Joe Moses - Fresh Out Lyrics

[Verse 1 - Joe Moses:]
It's been three years but it feels like it hasn't been
If you love her how you love her just imaganin'
Have you ever had a women that you feen for?
The definition of a lady you would kill for
Took her out the hood, but she rings like a southern bell
Went to school, in the A, so it shows well
Me and her had a class back in high school
Went to prom, with her friend, cause I had to
Growing up fly, used to tell her I was best dresses
Competition with her ex because he wasn't fresh
Used to tell her when I grow up, I'm a marry you
And if you ever get hurt, I'm a carry you
And if you ever want a man, I'm a cherish you
Cap holes for the week, and I'm telling you
Used to say, when we sex, it be special, huh?
Swear to God, you're the only girl I ever loved

[Chorus - Tory Lanez:]
You make me high
I'm a let you ride
Girl on this west side
I'm gonna make you call me the best out
And I'll fuck you like I'm fresh out, fresh out
Like I'm fresh out, fresh out [x2]

[Verse 2 - Joe Moses:]
It's been two years but it feels like it's yesterday
Graduated high school, yeah twelfth grade
Got accepted to Atlanta she a real peach
Never understood her friends really in the streets
Couple bitches that I call so she used to write
And every letter that she ended you would be alright
Grown woman not a kid, she mature good
Little girl out the hood, but she still hood
Got mutual friends so she understood
We believed what we seen, from a little crush
And as a friend, friendships turn to more lust
And with that lust, I can love like always
And we can keep going hard, like always
Hit the mall, and we ball like are ways

[Chorus - Tory Lanez:]

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