Joell Ortiz - Box Talk Lyrics

Box talk...
Box talk...
Let this shit go around once
You nah' mean? Let it do its due diligence
Check (Yaowa)

I should get my liquor license, I'm just out here with bars
Lied when I said I'm from Mars, I'm actually from far, another quasar
But hey, y'all, let's not go AWOL
I'm built for every war
No metaphor said before can describe shit like this
Slight twitch, I might just
Go in the booth and turn up every mic switch
To frequencies of high pitch
Communicate with the beat 'til you take a defeat
I'll RuPaul you in your hood, drag your name through the streets
Nothin' sweet, catch diabetes seizures staring at heat
That I keep up under the fleece stuffed with London geese
Ovengold turkey and cheese, bag of Funyuns, jeez
Can a nigga eat what he wanna eat?
I ain't sexy, I'm street
Fuck bitches with my Timbs on my feet
And a toothpick in my teeth while we listen to Sheek
I tried to fuck Cherokee, she just ain't get in the Jeep
When it come to digging these freaks
I pass out and pass gas
Basically I do this shit in my sleep
The pussy good, you get a kiss on the cheek
And then a kiss on the cheek
Back to business went from rags to riches
Got rich and threw the rag back on my head after the bread, let's get it
I blame Brooklyn for the vulgar talk and shoulder walk
Watch them cars, drive-bys is like a motor sport
Shout out to my downtown niggas who literally hold the Fort
Might slight over to Barclays and parlay
At 40/40 with the .40 on me, I know the security
My jewelry ain't too gaudy, but niggas is corny
Sometimes you got make examples and add to your story
Every legend that I know went through to hell to get glory
I want the DeLorean parked near my 740
I'm stressed, jogging in the park at like 7:40
My oldest son said he sexing his shorty
Told him I don't want no episodes of Maury
Cover your Ortiz up
And don't be laying up with fourteen sluts
With fifteen hundred dollar butts from DR, be smart
But if he anything like me, he'll be a fucking retard
You know the apple never falls too far
I fucked every apple bottom that came too close
Oh, this the second time you came? You gross
I got a love-hate relationship with squirters
I love to see it happen, hate I gotta change the curtains
And my comforter, but some of 'em is worth it, wet

Box talk...
Box talk...

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Joell Ortiz Box Talk Comments
  1. Angel MartineZ

    Im here revisiting this album cause these two are OFFICIAL

  2. Scarface_ Nixon

    Yaw dont see it but the bar has been risen for the rest of the year joell and china mac lets see if the call to arms will be answered

  3. Ali W.



    Tims look harder once u add a couple scuffs to it / dirty some shit im always up to it

  5. Antonio Santos

    Je'llo is the The Fly Tetas of 2019..

  6. Jorel Vargas

    Joell Ortizzz!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  7. Nubian DNA

    That “Box Talk “ song sounds like
    It should’ve been an collabo with
    Kool Keith ❣️

  8. William Dax

    Bet you Nas passed up every one of these beats too. lol

  9. flash korvette

    One of the greatest emcees

  10. REGEND

    It's off the books this year...paying The Beatnuts for hooks this year.

  11. Shockalott Dopestmanalive

    This that Foreal shit. Take notes. Dumb rappers need teaching. This lesson A

  12. Walter Jones

    Across the Globe souls in a chest with treasures and rhyme measuring sticks inflicted pain within the family circle break the cycle Mic duties in the labyrinth of visuals wet from the drug that had everybody lost with a constant itch witch craft bloodbaths in my dreams I carry Wrath todays Math may make a Mathematician become a History teacher in the bleachers spitting rhymes to Lovely females to keep them from eyeing the ballplayers rhymesayers wordsmith players have more game it's a shame what the games become children that drift towards the Sun spit puns that make the earth spin I had to cringe seeing shorties ass out with a syringe in it what am I seeing breathing the foulest air inside a lab with Meth cooking methods gone wrong as my skin crumbles off my bones moving like the Walking Dead the return of the Head Hunter......

  13. Walter Jones

    Keep it going / The Tradition
    True Spitting Saliva from a Victim who suffered from Ear Wax He couldn't hear the sound/Slide me a pound after every verse I'm glad it all meets your approval the rude kid in school who sat in the collapsed chair In the corner hanging on corners was a Money thing Money and grams Moneygrams from fiends who actually had money saved/The Days get darker early once had the curly Special Ed Fade now I'm rocking the Jordan Scalp from the stress of declining hip hop music/ You Know the True Shit nice Vocals and crafty Penmennship unless your Brain waves can carry the scribe without the use of a pen /Me I'm just chilling in the Bullpen Until it's my turn/ Turntables were on the mound I'm pitching the Sound......Hip Hop Say it Loud.....

  14. John Alefosio

    Shout to salaam, didn't know he did 'fu gee la' by the fugees. Classic song.


    John Alefosio thanks for that info I never knew dat 🔥

  15. King Kables

    Man...I fux wit Salaam & Joell but I'm not really feeling these beats...

  16. bernard skelton

    Jello the hottest summer banger so far entire project crack crack

  17. K Dot K dot

    Shout to Salah remi he been nasty I learned about him on godson


    Check out his 90's stuff

  18. K Dot K dot

    Shout to the yoawaaaa

  19. K Dot K dot

    Joell is fuckin elite man, top tier upper echalant type shit he's the best w a couple others but he's def that giy

  20. Love4Christ Bear



    This should have been a full length album. Salute to Joell Ortiz & Salaam Remi!

  22. Muckmuck Thageneral

    !5 minutes of pure uncut dope!

  23. Jona Schwenke

    Dug the whole project. #Repeat


    one of the greatest lyricist I know!!! MONA LISA IS A TRUE MASTERPIECE

    Carlos Rob

    Rick Ross said that Mona Lisa was nothing but a Bitch to him,lol

  25. Sonar Eskoh

    *Ⓜ💰ne¥!* *$$$$$!* 💱
    *BÅR💲!*❕❗*QNS!* 👑 🗽

  26. Sonar Eskoh

    *₱UE®†⭕R🔴©!* *#G**@Ng$T∆!!!!!* *#BR**∅∅KLYN!* 🔥🍺⭐👮🔫🔪💣💉💊🔥🚬⭐💎💎💎🎲🎲🎲🌎🔥🔥
    *Ⓜerda`!* *↑⬆ⁿ.¥.¢!* 👑🎤

  27. Sonar Eskoh

    ♠♥♣♦👑🎤💸🔥🗽🔪🍺🚬💵💲💰 *BORICUA!* 💸💸💸💸💸💸🔥🚬🍺🔪⭐💎💎💎💎🌎🍻🎧🎤🎵🎶🎼★♪♪♪♪🎲👮🔫🔪💣💉💊🚬

  28. Francis Hemingway

    Je’llo gonna play for the rest of eternity... Guaranteed.

  29. RRT

    Jello has pork in it so you already know I don’t fuck with it. basura 🥵 🗑

  30. squid slice


  31. KiN CAMELL

    Heaven Yes.

  32. L casanova

    Jello wack as fuck !

  33. Joe Black Montana

    Ortiz my dude let's go...y'all tripping dissing that jello joint
    ..that shit on time lol

  34. N - TRAKIT

    Jello is hilarious!!!

  35. artisson beats

    Can't stop needs to stop fucking chop and squee shit out of here way to much damn reverb who producer this shit ? 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😊

    artisson beats

    Some one need to smack the producer for this on here strugger beat mf

  36. artisson beats

    The keep on joint was not banging the beat was trash most of the beats on here sound like some struggle beats beginner producer shit son

  37. Anre Dickerson

    NY has not properly repped this man yet. So ashamed of my city

    God Positive7

    Actual Fact!!! One of The Best!!!!!


    "Can't stop Won't stop" is my 💩!!!

  39. Skruze Lusie

    That Jello is a Brooklyn Taino fun time straight up 🔥🔥#JoellOrtiz #Taino


    Jello is hot garbage 😣

    Murder, ServedRaw

    #1, u NOT DOOM, he dont talk like DAT! U thumbs⬇


    @Murder, ServedRaw Eat a bag of horse dixxx faggot.

    Murder, ServedRaw

    Naamean!! These clowns will say anything!! He forgot to mention how hes a DICKRIDING IMPOSTER!!!! FAKE ASS DOOM!!!! NIGGA PLEAZ

    Murder, ServedRaw

    Ya DIG!👍

    Murder, ServedRaw

    Ya DIG ME!!👍

  41. Jonathan Hall

    Box Talk is dope.A good Combination...Sunday Blasting this.Coronas all day

  42. litha mpiyakhe

    This shit should a been a Full Length!!!

  43. Matt Dwelly

    Word to a cotto...proud of you

  44. Haight the Great

    Joell is a top 5 rapper.


    You can't be top 5 with that Jello trash.

    Camera talk305

    @METALFACE DOOM 😓😓😂😂😂 you are 110% jello is trash

    Haight the Great

    @METALFACE DOOM he had to do that for his culture.

  45. The Meza Family

    So my batteries used to die on my boom box and I dead ass used to listen to the rest of the song like this @13:13 ... I don’t think a lot of people caught that.

  46. down 4 whateva

    Jello is wack ASF lol SMH

  47. Coach Lou 05

    Needed this but honestly u wild for that jello joint - I seen the video 2funny in Mia/Wynwood

  48. v Stone

    This is crazy dope. Even the Jello song. That had me rolling.

  49. Camera talk305

    Dope project, could have done it without that jello song


    lmao true




    Camera talk305 Dude did you miss the humor in this JLo Jello big ass shaking like jello LOL.😆😜😂🤣


    @D0M3K1LL4PR hahaha yeah i was laughing my ass off when that came on

    Camera talk305

    @D0M3K1LL4PR the jello/jlo video was funny, plus shot in Miami (305) flavor & females always a plus