Joe Budden - Last Day Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Look, look – these niggas lied to me way back
Said this is where my buck stop
Ride, ride by in that fly shit
These niggas still at that bus stop
You won't ever see these jeans sag
You'd think so, with this tough glock
And any nigga wanna go bar-for-bar
Know I'm always with that club hop
This your shit, y'all don't know shit
Them hoes you with is just average
This four spittin' that whole clip and my alibi is my bad bitch
So don't be the first to get it
My life is like a movie and your bitch deserve the credit
I just stood there and directed
She just did what I expected
Doin' me but you do me too
I'll be me, my nigga, you be you
I guess that men can be groupies too
Recognize a winner – live like a born sinner
Catered dinners, finna have a pool party in the winter
Finna skinny dip, bitch, fuck them drawers
Her brains are killer and I love her more
Since my head got a price on it
She come through and just suck it off
So if you scared, get a weapon
Everyday a nigga live he's prepared for Armageddon

When they call me to them gates and they ask me how I lived
I feel I ain't have a choice like my stomach's to my ribs
Niggas wanted me dead, I kept hammers in the crib
But nah, I don't regret a fuckin' thing I ever did
So I spend like it's my last day
Club like it's my last day
Ride like it's my last day
Fry like it's my last day
Fuck like it's my last day
Fuck boys wanna blast me
This might be your last day
But it won't be my last day

[Verse 2:]
Mottos by my side
Shooters on my team
Choppers with the beam
Countin' up some green
Blowin' on a blue dream
My life is like a movie and your bitch just made a scene
Me and your bitch just made a scene
Wake up and I smoke somethin'
After that, I poke somethin'
Bet she bad with a fat ass
Beat it up like she stole somethin'
Fuck two times then I roll somethin'
Can't no nigga do it like me
All my chains is icy
All my clothes is pricy
In Louis Vuittons, no Nikes
I'm Nino Brown, you Ice T
Snitchin' equals dead bodies
Snitchin' equals dead bodies
Nigga caught a death wish, think he caught me slippin'
I don't play that bull, boy
I shoot like Scotty Pippen


[Verse 3:]
I'm dressed up with my sport keys
My Rollie, bands, love short sleeves
Wanted man when I toss seeds
All my bitches crossbreeds
These big faces talk Gs
I lace my H's, walk free
I'm V-Sixin' in V-Twelves
Ninety-three is my horse fee
Life's a bitch I figured I'd bone
Smoke this weed while I get a little dome
Black star when it's all said and done
Gotta put my name in the middle of the road
Open boxes, a pair a day
Mine don't come in pearl yet
Got a party out in the UK
I'm a hit them hoes with my Euro step
Insomniac, gotta live my life
Where's the pie? Gotta get my slice
I hommie shit, where's the body bag?
Kiss my Maserati ass
Two thick queens in a king's suite
Gettin' energized off thin sleet
I let all my AKAs hit
They thought I was ten deep
Miss waitin' on me get a hundred dollar tip
Pray to God, heard my number and I hit
Choose me, girl, make 'em come in for the chip
When you doin' good all the summers go quick
Trust nobody, got thunder on the hip
Shotty in the crib, don't start no shit
Bad chick, ass and her stomach don't fit
Know your lane, don't come with no lip


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Joe Budden Last Day Comments

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    After 6 years this still goes hard!! PLK!!! Banks

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    This shit represents my spiritual state

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    I let all my aka's hit they thought i was 10 deep 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    Uebok Joe

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    Why isn't this on Spotify?

    Nico Odeku

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    Hook is real as shit

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    It's my bday

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    3:39 haha

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    I usually masturbate under this song

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    Awebo Puro: Rap & Hip Hop en Spanish And English!

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    Some one tell me that banks isn't the greatest to do it I dare you I fucken dare you

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    banks isn't the greatest

    james phoenix

    I'm going to kill you.

    Godofpoop Holly

    james phoenix banks is alr

    Godofpoop Holly

    He trash my nigga

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    U G L Y u ain't got no alibi u ugly u ugly! Unlike Joe's bad bitch and this song

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    "Got me doing the stanky Leg"

  23. Sebastian Alaimo

    Fire!!!!! Banks the illest, they all went hard.

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    Cory gunz shoulda been on here too. Still insane

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    haha banks your the best to ever do it. plk

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    iv listened to this for 3 days striate    best song ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    My fave track

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    came for budden left with banks

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    this is slightly slowed
    i like it actually tho it drops his voice down a lil bit and gives better emphasis on his lyrics
    pretty dope

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    Banks Had the best Verse The #PLK  !!!

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    fucking juicy J

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    Is it me or is the sound a little weird????????

    mclain money

    it still goes hard


    it's slowed down a lil bit

    mclain money

    idk just love this song main

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    G-unit Slaughterhouse Three 6 Mafia movement healthy for hip hop Banks gos in PLK stand up southside

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    listen to intuition kill your ego.....focus let it go

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    Juicy j produced stomp for young buck

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    wtf you look like you're 12 years old what the hell would you know.. juicy is a fucking legend.. memphis, tn .. three six mafia..derrrrr

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    Last I checked half of his vids have over a million views so theres plenty of Juicy J fans and if you've never seen anyone say they are a fan on him even ONLINE then this must be your first youtube visit..

  52. Cy Sy

    The fact that youre admitting that youre a Juicy J fan is hilarious! Congrats on being the first one Ive EVER met to have admitted that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Jonathan Diaz

    Its slowed down cuz of copyright

  54. YourAverageGamer201

    The audio is slowed down nigga

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    Juicy j did a beat for banks on a song called play boy 2.The rotten apple album&he killed it.

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