Joe - New Man Lyrics

[VERSE 1:]
I never knew that I would feel this way about her
She was s'posed to be a jump-off not a lover
She's got me doing things that go against the code
My homies look at me and saids she's got you gone

I look in... the mirror... and I see... a stranger
He looks like me, but not quite me
If you think that's too deep
Girl I can break it down (break it down)

She makes me feel like a convict, fresh out of jail
I know it may sound crazy but she's made me a new man (uh uh)
A new man (uh uh), a new man (feel like a brand new man, oh)
Just like an alcoholic, one month out of rehab
No exageration, yes she has, she made me a new man (new man)
A new man (new man), a new man (feel like a brand new man)

[VERSE 2:]
She got me clearing all the numbers out of my phone
They be like "Baby where you at?" I tell them leave me alone
I didn't even see it coming
All I know is that I looked up one day, and I...



[VERSE 3:]
I don't even walk the same, don't even talk the same
I'm different, she made me different
I don't even walk the same, don't even talk the same
Don't know what she did to me


(Brand new man) [x2]

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Joe New Man Comments
  1. Yolanda Clark

    I love this song and Joe Thomas!

  2. Raven Reina Schochleton


  3. bachir jemorah

    2018 10 29

  4. Janiecia Gardner

    I love Joe Thomas still jam him till this day

  5. Dj R.AN.S

    So damn deep 😱

  6. jaqi jahkey

    my ringtone

  7. jaqi jahkey

    can't get enough of this one....

  8. Emmanuel Ifeanyi

    Joe all the way! I am just wondering how many lives this guy will be able touch if he is singing gospel song

  9. ost64

    she got me clearing all the numbers out of my phone!! very tight Lyric!!!1 

  10. Heather Jordan

    R Kelly is threatened by this man. Seriously...

    Tondria Grimm

    Heather Jordan You are so RIGHT💯💯💯💯💯💯. I Love Kels, but JOE HAS MY ❤❤❤❤😘😘😘😘.

    Lady Love

    Really i never new that why they both are greatness n blessed Joe just touch you to in a special way i meen for me i always loved Joe they need a song together it a be outstanding the way real amazing artist need to do calaboration together❤ Amen

  11. Goos Prod

    thank you joe

  12. Amichai Israel

    Joe has helped me be a New Man. They smooth masculine lyrics with REAL meaning has taught me alot over the years..THANKS JOE...

  13. alascca brown

    ;) never forf=gotten by me i like and love this song with all my heart

  14. alascca brown

    no matter how old the song is always makes me happy !!! i hope u red my comment i dont live in the states though but in the caribean i wanted u 2 come 2 soulbeach but ur not comin this year

  15. alascca brown

    joe pls i hope u read this this song inspires me like u and i like tht am ur biggest fan and u will never be forgotten by me i hope god blesss pls keep making songs i love all and my dad has all ur albums and i got copies and the song i like most is new man and we need to roll ;) pls keep making songs ur not forgotten

  16. Maheen Ur Rehman

    he has a FUCKING voice maaan!! whooo!

  17. Grace Okwera

    Love this dude.................

  18. Allen C.

    They should remake this as a club jam!!!
    This great!!!!
    I love that electronica n RnB beat together

  19. Allen C.

    I know Joe loves his country, but also understands he is too good to be BIG there. So the rest of the World is where he really gets LOVE cuz they know great music from Bull crap...america not so much REAL TALK.

  20. frank tiob

    bester sänger überhaupt...sein auftritt letztes jahr im goparc war bombe, werd ich nie vergessen.

  21. Swabylee cole

    a voice like this & 2 bad he doesnt get d ratings that he deserve he's d best ting that ever happen 2 r&b. joe plz dont stop singin keep d albums comin.

  22. Mina Itani

    joe is so sick man that i rate him his gna perform in kingston university on sat nxt week more info inbox me


    very underrated no question about it

  24. Mark Viking

    The King of R&B

  25. caghan ozturk

    bana o logo ver sene o turkish style var ja onu

  26. Dsky7

    I listened to the hole album, but this is the best one.

  27. Dj Stillon

    best song.... i love this song....