Joe Diffie - It's Hard To Be Me Lyrics

Falling down the stair, gave me quiet a scare
Turned around to see if anybody saw
But no one's there 'cause you're not here
So no one cares and no one's waiting
When I come dragging home

So I don't until about two
It's hard to be me and not have you

It's hard to be me when half of me is gone
You are right, baby, half of half that's wrong
And every day I face the cold hard truth
It's hard to be me and not have you
It's hard to be me and not have you

Banging down the wall and neighbor down the hall
Yelling, "Turn down that radio, I'm gonna call the cops
And then you're gonna go to jail" but he don't understand
And every thing's changing, I think I'm gonna scream

But what would I say? I don't know what to do
It's hard to be me and not have you

It's hard to be me when half of me is gone
You are right, baby, half of half that's wrong
And every day I face the cold hard truth
It's hard to be me and not have you
It's hard to be me and not have you

Every day I face the cold hard truth
It's hard to be me and not have you
It's hard to be me and not have you

It's hard to be me and not have you
(Banging down the wall)
It's hard to be me and not have you
(Gave me quiet a scare)

It's hard to be me and not have you
(Neighbor down the hall)
It's hard to be me and not have you
(It's falling down the stairs)

It's hard to be me and not have you
(Banging down the wall)
Oh, ooh well

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Joe Diffie It's Hard To Be Me Comments
  1. Local Idiot

    Come back to radio damnit!

  2. barry4th hodgson

    my daddy had had a 1949 ;and pawpa had first car in clarkvlle,Tn.1900,'s love it

  3. Tator Hicks

    Very much to say that😂 can

  4. SweetShawn999

    I need another truck

  5. Coleman

    Rednek boomer!!

  6. Stephen Blackburn

    Just got my 78 ford 400 4x4 8ft. She won't win a race and with 4 barrels she won't pass any gas station but dang that duel exhausted sounds good under that old Pittsburgh steel.

  7. Western Washington Rail Productions

    I drive a '99 Sierra SLE and the advertised effects haven't taken place. Must be my 6'6" bed

  8. King MLO

    GMC 79 Sierra 😴😴

  9. Derrick Penrod

    I'm pretty sure I own one of these trucks.. but in today's time she's a bucket of rusttttttNOTaBrandNewMachine you know what I meannnnnnnnnnnnnnn?

  10. Steven Michael

    Got a 2005 f150 5.4 and 302 swapped ‘90 Ranger 4x4!

  11. Frederick Dean

    Real country

    Victor Torres Jr.

    Good song but the dude got a punchable face.

  12. Enter name

    الي جاي من قناة راعي الجمس يصف جنبي 😂

    King MLO

    Enter name هههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه💔

    Enter name

    @King MLO
    هلا والله

  13. Przemek Meser

    I like this.

  14. Przemek Meser

    Pickup Man... Respect from Poland :-)

  15. Jason Lee Trater

    1987 Jeep Comanche ThunderChief and 1993 Dodge Ram VTS....bad ass trucks!

  16. G FM

    As twat as it gets

  17. Libertyeagle99669

    What this song actually teaches is that even a 3yo little girl finds using your resources and labor her entertainment and you get nothing of value in return. It doesn't ever change. Go MGTOW

  18. Steve Smith

    # I love that song

  19. Ron Myers

    The song is so appropriate for me as I am soon to get a new 2020 Ford F-150 Lariat. It's got an 8 foot bed that never has to be made LOL. So did my 94 F-150. This new one is my retirement present to me. Can't wait until dealer calls and says she's arrived. And as far as the women, she kind of came before the truck but that's okay too LOL

  20. Alex Orehowski

    A truck is a something you fix with a ratchet and a jack. Everything else is a toy.

  21. provenxreaperx

    good one, just cleaning my sins after seeing the cybertruck

  22. Levi Keslar

    Isnt a El Camino a car not a truck because that was in the background

  23. Marlen Korol

    Янкі стиль, вітання з України!

  24. BuckShot Hunter

    Its not the pick up truck it's the mullet

  25. Gia Andross

    Honestly...women even love pickup women lmao my old f250 pulled looks hoping to see some stud but instead THAR WUS ME. The disappointment was so real

  26. Ethan Reynolds

    This is Ethan Reynolds and GMC, Ford,Chevrolet.We love our vehicles. I'm a pickup  man.

  27. Donjoe Swag

    Can tesla make a truck that better than this song

  28. pauline mckinney

    Love this song

    pauline mckinney

    Are you kin to Willis joe

  29. Christopher Horan

    Love this song

  30. Finder Outer

    It's 2019 and I still have a mullet


    I also have a bc beaver tail

    Finder Outer

    @MCCRB Aren't you that super cool guy who's also very handsome?

  31. Logan Hite

    Hank William's lead me here ! This is art ! Love this music

  32. robotic demon18

    I love this song

  33. xr7fan

    That's one breathtaking lesbian mullet he's sporting there.

  34. Kerorofan

    Just had to listen to a song about real trucks after seeing that hideous Cybertruck.

    William Schnabel

    To quote watchdogs 2, "its a cyber-tastrophe!'

    Shaggy Collins

    lmfao, that cyber truck is a joke

    Yung Eagle

    just because its different doesn't make it hideous, its a new generation. Our world is dying accept it

  35. Boeing 777-300 ER

    This pick-ups better than cybertruck.

  36. Jimakea Woodard

    Love it still in 2019

  37. Santana 805

    Omg listen at .5 speed and it’s the best ever!

  38. fondlemeez

    Women always get wet when you show up in a pick up truck

  39. Brian Smith

    Love me some good ol joe when I’m drinking a few!

  40. joe Lopez

    Still remember the old speakers at the drive in not anymore still got one here in my town but all upgraded HAHA

  41. Jason Hoffman

    Got a 1993 Chevy k1500, women definitely like a pickup man!!!!!

  42. Dylan Sager

    honestleythe dumbest song ever but ive listened to it since i whas 4 so ime still jaming becuase its true we woldent have tailgates without trucks where is my

  43. Bodiss Brick

    I am a country boy from Norway. But I has to go on school in a city. Her the gals dont want a guy with a pickup. Here they just want guys with n electirc car, like Tesla 🤮

  44. Brian Gardner

    Who likes it i like country songs

  45. Trains airplanes

    Hell ya. This was a happy. Upbeat jam. Then now and again2019

  46. Burpo Stockings

    My favorite part of this music video was always him as the sleazy car salesman selling him a ratty pickup. Lol reminds me of when i was 16 and bought a 94 Ram. Man that thing was a piece of shit :D good times though

  47. Gage Rentauskas

    Sorry Toyota owners, not your song...

  48. Burleon

    Pickup trucks aside, hot damn that blonde girl at 1:19 on the left.

  49. Brent Koughn

    Love that 78 had a mint green one had a flat bed lifted 4 inches on i miss that truck

  50. a aprt

    I don’t get why he is running from her

  51. Fireman 17

    Joe Diffie has better bars then most country singers now days..

  52. Amber Stone

    So cool

  53. Wesley Bass

    All my rowdy friends settled down

  54. Jeramie Tripp

    250 honda 3 wheeler 1986 A. Smart

  55. marie marie

    can't help it. this just always puts such a smile on my face....LOVE Joe Diffie!!!

  56. Rednek_gamer

    That mullet game is strong 😂

  57. DejaDame

    That some good mullet.

  58. Tactical Toster

    This song makes me want to buy a pickup truck.

  59. TheGreat Kool-Aid

    I love this song, I also love the fact that the dude straight up looks like Joe dirt

  60. Anne Wakefield

    Make a song now 2019


    Ford trucks, you can set them on fire, and try to roll them down a hill, and they still wont go.


    I met a women driving a tow truck, cuz i drove a FORD truck

  63. Michael Jones

    pickup man 2019!!!!

  64. kingm

    Well i love this song because i got 7 fords truck and i love ford for life

  65. Nick Payne

    Looks like the licence plate is something about urine samples.....pee cup man

  66. Igor Costa

    #Brasil alguém

  67. Mote24

    90’s country music always hits the spot with me 👌

  68. thegamerbunch

    I was 14 when I got my first truck a rusty 2001 Dodge Ram

  69. Mark Digby

    Who is the dead guy in the truck bed sitting in a chair?
    My guess is a young Stephen Hawkins.

  70. AREA RC-51

    Robert De Niro 3:37

  71. KGkreso


  72. Bobby Reynolds

    3.8k thumb down loosers!!

  73. Kayla Perry

    14 and love this song people these days dont know real country music and this is real country music



  74. Carson P.

    The story of my vehicle ownership begins as a 3 year old self, beginning to play with my light utility vehicle toy, with it, i traveled 100,000 miles, upon my knees, The reader shall not be misinformed in the fact that i did indeed haul marbles and rocks, but most importantly, i thought twice before transporting a toy bed for the neighbor adjacent to my home. The female attempted to reimburss my efforts of logistical frustation with an affectionate kiss. At this moment, i began to realize the pride and reward felt by one owning a pickup truck. The second chapter begins 13 years ahead in the future. My 16 year old self's first action was to purchase a 1970s GMC Sierra. The total price of the transaction was several hundred dollars in 1986. Patrolling the thorofares of the township proved to be rewarding, as i found my self approaching the well known peer and homecoming queen of my local secondary school, Bobbie Joe Gentry. To my surprise, Gentry signaled for my vehicle to come to a stop, and knowingly, manuevered herself into the cabin of my vehicle. To her disbeliefs, she stated that she had not known prior to the arrival of my vehicle that i was associated with being a, and i quote, "pickup man"

  75. Mackey Collins

    Who was the girl with the short blonde hair? Dang

  76. Clinton Walston

    Still listen

  77. Boney Tiger

    Who else has an 8' bed truck in 2019?

    Megan Willis

    @Connor Cooke I couldn't afford that to fix up my golf cart.

    Connor Cooke

    I'll have to do so I can go be in the Army

    Megan Willis

    @Connor Cooke which base are you going to be when you are going to be i the army?

    Megan Willis

    @Connor Cooke that's alright. Which song do you like by Joe Diffie?

  78. Josh Dorton

    Jammin tonight

  79. New HollandT6.180

    way better than rap

  80. The Hidden Face

    Heard this song playing at Academy sports and outdoors

  81. Cody M

    Written by Kerry Kurt Phillips and Howard Perdew, and performed by American country music artist Joe Diffie. It was released on October 17, 1994, as the second single from the album "Third Rock from the Sun" (1994). The song was his long-lasting Number One hit, having spent four weeks at Number One on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks (now Hot Country Songs) charts between December 1994 and January 1995. In 2005, a rewritten version of "Pickup Man" was used in commercials for Applebee's, to promote their "Carside to Go" service.

  82. christan white

    Good song just got my first vehicle 92 Ford F-250 460

  83. chukie3p !

    Lairt f350 2006 6.0 Diesel crew cab

  84. Joe Jeffries

    Aren't tailgates on station wagons also???

  85. Fidik Vien

    Does my Tacoma count????


    Dude he looks like Rob Pitts from vinwiki

  87. Darrell Williamson

    I hate that I missed him last night in Searcy AR

  88. Grant Appell

    Got a red '95 F-150 with the stars and stripes flyin from the bed. does it get any more murica than that?

  89. Michelle Warnock

    Wow good song

  90. gameplayindy

    i just love this song so much

  91. Cheryl Loughead

    Blue outer cult cult

  92. Angus Davies

    Women don't really like pickup men. Buncha dweeb farmers.

  93. Angus Davies

    This is what Land R|over depnds on.

  94. Nicholas Vinyard

    Who's listening to this in September

  95. Lucifer's Daughter

    It doesn't count if you have a Carolina Squat.

  96. jon copenhaver

    Driving a 98 Dodge Dakota 4x4

  97. jon copenhaver

    Joe diffie was 90's country...who agrees