Joe Budden - Role Play (Interlude) Lyrics

Shit, goddamn is it tight
Shit baby, turn up turn up
Take that take that, look at look what you got
You got me doing Puff Daddy in this pussy
I'm a puff you in this pussy take that take that
The best pussy I've ever had
Like I must be jammed, I'm drinkin this pussy
Yea I'm giving love to this pussy, I'm a kill this pussy
Yea I'm a slow down, I'm a make that pussy bleed
Slow down with this pussy
Into them hammer damn's on
What the hell? I'm gonna cum for you
I'll cum for you right now
I'm cumming for you like you a enemy
Goddamn you tryna make me Big Sean in this pussy
Oh God, oh God
Big Sean in this shit
Oh shit this gon be tough
Why the fuck you still going?
Alright, alright baby
Yea I'm bout to get in here, witch position for a minute

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Joe Budden Role Play (Interlude) Comments
  1. Gerome La Beaux

    Lmao imma Go big Sean in this pussy oh god! Lol

  2. Corey Anderson

    What R&B song is that playing in the back ground?

  3. joseph butler

    oh gawd! oh gawd!! lmao