Joe Bonamassa - Don't Burn Down That Bridge Lyrics

You got your mind set on leavin'
Drive down a one-way street
You're gonna lock up all the doors child
Throw away the key

Don't burn down that bridge darlin'
Just might want to come back
'Cuz the grass ain't no greener
On the other side of the track

Well you counted me out
'Fore I could get you back
Today I'm drivin' a Chevrolet darlin'
Tomorrow might be a Cadillac

Don't burn down that bridge darlin'
Just might want to come back
‘Cuz the grass ain't no greener
On the other side of the track

All your so-called friends
Taught you how to cheat and lie
Now you say you're gonna jump honey
From the fryin' pan into the fire

Don't burn down that bridge darlin'
Just might want to come back
‘Cuz the grass ain't no greener
On the other side of the track

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Joe Bonamassa Don't Burn Down That Bridge Comments
  1. Diana Crow

    I wanna come back now!

  2. lorna young

    Bass hot!

  3. lorna young

    He cuts lose on this one!!

  4. Dan Greving

    Damn Joe know’s how to back up a bass player!!

  5. Ari Mervi

    That bass player is a BADASS!

  6. Eric B Dailey

    That was saved to favorites! Guitar and bass combo. That reminds me of Red Barchetta from RUSH.
    Great song. Peace

  7. Matthew Francis

    best bass I have ever heard
    rock on

  8. RPG 808

    I have seen Czar playing with Eric Gales and a few other great guitarists since they scratched this band. Best trio ever! Come on Joe, one more tour with Kenny and Eric!

  9. Enrique Siepe

    A 12 nabos sordos no les gusta esta maravilla

  10. Ron White

    I seen him in ft Myers 2 years ago great show 😎✌️

  11. Curtis Kokko

    Wicked bass shred!

  12. elena skrypnikova

    passionfull , like burning volcano ! Perfect

  13. Armando V2

    Eric Czar goes Primus LOL

  14. rino taroni

    Wow , Alwais Fantastik Song (y)

  15. Glenda J

    One he-lava trip..

  16. Mikki Fenton

    OMG joe
    Kevin Shirley ruined you!

    this shit right here is what you have to do!!!!

  17. kerschnerracing


  18. gusthebroken2

    Instead of playing amazing grace, you are playing amazing Base and that is quite acceptable to me as a musician :)~to the base player ~and The rest of you know that you are super musicians as well! It's the combination of all your talents that makes this musical performance amazing .And to Heck to those that don't appreciate you all !

  19. Chob Rapman

    A get he's hired Michael roaheds to play with him but this guy is way better

  20. RPG 808

    It is a given JB is a killer guitarist, but Czar is fucking amazing. First time I have seen this vid and that solo was and epic testament to what a power trio of this caliber is capable of doing. I would like to see these guys get together for another concert. JB's current band is outstanding, but I have to say this band is far better. Eric and Kenny are still out there doing their's possible.

  21. Karoly Wetzel

    Na a basszusszóló igazán megfogott!

  22. Mykoe9

    Joe-always excellent, bass guitarist(Eric Czar)way way way too good, I love it. Drummer, right up with the bass player(Kenny Kramme)super players one and all. I love this band like this. Even better in my opinion than Black Country Communion. Eric Czar kicks ass.


    Yeah, I agree with you, it was very energetic, but I think they're going in a different direction, and want the spotlight to be on Joe most of the time, that's why they're not around Joe anymore. I think that's the reason Arlan Schierbaum isn't with him anymore either.


    Yeah, Joe looks younger in this vid, like this was maybe 3-4 years ago. And I believe you're right about centering around Joe, actually as it should be. He's a great guitarist period. He deserves his own band that stays out of the light so he can shine more. BUT! He also goes and does this Black Country Communion thing, which is really, really good, but I think, if I had my way about it, I would have him do this thing instead, as a side project. In my honest, humble opinion it is better. More exciting, to me. Just to me.


    This is footage from 2001., 16 years ago, quite a few line ups changed since then. Now it's more about Nashville/Hall of Fame lineup.


    @Drachot Oh, ok, got it. Still really good band. The old guy keyboard player is really good and the drummer also. Oh yeah, I also like the Hammond B3 player.

  23. cruiser

    joe's come a long way from dancing girls and strobe lights.


    He needs to go back...

  24. David Geschke

    Anyone know who the drummer is on this clip?...


    This was one of the best power trios ever - Joe Bonamassa guitar/vocals, Eric Czar bass, Kenny Kramme drums.

  25. TheKille22

    Man I really want to learn the solo on bass here...

  26. Théophile Leroy


  27. Don Hess

    Joe gave the stage to the bass-man and the Universe gave Joe that last riff--that's positive sum playing.

  28. bsdraven

    I do believe it's a true testament of talent when Joe bonamassa steps to the side and let's someone go for it. I like his current bassist but this guy is freakin amazing. Ib a side note this song has one of the best solos ever.

    Geo L

    @bsdraven I thought Jaco Pastorius had come back to

  29. Alison Sumner

    Gone all warm.  Letting the dogs out.  Gonna Howl with them i think.  blimey!

  30. Alison Sumner

    Building bridges  :D

    Alison Sumner

    Always here...

  31. Greg Kelley

    Don't Burn Down That Bridge!!!!

    Greg Kelley

    I'm kinda' going through some bad time myself. It's probably more me. Like I said Dude sorry!!!! I've been in a lot of pain for the last several months and at times I can't keep it all together. I'll take the hit on this one. Hey anytime I can help you let me know.

    Greg Kelley

    I do, when it comes to music my friend, play what your heart tells you to play!! We all go through changes, as musicians we're know to be moody, it's one of our things!!!! I've been in a lot of different venues. at one time I thought there was only one type of music, as I got older I found out what music really is. It is a sharing of what your heart tells you to play. Hey Man a good song is a good song. Life is a song, no matter what happens, there's a song in there somewhere. Learn how to express what your heart tells you. And by the way I shared a part of my life that i haven't told anyone else. (the pain). Let's keep that between You and I.

    Greg Kelley

    @Jason Harris OOPS, I was going through email, I don't think most people will open all the post. Hey!!!! Stupid me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Greg Kelley

    What have you written My Friend????? Now you have sparked my interest!!!!!!!!

  32. Randall Landfair

    +++++++------} Love when Joe gets his iron rock panty's on! Rock On!!!!!!!

  33. Mathi De Pauw

    That performance is fucking INTENSE

  34. Kevin Carmody

    hifrommes hi yaall great overalls band ooooo bass player fanty///TI //TANTIC YERRRRR W O WS

  35. Bruce Blake

    damn even the loose shit is clinically perfect.......

  36. Douglas Staggs

    KICKS BUTT!!! Man, your voice has great timbre. Your bassist is amazing! I love to hear it be played like a lead guitar, but heavily, like that.  

  37. abnzg

    Was this video sponsored by Philip Morris or something? Cigarettes on stage = huge turnoff.


    Seriously? so you dislike every gig before the 2000's?


    Who cares? It's THIS gig from the 2000s where it looks disgusting. The bass player stopping a solo to light up? What a hack poser, no wonder his ass got fired.

    Nikolaj Petronijevic

    @abnzg Shut the fuck up man ,Eric Czar is master , he can do anything he wants , and you can only sit behind your computer and talking about what is , and what isn't right !  


    abzng, you must be soooo rock n' roll


    @abnzg I think it looks pretty boss

  38. Mickey Thomas

    This is the band he should have kept together......

  39. Filip Guidee

    I love this

  40. Fred Stuckmann

    Great bass solo, and overall performance.


    One of the best bassists I have ever seen.

  41. Rob Vandenbroucke

    Heerlijk Rocken...

  42. Kirk Lundgreen

    Awesome Bass.  Joe always great!!  What year was this?  

  43. MrBelu91


    Prohászka Béláné

    Szuper! Kössssssssz!

  44. seppo jalkanen

    thats fine

  45. Rikard Øien

    It doesn't have active pickups. It's a Eric Clapton signature with normal passive single coils.

    ElPocho DelMundo

    Sorry, can you guys explain?  My son's the electric guitarist in the family, I thought all electric guitars had pick ups???

  46. DavidSJ

    Couldn't imagine Joe playing a guitar with active pickups today...


    They're stock Lace Sensor Golds - plain old passive single coil pickups.

  47. Jose Roig

    Saw JB in Roanoke last week. It was awesome! This song kicks it!

  48. lkguitar2000

    Joe you clame that B.B King is the king of blues...well I think YOU are the king of blues!!!

  49. AdieJ62

    He is called Eric Czar. Awesome bassist. Check out his own stuff on YT.

  50. Bob Juarez

    Absolutely some of the best from Joe. He is on fire!!

  51. David Williams

    Simply the best!

  52. Thierry Chartier

    Vivement le 4 mars !!! En espérant un bassiste du meme accabit

  53. muddywood

    My favorite JB band.

  54. Curso de Contrabaixo Online - Túlio de Melo

    Muito bom!

  55. Christoph Parzer

    great sound,great guy,greets from vienna

  56. Arizona Kelly

    Wow Smokin Joe doing the Eddie Van Halen cigarette on the head-stock ... bet that doesn't happen on the 59 bursts ... This is the best performance I have seen yet ... Bring this Joe back ....and that Bass player too ... Holy Cow can that cat play ....

  57. Susan Ribble

    Love it! Joe B in his younger, wilder daze.... and Eric Zsar's puts on a great show, 2!

  58. Mikes Place

    Still listening! :)

  59. Alexandre Santos

    Raw Bonamassa... Very energetic. Cool

  60. Beeldekens

    And do also de vocals.

  61. Beeldekens

    Dit wordt mijn volgende CD van Joe Bonamassa in de reeks.
    Ik krijg er niet genoeg van, fantastisch!
    Groeten uit Antwerpen (Belgium)

  62. TheManMachine

    Just for your Information: Eric Czar is the one on the bass. And you should check out his channel!

  63. leonel martinez

    i was thinking, why the guitar sounds so good?
    then i saw the strato ;)

  64. Andrew Crane

    holy crap what year was this? its so good! BLUES ROCK!

  65. Deborah Bolles

    Bass it dude!! Awesome!!!

  66. Rz-Kun

    THIS is the best fase of Joe Bonamassa...Old Times...

  67. ledballone

    hope you pass the audition

  68. Humble Trekker

    joe only plays guitar

  69. Tojoker1994

    ^what an insanly amazing baseplayer! I dont share much videos on facebook... but this one earned it!

  70. Sidious1

    Wheres the Les Paul and Suit???

  71. Blues Man

    Joe do you smoke ?

  72. msnrc

    Great solo by Eric Czar!

  73. Pedro Henrique Brandão

    Oh man, this bass player is from another world!