanna hear Apollo and Roc Maciano do some shit 4real

    A-OK All Day

    Listen to Apollo Brown's "Thirty Eight" instrumental LP. All those beats were supposed to be for a project with Roc Marciano, but it didn't happen. There are two bonus tracks, though from Apollo Brown & Roc Marciano - Shotguns from Hell and Cold and Lonely,

    Fly Motives

    @A-OK All Day wow good looking bro those are bangers hope they could make something happen, as far as this joint here very dope!




    0:44 R.I.P. JAMES BROWN✊




    APOLLOOOO!!!! ✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊

  41. cen7ter


  42. Joe Spalding

    ever find an album thats so good that you know you gotta go to the bathroom but you dont wanna stop listening?

  43. Larry Legendary


  44. Tarik El-azim

    Simply put,This album is perfect. From beats to lyrics.

  45. clive Ryu mgc

    Simply amazing. No doubt about it

  46. J. Baked

    Whole album is gold. Apollo n Joel never disappoint. Hip hop (true)

  47. Scott Kai KC, Admiral


  48. Vincent Williams

    This my man's best album since the Bodega Chronicles

  49. mejiaeric99

    My God, if you do not consider this ill material, it means Joel's skills beyond your ability to comprehend. Classic shit right here.....

  50. Fernando Vega

    This album reminds me of The Brick. Just feels like I'm on the other side of town. From bodegas to bayside. Instant classic.

  51. G-wiz

    just dropped an album called "Marathon man" if any1 wants to give it a listen no trap shit

  52. kriolan reddy

    thank you

  53. maestro kikeur


  54. Adam R

    Cocaine fingertips beat is that Pusha track with Tyler slowed down I think

  55. sane jam

    "Try to haggle for that chain, or that bracelet, or that watch or that ring, it's of the chain brace yourself and watch out when it ring" broo how!!? 🔥🔥 just crazy bars 👾🌋

  56. Elude_One

    That track 1 tho!!!

  57. Le Léopard


  58. La Cefor

    11:00 Grace of God (feat. DJ Los)
    Let me shed a tear on this one.

  59. dntcry4meimalrddead

    This is Hip Hop!!!

  60. dntcry4meimalrddead

    This music needs to be on the radio daily!!! It’s the antidote this young ignorant hip hop generation needs!!! Ortiz Please cure this hip hop virus that these clowns are infected with.

  61. K-Blao HOODX

    I only came here for 7:39

  62. Jose Contreras

    We are blowing smoke circles out of the coup,
    Formulating a plot on how to get to this lute
    So plant some money seeds and let your trees blossom
    Cuz either your dreams are really dead or there just playing possum
    Foot soldiers neva at ease
    To bring home the groceries
    I go hard Joell Ortiz!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. D-koa


  64. Lucid Jackson

    Good year for hiphop however,
    Tana talk 3 was tape of year

  65. Shawn Holdt

    Dawg.... the James Brown interview snippet before Cocaine Fingertips..... L😂L.....

  66. angeld1120

    Shiit man i live for this kinda rap

  67. Stony elBrasier

    BiG Respect From France..!! I love real HipHop

  68. High Street Radio

    Thank U

  69. Al Ex

    fly shit





  72. Frank Peter

    Master piece

  73. cbmuzik

    Joell came in smashing!!!! The rest was butter!

  74. Jay Echevarria

    Breath of fresh air!!!!

  75. Jay Hertog

    I praise Joel for dropping some hard truths and speaking them out loud. I keep coming back to this, my favorite album of the year. Favorite track would be reflections, but they are all dope tho. Also liked the Walking dead reference, but im not even watching anymore ha! Some of my favorite lines ==> "I ain't gon' lie, a lot of this is hard to take, I'm watchin' 'em praise the okay and overlook the great" ==>"Bein' simple is a yes and bein' skilled is a not, Havin' substance is lame, usin' substance is hot".

  76. quogir1

    officially spaced ouout

  77. Alexandros Saiu

    There is more "good underground" hip-hop than i can handle!!!
    All you non diggin' lazy ass bums who say that hip-hop used to be good bore the fuck out of me!
    Better shut up than talk nonsense...
    Good luck!

  78. Chris Hicks

    "Like them ol school four finger joints my name rings"

  79. mightywhitey718

    hip hop beats

  80. Ayrton Ibarra

    Probably the best we've heard from Ortiz so far. Fuckin Glorious! On God

  81. Mars2020

    It is kinda normal that music like this stays unpopular (which doesn't mean it's bad). Hip-Hop culture came from the underground and I believe it turns back and takes some time just to strike back after some time with the new experience of meaningfull lyrics and fundamental beats.
    Well, we will wait... Peace

  82. Jermaine McKenzie

    One of the most underrated in rap history

  83. feyla wtp


  84. SandersRobin24

    It's another dope collaboration from Apollo Brown, here's my wish list he decides to keep dropping collaborations..

    1) OC- Trophies 2
    2) Elzhi
    3) Raekwon
    4) Chino XL
    5) Black Thought
    6) Treach
    7) Xzibit
    8) Redman
    9) KRS-ONE
    10) Styles P


    This man is a lyrical monster

  86. Taylor Made

    Yooooooo 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 about time real hip hop is coming back well appreciated.

  87. KiN CAMELL

    2018's collaberation albums were the highlights of this intense year.

    From Freddie VS Jason, Pryhme 2 , Connected & Respected, Nasir, Daytona, Children See Ghosts, KTSE ,Beloved, Fetti , Streams of Thought, Mona Lisa and Masta Ace & Polo.

    Ps Much Appreciations for sharing this.

  88. Jay Echevarria


  89. Wilbur white


  90. IamPraize


  91. Allen Dawson Jr


  92. M8 Days

    been playing cocaine Fingertips all day wtf man this shit fire

  93. Duke DRUGGA


  94. Andrew Pine

    Thumb down dudes eat cock

  95. L.H. /Laich

    How can I purchase a apollo beat ? Dudes fire 🔥

  96. A-OK All Day

    0:00 Brushstrokes
    0:44 Cocaine Fingertips
    3:53 Come Back home
    7:39 Decisions
    11:00 Grace of God (feat. DJ Los)
    14:52 Mona Lisa
    17:41 My Block
    21:24 Reflection
    25:16 That Place
    28:52 Timberlan'd Up (feat. Royce da 5'9')
    32:21 Word…

    Lucid Jackson

    Ijust now listening, tana talk 3 is tape of year regardless



    Jason Harmon

    Straight mother fucking FLAMES WOW THANKS FOR SHARING!!!!! #savehiphop

    Марк Марронье

    Who ia sample 4 track?