Joe Walsh - Vote For Me Lyrics

I’d like to announce my candidacy,
I’d appreciate it if you’d vote for me.
I want to be Vice President.
Vote for me.

If I was Vice President you know what I’d do?
Pretty much anything I wanted to.
Vote for me. Vote for me.

I’d have a first class seat on Air Force One.
An awesome pad in Washington...D.C. (If you vote for me)
Play golf all day with heads of state,
If they brought beer wouldn’t that be great? I can’t wait!
Vote for me. Vote for me.

Well there are an awful lot of issues important to me.
Here’s my campaign policy,
Legislation, education,
occupation, arbitration,
conversation, equalization,
immigration, itemization,
immigration, race relations,
imitation, hospitalization...
I’m freaking out vote for me!

Well it’s the land of the brave, the home of the free.
That’s the funny thing about democracy.
A vote for me, is a vote for me!

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Joe Walsh Vote For Me Comments
  1. Larry Hampton

    Joe Walsh is again running for President!
    A vote for me is a vote for ME! 😆😆

  2. Jills Mcfarland

    The top 5 humans that aren't supposed to be alive .He rules !

  3. scott53715

    tried to play this at a local dive bar fancy pants juke box today after firing up the crowd this song was unavailable. Suck. I had to go home and play it now on youtube. Awesome.

  4. 1Joseph

    Unfortunately, the seat of the United States President is little more than a "figurehead"---like the King or Queen of England---with little power and, nowadays, respect.

  5. Jacob Steffen

    At this point Joe Walsh is our best bet


    Jacob Steffen can’t be any worse. We’ve basically tried everything thing else at this point.

    I’d vote for him.

  6. Mike Blair

    beer vote

  7. Whitey Quartz

    Don't vote 2016! A vote for anyone is a vote for subjugation. Taxation is theft. Government is people.

  8. litaj66

    saw him in myrtle beach i bought a t shirt says vote 4 me

    rick evergreen


  9. Watt Daniel

    never played on election day on our"hip" stations???? I f they brought beer wouldn't that be great!  Shit dey all be drunk assholes daily!

  10. bucky468

    This is from his only solo album that is NOT available at iTunes.


    bucky468 thank the world for YouTube.

  11. John Vicaire


  12. Ray C. Merrill

    Saw Joe do this live during this concert, Elect a Musician not a Politician~Joe

  13. gumbyonacid

    love joe- but he couldn't do anything, any more than the 'real' prez can....
    exercise in futility is what it is.....

  14. Charlie Roberson

    run again Joe... where are ya when we need ya most?

  15. jityr2

    I just found it.

  16. John Vicaire

    thats not a song I dont think...

  17. markd60

    Joe Walsh for President! Free Gas!!

  18. fluffydolly

    @jityr2 ....killer tune!!!!

  19. bagel84568

    you should upload the rest of this album on here

  20. Lisa M. Altemose

    I searched high and low for this song. Couldn't find it on here for forever. I've asked a lot of people and no one remembers/knows of this song. Glad I finally found it! Joe would be a better Veep or even Pres than anyone we have now or will have!

    Joe Brown

    Us too! We saw his tour for this album

  21. jityr2

    I can't find his song called "Fairbanks Alaska".


  22. Lisa M. Altemose

    I've loved this song since it came out all those many, many years ago! This song seems so fitting somehow..... LOL

  23. manysons

    @MyMoppet52 Go ahead and post it! I'll put it on fb!

  24. MyMoppet52

    I was going to make a video and dedicate it on my channel for EVERY party! It would be nice if they put the American people ahead of getting re-elected again. This song is perfect. Now that it's here, I won't do that....but I am so glad you have it here! Thank you.

  25. 1952FMS

    I'd vote for him any day!

  26. rte66byhd

    saw JW in concert about the time came out. what a zany character.

  27. Dr. Strangeglove

    thank you x10000 i cant find my tape with this on :))))

  28. Ricktpt1

    I love the old Lewis Black line about Congress that goes "one party stands up and says "I've got an idea!" and the other party stands up and says "and I can make it even Sh****r!"

    Makes me think of that Richard Pryor flick "None of the Above...."