Joe Budden - Three Lyrics

When you stay ready you ain't gotta get ready, Parks. Understand that

Microphone check, it's something new y'all rage
These fuels only pollute from the dude on stage
I'm old school, so my mind is in a New York state
Still feel like I'm the best rapper in the New York State
Though I'm a Jersey City product, we like two doors away
Maybe I'm just the best rapper whipping New York plates
Indeed it be the God
If Fetty is the face of New Jerz, then you see how badly we needed I
Young doing it my way, that's Frank Sinatra
I might hang with you bloggers, but I bang with the mobsters
See me right in Hell's Kitchen having drinks over pasta
Need the fake to love the real so let me thank you impostors Bicoastal early, y'all hit the Daytons and Impalas
Started buzzing around the time Sporty Thievz kept saying "nada"
Emcees ain't even bother, and I don't know what's truly worse
Them wanting my spot or not knowing they gotta move me first

You are now entering the mind of the sick
But it's remarkable, it's a gift
Here's what they think about you
Here's what they think about you
You are now entering the mind of the sick
But it's remarkable, it's a gift
Here's what they think about you
Here's what they think about you

Now, Parks, let me get back to my shit right quick.
Now turn me up in my headphones,
let me get back on my rage shit right quick though.
But turn the lights down in the booth, let's do this real quick. Look. It go

Few years, weights up, still sleep, wake up
Bitches know the stakes up since I beat my case up
Hip hop shit list, look at these bastard men dress
I'm just taking back what's owed, and adding interest
Maybe just my love died, loud lit above high
Slugs fly, eyes scrubbed dry, still a thug cries
All this paraphilia versus my necrophilia
How are they record dealing ya, I wasn't ever feeling ya
This feeling equates professional weapon, can't seal it, bruh
Deuce deuce, .380, chopper Beretta millia
Hoes at 30 is the new 20, me, I feel like 30 is the new 40
I bought 30 new 40s
A bitch moving pills get 30s to move off me
Just watch how you moving in Jersey, it's too costly
And memory with candles is where the energy laying you
Protect me from my loved ones, enemies I can handle
If you talking Slaughterhouse please refer to "SlaughterMouse"
Think twice before you blink twice, you gotta roll with mouth
Got you birds popping, it's Korver or Kurt Warner mouse
And I be dolo, nobody gotta come warn the mouse
Used to take drives through the tunnel, we getting offers now
Smelled my man a soda, it's teddy, I bridged the water's mouth
Live from the Horror house, calling out
Done with all this drawing mouth
Duke with all the Terry Bradshaw about
Kill spree, cops should look after
Y'all be yelling free your mans, I yell at my man stop getting captured
And all my Irvington niggas over alliance put one in the air for Rev. Ron
You know we rock with the pastor, moment of silence

Put one in the air with me right quick. Bruh, we love you, rest in peace. All my Newark niggas what up? All my niggas over at Chancellor, what's good? Surf, I see you, on neighborhood. What up? Anywhere there's real niggas around, I'm right at home. Alright, bring my drums back in a minute. I like this bass though. I don't think that's gonna change anytime soon though

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Joe Budden Three Comments
  1. Jay6Soundz

    Now who tf produced this fine material

  2. Godzylla 1

    Love the flow Joe is the truth.

  3. shamel williams

  4. Artful Dodger

    Joe's battle roar is the illest ad lib to date

  5. Artful Dodger

    Joe Budden and araab is one of the greatest combos

  6. Astro Asia

    This the hardest sing he ever madeeeee

  7. Anagh BG db

    Yes this guy said he's better than Eminem

    Who R You

    Anagh BG db Of course he is

    victor keeps it 100

    He been better than marshall mathers for a very very long time , longer than a decade for sure .

  8. v Rafty

    Trash 😂

  9. Rekless

    Joe Budden ain't doing better than no one lmao he bottom 1000000000 his numbers are weak u can't even do as many as kells let alone em

  10. Peyton Spencer

    This shit goes hard

  11. Josh Davis

    Yeah your so much better than em lmao

    Donya Garrison

    Josh Davis he is

    victor keeps it 100

    Every bar shows that

  12. Jonnny V

    Bruh idk what it is, but he flow is trash. Lyrics and punchlines are fucking garbage 😂 Joe is a POS and hates on up coming rappers to stay relevant 😂

    victor keeps it 100

    You look like a eminem fan lmao

  13. tHiS iS nOw

    In 50 years they will be talking about Joe Budden. Migos is Vanilla Ice.

  14. Brandon Bush

    When u mention Budden to somebody..
    And they reference, Pump it up?
    Awkward, Uncomfortable silence.
    Seriously one of, if not the most talented lyricist to ever do it. #moodmuzik1-4.5 #paddedroom #escaperoute #slaughterhouse #aloosequarter
    And the list goes on. 🔥🔥🔥

    Nicholas Williams

    Tell'em again

    Artful Dodger

    I was at work and my homegirl said Drake is a much better rapper than joe and what hits does joe have? As a fan of mobb deep, Nas, em, black thought, budden etc I was disgusted with her

  15. trevon444

    Top 3 not 1 or 2 😂😂

  16. Brian Mcminn

    My man goes on verse 2

  17. RapRunDown

    Lol he predicted he’d be listed number 3 all time

  18. Joe Paxton

    Joe is number three.

  19. King_Jason

    Came here after a nigga said he was the 3rd best rapper of all time....


    Nigga I had to look up “Joe Budden songs” cause I seen that list today and ain’t ever heard a song from this nigga...& I finally see why I haven’t 💩🚮👎#thisshitsucksinthemostdisrespectfulway


    Lol samz

    victor keeps it 100

    Ahahah go bump lil yachty baby girl.

  21. Ligmatosis

    He’s decent, but better than em? Not a chance

  22. Ronnell Macklin Jr

    You hear him shout out Teddy Bridgewater

  23. Steve Sloan

    Honing hate.

  24. W Lam

    this is the last album from joe budden.. yet its released 3 years ago. I don’t think you should critiquing eminem in that case.

  25. tyler

    A bitch movin pills, get 30’s to move off fire

  26. Julia

    Joe budden sucks assssssss. Not good. Awful haha

    victor keeps it 100

    He dont make music for hoes. Go listen to drake .

  27. shayditmars87

    Joe Budden: Do you know who I am! Someone here does you just can't see em You'll be taking these off in a sec watch 👀

    Me: WTF is that Joe Budden on Live PD!!

    Live PD dispatcher: Shots fired all units plz respond!

    Live PD 👮: unhook him now we gotta roll!

    Hella funny Budden hops stright outta car Monster in hand and s lit cig hanging from lip!

  28. GJFX

    This is the guy that everyone said he was gonna beat Eminem I hope y’all were joking about it

    Artful Dodger

    I hope your joking

  29. bambosword

    Bro hes so ass😭😭😭

  30. Elias J.P.K.

    Marshall please come over and kill this guy cause i cant live on one planet with this fool

  31. big ness

    Bruh and he said he was better than eminem. Smh he's no where near ems level

  32. Montrealgotstyle

    So Dope!

  33. Daniel's Opinion

    Araabmuzik soooo underrated

  34. Daniel's Opinion


    Angelic choir ✅
    Bass guitar ✅
    Nasty Bassline✅
    Nightmare/horror piano ✅

    Yep this beat is the darkest beat ever made


    Hands down. I have a whole video in mind

  35. jabari 2 wavy


  36. Brazy Ty

    Joe budden stay garbage

  37. Eric Rozelle


  38. Arthur Morgan

    Bootleg Sean Price

    Dave J

    Arthur Morgan I see you don’t know his catalog. He chose to do something different with this album.

  39. rgman2858

    Fire. As always

  40. Heathcliff

    MUCH better than pump it up say its hands down better than eminem is...nah. At best its a matter of preference. If we were talking purely about lyricism...sorry Joe flow is the only thing you can reasonably contend against em with.

    Dave J

    Heathcliff his catalog is deep bro. You should do some more listening.

  41. Darrell Colbert

    All y’all saying joe will beat em but why haven’t joe diss him back yet 😒😒

  42. Music Algorithm

    His lyrics are straight garbage. This beat is hard tho

    Hades jr

    You garbage

  43. Nicholas Rice

    This is not okay for me at all. You block me on twitter in october 2016 / never been a hater, i just wanted to be acknowledge that's all. try to apolgize before and last month to hit you up on instagram DM however you blocked me since then.... SMH don't listen to your fans of what they tell you, it's none of their business, they didn't get blocked I did and i'm dealing with it.

  44. Earl Saunders

    *You stay ready you don’t gotta get ready* ~ Best Quote from Uncle Joe yet.

    Slnp Art

    That's from Suga Free. He made that song look it up

  45. seizureboy333

    Had to Google this dude. Didn't know who he was before Em dissed him


    Ah! the classic 'I don't like hip-hop but I like em' Stan

    Michael Campbell

    Exactly, and honestly Idk what the hype is about he isnt that good

  46. Sickowens *

    Imagine being a joe budden fan

  47. Thirty Two

    This song is garbage

  48. NexTheCorrupt no way better than Eminem, Most people under 25 didn't know who Joe Budden was until migos had a problem lmfao. Millions of people know Eminem, people who don't even listen to rap know Em. Lololol THIS YEAR IS THE YEAR OF THE CLOUT


    classic 'I don't like hip-hop but I like em' with every passing day people are seeing what ya'll are tying to do...
    Ya'll trying to 'Elvis' em.
    Now that's a lot to unpack in short sentence, but you won't get it based on your post.


    @Roy My dude. Joe Budden said he was a better rapper than Em. Get over yourself, help Joe do so to. Lmfao


    @NexTheCorrupt he said over the past decade. Do your homework. I've followed both closely. I doubt u can honestly say the same. Because u don't like hip-hop u like em. Nothing's wrong that though. Just pointing things out.

  49. SwayVixHover

    Who’s this dude?

  50. Jmsully 22

    Y'all I'm gonna be honest....... I had to rewind to find the beat switch up that everybody was saying that was so fire and went soo hard lol😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀

  51. void 2

    You thinks he is better than em.nah mate lil pump way better than you

  52. Tochukwu Gaimboy Ufondu

    Who else is here for the great Joe Budden lyricist tour .. hoping he'll reply Eminem

  53. NonTye Chan

    Am I deaf ? How are the beats "Lit/sick" lil , never have been better than mnm

    Kaden Lucas

    Booby Chan “you rapped a whole lot of words and didn’t say shit.”

  54. srain 500

    Im only here cause eminem Dissed him

  55. srain 500

    Ive never even heard of this fool 😂😂

    Troy Everything

    Sean Rainey that was Joe's point. He was signed to Eminem and it didn't do anything for him. None of Eminem's fans know who he is, and Eminem has said his name more as an adversary then when he was signed to Eminem.

  56. Alexis Marquez

    U trash homie

  57. josh zalewski

    This song sucks, I decided to give him a chance cause I had no idea who he was until eminem dissed him but this beat hurts my ears and the lyrics are eh..

    Dave J

    josh zalewski his catalogue is deep. Your last name is zalenski. Go back to Eminem and post Malone

  58. Randi Ann

    What? People are saying this guy is the only one who can take Eminem on? That's a joke right? I never heard of him untill kamikaze came out a few days ago and this is the first time I listened to him, he sounds like his influence was DMX but he's not even as good as DMX ........

    Kobe Tall

    Seriously. I litterly just read a comment saying and i quote "joe would murder Eminem lyrically with the pen" like that shit is actually crazy


    You know nothing about hip hop if you don't know who Joe is. You Em fans are annoying. Y'all listen to one good rapper and think he is the best rapper ever. Smh

  59. josip cuk

    who came here after eminem diss to tell joe he cant touch em

    Dumisani Shelembe

    Blowing f$!k inferno, blazing

    Dumisani Shelembe

    I pray Em-Joe Budden beef expands to the me hope we could still reclaim the heart of hip-hop from jockers everywhere


    What? Hahahahaha em can't hold Joey's jockstrap

    Quenten Mcnary

    Only u..we been knowin dawg

  60. Burnout Films


  61. yabiggirl 60thSt

    A year later and this still in my rotation, Shoutout to real hip hop!!!

  62. Xzevyah Mount

    I thought this was a diss to migos

  63. Mitchell

    From 0:00 till 01:00 is the best part
    I wish he did not change the beat after that


  64. Fauntleroy Heights

    WE WANT RAGE BACK!!!!!!!

  65. Fauntleroy Heights

    2:44 😱😱😱😱😱😱😈😈😈😈

  66. verinb9

    Ty for posting! I love this song! The beat and lyrics r so POWERFUL! 128-204(and thru out song) sounds like the fighting scenes in BvS. DOPE!

  67. Kiz

    Few years waits up.....


    A year and a half later...still dope af

  69. Shawnde Staten


  70. salvageist

    i love this song. right on time. I wish i did that stretch time in the middle of a song. Shit is way too ill.

  71. Gudda Red

    dammmmit Joe...🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  72. Calmer573

    fire album cover

  73. Calmer573

    heres what they think about you

  74. Tyler Heald

    this is too hard to go mainstream

  75. Earvin Cintron

    Does anyone know what “Three” means?

  76. JB Tha Stone

    I really enjoy the lyrics not sure how I feel about the flow of the song. Seems a little cluttered but its good

  77. 87411111 803133

    oochi walla walla

  78. Ty M

    That aggressive style is insane. Whole second verse leave you with think face! He ripped this track!

  79. JokerCirca66

    What's a good Joe Budden song? This style rap sucks.


    Go back to that mumble rap shit then, clown lol.

  80. RVE

    The most underrated rapper out there.

  81. Kamil Kuti

    "If Fetty is the face of New Jersey then you'll see how bad you really needed I" damn!!!

  82. MrKfishers

    "Let me get back to my rage shit real quick.."

  83. Inhuman Torch

    Joe budden is the most emotional rapper ever! What other rapper combines skillz with his personal life? Every record i feel like i know him better!


    There are few lyricists who can tell stories like joey

  84. Carmelita Suicide

    I am an eighties baby....'84. Newark, NJ. born and raised. Rap raised me and since Age 13 I have put most of my time and energy into making sure I covered all my bases as far as who is new and who is hot and the legends I salute....the ancient...old...and new. I AM THOROUGHLY IMPRESSED BY THE EVOLUTION OF JOEY. This man is the realest motherfucker in this game. Show me another rapper that literally is shedding his tears in his video. It does not get more genuine than that. Since before he put out his first album and he was rockin with A-Team. I miss a filthy Hitch and Ran track though. Joey and the A-Team had me doin a lap around my car at the red light it had me spilling over with energy. I haven't been this excited since then. Joe...slaughterhouse..
    Joel and Royce especially...and all others closely affiliated have my undevided attention. I think they are all so underrated it sickens me. Obviously the elite in this industry are paying some big boys off to make sure that Joe and his close affiliations stay on the low. Nobody is gonna tell me any different. These men make most rappers look like they need to pull a fucking BILLY MADISON. Can't even spell most of the words. Or keep up with the lyrical skills. These men have such extensive grammar and vocabulary skills it is mind blowing. THAT must be acquired throughout a lifetime. You can't Google search that shit. Nobody else in this game can touch it. Everyone is mad comfortable. NOBODY WANTS TO WORK. Shit is "handled" that is why Joe and them aren't literally at the TOP. Joel said on that genius track.(Rap Millionaire)...."They glorifying abusing controlled substances. I'm just tryna to have good substance control the forefront" COME ON. Fucking Damn shame what some coin can do these days and I don't give a fuck who says what this shit is not a debate nobody is changing my mind this is FACTS for me. You got a good reason why these men aren't hitting the 10 million area in views? This game is a game for a reason. Motherfuckers don't have to play it clean. Everyone else can't even spell half of the fucking words he is spitting. They ain't ready...I'm sorry but NOBODY can handle Joey and his squad. These men are MAC TRUCKS. THEY ARE DEER RUNNING. please...

  85. TheMessageMuzik

    The tupac of new jerz

  86. TheMessageMuzik

    Hahaaa was 1k too 47 haters / of the haters 47 got snakes in they cup

  87. TheMessageMuzik

    Wake!!! These!!!! Dumbass boys!!! Up!!! Joe!!! You the last of a dying breed fam!!!!

  88. Fredy Cruz

    IDK for some reason I'm having a hard time understanding what he saying

    Shawn Grunbaum

    Really? He's getting older so his voice is changing but I can hear easily. I don't know.

    Dave J

    Try some of his older stuff. Start with Mood music 4

  89. wavvy lee

    stretching syllables in every line doesnt consider you lyrical. talking shit all the time doest make you a lyricist. i still prefer wutang or method man. this shits garbage.

  90. wavvy lee

    wack asf

  91. The Irony

    wish this album had more cuts like this..good lord.

  92. MILAH B

    ok ok joe found this from eps 104 everyday struggle akad be talking mad shit but i respect joe 100% pump it up was my shit and so was up in the club

  93. Brendan Meyer

    Regular Joe!

  94. The Obnoxious Gamer

    You know this shit fire when it leave you with a disgusting scowl on your face after you listen to it.

  95. The Obnoxious Gamer

    2:00 onward is probably the hardest shit I done ever heard, so much aggression and passion for his music shit! Straight Slaughter on them rhymes

  96. Ryan Matson

    THIS album, is hip-hop. Have a physical.