Joell Ortiz - Brooklyn What Lyrics

Brooklyn, what?
Brooklyn, what?
(Ayy, son, come here for a second
Come here, don't move)
Brooklyn, what?
Brooklyn, what?

Let me hold that chain, I'll be right back
Yeah, it's like that
Don't have this fifth liftin' your Nike hat
I push your shit to a city bike rack
Brooklyn, somebody tell the city I'm back (He's back)
Back in the booth with the drugs
That bag ain't right, you know I don't do the clubs (No way)
My niggas do the mask, no gloves
Revolvers, them shells come back home with us
We don't do too much of that chit-chat
Don't get killed for that bitch, I just hit that
Lil' homie, she a dub, y'all can fix that
Rolex green Sub' on the wrist wrap
A nigga feelin' good, got the blurry
I'm in here tryna dub on the ugly women
I bought the last bottles, y'all ante up
I ain't felt like this since "Ante Up"

Brooklyn, what?
Brooklyn, what?
Brooklyn, what?
Brooklyn, what? (Check)

Shit switch once we hit the scene
This whole shit a movie, and trust me I know how to make a scene
I'm spinning everything in my jeans (What else?)
Pour little alpha, my homies in the gangster lean
We gon' party in they honor, shake it harder, lil' mama
I don't wanna be alone, I got this room around the corner
With the sauna, we could burn some marijuana and fuck
But for now I got the waitress holdin' sparklers up (Ayy)
Homie, here's a suggestion, stay in your section
My niggas love to pop and you just got they attention
I know it's loud in here but I'ma need you to listen
You too turned up, don't turn up missing
Now back to you, shawty, heard you said they corny
All them niggas actin' funny over there (Say what?)
But nah, don't diss him 'cause his pieces ain't hit
Shit, all the real money over here

Brooklyn, what?...

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Joell Ortiz Brooklyn What Comments
  1. Sotiris P.

    Apo gwnia se gwniaa

  2. The1TheyCall Foo

    I remember when this came out, still my shit all these years later! I'm from Detroit, and this song is relatable to every hood!

  3. J Fallon

    Joell very tru about this song Williamsburg in the house motherfucing house


    2019 still here

  5. Carlitos Truee

    2019 still 🔥🔥🔥

  6. Supermike Rodanas

    This beat is AMAZING.

  7. jigga what jigga who

    Lmfaoooooooooooo. Real shit!!!!!!! Love it

  8. harleiux12

    He’s so nice with it🔥🔥🔥🔥

  9. The Chair

    If you are fit you are fit 1:50

  10. Ny Soldier

    All facts, Ny shit, still bumping this 2019, word 💯💯💯

  11. joshua williams

    Kd and kyrie to Brooklyn let's go

  12. Samuel Gonzalez

    The anthem for them losing niggas 😂😂😂, shit a classic though

  13. Jay Echevarria


  14. Brian Ventimiglia


  15. Lee Choctaw

    Not a Joell fan but this go hard

  16. Mikie Jones


  17. Viv R

    Robbing a nigga when they kno who you are tho..thats that bs period 😂😂😂

  18. Scuba Steve

    From Queens to East New York haaan!

  19. its me

    2019 and still getting beer on credit from corner store

  20. CRiMEY

    💂 _--HIPHOP ..MISS U, JOELL!!-_- 💯

  21. Dominick Baker

    Damn memories this came out when I was in 4th grade

    Snuggle Bee Productions

    I was in 8th grade going into 9th. back then 2007 was lit!

  22. Frederick Ciggs


  23. Jamar Talmadge

    Hometown anthem da real NYC

  24. Creative Lael Ashif

    Shirt double ya size...a lot changed

  25. giovanni desantis

    Joel always a monster !!!!!!!!

  26. Tawanna Flowers

    Coney Island in the house.. Neptune Avenue...

  27. SYNIKAL1989

    I’m from Compton, but I can still relate to Brooklyn bullshit.

    YouTube Nerd

    Any city person can

  28. BigDon

    Blue Hawaiians at the Apollo 😂

  29. marcell jackson

    Yooo this beat is tuff big fan of Joell Ortiz

  30. Feli Gatz 78


  31. Sypialnia Studio

    Almost everything Joell says in this song is exactly the same as in my city, with my people on my block. Amazing how we live the same way on two ends of the world.

  32. Ramirus Leiva

    asked Google what is Brooklyn bullshit and this is what I got

  33. TwinKikz718

    This the hood man yes Brooklyn be on that Bullshit. I can relate to a whole bunch of lines from this song. Still knocking this shit in 2017 what up.

  34. el biggz

    best Latin rapper since big pun

    Elwin McLain

    el biggz exactly what I said when I heard him bro real shit has that pun vibe to it


    el biggz Cuban link???


    el biggz Chino XL would like to have a word with you.

    Snuggle Bee Productions

    Best Latin underrated rapper!

  35. Rome Willagon

    man i relate to joel ortis

  36. Rome Willagon

    this the hottest shit ever

  37. ThermoNuclear GR

    Καλο το Brooklyn,αλλα σαν την Σαλονικα δεν εχει, Βορεια Αστερια,βιβες!

    The Chair

    Τι βόρεια αστέρια ρε μαλακα? τι σχέση έχουν αυτοί οι μαλακες με αυτόν?


    @The Chair tis polis skylia ... gamo to xristo sou vromas sixama athinaie

    The Chair

    @Kapotas xaxaxaxa ti vlakas salonikios.

  38. Toyota Corolla

    Fucking two bitches on the rooftop

  39. Upt0wnzF1nest Jr.

    A Dubbington

  40. Courtney Southward


  41. Joey Hernandez

    Purple hoodie? Brand name??

  42. YoItsRetro

    Im on that bronx bullshit

  43. James Horne

    he kept it real

  44. James Horne

    he kept it real

  45. Jonni Zeal Stetsa

    oh man this is still hilarious

  46. carl smalls

    Yo I live in Cali, but im straight outta Bed Sty! I be out here thumpin' that in my truck!!!!! I really be on that Brooklyn Bullshit!!! Do your thang Joell Ortiz!!!

  47. PrimoEnzo

    Still bumpin too this song in 2016

    tomas bokias

    Mikros kleftis της πολης παιδια
    Copy paste and listen. Thank me later

  48. yosimty bred

    grew up in Harlem but I'm from Chauncey between rockaway and bway (red$+uy) niggaz remember the game room on Broadway under the j

  49. CAPO

    This is a classic


    shits still better than what's playing today.

  51. Infinite


  52. Yezmir Sheppard-Halika

    damn. just .....damn. they don't make em like this no mo. this my shit right here

  53. Daniel Rosado413

    this me

  54. Kam paul

    Real music💯💯💯💯💯

  55. rebel rebelakias

    music sample from..??




    🇵🇷 yup yup

  58. Zz R56

    So what if this is all true!....... thats that brooklyn bull$h!t


    Zz Lozer That's a Fact

  59. True Rhymes

    So what i get a beer on credit from the corner.. i been going there for years god dammit haha thats my shit..

  60. Khamani Scott

    And the Haircut Lmao. That's just Brooklyn. On that Brooklyn BS

  61. Khamani Scott

    Yo some of this stuff is funny Lmao. Cuz I can relate to it. Like the Chicken and wearing your pants twice Lmao

    M Brown

    +Samuel Santiago-Cruz  Fuck Portland lmfaoo

    Samuel Santiago-Cruz

    @M Brown Portland's a crazy ass place. North and southwest theres the white mfs that rave about starbucks and get tattoos. Because "fuck my parents" lol, and they all listen to folk music and very very underground rap because "fuck the mainstream" and dudes who wear toms because "fuck the gender standards" thats west portland. I never saw outside of my neighborhood in Northeast where everyone's so poor that money is a cuss word. In my little ghetto, theres a lot of similarities to this song. We call it kw crap. Because you go less than a block down and you see a homie thrown out his home because the girl found out that he had gotten another girl prego. Personally I can relate to the shirt part. A homie peiced me a shirt because I needed to look nice for a date, I never returned the mf back I wore it in front of him and spilt some mustard on it lol.

    quintus suss

    Samuel Santiago-Cruz Portland has hoods?


    And wearing my man's shirt for over a year I guess he don't want the shirt lol

    jigga what jigga who

    Shit real

  62. Daniel Kangal

    My shit

  63. The truth The truth

    Still bang this ish!!!

  64. jaime marin

    So what if i get a beer on credit, from my corner store I've been going there for years goddamnit!!!



  66. Keywan Fowler

    That's that Brooklyn b.s.

  67. Mr. Grizz

    this song is very underated

  68. KeyserSoze2013

    Nope, BIG sampled Isaac Hayes for warning. This is from something else.

  69. The Wolf Of All Streets

    Brooklyn Stand the Fuck up....WE BE ON THAT BS ALL DAY....

  70. Najee Nixon

    It sound like he sampled this from Biggie's Warning.

  71. 2dope4ya1970


  72. Skan Osmani

    thr brick is a madnice album!

    soon slauhterhouse in amsterdam!!!

  73. Golden Starling

    definitely DOPE shit! Joell is one of my favs fo sure! 5!