Jody Watley - The Passion Lyrics

A passion for living, a passion for life

You came into my life
When I was lost and all alone
With no one to call my own
You made me feel alive again
You've got me burnin' up, burnin' up, burnin' up, yeah
Burnin' up, burnin' up, burnin' up, yeah yeah


You made me feel alive again
Live a life again
It's fire

The passion
The passion

I've been in love before
And you're more than just a friend
I never thought that I'd love again
But my heart is burnin' for you
Your love is full of fire
Burnin', only you I desire


You made me feel alive again
Live a life again
It's fire

A passion for living, a passion for life
The passion
A passion for living, a passion for life
The passion

Take this out, listen
Love is a journey that takes us through life's ups and downs and highs and lows
Love is a desire that burns inside of each and every one of us, you see we all need love
So on this journey called life we celebrate and learn from each other's differences
As we continue to be full of fire, full of life

The passion
The passion
Love is journey
The passion
The passion

You made me feel alive again
Live a life again
It's fire
You made me feel alive again
Live a life again
It's fire, fire

The passion
A passion for living, a passion
The passion
A passion for living, a passion for life
Keep the passion burnin' bright

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Jody Watley The Passion Comments
  1. sandra c

    Super song. I love you Jody.

  2. El Hombre Negro

    Jody is still my everything with the joy she bring she is my everything Jody, Jody, Jody...

  3. dee

    Luvvv thisss 🎵💃😘

  4. jamesdavidkmoss

    This is rubbish,sorry

    Jody Watley

    jamesdavidkmoss Lol .. it’s a song about living life with passion that struck a sour note with you .. not that it matters to you beyond loving the song with a positive message and the atmosphere of the video - it’s super special we were in heavy rotation on Soul radio in the U.K. .. Top 3 and the previous single “The Mood” at 2 not an easy feat to launch a new group.. throughout my career I’ve always understood nothing I do is for everyone in a career with longevity - decades. True to myself .. I’m good with that! Much love. Onward as I continue to be full of love, full of life, fire .. passion .. and beyond! 💃🏾✨Wishing you the same.


    @Jody Watley thanks for you reply,they is no sour note,i just don't like the song,same old same old and boring tbh.eoungh said.

    Jody Watley

    Maybe my next song I will title “They Can All Kiss My Ass” a celebration of being badass and living life dedicated to naysayers - maybe get a rapper to kick a verse or two? I’m
    always doing different things - and there’s nothing like to this in the Jody Watley catalog actually and in an era of few feature group / band projects as well, nothing same ole - but stay tuned lol and thanks for the visit and views - much love! Not mad at all, and I’m ok with being boring. Like Lizzo - I’m 100 % that B*tch 😘💃🏾 Keep your passion burning bright!

  5. Lakesha Finney

    Yesss. Boo it nice loving it it almost jazz effect with a twist of a r and b funk all yall guys ❤ love it

  6. C Charles

    Classic Jody.......

  7. Chanel Rogers

    And Jody Watly still have that light soft pretty voice Beautiful Voice 👍Much Respect ❤️

  8. Chanel Rogers

    Jody Watly still looks beautiful I love her since I was a kid


    Love this style of music, excellent song.

  10. Love Yu2

    ❤ This... ❤ Yu JWatt..! ❤ those signature JODY Watley Poses throughout the video..❤

  11. Kesha Green

    I’m feeling love ❤️ again definitely...

  12. Paulette Newman

    Love the vibe. Thanks for the great music.

  13. Rayko Blue

    That's a sexy song. Smooth & mellow.



  15. Elias Oke'anos

    Having been a Jody fan from the Shalamar day’s, I knew I was gonna vibe with this track. But then *BAM*! Jody and SRL hit us with the delicious aural vibes and video. I’m all about diversity from race to age to individual styles. Magical! I’m so glad you’re still in it, Jody! Much love from SF 💙

  16. Travon Jones

    Do it Jody! I love her music

  17. game boy love

    I been a fan since "I'm looking for a new love."

  18. star killer

    Keep pushing girl...35 years plus!!!

  19. Terelon

    Very nice💗

  20. Lando CalrisiaN

    Jody, I think this style of music is your sweet spot. It's so dope and chill.

  21. Thunkle

    Just heard this on "Smmoth Jazz Global Radio" !!!! LOVE IT !!

  22. mreynol1

    What happened to Rosero? He's not in the facebook pics you all post anymore....

    Alice N Wonderworld

    Jody Watley trolls....they entertain me so. All that this guy mreynol1 is saying is really silly, borderline stupid. He only liked your first two albums but hated...well, not hate but wasn't a fan of all the rest but posting under an SRL single, asking questions of a group member, saying the other member voice is good. That would be like me saying "I liked the first season of the Walking dead, but never watched any other season" but start talking about characters of the present season but for me it was your others material that followed, Especially 'Midnight Lounge" lime the cuts "whenever" such a great inspirational house song and "Clouds" which is so foretelling of this troll, a cloud that loves to bring you down but not even the inquisitive manner of this troll can do so. He's says he's a fan of only your first two albums but commenting under a SRL thread did he get lost from the Jody Watley and Jody Watley's Larger than life YouTube thread? Did his GPS stop? Lol. Yes Miss Watley as I said Midnight Lounge was my album it was such a great storytelling disc and on point to where i was in life. I still play "Whenever" when I'm getting ready to hit the clubs. I also love Waiting on vain. Girl, yoy captured the perfect romantic essence Mr. Marley missed and the video was the icing on the cake and I'll have two slices! Lol! Miss Jody Watley keep working us and you have my unlimited support!

    Jody Watley

    Alice N Wonderworld They are trolling / shading me so they won’t .. 😎😘


    @mreynol1It didn't take long for you to show your true colors. You're a nosy troll.

    Jody Watley

    mosue Exactly lol .. a non fan (liked nothing since 89, it’s like if I shopped at store once decades ago I’m not a customer lol .. Ias I said to him or her I’m fine if they only liked my first two albums and not sure why they even be curious about this project.. and asking when our album is coming but yet watching FB posts but asking questions under a video from 2018 .. about what’s going on in 2019 — it’s clear what’s going on here. I’m like Alice why ask FB questions on Youtube? 🤔.. — basically a watcher / trolling you’re right. If he’s a fan of Rosero’s he should already be following him. Rosero has pages on Instagram (tophatro), Twitter and Facebook, as I mentioned. Rosero also has his own YouTube channel for his choreography. You can comment on my page and posts anytime, and anyone saying get off their post is incorrect, I have control over this page and thread and delete or ban if I choose, but I know trolls, naysayers, the curious (some people pretend to care to get a better seat .. great quote) always return one way or another. I appreciate your love and support! 🌹❤️🎶 Good vibes and like the song message here’s to living life with passion! 🔥🎶


    @Jody Watley, Well said! Thank you. My pleasure. I'm a long time supporter.

  23. Vegan Vocalist

    Well sista that scenery and apartment is ALMOST as beautiful as you and your voice , great video and LOVE the song ;D hugs from us here in Cornwall, UK <3

    Jody Watley

    Vegan Vocalist Thank you so much!! ❤️

  24. Raymond Hanson

    😮 wow best track I’ve heard all year so far JW is a true diva in her own right, amazing track the feeling fr listening to this is very spiritual and deep love you JW keep driving us you💋💋

    Jody Watley

    Raymond Hanson Thank you!! ❤️🎶

  25. Angel Nichole

    Great Vibe!


    Love this new vibe Jody Watley! It’s 🔥 🔥 🔥

  27. teotwaki

    Jody! So glad you are still bringing musical joy to my life. I heard you first on the radio in '78 and I've enjoyed looking back on all of the videos of your great singing and dance moves. This new song is a great addition to your career.

  28. Crystal Swirlz

    Glad she is♥️♥️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 still doing her thing! Im a huge fan since the 80's.grew up on her....she is still sexy! Go Jody!

  29. Glasshouse Chevy

    I like this jody watley i c u still at it lookin fine and thick with so much rythem dont stop baby..god bless!

  30. aer2222222

    Oh shit! Let's hear it for some grown up R&B !!!

  31. SHEIJUDAH's point of view

    💗 Jody you look great . Go girl.

  32. Angie Hayward

    Nice 😘

  33. Lamar Coaston Jr

    Like Woah!

  34. UrbanVideoPlus

    Jody was one of my first celebrity crushes as a teenager, and she still looks and sounds great decades later 😀👍

  35. Ashonti Williams

    Bad ass end of summer jam.I can't get enough of The Passion!!!!

  36. Jerry Mcgee

    Jody has a inspirational song and it's fire!

  37. Kim Bossing

    Love the "Full of Fire" references ...

    Jody Watley

    Kim Bossing I wrote the lyrics to “Full of Fire” and lyrical melody and it is a tiny nod but created a new song entirely - a passion for living and life! I’m so happy about the success of the single in the UK and breaking a new group as a side project to my ongoing solo career!

    Kim Bossing

    Jody Watley I absolutely love the song and its vibe and message. Thanks for sharing.

  38. Johan Gruijters

    Soo good to see you back Jody

    Jody Watley

    Johan Gruijters I never left.. you may have simply been missing my music releases, videos etc solo .. this group project began 4 years ago.

  39. Sunshine Davis

    #1HitNation On Fleek

  40. slakhe

    Love this new tune by Jody Watley - so addictive ! x

  41. immasoxfanbaby

    just remember I help u

  42. Christina Beasley

    Magnanimously Awesome!!💖

    Jody Watley

    Christina Beasley Thank you!

  43. James Laudat

    Hi there it's us James and Josie Laudat who loves this video.

    Ken Chambers

    Did you date her ?

  44. CelibateN LovinIt

    Jody, you've inCREASED in sexiness as time goes on. Stay mature and beautiful inside and out. Peeeeace!!💋💜💋💜💋💜💋💜💋

  45. Teff Majeye


  46. Dr. Emory Carl Sims

    That is beautiful.

    Jody Watley

    Dr. Emory Carl Sims Thanks so much! Good vibes and here’s to living and life!!

    Dr. Emory Carl Sims

    You're welcome Mrs. Watley.

  47. immasoxfanbaby

    nice the song have meaning of what passion can do

  48. immasoxfanbaby

    ok back at it. Great Ms. watley. U are truly one of the long time forces in music who keep balance in the World

  49. Gloria Sanchez

    My Jam!! Felicidades on the success from a longtime fan and now a fan of SRL and everything yall are doing. You are a true music icon already and a smart woman, my shero!!

  50. Jesus Will Reign

    Love your music Jody.

    Jody Watley

    Ancestral Mage That’s a general comment and thank you - however main thought “.. hmm but did you watch this you like this song..this new music.. this new group project..did you get this message, are you living your passion???” That’s what this video and song is about..much love to you. Live life and keep your passion for life burning bright - that’s what we’re doing ✨

  51. tejayeee

    I love this

  52. Howard Ingram

    This is really nice! I love it! I like the nod to "Full of Fire!" I am ready for the whole album!

  53. Scott Taylor


  54. Scott Taylor


  55. Terry Wells

    Love this beautiful Video.SRL Rocks.Miss Watley looks absolutely beautiful.

  56. robotmanize

    DEAR MS JODY WATLEY...its BERNIE... thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to recognize me. I am a super fan of yours.May GOD BLESS SRLs musical Journeys in great success!!! This song is so BEAUTIFUL!!

  57. NYMets73

    This is good music.

    Jody Watley

    nymet2454 Thank you! SRL stands for Soul Revolution and Love! Here’s to living life and quality music 😊❤️🎶

  58. Tealicious 587

    I like this !

  59. The APX

    Gorgeous video!!!

  60. Scott Taylor



    Love it, beautiful video, beautiful song .......And beautiful people, watching this video, with Jody performing with to other fine gentlemen takes me back to the 80's when she was a part of Shalamar ................Love you Jody.

  62. Jeroen Hage

    Jody , heard this song is doing great in Europe , sending loveable vibes to you from Holland , please come and visit soon !

  63. Redd Blitz

    Smooth cool vibe

  64. Samuel Peters

    Absolutely Great song and vibe! Exactly what is needed these days is REAL MUSIC, with a positive [email protected] vibe that everyone ...and I do mean EVERYONE can enjoy!! Nice job Mz Jody!

    Jody Watley

    Samuel Peters Yesss-Thank you so much!

  65. B-Town CHILL

    U got me burnin up
    Burnin up
    Burnin up

  66. victornewman06

    I see you, Jody!

  67. Levenda Barrow

    Jody is Legendary!!!

  68. mreynol1

    Nate Allen Smith sounds really good here...he can really sing!


    Nate sounds great on every single they've released.

  69. Riqeee Musiq

    Beautiful track Jody loving it.... much love and respect from an old fan from the beginning of your musical journey ….smiles from South Africa ………..your voice is still amazing like when you were much younger … like a good wine wink wink

  70. Michael Casagrande

    Somehow I knew you weren't done with GREAT music from back in the day with Shalamar to today you again have evolved!!! BRAVO Jody!!! Much Love!!😀😀😀😀😀

  71. John Doe

    Still BEAUTIFUL 💜

  72. B-Town CHILL

    Top 60
    Shouldve been more like top 20

  73. Dank sanatra old red eyes

    Got to love her 70's till now wow

  74. Jetina Benimon

    as always....

  75. Alice N Wonderworld

    Can’t stop bumping this’s got me burning up this is real R&B. I’m proud to be a Jody Watley and SRL fan. Wattage!🔥

  76. Ryan Ralley

    Splendid job by Jody Watley and SRL delivering another hit jam. I’m digging on this. Nice groove mellow beat and liking even more that it debut on the UK Soul charts at #22
    Lol....many peps thought this wouldn’t work! 😏

  77. B-Town CHILL

    Nice n smooth
    Its n rotation

  78. Jody Watley

    The message is in the music and it won’t be for everyone. Proud the single was our second U.K. Soul Chart Top 3 Single. Vibration received. SRL - starting a much needed soul revolution of love, a reminder to live life with passion, cherish each day and those you care about. ❤️Jody Watley & SRL


    Hey Girly . keep rockin it! Much love Jody ...

    Demetrius Stanford

    I couldn't have said it better myself JW,music has always been capable of being spiritual,loving, positive & uplifting when it comes from a heart that has those qualities & its capable of being a weapon as well to destroy those same qualities..its nice to see you're still on the healing side


    Jody Watley: This is definitely 1 of the BEST smooth jazz songs did it again...big congrats...people these days don't realize that having a Jazz upbringing and mindset is half the way to be well succeeded in music...please go on and bring the SOUL (music) back!...

    Cooking with Afton

    Song is 🔥🔥

    Janelle Speaks

    you look amazing. Sound amazing. This is dope.

  79. davinci barnette

    You betta keep on keeping on Miss Jody Watley & SRL. Yes. The Passion. You've got me burnin' up, burnin' up, burnin' up. Yeah!!

  80. The R&B Music Room

    Bravo👍🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽, I'm proud 2 be a fan of JWSRL, y'all did that ish, song & video is🔥🔥🔥🥃🚬

    Kings & bonafide Queen of Cool, smoothed out on an R&B tip, steppin into the weekend

    Jody Watley

    The R&B Music Room Thank you so much!! We really appreciate your support, it’s a new soul revolution!

    The R&B Music Room

    Jody Watley thx 4 the luv👊🏽 The missiles have been launched in the new soul revolution with this undeniable groove🥂

  81. Loretta De Herrera

    💘 💘 💘

  82. Biprov

    Congrats on another yet another hit! Top 30 already on the British UK Soul Charts. It wouldn't be a surprise to see this smooth groove gaining some traction on the Billboard Adult R&B Charts as well. Love the tune, been on repeat since its release!! <3

  83. Rickstaa Dj

    What a fucking track...bring that beat back.

  84. AmmoShockTroop

    This is some seriously smooth shit.

  85. Brian Jacobi

    Love the song. Tired of dude hiding under the shadows of his hats like some young thug. He needs a new image for the group.

    Keith Coates

    Why is hats bothering you, It don't have nothing to with u. People are so fucking judgmental about others get a life. I'm sure there's something that you can improve on.

  86. Brian Jacobi

    Love the song. Tired of dude hiding under the shadows of his hats like some young thug. He needs a new image for the group.

  87. Tim Williams

    Man, this song is bumping. That guitar is no joke and Jody and crew is bring back sensual soul music (back in the day - preferably the 90's) and I am digging it - shovel and all!!!

  88. Karter Louis

    love it!! & Go SRL. JODY!! inspiring me STILL!!

    Jody Watley

    Karter Louis Thank you!

  89. Scott H

    I was so excited when this popped up, but I’m not really feeling it. Still love ya Jody

    Scott H

    Keith Coates ~ And you took the time to reply to my comment. Who cares what you think, won’t lose a wink of sleep worrying about what you think of my comment!

    Keith Coates

    Wow, What a child like comment, Just saying negative comments why post it, you're not feeling the song, as an artist who would want to hear that. Remember little boy, your parents probably told you if you don't have something nice to say then don't say anything.

    Scott H

    Keith Coates ~ Who you calling a little boy? I was born in 1968 you moron!

    Hit Man

    @Scott H I’m curious to know what is it about this song you’re not feeling? To laid back? The groove is inlock to deep for you? Or the meaning of the Passion you just have not discovered in life to understand this vibe yet? Which is it? Generally, when someone has a disdain for something, someonenor a situation there’s a simple reason of explanation so can you elaborate?

    Hit Man

    @Keith Coates some people negative comments can be like the Sixth sense....don’t even know they’re dead when they comment!😂 ol’ boys comment was very childish!

  90. Sandra Green


  91. Kevin Coleman

    This video is Beautiful and Sexy. I can't stop watching it. Much Love <3 Jody and SRL

  92. mosue

    This song is a real masterpiece! I adore this beautiful video. It makes me so happy. Jody, Nate, Rosero you all came through AGAIN!

  93. Millie Peede


  94. william scott

    I love it. And you Ms Jody.

  95. Max Papette

    Just passionately wonderful!!

  96. Eric Riley

    Oh my God. This is beautiful. The intro, harmonies, diverse faces, sweet lyrics. That guitar!! It's likes a 4th sweet voice singing throughout. And JODY -- a timeless and plaintive quality to her voice that gets me every time... every time. So many cool releases these past couple of years, all so different. I feel like Prince would've loved this, for some reason. Buying tonight. You are a treasure, Jody.

    Jody Watley

    Eric Riley Thank you so much! Levi Seacer is on guitar - he’s an original Prince & NPG member and has shared many stories with me of how Prince appreciated my artistry and songwriting-needless to say that’s awesome. With this project and everything I do it’s rooted in love, passion, soul and fearlessness and hopefully inspires others too! Much love ❤️

  97. Filiberto

    Ms. Watley and SRL, still bringing the real expression of R&B soul! Awesome video!

  98. Hopeful

    The video is finally here. Nice work...and Rosero is still GORGEOUS.

  99. Sunshine Davis

    #1HitNation On Fleek

  100. Sidique Geloo

    I think the song is a little bit dragging.... You created Rihanna, so it wouldn't be bad if your style went a little bit her away, after all you birthed her whether she knows it or not

    Hit Man

    How is the song dragging? It’s a mid tempo stepping song so can you explain!
    In my opinion it’s fresh, new and different. I agree with you, and many of the Jody Watley fans will too that Jody gave birth to many of these young artists (which your analogy of Rihanna has nothing to do with the song or video) but Jody’s GPS has covered many spectrums of Music if you were expecting her to repeat what others are duplicating that would be a major fail in you thinking so.
    This summer Feel-good groove is something new and fresh from she and her new group SrL that has already gathered speed on the UK music chart which is just one more ‘accomplishment feather’ in Jody’s creative hat for doing something no other woman in the music biz has set out to do and that was to create a new group from the ground up obtaining hit music and recognition and respect from major press. I do agree that Jody’s been a major influential figure for our young major artist such as Rihanna and others but why should Jody have to mimic the young singer when she was the one who created the blueprint!

    Hit Man

    I suppose you thought at the time of its release the Sade single “Your love is king” was dragging, but regardless of what amateur music critics thought, it too, was a hit as well!
    Jody Watley, you and SrL keep doing what you’re doing. Everyone is not going to be receptive to brilliance, but neither did the haters agree with Einstein’s theory of relativity But he’s known as one of the worlds greatest Genius So I think you three are in good company!

    Eric Riley

    SMH. Look deeper.

    Sipping n Sewing with Stevie

    U obviously don’t know genuine authentic music.... or anything about the Icon Jody Watley... U must b a new wanna b fan... this is a mid tempo positive groove n yes she gave birth to all the new n old girls who has bit n complimented her style... so my suggestion go u is to do more research on music... and Jody!!!..#thepassion