Joe Bonamassa - Oh Beautiful! Lyrics

Oh Beautiful
Oh beautiful,if you were mine
I would write you letters and pour you sweet wine
Oh beautiful why you so blue?
If you can only see the way I see you

Oh gravity weighing on my soul
Keeps bringing you round back to me
Like dirt to a stone
Oh gravity don't you ever go to sleep
Might wake up in the morning
and she'll be gone from your reach

Oh beautiful, if you were mine
I would write you letters and pour you sweet wine
Oh beautiful, why you so blue?
If you only can see the way I see you.....

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Joe Bonamassa Oh Beautiful! Comments
  1. Mičo Wikström

    Poor man's Black Dog. This guy can play but can't compose.

    Enrico Falcone

    Fool, do it better🖕

    Mičo Wikström

    @Enrico Falcone There you go:

  2. David Hacala

    Michelle Holland You Are Beautiful , Michelle I Love You Screaming French Kiss David X

  3. lanier1000

    The guitar solo is absolutely amazing yet I feel the rest of the song kinda' did not fit with the riff, or vice versa, and it also was just a bit underwhelming in terms of song structure and originality......and I did not like the production of the rest of the song....could have been better. Man, though, what a riff it was.

  4. SimpleMann7

    ❤️you are beautiful and I love you, you are my best friend❤️

  5. Rosângela Queiroz

    Jimmy Hendrix plus Robert Plant. Amazing!!!!!!!

  6. Christian Ginier

    Joe nostalgique led zeppelin

  7. Everett Patterson

    Oh Beautiful!

  8. Matthew Mwangi

    This is so Zeppelin

  9. Saff Tamry

    kinda sounds like black dog

  10. Blueaprilrain

    Joe Bonamassa is A #1 talent plus! Awesome & very sexy music!

  11. murat kuşcu

    with whiskey

    Kandy Patterson

    Yes with whiskey!

  12. Superzero Breadcrumbs

    thank you, S. R. :*