Joe Bonamassa - Strange Fruit Lyrics

Southern trees bear a strange fruit,
Blood on the leaves and blood at the root,
Black bodies swinging in the southern breeze,
Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees.

Pastoral scene of the gallant south,
The big bulging eyes and the twisted mouth,
Scent of magnolias, sweet and fresh,
Then the sudden smell of burning flesh.

Here is a fruit for the crows to pluck,
For the rain to gather, for the wind to suck,
For the sun to rot, for the leafs to drop,
Here is a strange and bitter crop.

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Joe Bonamassa Strange Fruit Comments
  1. Otzi Otzburn

    great!!!...Beth! ****** great Joe!****** goosebumps!!

  2. gunnar þ björnsson

    Is no fruit groing here in Iceland.

  3. Дим Димыч


  4. Pepi Mateo

    Por Dios como suenan los 2 monstruos!!!!! Que fusion son fascinantes..... Beth, Joe. Sublimes😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Wayne Jackson

    Sung very well, with a different twist Bravo!😊

  6. José Vilson Goulart

    Maravilhoso a banda e seus arranjos ,tudo perfeito

  7. Martin Jursik


  8. redceasar


  9. K Taruc

    Been watching this hundred times ..... Simply the most moving theme with the best vocal and guitar.

  10. fiorella fenati


  11. Jeanmi Boud

    Billie, Nina Simone, Beth sur le même piédestal et la même performance. Comme la guitare de Joe ils pleurent avec grande émotion de bien mauvaises images du racisme de certains petits esprits. Ces pleures atteignes mes tripes

  12. Cotter Polt

    This song is not to be debated but revered... listen and learn. It is meant to cause thought and love. LOVE!!! So do not feed into the divide it may speak about. Learn and feel the need to change. Love 💜💜💜💜 all have wrote and sung this song.

  13. bradley amor

    Billy holiday

  14. John Lumpp

    I’ve never heard this sung better. Amazing and haunting. Love you Beth

  15. BConText

    WOW-------------------------------------> beautiful .

  16. Mally Grover


  17. Mally Grover


  18. Empirism

    Now... This gem been hiding from me years! I couldn't even wrote a comment before the last sound fades. Frozen. This is an experience.

  19. Joseph Chester

    Well this is the first time I have head of Beth, but you better believe that I am ordering all of her cd as of this minute, I am in love with her music.

  20. gertmuziekman

    Met Blondie Chaplin(Rolling Stones)-op gitaar !!!

  21. Eugen Porembschi

    Superbă ..piesa . ..

  22. Forever Angels

    Jebana wjebała mi się bez sensu...łapa w dół i wypierdalać w podskokach

  23. Gyodofer

    extraordinario, awesome…. something dark and brillant, at the same time...tremendo

  24. Reub Pru

    Wow, that was awesome!

  25. Daniel Constantinos

    Bis bis , Joe and Beth 💞

  26. Pierre Haessler

    Un poème terrible porté par des artistes fabuleux et une interprétation sublime de beth hart!

  27. Senad Neno Kruskic

    * * * * * !

  28. girl models

    the way Billie sings is MAGICAL...that ways it's done Here is GREAT, but magic isn't there...sorry...some songs need to be left alone "classic" way.

  29. Steven Clarke

    Hauntingly perfect, as always with JB and BH

  30. robyn youlten

    Whoa Nina Simone is the ONE for this...but here Beth is right up there...stunning performance..shivers...

  31. Александр Багмет

    Талантливейший парень, главное, чтобы жил долго и создавал свою музыку

  32. Wiliam Aliaga

    Te esxiucne

    Wiliam Aliaga

    Com o tadre tener telejos

  33. Steven East

    Deeply Moving performance from Beth as usual ✓

  34. Olivier Riviere

    A beautiful and moving interpretation. Beth Hart is among the greatest female blues singers.

  35. oscar armando pinochi

    AMAZING PERFORMANCE, thanks Beth & Joe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. istvan hutter

    I simply love this song and this performance.

  37. Ricardo Galrão

    "Just" to say that this peace of art is in did a well donne master peace!! Congrets to you!! Your work allwayes inspired me, for that my truly apriciation of the work you both did all this years ! Many thanks for that !!

  38. Rick

    I does anyone do this song justice, can ever never be sung sad enough to convey the horror for those that suffered it.

  39. SuZiQCrash

    Aaaaaah BETH❤ What a MAGNIFICENT version Of this SONG! MY GOSH between your sultry voice & JOE B's wailing guitar It's NOTHING SHORT of being ABSOLUTE MAGIC!! LOVE YA BETH❤🎙💛 JOE B YOU too!! YOU created MAGIC on your GUITAR 🎸😎 💙 And OMG!!! GOOSEBUMPS ALL OVER MY BODY!!! I WANT TO THANK YOU BOTH FOR THIS "MAGICAL" SONG!!

  40. David Mark

    One word "POWERFUL" Joe and Beth wonderful Duo


    Oh God ,it is so beautiful ,it makes me cry

  42. Fran Carl

    This one will forever remind me of you, Amber.. ❤️

  43. Vessy Mink

    Epic pain. Beautiful rendition of a very real truth captured.

  44. Sopterean Marian

    E consacrată

  45. Simon Battle

    Thanks for covering this very important record so perfectly with immeasurable style and heart.

  46. The Garlock

    I like this rendition more then Nina's, but not as much as Billie"s.

  47. zbigniew ogonek

    Something beautiful !!!

  48. zbigniew ogonek

    Something beautiful !!!

  49. Mayar Eslam

    Wow just so quiete and relaxing. Also powerful voice.

  50. Marine One

    Masterful job! Having grown up in the 60's, closing my eyes and listening to Beth's words, brought tears to my eyes, despite never having witnessed what she was singing. I do remember the black and white photo's of the South depicting the body hanging from a tree. That we could do this to another human being, I imagine, The Father was crying as well! Thank you Joe and Beth for this history lesson.

  51. Polina Snegur


  52. martin timmer

    Für die Frau ,die ich liebe....😔

  53. Francis Lopez

    les 408 qui n'ont pas aimé doivent être des amateurs de rap ! comment c'est possible de ne pas apprécier ce chef d'oeuvre ? Beth est une des plus belles voix que j'ai jamais entendu et j'ai quand même 67 ans. ils sont extraordinaires !

  54. Ivan Jastreb

    Вони супер!

  55. ivonete pereira macedo

    Beth, simplesmente maravilhosa ! Que voz !

  56. Lorraine Hartwig

    Also done by Billie Holiday--love love this and Beth does it well

  57. John Lumpp

    Stunning version of a Billie Holiday classic. I loved it... I felt the pain.

  58. Blinded Christian

    Wonderful timeliness classic! If anyone wants I made a cover:

  59. Леонид Шевченко


  60. songofthemist

    perfectly preformed by all, totally heartbreaking

  61. Kerry Patterson

    Deeply satisfying music. Soulful.

  62. Aissa Brahimi


  63. Jay Burch

    You go huh the best girl on earth

  64. coda creator

    Isn't saying that Beth has no right to sing this song a demonstration of the very sort of racism it depicts? Do you haters even see the irony in your words? You should celebrate those of us who are so affected by the struggles of others that we try to bring them to light, try each in our own way to affect change.

  65. Bobbi Wolfgang

    WOW. It's rare for me to have goosebumps and shed tears simultaneously, but here I am. Her rendering of this piece is incomparable. This song rips my heart out.

  66. Paul A

    Haunting, between her voice, the music and lyrics.

  67. Gunter Weber


  68. Christine Thomas

    Now the guitar 🎸 guy perfect passion and body language of love. 👏🏼♥️🥰 we need to link up. Im a vocalist. 😘 [email protected] Check me out. Oh trust me smule is only for me to release not the real thing ✌🏼😘♥️

  69. Olivier Vanderveken

    Bonjour à ton coeur et à ton croupe mais je vous remercie de cette sensation de votre armonie excuser moi je ne sais pas l anglais mais vos notes de musique me donne plein de bonnes vérité dans mon coeur et mon esprit merci à vous et excuse moi je n'ai pas encore été à un de vos concert mais vous êtes dans mon coeur et pense à vous vous êtes super 😉👍je suis très hors du temps je travaille de nuit et difficile d être avec le temps des gens de la vie du jour. Mais merci de ta voie. Bisous pour ta voie si je peux 😉

  70. oscar armando pinochi

    Wanna eat this fruit!!!!!

  71. Victoria 66


  72. glenn murray

    Beth Hart !!!!!!!!!!

  73. glenn murray


  74. glenn murray


  75. glenn murray


  76. glenn murray


  77. mary jo Martinez

    Those instruments are weeping. Most excellent and haunting

  78. glenn murray

    Hart & BONAMASSA !

  79. Tanya Battel

    I adore this song but can only go there every now and then because I know the story. It really is genius material - oh boy.

  80. konglomerat55


  81. Victoria 66

    co za cudeńko...świetny Joe..

  82. Andrej Kazanov

    best music! best vocal! O-o-o!

  83. Olivier Vanderveken

    Bonsoir je sais pas encore se que veux dire tes paroles malheureusement mais tu as une voix qui trouble mon coeur et en plus avec les musiciens merci tu es une belle grande dame de nature merci de ta voie malheureusement je te connais seulement maintenant

    Olivier Vanderveken

    Tu es magnifique et merveilleuse tu es une belle grande dame d amour de poésie et d harmonie merci 😉

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  85. Senad Neno Kruskic

    * * * * *

  86. Kevin Marburry

    Joe is a beast!!!..

  87. jean victor prats


  88. Peter Quarmby

    Separately Beth and Joe both superb, together sublime. Unbelievably good,

  89. скр скр

    Что то парня с гитарой так корежит то как глист натуральный

    евгений шульгин

    Так это и есть великий Джо Бонамаса, ему положено так тащиться :-)

    скр скр

    @евгений шульгин понятно, он сам от себя тащится то то думаю фэйс то знакомый однако, просто не понятно было певца не впечатлила , с чего думаю он так

  90. Marine One

    I just found this and have 3 words.....OH MY GOD! I felt it, completely. From the words Beth was singing to Joe's haunting sound. Have to buy the album.


    a tune originally done by Billie Holiday in 1939

  91. liutas4x4

    Hey, YouTube, you need to put heart icon there, as FB does. "Like" is not enough.

  92. דובשי שלך


  93. Jeff Nielsen

    I don't think many artists have bared their souls like this one. Maybe it's boring to the young, as it was to my gen. I understand.

  94. jacques crochard


  95. stan .grondas

    Joe and Beth truly a marriage made in heaven.

  96. Dave Duvalier

    hard to comment this song witout getting flamed.....brilliant singing.......brilliant guitar and backing,,,,,,,total nonsense from the haters

  97. yefaircity

    I'd love to hear Beth sing " LILAC wine "