Joe - Friends Don't Let Friends Lyrics

I need a friend, yes indeed (yes)
I need a friend, yes indeed
Girl stop right there, let me explain myself
I heard you when you called up on my machine
Couldn't answer then without another scene
She and I was goin' through some crazy shit
Now she's gone, I'm startin' to get over it
Sittin' here with you I get a different vibe
It's like your seein' us but in a different light
Feelings that we kept bottled up inside
We gon' pop the top and let it blow tonight

And ooo baby
Breaking up is serious
Tonight I need a little healing
Ya body's got me catchin' feelings, for you
Ya body's got me shook like a shake-down
I'm hot enough to cook, 'bout to break-down
Baby, friends don't let friends sleep alone (no they don't)
Tell me what I gotta do to get this on

I'm fellin' you like my throwback
We done came too far now to go back


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Joe Friends Don't Let Friends Comments
  1. Raymond Ncube

    Good RNB ever

  2. Johnpaul_1987

    preach Joe

  3. Lisa Coffee


  4. Trenneth Crutchfield

    Hey fan happy holidays welcome to the after party your late night player/dj

  5. Lisa Myrie

    Hi, The suit looks good on, You.
    I love, It.
    Thank you,

  6. enchantedvenus555

    I need a friend yes indeed.

  7. Audeene Graham

    How can anyone dislike this song? This is what music needs to be like.

  8. Carol Nash


  9. afp1683

    Usually change songs towards the end of them when ad lib sort of starts but I feel this song is at its best at that time around 3:55min on wards, it’s such a smooth part of the song imo!👌🏾

  10. Jessica Clemons

    They still sleeping on Joe... love his music!!!!



  12. Katherine Sims

    Okay!!!!! Strawberries covered in CHOCOLATE

  13. Omarr Koroma

    Giive it to em! Apple!

  14. ThatGirl CC

    Just found out about this album this year 2019 n I love it. I love joe from way back but I didn’t know about this album .loving the songs so far

  15. yvette Johnson

    I love me some Joe ❤❤✌

  16. Yaron Daru

    Joe dat dude. He's been under rated for years cause the others been hating for years. Real talk.

  17. Dorothy Washington

    Still listening 2019

  18. Sharde Donnelle


  19. Lynette Harvey

    That shit off the change repeat make me take friend too a whole nother level

  20. Big1469 Lee

    This album is by for one of his greatest pieces of work. Hit after hit good work. 👍

  21. Shirley Stanford

    I am waiting

  22. Deborah Friday

    grown folks music of love - this is serious words

    Kenya Hastings

    All of his music is..schooling these boys on how to be men and how to treat these women😍

  23. Deborah Friday

    Friends we are... space between us.

  24. Thomas Sparkman

    You look so incredibly

  25. Torianda Orr

    Still listening 👂 in 2019‼️

  26. Latishia Gatson

    I lonely bed can be a dangerous thing..... Facts

  27. Itse Paris

    The king of R n B 🙌🏿👑

  28. anaïs nfa

    Fine melody !

  29. Faye Davis

    Come Joe sing now !

  30. anaïs nfa

    My jam!

  31. TRACY1980BLACK

    Yasss..I love joe😍😘

  32. Mary Stieff


  33. Takawira Mutede

    Been listening to this dude ever since i was a Form one schoolar more than 20years past until today his music is virgin young forever,,,,,ooh my, Joe is good...

  34. Takawira Mutede

    Joe is a natural

  35. passion84life

    His voice is so smooth yet I would have to pass... no rebound sex allowed. 🤣🤣🤣

  36. Kim Capies

    At 4:00 Keep that tune right there 🎵🎵🎼🎤💯💯💯💯Ouch...

    Kim Capies

    Yesssss lawd!!!!!🔥🔥🔥💥💥🔥🔥💯💯✔💯✔💯✔💯

  37. Dorothy Washington


  38. Dorothy Washington

    "ALWAYS LISTEN" to Joe.

  39. Daisy D

    Joe my maaan! The words mmmmh

  40. Trenneth Crutchfield

    hey fan friend doint friend Sewell along welcome to the after party your late night/ dj

  41. Trenneth Crutchfield

    hey fan hope you having a good time I am looking that one women if that you it me back welcome to the after party your late night player/ dj

  42. md m

    Wow this song is great but came out a bad time in my marriage......happy i am still with the Love of my life.....

  43. Trenneth Crutchfield

    hey fan I want you to have good time welcome to the after party your late night player/ dj

  44. Bernadette Thomas

    Get it Mr Joe Thomas

  45. Allyson Martin

    Great music... love his music

  46. Indigenous WOG

    Then why are you lett n me?... 👊

  47. simba tsakatsa

    your music makes me to know the real defination of 'LOVE'

  48. Franklin Warner

    I Be Too Drunk To Walk So I

  49. keith forrest

    The most underrated yet one of the best R&B Artist in the industry

  50. Furious Stylez

    U look so incredible baby n u smell so good uhhh hmmmm hmmm let me pour you a glass of wine baby got ur bath water running honey hmmm mmm

  51. Furious Stylez

    Sound like I wrote this smooth ish lol

  52. bruno santiago

    Ammmmmmmmor às músicas do Joe . O negro lindo maravilhosa essa música 😍❤💓 muito linda também.

  53. keithomarjackson37

    I Absolutely Relate To This Joint!!! ♥

  54. Nikki Handeyi

    Lawd I love this man

  55. Ben Smith

    Joe needs to be recognized more than you no

  56. Leticia Herndon

    Love it!! #lovesomeJoe!!

  57. Kenya Hastings

    What ever you want Joe..Dam

  58. Abiyma'el ISRAEL

    Living this right now.

  59. Nicole Guidry

    I love this cd i went through 8 since 2011 and i still love it 💯💯💯💯💯💯

  60. Franklin Warner

    Friends Don,t Let Friends Drive Drunk lol.

    Franklin Warner

    My Friends Give Me The Keys And Send Me Home Do You Think That Is Right lol.

  61. Tayk47 Tk47

    I just love me so Joe Thomas💞💞💞

    Althea Johnson



    I live by the Joe creed,my man

  63. Cynthia Williams

    This song 💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕🎶🎵🎶🎵💕❤️Joe 2018

  64. Linda Lavalais

    Love me some joe he's a music genuis

  65. Stacey Russell

    Love it.. Go Joe

  66. Sprint Metroplex

    My ish!!!!

  67. Trenneth Crutchfield

    Hey fan enjoy yourself welcome to the after party your late night player/dj

  68. Trenneth Crutchfield

    Hey fan shouting out to my big brother happy birthday sft Dwight crutchfield love you man welcome to after party your late player/dj

  69. bruno santiago

    Música linda 😍💓 maravilhosa

  70. Charmeda Hardman

    🤔my kinda man🙋😜

  71. Trenneth Crutchfield

    Hey fan here something for the men have a good time weclome to the after party your late night player/dj

  72. jingle fabb


  73. AntidoteIsLove

    "IF I'm Your Friend....

  74. Trenneth Crutchfield

    Hey fan friends doint friends sleep alone welcome to the after party your late night player/dj

  75. Shango Oya

    R&B at it's finest! Awesome song

  76. Demetrius Johnson

    Im horny now! Where my friend at? My bed is

  77. L Walters

    I'm feelin' you like my throwback...

  78. Trenneth Crutchfield

    Hey fan it all about you not me realack kick back enjoy your late night player /dj

  79. La Cross

    111 dislikes...disappointed but an Angel message ...Joe your one of the #Greatest💄💋👠👠💅

  80. Anna Yuen-Nasario

    You are too much! How do You do this? Drives me so InShane! I can't breathe! Aaaaaah! Where are you?

  81. caril vaneaton

    This song cn Teach u a lot of things move on get over heal Joe will get n trouble balance n your life find new love old love

  82. The Boss

    Yo! This dude Joe was smooth. Can’t believe I’m now hearing this song. Grown man music 💯💯


    Boss, not just this song, the whole CD, and all of his other ones as well.

  83. Trenneth Crutchfield

    Hey fan hope you are having a good time be good to yourself be good to other your late night player/dj

  84. Mary Johnson

    Joe just give a woman goose bomps with the beautiful voice and his sexieness

  85. Mary Johnson

    Joe sing that song you have a voice can make someone fall in love 😍 and you are so handsome

  86. Dina Love

    I have been rocking with Joe since I was 12 years now I am 30
    🙌Waiting on the Lord.. Patiently..

    Charisse Fisher

    Same here and I'm 35! I just LOVE Joe!!!

  87. Monique Marshall

    loved this record since 2010

  88. Angela Morgan

    My Baby Joe.. 😘😘😂😂😘

  89. Bowlegg41 Smith


  90. Angela Morgan

    Yesssss .Man my panties just got moist .. My Bay JOE ..( Lonely bed can be a dangerous Game .😘😘

  91. Angela Williams

    Just love all of joe music

  92. 1&ONLY LOVEBOMB 14

    JOE gives ya all what ya want hes pure damn arrrrrrr 😙😙😙😙😙

  93. Charmeda Hardman

    im feeling u like my program...turn it up!!...if im your friend💓

  94. Cedric Baldwin

    Why isn’t this album on Apple Music?

    The Curly Experiment

    Cedric Baldwin it’s on there now

  95. Angela Morgan

    Omg .Grown folks music

  96. Erick gn

    el rey del R&B

  97. 1&ONLY LOVEBOMB 14


  98. Cassandra Gates

    "Friends Don't Let Friends" Lyrics: Cass aka Breyon for: Joe Thomas My Babe!......Enjoy!

  99. Damisha Gamble

    Love me sum JOE❗💚