Joe Budden - She Don't Put It Down Lyrics

She ain't got a leg to stand on, don’t even trip

[Joe Budden]
I can take you all over the world though
Even tell you pack light
The last lie couldn’t even get a cab ride
She don't do the blogs but even if she did
She would be on mad sites
Ass so mean I always on her bad side
Ugh, now she don’t ever stress me ’bout my whereabouts
Never seems concerned with other birds that she may hear about
She mind hers, its my turn
That shit she barely care about
Look amazing on me, why I’m always tryna wear her out
She don’t ride like you, no she don’t taste like that
Not with a waist like that, do I let her go to waste like that
She a mix between Karma Sutra, yoga, and porno flicks
Funny how her breath get shorter when I give her long dick
And I’m telling ya’ll straight up might think I imagined shorty even when she not made up
She kill ‘em in Levi’s, see why it ain't even fair
Look good in whatever she wear
How could other women compare, they can’t

[Tank - Chorus:]
I don't put another in your space, damn after you
It’s been hard to replace
I just want the same judge sittin’ on the case
She gon’ hate but she know
She don’t put it down like you (down down like you)
(she don't, she don't)
She don’t put it down like you (down down like you)
(she don't, she don't)
Girl you working with the killer, ain't no body fuck with her
She don’t put it down like you (down down like you)
(she don't, she don't)
She don’t put it down like you (down down like you)
(she don't, she don't)

[Lil Wayne]
I can see the stars in the day time
Bitch I miss you like a deadline
And the girl I’m with is just the girl I’m with
I mean it’s working out, so were staying fit
But you know love is nothing ask Stan Smith
But I gotta keep a bad bitch like Brad Pitt
Remember our first kiss?
Or our last kiss?
I used to go dummy in that pussy, crash test
You be fucking that nigga like you was fucking me
Hah, Fuck that nigga, he can’t fuck with me
I’m Tunechi bitch and you know that
And that pussy throw back
Any given night I’d still pop that ass like a Prozac
Girl you know you got that murder
A beast in that La Perla
And every time we cut I used the shredder, ninja turtles
And I know you still love me
And I know ya still for me
That's why we still fucking
Cause she don’t put it down like you


[Joe Budden]
Looking round mine, no downtime, see nothing else even matters
Can’t even walk slow through that mall cause paparazzi running after
Baby girl, working it like a pro
Slow it down or move it faster
Whether them lights on or them lights off like I’m sleeping with the clapper
Still she watching what she eat
Yet, that ass keep getting fatter
How I’m sexing her, how am loving her, no longer be a factor
Plus her already know, you don't turn 'em all to Casper
Climb with the former rather latter
You already know which one I’d rather come’on


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Joe Budden She Don't Put It Down Comments
  1. Herlin Jordan

    Joe budden is def nice wit the rap...can't take that away from him

  2. Darryl Harris

    I’m glad you got yo podcast now because this shit sucks 😷😅😬🤦🏾‍♂️

  3. Brian Perez

    Bro i never heard this wassup with this drake ass beat

  4. Kash S.

    Told My Ex Don’t Be Bitter Be Betta 🤟🏾

  5. JLH

    Need this version on Spotify tho

  6. Matt Stevens

    This sounds so shit wtf 🤣 Sounds like he's got a cold and whistling 🤣😂

  7. Naz

    Fabolous ate thissssss...that don't be bitter.. Be better line💯🐏
    Shout out to Tank he murdered this hook that sugar daddy 😂

  8. D DLedge

    Buttons, love, hate, break up, get back together with his woman. Every song it's either a combo of those or one of em is featured. Any man that talks bout his bitches 99 percent of the time is a himself.

  9. stem cells

    why fab look like a mix between big sean & loaded lux

  10. Georgi Kondev

    Song is still dope, they killed it 🔥

  11. Dynel Turner

    this is trash👎🏾 sorry 😂😬

  12. Marissa Ford

    Did he say when he on that blow 32secs Joe

  13. Cole Lamar

    Weezy STUPID with that verse lol. Why was I LOL? smh

  14. Jasper Hester jr

    Always A1 IN THE HOLE

  15. Tshirts andMore

    here after da podcast mention

  16. HeeM Moore

    “Cuz any given night I’ll still pop that ass like a Prozac” Who’s still banging this joint in 2020!!??

  17. Gat is Gucci

    Tank Murdered that chorus 🔥🔥🔥

  18. African Alistair

    Fabulous is top 5

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    Came here after the Joe podcast

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    Ayo the thumbnail made me instantly see loiter squad earl sweatshirt.

    But now I know I've always known what I should have known.

  21. Shine

    I loved this whole album.

  22. TOXSYC tv

    Joe burden is wack af it’s comedy when I listen to a song or video by him

  23. BenFaym booker

    Solid track that didn’t get the recognition it deserved

  24. K. Marie

    2020 shiiiiiii

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    I forgot all about this song still a banger

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    This nigha trash

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    I can’t imagine this being a song. In my head I just think of him doing some freestyle shit on a podcast. 😂



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    Still a hit

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    lit tune.

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    Fire fck dat!! Lol idc dec 2019

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    this my favorite Joe Budden Song 🤣

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    1st time im hearing this n it will be added onto my playlist

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    11/26/19. Still listening


    Joe is like dj khalid ..he just features good artists and makes garbage tracks..0🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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