Job For A Cowboy - Unfurling A Darkened Gospel (Live) Lyrics

Propel this solitary man in front of us with his corrupted global agenda muttering into his ears.
Corporate money stuffed into his pockets to spread his darkened gospel.
In the past the crowned once held the covenant to shape and develop a better world.
Their influence and supremacy built by generating optimistic and confident perception offerings to their herds of sheep.
Time repeats itself and outspoken pledges continue not to succeed, the people have renounced their trust in ideologies.
Safety and protection is the contemporary vow for the role that will reinstall masterdom and control.

Corporate money stuffed into his pockets to spread his darkened gospel.
In the past the crowned once held the covenant to shape and develop a better world.
To rescue us from uncertainty and peril that we are visionless to see or interpret,
A threat that evidently needs to be fought in a manufactured, waged war,
A vile misconception that has unfurled unquestioned
while being exaggerated and disfigured (and disfigured.)

Their influence and supremacy built by generating optimistic and confident perception offerings to their herds of sheep.
A threat that evidently needs to be fought in a manufactured waged war.
A vile misconception that has unfurled
unquestioned while being exaggerated and disfigured

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Job For A Cowboy Unfurling A Darkened Gospel (Live) Comments
  1. Mr. White

    Who introduces themselves as being from a continent? Unless it's Australia that's just weird.

  2. s o n o f a m a c h i n e g u n

    This is what hope in humanity sounds like.

  3. Juan Caceres

    Shit. This is the type of song pretty much get closer to what they're playing nowadays, reminds me of Sun Eater.

  4. Guntur Sasongko

    I'm laughing, why am i laughing?

  5. Paulo Alexandria

    Good times!

  6. Matt Ball

    This is still my favorite performance by anybody lol jonnys vocals were disgusting in this video, love it!

  7. Dirty Dan


  8. Aguiliu Pamei

    Sounds Better without vocal.. Awesome drumming 👍

  9. Reza Ruki

    Dat red shirt guy 0:51 lol , this song is fucking great but Jonny voice is kinda funny

  10. Reza Ruki

    is he still can pre heat pizza rolls pre heat almost done?

  11. Faster Days

    Aldous Snow?

  12. Cloud Above

    SpongeBob shit

  13. Oreoman

    This is fucking sick. Job For A Cowboy are awesome.

  14. Schectler

    This video is so awkward like it seems overdubbed imo

    Cody Mitts

    It's mixed really awefully, that's all, unless you're talking about the audio sync.

  15. Leo

    These guys are amazing live!

  16. Matt Ball

    this is def my favorite jfac live song haha fuck everybody hatin on it, his vocals are disgustingly awesome in this vid!

  17. Lucifer Arise

    what the hell ? he literally sounds like a pig getting it's intestines ripped out its ass. i like the studio version better

    Matt Ball

    Baroque Bastard this is the most grotesque version ever i love it haha

  18. Derek Skala

    is it me or does the vocalist sound like doodlebob from SpongeBob on his highs lmao

    alex gonzalez

    hhahahahhahahaahahaha u r right man


    Personally his highs takes the vibe from the band, is like squeaky noise when a heavy object is moved unexpected. The drummer J Rice, makes this band interesting, he's tremendous \m/

    Dark Jedi

    LMAO! I just died

  19. xfernydrummerX

    horrible high pitch live vocals

    Dylan Russell

    +xfernydrummerX watch his performance at the mitch luker memorial. They were crazy good


    +Dylan Russell will do, after all we all have bad days!

    Siegbert schnösel

    Yeah i really dont understand why he does not stick to the lows. His lows are great, even live. Anyway best part of jfac is by far the drummer

    Matt Ball

    They sounded awesome lol hard to get that much voice in those kinda screams, sounds sick af

  20. myearshurt Noone

    lol 1:22 like one girl and the creepy guy behind her

  21. Sakk 96

    wait, this is live?!?!?!?!?!?! sounds way too awesome

  22. Robert Butcher

    Vocals really aren't as bad live as everyone makes them out to be. They're pretty weird but cool haha

  23. Kasim Malik

    0:14 LOL XD

  24. David Sanders

    Oh my god! Johnny Davy and his band members have talents!
    Love that drummer!

  25. Into The Mountains Of Arklay

    @scythelore he didnt leave, they kicked him out because he had a bad drug problem. at least thats what jonny has stated in interviews.

  26. Thiago Portal


  27. Deathgrind Spazzoid

    The lows are great but the screams could use some improvement.

  28. Charls Epstein

    1:20 guy in bottom left corner has a seizure

  29. kiastoys

    definitely a really bad vocal day,, i watch them a few years ago here in MTY N.L Mexico and his voice hears like a real old monster

  30. boofmcgee1

    Dos vocals awwwww :D

  31. Joormachien

    maybe he has a bad vocal day? and yes those days are real xp sucks tough

  32. Vicente Semenuk

    Best vocals.

  33. Frank Perkins

    it sounds sick on the recordings though lol

  34. brandon yates

    Just met these guys after their set at Mayhem on Friday. They all were really cool. I got a picture and autographs on some merch I bought. They killed their set in a really good way :)

  35. sandor319

    Work out for a cowboy?

  36. CoHxUnLoaDz98

    They are!! Just saw them live earlier today at mayhem was such a big ass mosh pit

  37. 23zombieking

    Holy shit his vokills sound so brutal

  38. Casey Harper

    Such an insane fucking voice, i can only hope to b that good someday

  39. MrBrutaldeath95

    highs are fucked but the lows are tasty

  40. dwnmk4

    What in the fuck? The vocals are... wtf?

  41. Eyðun í Geil Hvannastein

    0:12 that old man in the pit \m/

  42. Austin Travis

    Hahaha oh god, the guy at 1:21

  43. Jordy Galeana

    What Is He Saying xD

  44. Riley Wilson

    I dont think I like this

  45. shuster2186

    Hopefully his high pitch doesn't sound like that live..

  46. Adeptify

    saw them live some months ago, they are fucking awesome !

  47. Ben Burke


  48. Harley Johnson

    Omg hes so sqeeky i just died alittle

  49. David Ysasi

    whoever says they suck live is fucking crazy. this is amazing.

  50. gematria696

    are you freaking deaf?

  51. Rene ZZ

    hahahaha I think the same every time I see this video.

  52. Dirtman Dew

    sounds like satans mom is singing background vocals.

  53. lastditch727

    Those high screams are just terrible. Rice is just killing it though.

  54. spikardmetal

    fucking ginger beard

  55. MetalHead92373

    Lol, you can't hear the solo.

  56. mattxball

    I called you ignorant because you are, you only prove that point by trying to argue. first off, i'm not "a little boy" nor am i looking to "boost my self confidence" do you even know what ignorant means? you're talking about me like you know exactly who i am, but you have absolutely no idea, you say i only like death metal sounding metal, but i don't, i listen to it all and so happen to also like this, YOU are ignorant, being uneducated and unaware about the shit you're trying to talk about.

  57. Brent Smith

    @dre: no one cares what color you are. And who says you sound better than him? Yourself in the shower as you clean your black ass? GTFO. Go to bed! Your shift at waffle house will be starting soonstarts

  58. Brent Smith

    brutal progressive death metal at its finest.

  59. Bruce Bautista

    dem vocals are too much xD 3:03 I am sorry, excuse me? I am not going to lie it sounds too good! hahaha

  60. SellersTank

    how fast has jonny buffed up since then :O

  61. Rafa Diaz

    Qe miedo

  62. Rhyz Bell

    0.13 epic scream

  63. Jon Secor

    Really bad recording quality.

  64. Googs360

    Yeah they guys are awesome! I know they aren't a deathcore band (maybe the doom EP but that's about it).

  65. Inhume Orda

    they are not "fashon core or deathcore"...they are a classic death metal band with brutal influences...!!!! ...a good band!!!!

  66. Frank Dux


    Might as well be naked..nothing to hide

  67. mikehowton707

    this band is shit

    Marcus DeBusk

    Says the dude with cage the elephant and avenged sevenfold all over his YouTube. 😂comedy

  68. xxMisterJxx

    his highs sound like a witch.

  69. Paul G

    yeah you gotta be special to listen to job for a cowboy. i mean people cant just use there hard earned pay to listen to a concert that fucking gay. you gotta be cooler than cool to listen to blow job. this should be the rules 1: long hair 2: tattoos or gauges 3: no christians 4: cannot move around free will is not aloud at job concerts

  70. allshallperish35

    Those fucking lows o.O

  71. Googs360

    I hope all the people doing that pussy core dancing get trampled in a pit.

  72. mckylecookiedough

    i truly think they need to work on there high screams.

  73. dre hutcherson

    @mattxball are you talking about me

  74. Bryan Jenkins

    haha these insuperiors that think this is bad. fools. this its intense!

  75. mattxball

    my sense of musicality sucks? okay haha go live in your ignorant shell and pretend you know something about music.

  76. mattxball

    it is not just noise, what you are hearing is your brain failing to know what its doing, and thinkin that a good song sounds like nothing but noise, a .50 cal bullet in one ear and out the other should help, best of luck!

  77. mattxball

    dude you don't know metal at all do you? he is just screaming, no effects, the more voice u keeps putting in that scream the more gutteral it gets, mine aint that far off from this when i keep on it, and its beautiful, this scream kills haha fucking love this video, watched it a million times, don't ever disrespect the davy, his vocals are worth more than your life :)

  78. mcfawknuts

    are you fawkin' cooked bud?

  79. mcfawknuts

    are you f**kin cooked bud?

  80. HitmanHendy1993

    This is just noise, how anyone can like this i dont know

  81. Ahmed Muenzner

    1:20 the best 1 the guy with the blue scarf !!

  82. Cole Gerard

    @joshuas12324 SOON.

  83. Trent Hafen

    What ride does Jon Rice use?

  84. radMisc

    @xxMisterJxx I think he sounds pretty damn disgusting, but everyone are entitled to their opinions.

  85. xxMisterJxx

    @XQriousX lol it's not because of the mic. he just sucks at his highs. I'm not a fan of his growls either. Sounds good on the album. but this is ass.

    Matt Ball

    xxMisterJxx this sounded awesome, extra disgusting vocals lol jonny is the mike tyson of vocals

  86. xxMisterJxx

    his voice is terrible live

  87. Deyner Orrego

    Is it me, or part of his left stick fly away in 03:00?
    That wouldn't surprise me...

  88. Joel Wrang

    Blowjob for a Cowboy

  89. ZeroSystem100

    Anyone else laugh at 0:13?

  90. radMisc

    @23wickeddrummer I'd say it's because of the mic. The growls are disgusting in this one tho.

  91. NoBelieveInJustice

    @DrittesAuge1 this fucking video is online for so long and now somone tell me thsi mistake

  92. DrittesAuge1

    i must say i like job fort a cowboy.
    reminds me of job for a cowboy, just better.

  93. Pedro Yakov

    I'm feeling sorry for his highs. I like it in studio version though.

  94. Christian Flores


  95. Sean B

    Highs are garbage.

  96. Dat Ass

    Stop at 0:52 there's a dude in a dress lol

  97. Thomas Randolph

    0:09 - 0:12.....Best and most unique headbanging I've ever saw....

  98. 9keyboardz9

    Charn is a MONSTER

  99. Maximiliano Garcia

    @AnthonyH115 yup, we know that it's happy!

  100. Dat Ass

    1:22 this one dude looks at the camera funny.