Joe Cocker - Talking Back To The Night Lyrics

High above the heat of a summer New York street
An out-of-work musician plays a solo saxophone
He's a preacher and a teacher
And he stands up all alone

Stranded in the dark of a vision in the park
A poet in his madness tries to find another line
And he's losing and he's using
And he says he's doing fine

And they look from such a height
That somehow it's all right
They're talking back to the night
It's all that they can do
Talking back to the night
It's how they make it through
If you listen you can hear them
Their voices draw you near them
They're talking back to the night for you

Something seems to take every dime the man can make
His dream is getting smaller and he wonders where to turn
And he's trying hard to make it
And he's trying not to burn

Woman never minds, pulls the shade and draws the blinds
She takes him in the darkness where the loneliest can feed
She gives him all she has to
And it's no more than he needs

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Joe Cocker Talking Back To The Night Comments
  1. Aloise Mason

    Joe Cocker is a master of the word SENSATIONAL..only a legend can make this kind of music and its phenominal always..A mastermind that sings out to the world and is the best vocalist there love all of Joe Cockers songs and music..the band is fabulous.

  2. Tyrone Walker

    I haven't heard this one in 100 years!

  3. Michael Neumann

    .....2:30 am.

  4. Μελος Κολοκυθοπουλος

    Keyboard orgasm

  5. Hartmut Hipp

    I love this song !

  6. WillWay

    Whaouh !!!

  7. Rainer

    REALLY fantastic version fromCoocker about the best keyboarder of this time, Steve Winwood!
    BUT, the feeling of Joe´s voice is absolutly UNATTAINABLE !!!

  8. dierk Kleinwort

    Cocker war wie ein guter Whisky ,je älter desto besser.

  9. tjuhs

    Tiefste ehrlichste Seelenmusik

  10. Cornel Bébié

    Adding to a classic is a sure sign of great talent. And that's my Joe ! He makes it greater than the original (see "With a little help from my friends", isn't it where this song gets on tours ?).

  11. joedsavage

    He was great.

    joanna lerat

    The Best!

  12. Rainer

    Everybody who saw Joe live knows very well there is nothing similar out

  13. Bill The Greek


  14. Т. Т

    So good song!,for mans!!!

  15. patrick mathieu


  16. Ralph H


    Jembo Jembo

    Ralph H love you for that

  17. Yeuda Levi


  18. אלי לוי

    the best in the west

  19. uncleanproduction

    Better than the original by Steve Winwood.

    Doc Manhattan

    Not even close tho. You can’t beat Winwood’s keyboards.

    Bob G

    Joe Cocker's version is the original, Winwood covered it about 6 months after its release.


    Disagree, but this version is great. I just love Winwood's voice more.


    @Bob G are you sure? The songwriting credit is to Winwood and Will Jennings?