Joe - It's Alright Lyrics

Oh yeah
Everything is going to be okay
Don't cry baby

Woh oh woh, it's alright
You don't have to worry about a thing
Woh oh woh, it's alright
You don't have to worry about a thing

Excuse me, baby
Tell me what's the matter?
I want to know what's on your mind
Did someone hurt you
throw your love away
Do you feel like you are left behind

I know it's hard for you to see it now
But your pain will soon fade with time
It's going to be alright
Just you wait and see
In my true love you will find

Listen baby

There are so many things that we can do
If you just give me a chance
I'll promise you
I'll never let you down
I'll do for you all I can

I'll hold you tight
In the middle of the night
Do what you want me to do
Your satisfaction is guaranteed
If you would give all your love to me

Baby, have faith in me
Don't worry about a thing
I'll never hurt you
I'll be right by your side
I won't do you like the others
I won't throw you love away

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Joe It's Alright Comments
  1. I am Naya_islandgyalshakur

    This MAN is so underrated I swear... whenever he SANGS those notes that Almost sound like effortless “moaning “ omg

  2. Bobby Higgins Jr

    This album was 🔥🔥🔥🔥. Hell still is.

  3. Shannon Blakey


  4. Yehosor Ollo

    I played this one in the ground.

  5. Keshawn Burrell

    This is my jam sing Joe

  6. Ras N

    2018 and still playing it

  7. Nats Hope

    Still listening in 2018. Sure a blessed album.

  8. Antoine Townsend

    Joe Its Alright

  9. Emirah• Fuller•


  10. Celeste Cruthird

    Love Joe..
    To the Moon and Back😙😙😙😙

  11. Torie Moorer

    2017 still here

  12. Cecelia Robinson

    One of my favorites

  13. Denise Garvie

    This right here is my jam . Its gona be alright

  14. Antoin Townsend

    Joe It's Alright

  15. Kori Waller

    This is my favorite Joe Album


    This album was one of the best to come out that year. So underrated its ridiculous.

  16. Lawrence Mills

    i didn't know that but I hear it now

  17. Infidel14?

    At 4:41 Joe gives a little nod to 'Its Gonna Be Alright' , Charlie Wilson's duet with Aaron Hall from the Boomerang soundtrack. Str8 killing it vocally...

  18. D Hinez Media

    So i'm the only one that realized this song has either a sample or interpolation of Kashief's - "Love Changes"?

    Lawrence Mills

    I really did not know that I should have caught that.

    Kell Heckstall

    I didn't catch that. I keep listening, maybe i need to go listen to Love Changes and see if i get it

    Kameera Wyaat

    D Hinez Media. You are right.

  19. Talia Wakat

    I love this song

  20. Akeema Khaira

    Don't hurt em Joe 🙌😍🔥

    Lawrence Mills

    he has been a beast since 93'

    Akeema Khaira

    @Lawrence Mills Yes, this whole album was straight heat

    Lawrence Mills

    Straight heat

  21. Plangnaan Ignatius

    I still play this song till this day. A real classic

  22. sha will

    how could i forget this i was so in love

  23. warrior1975ify

    are you serious? I thought I was the only person he affected like that I studied this ablum for a year amd my grew seriously vocally

  24. warrior1975ify

    There are not many dudes that can stand next to joe as a R&b singer

    Lawrence Mills

    you got that right brother real talk

  25. warrior1975ify


  26. warrior1975ify


    Lawrence Mills

    I'm with you on that

    Todd Maek

    warrior1975ify on some real shit, when this album came out kicked everybody in the balls. Most people still didnt know em or give em a chance. Bur truth be told this WHOLE ALBUM every single song a lot of the singers at the time started bitin joes runs and all that shit. Kinda like Brandys first album everybody started tryin to take her stuff. All the industry nyggas knew he was a problem when this album came out.

  27. The Official Pariss El Page

    Looooove this song to this day. They took the beat from that one song tho...."Love. Will. Make you oh so happy...inside...ha ha

  28. Ralph Hassan

    Classics never faded.... GOSH!

  29. BlackWinter

    Its 2013 and I'm still in love with this album

  30. Havok214

    After listening to all 9 of his albums, this is easily Joe's best song.

  31. Sifiso Ndlovu

    Classic track!!!

  32. Derek Jones

    I caught this song on my playlist coming back from ATL on a plane this morning. Great memories...

  33. rodney porter

    I think his best album


    oh yeah

  34. WabibiGirl13


  35. Deonne Lynch

    old skool classic

  36. Mysdee18

    His background is bananas.. the harmony!!

  37. Fee*

    luv it luv it luv it..old school trust me....big up xx

  38. dwj91


  39. Ruby Stargell

    @boogitabah I feel the same way. I wish someone would successfully post my favorite ":I can make it right!"

  40. boogitabah

    My absolute favorite song of all time. Joe was the first artist to inspire me to pursue singing. This, this ENTIRE album will always have a special place in my heart, as well '92-'94 being a pivotal time in my life. Oliver Bears HIIIIGH Steppin Marchin Band...HUUUUH!!!!!! LMAO. Props to the 90' was a BLAST!!!

  41. tkeitt43


  42. yoquedocheese

    how do I get this as a ring back this song would be a good one to take a hot bubble bath with my man


    @victornewman06 it did. it's my fav cd from joe. this song was my fav on the album. it sounded similar to toni braxton's "how many ways". "get a little closer" was hot too.

  44. boogitabah

    This album was soooooo slept on back then...nice to see it gettin some respek (FINALLY!!!!)


    I agree. People took a nap on this album be we were so sprung on R Kelly's 12 play at the time.

  45. greg gaillard

    This song is very very alright !

  46. Mel D

    this song has soothed me when i had a break up and needed to believe in men again. I still play it for my girls when they go through something.

  47. victornewman06

    Send me your email addy

  48. Janae Taylor

    this my jam this the cd right here...

  49. Clutchfan


  50. victornewman06

    Thanks for checking it out. People slept on that cd. Folks just thought "I'm in Luv" and that was it...contrary to popular belief, he had some HEAT on that album.

  51. Rasaon Carr

    What yall grown folks know about this one!

  52. Erika Rodgers

    Thanks for posting this one too!!!!

  53. AbbottSupreme

    Classic joint bye Joe!!..that's a good look victornewman06!!..One/Bless