Joe - The One For Me Lyrics

Ah yeah
You might be getting real funky
Just drop a dime like this

Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven, Six, Five, Four, Three, Two, One

Come on, getting funky now
This is another black hand smash
Yup yup you all
And we're going to kick it something like this

Baby You're the one for me
Baby you've got me going crazy

Saw you from a distance
You barely caught my eye
Your body's outrageous
Girl, you blow my mind
We had a conversation
I knew it right away
With you for a lifetime
Is where I want to stay

Baby, you're the one for me
Your love is the answer
You're everthing I need
Baby, you've got me going crazy
Need more of your lovin'
Give it all to me

Listen baby
These vibes they are building
For you I can't contain
Girl, everthing about you
Is driving me insane
u want, girl
The way you wear your hair
You've got it all together
Is something very rare
Well now, baby
One thing about you
You know I can't deny
You've got it all together
Your attitude, girl
You've got me in the mood, girl
You've got it
I'm going crazy

Give it to me come on

Baby, I'm going crazy
You've got to be the only one for me
Your love is the answer
You're everthing I need
Baby, I'm going crazy
You've got to be the only one for me
Need more of your lovin'
Give it all to me

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Joe The One For Me Comments
  1. Fenixx

    The most Underrated joe's album

  2. Nathan Brown

    these where the dayssss!!! nostalgic magic makes u well up inside remembering before the bills came rolling in lol

  3. Heather Glenn

    Can somebody tell me. What kind or the name of the hat. The girl was wearing that was in the black and white outfit. Been wanting to copy that outfit for years. I always did love the fashion in the 90s. So glad I was an 80s baby. Going into the 90s era music and fashion. If I can get this kind of music back.

  4. Sam London

    New Jack Swing.

  5. mesmerizingDST

    You'd better hit that butterfly dance gurl! LOL!

  6. imlissa

    We were simple and extra back in these days ...their dancing gettin it and joe riffin like a mug no ass shots and implants. And botox

  7. Nita L Daisy Vaughn

    Yesss baby!!! Tear it up!! 3...2....1...ahhhhh

  8. rod standard

    Best era of music most recently is clearly the 90's. The music today hasn't even come close in comparison of that era.

  9. Lateshia Childs

    I'm a huge Joe fan, I was 10 in 1992 when I saw "I'm in luv" video. I didnt start buying CDs until 1995 I really would have brought Joe first CD. I have his 2nd CD, 3rd one, greatest hits, and his last one. I still need to get more of his CDs.

  10. olusheyi banjo

    This song still makes me dance 26 years later. Happy Birthday Joe

  11. frostysnow w

    Real music better than the music they play today 😃🎧🎤🎶🎵💗💖💕💓

  12. LaChele

    I've never seen this video. Man, this is *EVERYTHING* I love about 1993. I'm back in love w/ yo' voice again, Mr. Thomas.

  13. Sassy Joyce

    I miss music like this, Joe voice is everything ❤

  14. Osito De Peluche

    here were the good ole days:
    - Black American women left it hairy down there
    - no weaves
    - hardly any GMOs so less fat American women
    - pre-Rih-Rih-pre-Beyonce fake news SINging
    - no tight gay designer clothing as mainstream nor in the 'hood
    - Hostess pudding pies, Entermann's orange donuts, and Louisiana crunch cake
    - JOE, Jeffrey Osborne, Ralph Tresvant of New Edition and Boheem Woodbine had decent hairlines


    Still fire. Use to bump this in Chasity Kizzia’s Geo Storm. Lol

  16. Sheena Smith

    No!!!!! Joe's had hair!? I'm shocked lol😍🤯

  17. Karin Flower

    2019 - STILL amazing

  18. daoud ziani


  19. Gravy 2

    They don’t make music like this anymore .... 46 now but so
    Many good memories ! Thanks joe all the way from Sydney Australia

  20. BAYSTARS2019

    0:16 そんな ジャブ ダメです🎵

  21. Asha Hussain

    Real classic

    MOUNIR Fenineche

    Awesome New Jack Swing Song !!!!

  22. Dan Mrakpor

    He's just so lucky. They look so hip and fit.

  23. れぺのVログ


  24. Yolanda M

    2018 still the jam

  25. DesertLegend FoX

    My goodness, the oldies keeps poping.

  26. Lova Ratovo


  27. G. J. Kong

    Amazing song

  28. Yolanda M

    2018 who still rocking with Joe

  29. Baby Girl

    OMG he is so sexy. Reminds me of someone I know. 😩

  30. ramou ramou

    That’s my man❤️❤️

  31. extra cool

    Putain,, dces souvenirs...trop la classe,,,

  32. Louis Wilson

    What a classic.

  33. Jay Ram

    I DEDICATE this JAM 2 RM this AM.

  34. Nicole Griffiths

    music n

  35. President Chocolate Brotha 357

    Classic rnb joe love the earlier rnb joe so smooth romantic soulful rnb ballads back when music meant sumting back in the late 80s + early 90s in2 the mid 90s those were the good ol days damn i would go back 2 those anyday hoping praying that rnb joe releases all his unreleased unheard tracks over the years need as many unheard unreleased tracks from rnb joe especially the romantic soulful rnb ballads been a fan of rnb joe since way back gotta stay focused healthy safe online active & most importantly being proud 2 b dark chocolate jet ebony black rising 2 the very top its all about hardwork dedication determination perservance discipline integrity willpower faith self belief inner confidence trust progression arsenal no1 top team arsenal have matchwinners natural born leaders team winners team leaders arsenal will win major trophies arsenal the greatest team ever on the entire planet love being black proud 2 b dark chocolate jet ebony black rising 2 the very pinnacle gotta be there 4 the yutes inna sheff city the greatest city on the entire planet repping 4 the strong ebony black superwomen out there gotta uplift the strong ebony black superwomen working hard daily the black seeds have gotta stay in school + progress 2 the very top its all about real strong ebony black families rising 2 the very top along wiv a influx of real strong ebony black owned businesses & real strong ebony black owned banks its essential that real strong blacks keep on working 2ward there hopes dreams achievements accomplishments + goals gotta be there 4 the yutes inna sheff city the greatest city on the entire planet life will get so much better & brighter its all about having total faith self belief inner confidence + reliance only in the heavenly father Jehovah God Savior Redeemer Black Jesus Christ love being black so damn proud 2 b dark chocolate jet ebony black rising 2 the very top its all about real negroes rising 2 the pinnacle helping out others especially our beautiful gorgeous ebony black seeds its all about real strong ebony black seeds creating a legacy that will last 4eva gotta keep the faith self belief inner confidence trust in only the grand creator Jehovah God Savior Redeemer Black Jesus Christ Noir Le Teint sistas brothas + black seeds real strong ebony blacks rising 2 the very top gotta help out the kiddies keep the yutes safe online active most importantly being proud 2 b dark chocolate jet ebony black arsenal will win major trophies arsenal No1 top team have great mercredi ce matin keep praying 4 better brighter days paradise is near gotta keep on praying 4 righteousness its tyme 2 leave a legacy 4 the yutes be a great role model 4 the yutes inna sheff city truly enjoying life 2 the fullest gotta live 4eva in paradise on earth its all about putting the lord 1st Jehovah God Savior Redeemer Black Jesus Christ peace love unity will be back very soon inspired by rev martin luther king jr coretta scott king senator Barack Obama 1st lady Michelle Obama rosa parks marcus mosiah Garvey robert nesta marley nelson mandela winnie mandela Maya Angelou gotta be 1 of the greatest ebony black negroes 2 ever walk the planet peaked at dix huit annees life will be alrite just gotta keep on working daily from lundi ce matin 2 dimanche ce soir loving life 2 the fullest take good care sistas brothas + beautiful gorgeous ebony black seeds stay on the right path leading 2warda everlasting life without end at long last is rapidly approaching gotta keep on going & never give up never quit nor on your hopes + dreams have great 2018 can most envision real strong ebony blacks rising 2 the very top just working as a nutritionist fitness instructor + marriage counselor along wiv being a talented rnb smooth romantic soulful rnb ballads singer songwriter producer loving the rnb flavaz keep praying 4 better brighter days sistas & brothas along wiv future black seeds have great avril 2018 its all about promoting ebony black love now + 4eva black love matters 2 JD King Of Tha Assists Duff 04:)Xxxx

  36. stephen gibson

    Big shout out to JLT!!!
    Years later your tracks still hit...hard!!! This industry will never have love for true talent..God given talent..none of this trash on the radio can hold up to this our any of your songs..stay true to God and self..PK's always have it hard..but it will be worth blessed!

  37. Abayomi abi

    One of my favourite, great tune.

  38. Billy Larkin

    That run at 2:10 tho! Lit

    Edwin Otieno

    we don't hear such in today's mushit

  39. Mohamed Farah

    Damn.  Good Old  Days.

  40. Mr Pedersen

    Still rules!!!

  41. cookie cream

    This Song has been ringing in my ear all day Long . Love this hit !!!

  42. Xavier Stamp

    Dennis Schröder used to sing

  43. 1970 Hip-Hop Platoon&Company

    Black Hand Productions! Miss Grinding Went my Brothers back in The 90's We Help Pioneer This!

  44. LaDonna2007

    I've been listening to his first album since I was 13! I love it! My favorites is all or nothing sand if loving you is wrong

  45. bianca stratford

    Such. A. Tune. 90's = the best era idc

    H Lee jr

    80's and 90's

  46. Trenneth Crutchfield

    yeayea we still getting on at the after party

  47. 1974cfjl

    The second single released from Joe's debut album 'Everything'.

  48. Melissa Omolo

    Oh no... Don't tell me Joe Thomas had hair once upon a time.... :-)

  49. AlwayzOne Hunnit

    He sincerely would've been MY BOYFRIEND at that time and counting lol, definitely my type. He was and is SOOO SEXXXXXY!!!

  50. AlwayzOne Hunnit

    He sincerely would've been MY BOYFRIEND at that time and counting lol, definitely my type. He was and is SOOO SEXXXXXY!!!

  51. Miss Sunshine

    I dedicate is this song too the one and only: # JOE

  52. Antoine Townsend

    Joe Your The One For Me

  53. MisterE1976

    Can't believe this was almost 25 years ago. Still a hit.



    Elisha Provenzale

    I was 7 when this song came out. Haha

    Nita L Daisy Vaughn

    Yes it was!! Was kicking it in my 20s. Double nickels, love it still!! Dancing!! 💃🎼🎶

  54. Ronald Turner

    Back when Aaron Hall was still the most influential singer in the game.

    chazz Edwards

    Ronald Turner so true and aaron got it from charlie wilson donnie hathaway and stevie wonder

  55. gnikoms on

    dancer cool

  56. Lyndell Walker

    His runs in this song was nuts!wow

  57. Lyndell Walker

    joe vocals from day 1 was crazy



  59. Kizzie Corner

    when Joe was rocking the Martin Lawrence flat top.

    Hat Duken

    he has a very high hairline here, so I guess he shaved it because he was actually going bald.


    I was just thinking this. Lol looking like his stunt double in A Thin Line Between Love and Hate.

  60. Juber M

    Fantastic album opener - such great memories cranking this tune up, then and now.

  61. E. Meukens

    Yeah! Good vibe

  62. Lois

    Dude was a hit before I was even born. Damn.

  63. SheWillBeLoved

    This has to be my favorite Joe album. I love them all but I keep this one on repeat. 80s-90s baby here...

  64. SheWillBeLoved

    This has to be my favorite Joe album. I love them all but I keep this one on repeat. 80s-90s baby here...

    Conrad Sutton

    +SheWillBeLoved You just don't know how many people slept on this track.


    +conrad Suttin yeah, they really did. I suggest they get it now somehow. I listen to it every single say and on repeat.

  65. KEISHA MCcoy

    This was my jam back in the 10th grade.

  66. Marlyn Hunter

    This brother STILL has one of the greatest voices! Straight outta church and I love it! Now THIS RIGHT HERE IS TRUE SINGING!

    Conrad Sutton

    +Marlyn Hunter I really hoped when Ne-Yo took over Motown he would sign Joe, Chico De barge, Tyrese, and so many of the underated male and female REAL R&B singers and work with some of those that are independent. Could you imagine how Motown could have came back?

    Marlyn Hunter

    +conrad Suttin Bro! It would have been epic! Truly amazing!

    Christal Cotton

    Marlyn Hunter yes

  67. Lucas Chiang


  68. sancm8898

    Is that chilli in the video

  69. DMX619v2

    I seriously don't understand why this song nor Joe's first album is on Spotify


    @Kade Sutherland The way I see it, it might be a copyright issue with releasing the album to stream online. Joe was signed to Mercury Records during the production of this album. Right after this album, he was signed with Jive records and then Kedar Entertainment.

    Kade Sutherland

    @DMX619v2 I guess that, Mercury Records are not allowed, on Spotfiy


    it is on Spotify. All of his albums are but for some reason, the Live from Tokyo album disappeared from Spotify because I had that one case you didn't find it yet. I have a playlist of just Joe.


    That' strange. Everything is the only album under Joe's catalogue that's not on Spotify for me.


    DMX619v2 Same

  70. Kade Sutherland


  71. Drew Sampson

    I have an old soul. I love this

    Lateshia Childs

    Same here, a lot of people told me that I never understood what they meant by that I get it now.

  72. Makeup Forever

    Does anyone one else sees j lo

  73. misscool37

    before they had 'bitches n whores ' dance on music videos...seriously

    gogo g

    lol i was thinkin the same thing too. And no fake plastic boobs and asses too!!


    Right..nowadays look at the nikki minajis of this world...a song like anaconda is getting all these views coz everyone is there to see her highly augmented butt made out of plastic..sad really..where is the 'real' in music..humanity smashed:(

  74. skystaysfly

    Joe. Had. Hair. 😂😂 I come from the "My Name Is Joe" era so this whole hair thing is SO weird to me lol. My manz joe still had the voice and flava tho.

    Camille Salaam

    right me too lol.........I lightway thought he was born bald



    Lateshia Childs

    Yes he did, I remember watching his video "I'm in luv" I was 9 at the time.

  75. cookiedeeh

    Woooow throwback!! Love it!

  76. Underground Hits

    ALL CHURCH RUNS!!!! The boy is bad!!!

  77. Jocelyn Ra

    Joes been a freak since the 90's I didn't know lol :-D

    Reginald Finley

    Yep.. I used to try and sound just like him. Joe, Brandy, Take 6, Boyz II Men all helped shape my singing talent. Joe's amazing!

    Jocelyn Ra

    @Reginald Finley cool 😊. All great Artist,di you have videos on YouTube showcasing your voice? 😃

    Reginald Finley

    Yeah, they're hidden somewhere on here. ;-) lol

    Jocelyn Ra

    @Reginald Finley lol. Let me know I want to check them out :-D. I ♡ music.

  78. kmatos4life

    Flash backs! Love it!

  79. kmatos4life

    Flash backs! Love it!

  80. Doug Deep

    I still got the cassette- single.

  81. Blessed3175

    Forgot about this video. They were killing it lol. We had fun back then.

  82. Blessed3175

    OMG!! Look at Joe. Love this CD. He has been one of the few artists to stay consistent all of these years. He has grown up nicely if I must say so.

  83. Jack Napier

    GREAT SONG !!! Old School <3

  84. JurassicClark96

    Reminds me of Aaron Hall for sure. I wouldn't be able to tell the difference if I didn't know. 

    Reginald Finley

    Huh? Joe is completely unique.

    93 til infinity510

    +Reginald Finley Naw, all these 90s rnb dudes are inspired by aaron hall in some shape way or form, but then again aaron hall was inspired by charlie wilson and the list goes on

    Reginald Finley

    Hmm.. I agree like with Guy, R. Kelly etc.. but Joe to me has a very unique sound. It's all subjective though.

    93 til infinity510

    @Reginald Finley I feel you

  85. mikee0508

    Instant Classic

  86. Joe White

    Baby, you are the one for me. YourJoe.

  87. Barbara McCotter

    Love and sex

  88. Leanarda Niles

    When Joe had hair.... lol

  89. Deidre Moore

    Love me some JOE!

  90. shakes jg

    Fuck music was good back then!!!

  91. Andrew Flood

    I LOVE THIS SONG !!!!!!!!!!

  92. Yuteman101

    YESS !!

  93. islandbee

    Whut! Let me guess, you must be 13 years old or younger. Back then they didn't have to use gimmicks in the videos to attract a strong black/urban audience. Sure it was ghetto (the video and fashion), but the music and style was dope back then, and people knew how to get down. The latter half of 2000s to today is pretty much a lost and zombified generation.

  94. any triyana

    I found that really helpful. I'm here due to the fact my best friend suddenly became unbelievable with women. He began getting girls instantly. He behaved as if it was normal for a while. He ultimately came clean on Friday. He mentioned he learned from the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it and you'll find it... He's on a date now with a stunning girl... Lucky guy!

  95. Lolo Monroe

    So I was only 1 when this came out. o.O Now I know why I love old r&b music.

  96. alicia king

    I'm only 11 but I love this song even though it came out before I was born I love it x
    It makes me so happy
    I wish I was born in the 90's era! great music !!!