Joe Bonamassa - Living On The Moon Lyrics

Hard to breath, the airs been stoler
Without my suit, blues been swollen
It's got as hades
And it ain't ever noon
'Cause hanging round with you is like living on the moon

Threw me out, guess we're even
Took me back when I was leaving
Something tells me it was all too soon
'Cause hanging round with you is like living on the moon
There are times where you're the best thing on earth
When the sun comes up we stop throwing the dirt

Hard to keep my feet on the ground
Love the ups, hate the downs
If I steer right I might make it to the dunes
'Cause hanging out with you is like living on the moon
(Oh, hit me now!)

There are times where you're the best thing on earth
When the sun comes up we stop throwing the dirt
Maybe we just need some space
I'll leave my bag here just in case
Sometimes I feel like I've been marooned
'Cause hanging out with you is like living on the moon
'Cause hanging out with you is like living on the moon

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Joe Bonamassa Living On The Moon Comments
  1. Bruno Sartoretto

    Playing like that, with that guitar tone, perfect band, sold out tickets. Must be the best feeling in the world

  2. Eric B Dailey

    Love this tune Joe. Bring it brother!

  3. Lambert Saldi

    Awesome Joe and Band 👍🤙🇺🇸
    Thank you the Vermonter

  4. Boris Markoff


  5. Bobbie Jean Barnett

    I am living there at this very moment.😞 love this tune. Stay cool🤓 i'm trying...

  6. Eddy Peynsaert

    Reese is the one, first playing with the greatest ( SRV ) and now with Joe, nice to see you busy and happy.

  7. Kurt Standiford

    I down load almost every new song from Joe I hear.
    He must have 9 pissed off girlfriends... lol

  8. Nicky B

    Awesome song! Thanks Joe!

  9. BMyVision

    WOW Almighty!!!

  10. Eric Kamov

    Joe is definitely my personal favorite blues-rock performer - bar none! - As his old late friend B.B. so aptly put it; Joe's "One Of A Kind!" . . . . . . . .

  11. Luis Grajeda

    Joe Bonamassa. The. King. 🎸✌🏼️

  12. Kathleen Brandli

    JOE RULES! ! !

  13. Florian Späth

    Joe, you are my man!!

  14. Florian Späth

    One of the best songs I ever heard!!Definitly!!

  15. Sharon Carroll

    You will always be the best thing on Earth !

  16. Perboir Moreira Filho

    In my opinion, one of the greatest guitar players of all time. And he will be only 40 years old on May 8th, 2017. So, we can wait for more, much more.....

    Philip Kraker

    Perboir Moreira Filho remember Stevie and treasure every moment!

    marta sanimill

    I started watching Joe when he was 27. Instantly I became a fan. And he just keeps evolving to better and better. I dint even think that was possible, But, "Here we are !". Love it.

  17. Jason Smith

    this guy has the best band in the world .

    Enrique Siepe

    Jason Smith yessss

  18. Jerry Morgan JR

    That 60 burst Tho...

  19. NeuGut - Erstes und Bestes

    #NeuGut recommendation for Sunday, January 29, 2017 - Straight from the moon, still pretty down to Earth blues!

  20. Baal Zephon

    Making that 1960 Les Paul cry and sing. Thanks, Joe!

  21. Blues Rain


  22. richard head

    turgut kartal its not about the look its all about the music my man. that's what's wrong with this world we focus to much on image.

  23. James Kroeger

    Another excellent song from Joe & the band!

  24. George Chapogas

    i am really glad Joe does not tune his vintage axes up a half step in the false search for better tone. It is bad for the instruments and really rather stupid. Wish i was not so old, i would like to here Joe play in his 60's. Oh well I can Listen to Robert cray.

  25. karen lehtinen

    Starting Friday off the right way

  26. johnnypk1963

    Is the Reese on the keys?!

    Florian Späth

    johnnypk1963 hahaha😂

  27. Dale Palmer

    That's some fine playing.

  28. PaulPauliePabloPaolo

    This is ridiculously good!!!!....

  29. Sharon Carroll

    Ps. You are fierce in these videos at Radio City .Love to watch.

  30. Alina S Joe!!!!💘💋

  31. MrSolardog

    Joe sure makes that Les Paul his "Bitch"

  32. Pia Sillankorva

    Great Joe Bonamassa.God Bless

  33. miguel angel rodriguez rodriguez


  34. Avinav Sharma

    This man rocks so hard.

  35. SneakyRubber

    coolest blues man in the biz, and the coolest your work my man.

  36. Turgut Kartal

    He's a great player but I just cant bear his douchebag looks

    Lorgren Benirus

    +Turgut Kartal No problem, most people don't like you either simply because you wear.. whatever you wear. Because that's the correct way to measure someone's talent. No offense really.

    Florian Späth

    Turgut Kartal Shut up you!!
    Joe looks great!
    It's classic bluesman style.

    J Knapp

    Turgut Kartal they are prescription glasses. and the lights hurt your eyes.

    Mia Schu

    Close your eyes: open your ears!

    slippery j

    Hey you guys... get a room!

  37. Sharon Carroll

    Thanks Joe and crew that was great ! Love

  38. Bill Howard

    STFU! Here comes Jo Bo...

  39. Myanna Magic

    Joe........One of these days.. muwhaa!😘 Right in the kisser 😘💥 going to send you straight to the moon" 🌝! Marry me Joe! You'll never have to put that guitar down. You can play the blues for me 24/7.. You're simply amazing. Can never get enough 🎸 Hey Reeese 🎹 Stevie's grinning down at you😎

  40. Rogue Cheddar

    I came here for my daily asskicking. I'm good to go.

    Rogue Cheddar

    myung hwa lee , well I do of course.

  41. Christian Burroughs

    I've got this album(-: Absolutely amazing what you and the whole band did in Chicago at the Greek Theater.. So friggen mind blowing.


    Great! I think Joe will get a kick out of this vid where I mention him. I put real deal 1959 Gibson pickups/harness/bumblebee pots in the cheapest production Epiphone. Don't kill me. You can hear it here and I explain:

  43. J Knapp

    YOUR SO DAMN SEXY!!! :-* Mmmmm!

    Florian Späth

    J Knapp what're you thinking about

    J Knapp

    What are you thinking about?

    Florian Späth

    J Knapp It's ok to find someone sexy but you can overdo it.😂😂

    J Knapp

    So... what are you thinking about? Besides what I think?

    J Knapp

    Florian Späth he looks like someone I know! ;-)