Joe Bonamassa - Miss You, Hate You Lyrics

I got a problem burning through my veins
I got a tattoo on my arm with your name
A ragin' virus burnin' through my skin
Can you tell me why this has to end?

I didn't mean to hurt anyone
I didn't mean to shed no, shed no blood yeah
Maybe I was trippin' baby, you know what I mean
Maybe that someday you'll believe in me yeah
Maybe you'll believe in me

I miss you, I hate you, 'cuz I feel you
I don't want to but I need you
I miss you, I hate you, 'cuz I feel you
I don't want to but I but I need you baby

I've been seein' demons and I've been seein' saints
I've tried pretendin' that I'm somebody that I ain't
I could be the beggar down upon his knees
But I've seen the truth - It's gonna set me free yeah
Baby you will set me free

I miss you, I hate you, 'cuz I feel you
I don't want to but I need you
I miss you, I hate you, 'cuz I feel you
I don't want to but I but I need you

I miss you, I hate you, 'cuz I feel you
I don't want to but I need you
I miss you, I hate you, 'cuz I feel you
I don't want to but I but I need you
I miss you, I hate you, 'cuz I feel you
I miss you - I miss you baby

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Joe Bonamassa Miss You, Hate You Comments
  1. Joyce Oshanek

    An oldie but a goodie! 🥰🎸❤️🥰😘😘💋🍷🎸🧢❤️🇨🇦🇺🇸💋❤️🥰🎸

  2. Giorgi Gvaramadze

    Why Joe is N1 guitarist , cos he knows that :D

  3. liselle sloan

    In his Edwin McCain/Rob Thomas period--I dig it, but he's really come into his own now!

    Mikki Fenton

    Not just me that thought this was quite Matchbox twenty ish .. still great tbh

  4. April Divine

    We've all been there. So much emotion, and was worth performing. Never boring, J.B, no way..

  5. Mikki Fenton

    I'm guessing the only director available was the guy who makes matchbox 20 videos...

  6. princesse228

    Just wowwwwwwwwww Thank You Joe ***********

  7. jonny fandango

    What ever happened to Kennedy? I helped give digital birth to this video right around 11/9. "Justin Time" s ass kept ass calling me. Then I quit the scene. Just saying ; ))x
    Great song. Great tune.


    I love joe.... but... this song is just....wrong...

  9. Merv Cann

    haaahaaaahaaaa!.... is this video from the 80's??

  10. Jon Jones

    JOE ! JOE! JOE! This is Hideous. Laying on a couch playing guitar try'ing to look Like Elvis. What are you doing?

  11. Justin Daley

    I have had Youtube playing away in the background, looping various recent Bonamassa songs and although I really appreciate his musicianship, all the things that make him great have deserted him on these tracks.
    You can do way, way better Joe.

  12. Chris

    shame on you joe for this song. i can't believe what i'm hearing now ... but i know, money doesn't stink. :)

    robert rohde

    This is a good song!

    Jon Jones

    This song sucks man.


    man this song is from 2001.

  13. Elizabeth Elmore

    too emotional

  14. Jack Flash

    Come to Argentina Joe!

    Nicolas Gonzalez Ruiz Diaz


    Camila Alvarez

    Por Favor!! somos varios apoyando el post pedido!!

    Problem Child

    yeeaahhh, la concha de la madre

    Matías Montano

    Volvé Joe, no te fajamos más!

  15. insane bob's crazy shack

    The genesis of Joe Bonamassa

  16. Mary Alarcón

    I miss you, I hate you...
    I don't want to but I need you...

    Mikki Fenton

    Right? How amazing that he was only 15 when he wrote this? He really means it

  17. jimkon1479

    What a shame MTV doesn't play music videos any more otherwise Joe would probably be a household name. It seems like no matter where you look talent isn't respected like it used to. Thank God I found him.

    Myanna Magic

    Totally agree🎸

  18. Harry Odum

    Joe has taken my Guitar playing to a hole new level your great Joe....

  19. Alison Sumner

    I hear you....

  20. Donn Russell

    Another great tune! The man, the legend Joe Bonamassa!

  21. BIGGIN mcquinn


  22. yAiRLiTmAn

    world best guitarist

    April Divine


  23. Chris Schneider

    Hammergeil. Auch live ein " must have seen"

  24. MarKuz Walach

    Disgusting! I never saw anything that ridiculous since the reunion of guns n roses.

    Steve Veasey

    You realise this is 13 years old right?


    This is from Joe's first solo album,back then,his record label wanted to market him as a ''radiofriendly'' pop-rock artist,similar to John Mayer,who just had big sucess with this style.Joe wasn't really happy,he actually left this label and went ''indie''.After that he teamed up with Kevin Shirley,they started Joe's own label and since then,he's producing/financing his albums on his own and doesn't have a label dictating him what type of music he has to make.

  25. eddievegas1

    Well Done. Heart felt.

  26. MrBelu91


  27. Diego

    The video does'nt fix with JB! Maybe some country bluesie video in some bar or that kind of stuff

  28. Pedro Henrique Brandão

    hahaha JB playing pop/rock is not good at all.. he's vibe is far away from this sort of music!


    I agree,i love Joe but this is pure shit hahahahahaa. Thank goodness he's better than this & am sure he knows this is shit too.

  29. Dee Lee

    Love it.. Bonamassa is a guitar God in my eyes.. Love his voice too! I'm a true Bonaholic! Going to see him live for the second time next month.. Can't wait!!

  30. fortressone22rr

    Joe Bonamassa -

  31. Universesurfer1

    really nice this song Joe ;) .•*¨`*•♫.•´*.¸.•´♥.♥.•*¨`*•♫.•´*.¸.•´♥ •*¨`*•♫.•.♥.•*¨`*•♫.•´*.¸.•´♥ •*¨`*•♫.•.♥.•*¨`*•♫.•´*.¸.•´♥ •*¨`*•♫.•
    LOVE PEACE & LIGHT to you with many greetings from Germany ॐ NAMASTE


    hi im from india and please dont use the om sign when you're greeting someone namaste. But thanks for trying to appreciate our culture.

  32. Bob Jackson

    Nope. Sorry dude. I LOVE me some JB, but I'm not feeling this one. I really hate to say that. Truly.

  33. Iver Klausen

    "I got a tatoo on my arm with your name"
    First mistake right Joe :-D

    Solid Radio-Rock though

  34. Rick McCargar

    That's a solid song, a good attempt to cross-over.

  35. nerrad127

    I LOVE Joe, but this is the stuff I was never crazy about. Joes my favorite, but this song just never really stuck with me.

  36. Del Rada

    another video clip with a histrionic girl!

  37. omegalast800

    Joe performed this last year at the Borderline,video on my channel and DVD coming out soon!

  38. Johnny

    I'm at where this song is... I miss you hate you!

  39. Henk Udinga

    Its good!

  40. Robert Winslade

    Actually this is from his very first album which was released in 2000 (i think). Also I would not describe it as shit just because you don't like it, I happen to love this song.

  41. Drew K

    My first car... Electra 225.... sweet...

  42. Matthew Paul

    No Woman, No Cry.doh.

  43. Magella Bourget

    toujours le son parfait

  44. tammy lynn

    I love Joe no matter what he plays. And yes, this is a younger Joe and an older song

  45. Fester Bestertester

    This song is from 2001 read much?

  46. Stefan Petersen

    If anyone's surprised by this sound, they haven't listened to So It's Like That all the way through.

  47. Steve Veasey

    I loved this when it came out and I still do now, if you play guitar its a great tune to play.. what they don't tell you is this is only half of it though, there's a really cool jam that kicks in right where the video ends

  48. Michael C

    It may not be Fender, but if thats not a Tele, then I don't know what is lol. Search for bird on a wire beacon theatre. That was recorded in 2011.

  49. Front Row Rock

    Like I said it's a YOUNG Joe. ...and he hasn't played a tele on stage in many years. This is a great song! ...and Joe wrote it. My wife loves it. I just don't want to see Joe go pop like John Mayer. Its just not him or what I percieve he wants to do. Is J&R floating the pop boat here? I hope not. I like the bluesy rock and roll that Joe plays now.

  50. Bruno Ponte

    What the hell is this? Get your blues on man!! Dont let us down!

  51. Front Row Rock

    That's a very young Joe. Pop song? WTH? I want the real Joe back. I hope he doesn't sell out like Mayer.

  52. Doug Eason

    This guy could do anything musically. He hasn't found his true groove yet. If he does... watch out.

  53. EpicAglet

    In a video somewhere he says it's his take on a pop song. It's actually a really old song that they never posted on youtube until now.

  54. Neil Grant

    christ wtf is this

  55. Rob Hens

    It's the other way around, Polo.

  56. andrew locke

    bloody hell , joe's morphed into bryan adams lol

  57. tiomintxo

    Que bonita cancion.Preciosa...
    Se me escapo una lagrimilla,acariciando mi mejilla...
    Zenkiu joe...

  58. Hjalmar De Vries

    My left ear is lonely.

  59. Johannes Klan

    i never knew that joe was making such a pop-song in some point of his work.
    it's kind of weird to see him in such a video.
    but it's a nice song. it shows where he starts in his career and what kind evolution he did to come to the music he plays now.
    very cool, that he and his team uplaod some early stuff here.

    please keep going and surprise me some more times.

  60. VinnyM8

    More 'radio friendly' but I like it!

  61. Leonardo Mirenda

    joe, what the fuck were you doing in 2000? this sound pretty stupid! well guess you just had to sell this song to teh radio, cause the rest of that album was actually nice!

  62. Polo Gama

    From blues-rock tu blues-pop

  63. Vincent Barker

    pretty damn good

  64. Craig Nutter

    Wow... Yea that good. Just wow

  65. markyncole

    cool! How old is this? Joe looks barely out of his teens in this.Wasn't even sure it was him at first. Got tickets for a November show in Florida,can't wait to see him live!

  66. María López

    me causó mucha risa el video. Joe, you're the best. love it

  67. Aleksandar Stanojkovic