Joe - Intro (My Name Is Joe) Lyrics

A sexy whisper every time we kiss,
One sonnet gives you all the things you miss.
Through faded pictures you know, my name is Joe.

Caress your body like a melody.
You scream my name just like a symphony.
I want you lady, hello...
My name is Joe.
(What's my name? What's my name?)

(What's my name? What's my name?)
My name is Joe.
Please don't go.
(Baby, don't go)

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Joe Intro (My Name Is Joe) Comments
  1. cherise asante

    Into still the best ... wow

  2. Kabirou Mohamadou

    Ah ma jeunesse

  3. Mr. Kenyatta Sharu Davis

    Very smooth and pleasing to the ear. What an intro.

  4. Andrew Flood


  5. Andrew Orellana

    I found out who Joe is!!! Now stop asking me who Joe is

  6. pumacundoonma

    Holly shit i found who Joe is

  7. Amichai Israel

    This INTRO is heart melting 😍😍😍joe is the🐐🐐🐐

  8. Michelle M

    2019 anyone?

  9. riddley39

    I’ve been singing this intro just before i lay anything down for all of my life man!!! Classic fuckin album!!

  10. TheBluejay

    Fantano sent me and I’m NOT disappointed

  11. Bossman Dee

    2019 still banging

  12. Rahshan Hayes

    Seriously the greatest intro to an album of all time!

  13. Latoya Evans

    Still the best intro!

  14. Therealist Tru'

    When people actually brought music "CDs"

  15. R Wilson

    One of the best r&b albums period.

  16. Caz UK

    2019 still here?

  17. Garikai Shumba

    NYC music

  18. Gay person

    So were finally here, dk donkey kong is here

  19. Baby Doll

    This INTRO, YASS❤❤💯💯❤
    2019 JOE CLASSIC

  20. Massagebyamaja LLC

    whole album was lit. still got it today. #80'sbaby

  21. Ralph Holland is getting all these artist together for a major comeback! #CampaignKRBA -Stay Tuned!

  22. Ibinhakim Hassan

    That intro was fire

  23. SloanMz

    Best album, love this intro!

  24. NerdGuru1986

    This album...... Ugh..... I love it.

  25. Quel Girl

    My favourite cd of all time

  26. soulavenue8

    I remember the first time I listened to this album and heard the intro,I knew this album was going to be the bomb 😩😍


    Ain't nothing gonna top this album out of all albums, he out did himself on this one, not one song skipped.

  27. P Bam

    This album so firrrre!👑🏆💯💯 so many memories!😍😍😍😍😍😛😛😛😛😛😜🙌👅👅💦💦💦

  28. Thomas Mangole

    no words can do justice to the album

  29. Thatspaige _

    This album reminds me of when I was 12 lol great album


    Soothing, Sexy, and Relaxing

  31. Terika Thomas

    I'll never get tired of this.

  32. Your Majesty Will Do

    This intro turns me on!♥️ #Joe

  33. KoLL Talk

    Lord this album 😘😍😘😍

  34. W13


  35. Whitney Guinn

    This intro was magical

  36. LaKendra Williams

    I love this intro, I wish it was a long song so sexy

    Ryan Pough

    Yes me too I love it

  37. yakuza warlord

    Wish they wouldve picked a cover photo that didnt make him look like chester the child molester. Smdh.


    yakuza warlord Lmao! He look sexy 😋

  38. Anthony Ogans

    best intro of all time!!!

    Terika Thomas

    Yes!!!! I wish it were a full song

    Terika Thomas

    Yes!!! I wish it were a full song


    Anthony Ogans yup

  39. Carolyn Cotchery


  40. Moolah Dust

    it does bop

  41. Josef DeErrin

    This whole album was so smooth

    Terika Thomas

    Oh yes!!! Just bought it again in 2016