Job For A Cowboy - Strings Of Hypocrisy Lyrics

As if this country was reborn, birthed and raised in monarchy,
cracked open from its adolescent and fully disfigured shell.
A throne sits in the center of government buildings,
with a ruler imposing his people to administer his demands.

Elections over-weighed from the unmindful and incompetent herds of the illiterate -
an interbred nation suspended from strings of hypocrisy.
Eventually to strengthen at the roots from the predominant union,
held from the palms of their fraudulent and expanding overlord.

For the wrath of God has been placed in his power.
He cast warefare over the kindred, his military actions compose eradication and genocide on the holy and sacred.
A cloak hides the identity of this leading politician.
His speech distorts his terminological inexactitude.
He remains remorseless toward his ongoing success in his fabricated image amongst this crumbling nation,
unaided possessing the entire world within his palms.

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Job For A Cowboy Strings Of Hypocrisy Comments
  1. Jackedup Gaming

    This song isnt long enough

  2. Martin Gomez

    My favorite Job album!!!

  3. thelolmaster1997

    I just love that I can get in bed at night in the dark, put this on full volume and just feel my palms start to sweat

  4. James Peterson

    I hate the shitty common opinions and misinformation of the metal community at large so much........
    They've been a leading voice in metal songwriting through basically their entire career far as I'm concerned. These riffs are pure nut.

    Dirty Dan

    James Peterson in my eyes, it's your opinion that's common. An opinion separating deathcore from death metal. Good deathcore & good death metal are one in the same. Each have their own examples of both absolute genius, and total garbage.

  5. Steven Edgar

    "Elections overweighed from the unmindful, incompetent herds of the illiterate", hit the nail right on the head here in 2017

    Anton Polishko

    Steven Edgar 2017 checkin in. True story

    Patriotstream Media

    Oh you mean elections all over the world like france putting in Macron who is a Rothschild banker and in the process of ruining france financially and socially with raising taxes for bigger government programs while letting millions of refugees from war torn countries from the Arab Spring come in and kill and rape and pillage everyone in sight?
    Or Canada who is the laughing stock of the world with the most cucked pansy leader alive?
    Or china announcing they will never hold elections ever again and has become one of the most horrifying authoritarian/totalitarian communist dictatorships on planet earth, while merging with Apple one of the most profitable corporations on planet earth by using chinese communist slave labor, also while announcing a "national social credit system" for complete dominant control over every single citizen including total internet censorship?
    Or Angela Merkel somehow hanging onto power in Germany and the EU while overseeing and directing the largest refugee crisis in world history with millions of middle easterners and Africans invading and occupying the EU, and then promptly put on welfare programs while they run around in the streets raping and murdering and stealing and pillaging?
    Or Venezuelans continuing to vote for the very worst leader in the world who is driving their country deeper and deeper towards complete and total societal collapse which will bring death and suffering to millions?

    Certainly you couldnt be an American liberal who talks shit on trump all over the internet, but doesn't even care to vote for new fresh faces to reform the democrat party in the 2018 primary elections taking place right now?

  6. Samsaranian Supreme

    Fuck me those riffs though and the vocals

    I hope that their new album coming out is a lot like genesis....with a hint of ruination

  7. Thiago Fernandes