Joe Budden - You And I Lyrics

[Verse 1: Joe Budden]
Feel like I have dated every woman in the world
Most were beautiful, some were cooperate worked in a little cubicle
I done some shit to some that I would never do to you
Cause some were tailor made but still wasn't suitable
Come to yours I see why you be elusive
Some took advantage off you, some were intrusive
Some put they hands on you, some were abusive
Most cheated on you must they think you were exclusive
Ain't gotta say a word, I already know it
Even if you scared to death it's ill that you never show it
I go to sleep with fear of losing you, don't wanna blow it
I wouldn't be surprised if I did, that's typical Joe shit
I lie forever
Not only do she trust me, her body is a work of art
There's a beauty in every ugly
So for me as a friend don't appear so horrible
Together we'll never have to see em' again
I love you

[Hook: Emanny]
You and I, you and I seem crazy
I would die, if you live my life baby
No one else gave a damn bout' us
Where we go, I don't know the future
I just know, I don't wanna lose ya
We just taking our chance on love, on love

[Verse 2: Joe Budden]
I've been with every women in this world, except my virgin shit
Some kept my soul alive just so they can murder it
We're both broken pieces, both been hurt and shit
Both took a chance on each other and it was worth the risk
She low maintenance but she deserves a grip
Give her the best of me cause she endured the worst of it
She been through so much, still she carry on
So if she comes with baggage it's a carry-on
So in life without her, I couldn't conceive
I tried to dump her one time, but she wouldn't leave,
And I ain't want her to so that was good to see
Soon as I utter'd the world I damn near couldn't breathe
Been trough the run around, took her off the carousel
Still in shook that her passion's unparalleled,
I know she's ex's must be mad as hell
But we were so broken down, we had to chill


[Verse 3: Joe Budden]
I've been with every type of woman, some of the baddest ones
Some were cougars, but still they acted young
Some were gossip queens, but I ain't mad at them
You make bittersweet, today that shit mad as none
Some I knew wouldn't last when that crash begun
Some played it cool, but wasn't half as fun
Some ain't over me, they just blame away
Some I ruined myself, others came that way
Some were modelesque, less started gaining weight
Other waited to gain, but met the same fate
Some moved to the city for a change of pace
Some I never broke up with, just let it fade away
Some never witnessed love, don't know what we see in it
Was a stranger for you so it's ill how you believe in it
Cause you done dated a few
If I'm a take a chance on love, I thank God he let me take it with you
I love you


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Joe Budden You And I Comments
  1. Rolando Cruz

    I think of her everyday I hear this since the day she posted this

  2. Terry O'neal

    Richard Hunter & Felicia Ross song forever

  3. Deontae Baldwin

    I swear this song don’t get the recognition it deserves

  4. samukelisiwe sigudla

    "lets hear it for joe" 2019 october 30

  5. Amber Kelly

    Love this rest in peace Janusz Slaby ❤

  6. FrankWonderBeantown

    Beautiful song. He should’ve stayed with Kaylin...

  7. Allofus On Here


  8. Nick Swayne

    Real music nothing less pierces these hears

  9. JerseyCityy

    Some were modelesque left started gaining weight, others waited to gain but met the same fate 🔥🔥🔥 that’s a ill ass line

  10. Wesley Jones

    My fav.02/19

  11. Allofus On Here


  12. Ke'Ana Campbell

    Anybody still listening to this in 2019

    Dave J

    Ke'Ana Campbell dope song

  13. Nicco

    This song touches my heart....makes me think about all the women I've hurt, that didn't deserve it. Music can really make you grow as an individual, and re-evaluate yourself!!

  14. wayne selser

    this album is aging very we'll dam near 6 years later n this shit is still potent..
    no love lost is a solid album

  15. teerra james

    They killed this track going hard in 2018 still.

  16. William mateo

    See people his hear this and don't from it if people go by some of these word relationships would bond stronger therefor love will be inviceable

  17. Ahmad Yaseen

    Anybody still listen to this song in 2018?

  18. Lena Jackson

    Reminds me of the nigga i fell so hard and deep for but he's a loss cause

  19. Sonic Ninja

    fucking awesome collab

  20. Quickjay 2.0


  21. robert hines

    this whole album was 🔥

  22. Valerie Hernandez

    Still listening in 2018 and so forth 🙏🏼

    I Am Legend

    Val Hernandez still a classic

  23. Jayy Soul

    Still a great song in 2017!

  24. Heather Elyzabeth

    Always straight to the point and direct the same time deep and emotional and complicated... Intricate ...crazy word play

    Alpresi Dente

    Big facts

  25. Jobe Jacobs

    Reminded me of my old ex friend Katie Marie... sucks we dont talk anymore. Song gave me chills.

  26. QMERT

    I can’t stop listen to this song

  27. Sean Hart

    I Miss and love you ande scott ,Im always thinking about you

  28. David Maddox

    Are you in that mood yet! I love you joe word up !

  29. Kista Loggins

    My love dedicated this to me...💟💞

  30. juke Jones

    i like this song its fire keep up the great work. joe

  31. donnivon dodd

    Still listening in 2017. The amount of passion that Joe puts into his music is very unique. He really puts the pen to the paper. #art #at #its #best

  32. Debra Ledra

    His music is 🔥💯

  33. DtroytDave

    Definitely not the best track but I fuck wittit. I'd say Tell Him Sumn or Switch Positions is the best. NBA knock to tho.

  34. QC Da Mo6sta

    Without my boy emanny on it,this song wouldn't be a classic

    teerra james

    Most definitely a hit though with both

  35. Beautiful Light

    Taking our chance on love...beautiful!!!

  36. Gabria Canty

    Currently Going Through This Love This Song It's Deep

    Brownie&Cher Lovers

    Let me change that

  37. Gabria Canty

    Currently Going Through This Love This Song It's Deep

  38. Lucia Gabriello


  39. SonnyBoi1978

    Joe is so great

  40. dave stewart

    Buddens the boy is 🍌🍌zzz

  41. Sinatra Beard

    Joey is the illest nigga out hands down. plz don't waste ya time telling me who is illa cz nobody is doing it like this nigga period

    DigiMation Entertainment

    crooked I, Eminem, Royce da 5'9"

    Sinatra Beard

    +DigiMation Entertainment that's your opinion

    DigiMation Entertainment

    +Sinatra Winter I'm a Budden fan. but that doesn't mean I have to Stan over him either. if there's someone better then theres just is

  42. Asmar Aluqdah

    clearly one of Da hottest love joint in yrs.

  43. ghost u like it i love it

    Checkout my nefreshw music video Mind out of space .
    Thanx and much love Ghost u like it i love it

  44. Marco Rios

    This track is so deep and means a lot to me.

  45. Bedward Reach

    great tune

  46. Gerard Woodley


  47. Zeta


  48. jianna678


  49. TREY D

    I'm LIVING these lyrics. This joint explains me and lady perfectly. BIG UP to Joe for this classic.

  50. I Am Legend

    I'd pay for the video of this song....needs a visual "song cry" feel but BETTER...salute

    I Am Legend

    @James Porter lmmfao hell yea mayne....😅😅😅😅

    I Am Legend

    @James Porter email on its way lol

  51. Mani

    yes joe where u at come back pleeeeaaassseee????!!!

    Waldo P. Schmeer

    Mani he just came out w a new album.

  52. Xavier Fernandez

    Joey spits that PAIN.
    bares his soul.

  53. Me'Ari Mitchell

    joe Budden on love and Hip hop he Funny. cant forget dat dude.

  54. Me'Ari Mitchell

    I love this song it makes you feel some type of way on a emotional day. i'll make your day.

  55. Me'Ari Mitchell

    I love Joe Budden I grew up to him. he's a cool dude and he's real.

  56. the someone

    my friend rapper Balance Da Rhythm need a support. please like his profile on reverbnation, listen his music/ share it. here no virus or spam. dont refuse

  57. Surprise-me-babe

    He shared this song to me and it tattooed my ear to the bottom of my heart. I got all tear up because he said it reminded him of me, us. But I guess it's so ironic in its own way in the song and to us because we're just two broken kids that got gel together and realized we're too much, too broken. I miss you a lot. I swear everyday for the past few months been so hard. I'm dying to talk to you and tell you I love you. Words can't describe how much I feel for you and how much I valued what we had shared. I'm sorry, Riche.

  58. lemuel waller

    My ex introduced to this song, she heard it off some bs reality show...... But every single bar was like he was watching r life or somthing

  59. Fresh Dude

    One of my fav from joe...... you know its good music when it gives you goosebumps. ..

  60. belissimahoney69

    I love this song so much but can't listen to it much because it just brings so many painful memories//weird lol


    Yeah ay.

    Xavier Fernandez

    who u telling

  61. Mellany Johnson

    Love this song! Makes me smile!

  62. KayG_Loves

    "we're both broken pieces, both been hurt and shit
    both took a chance on each other and it was worth the risk
    she low-maintenance, but she deserves a grip
    give her the best of me cause she endured the worst of it
    she been through so much, still she carry on
    so if she come with baggage it's a carry-on
    so a life-without, i couldn't conceive
    i tried to dump her one time but she wouldn't leave
    and i ain't want her to, so that was good to see
    soon as i uttered the words, i damn there couldn't breathe ..♥"    damn... < 3

    Irep Jersey908

    KayG_Loves yea that verse hit right there


    hoe, how?...  nex love betta be badddd..

  64. Constance

    Love it truly beautiful this is so me i long for a man to be all this an more ...

  65. 559LOSO

    Burden is a genius

  66. NaturallyKinkyCoily

    My first time ever hearing this song and I "Absolutely love it". It sounds like it tells "our" story. I love my guy to death and I will spend the rest of my life showing him how wonderful he is and how much he means to me!

  67. Vivian San


  68. Francisco Cafard

    :( cabronazo.

  69. Francisco Cafard

    :( cabronazo.

  70. levonne32

    I started off as a Stack Bundles fan until i heard "You know what'll happen" ft Joe Budden... Ever since ive been a fan.

  71. Rubesweet

    the lyrics of the song I compared to my life.

  72. qwett12

    Joe Budden is Deep  you can tell this artist been thru something  n he put it thru his music

    Brian Bennett

    Budden the truth

  73. PsyClopz LA

    where i can get this beat ???

  74. C Pitter

    Song truth

  75. sphokaziification

    I jst fell in love with this song!!!!

  76. taylormontega

    I love this freaking song

  77. James Tan

    this song makes me cry haha...such a beautiful song. emanny fucking kills the hook and joe killed it...HARD!

  78. TheSean221

    Awesome song

  79. Jeff Werner

    Prod by cardiak

  80. TheJFOShow

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     but if you can just check out some of my music and leave honest opinions I would appreciate it Good or bad. LEAVE COMMENTS

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  81. Larry Wesley

  82. Georgie B NY

    im glad u all like this song,  this such a banger

    Kevin Thompson


    Merk Duncan

    +Kevin Thompson yea for sure

    Jacabo Blanco

    Georgie B NY all of me, all of me and more. you and I, and part 1 through 4 of ordinary love shit are all fucking epic classics.

    man. the memories.

  83. sean hubert

    Thisssss my SONG


    I love you Mr. Wrong! It'z You AND I 4EVAZ!

  85. Tahmar Gaither


  86. Valerie De jesus

    Where we go I don't know the future, I just know I don't wanna lose ya, we're just takin a chance on love ❤️

  87. Claire Kelly

    Such a lovely song!♡♥

  88. Cristina P

    Lmfao! Haha wow that made me laugh!
    IOYK love this song since it came out and his CD

  89. LuckyPatrick

    Song is So Dope!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  90. Nicole Nash

    I'm inlove with this song

  91. Terryl Oliver Moore

    Love this song

  92. Mike Stevenson

    Aye this is frfr dope.

  93. itsrealquis

    This songs explains my life!!