Job For A Cowboy - Imperium Wolves Lyrics

Place your ear to the ground and cringe from the sound
For the authority driven wolves strut closer with a mocking grin etched across their faces
Marching along with tucked shirts and rust covered badges of acknowledgment
Choking on their triggers and sweeping their unjust under the damp crimson rug
Prejudice? discrimination? or just for amusement and exploitation?
A broken record that continues to breed, a dismembered system that everlastingly succeeds
Tonight this adolescent says hello to his ruination,
Tomorrow the wolves continue their domination
Place your ear to the ground and cringe from the sound
For the authority driven wolves strut closer with a mocking grin etched across their faces
Marching along with tucked shirts and rust covered badges of acknowledgment
Choking on their triggers and sweeping their unjust under the damp crimson rug
A broken record that continues to breed, a dismembered system that everlastingly succeeds
Tonight this adolescent says hello to his ruination
Tomorrow the wolves continue their domination
Tomorrow the wolves continue their domination
Prejudice? discrimination? or just for amusement and exploitation?
Prejudice? discrimination? or just for amusement and exploitation?
Prejudice? discrimination? or just for amusement and exploitation?

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Job For A Cowboy Imperium Wolves Comments
  1. Tony Glock

    Damn this video is LOUD!

  2. Desdenova

    you can really hear chuck's influence in this album

  3. Amanda

    Those fucking bass lines are chunky as hell

  4. Raw Doggin

    Still the best

  5. Illegal Alien

    that highs are fucking sick \m/

  6. TheDebtCollector

    Kinda sounds like The Black Dahlia murder, Which isn't a bad thing either, at least my opinion.


    RCVagabond They do sound similar to TBDM. Different enough to not feel like clones of them, but good enough that they take a lot of the good things from them.

    Shawn Marshall

    agreed this does sound a bit like tbdm but sounds good none the less


    fucking epic!!!

  8. Edward Kania

    Awesome guitar tone.

  9. RoninKageokami

    so good

  10. Vycrance

    What is the sound clip from at the end of this song?

  11. Andrew S

    What's the clip that starts playing at 4:32?

    Milo Šparica

    damn I wish someone answered your comment. That's a really beautiful song


    A father in arabic state cried for his son

  12. ART V

    that a rim shot on the snare at 3:40? lol

    John Mehew

    Hahaha... Wow, good fucking ear.

    blue text on white background


    Ruvin Wilson

    Art Vandelay Dang dude. Good ear

  13. Avery McBrayer

    Guys, what the hell is that random "bonk" at 3:40-3:41? 


    It's called a rimshot. It's where the drummer hits the rim of the snare rather than the drum head.

    Avery McBrayer

    That was a thought I had but what I was really wondering is why did they put that in there? 

  14. Patrick Cullen

    This song is epic

  15. SF CinSity

    I'm pretty sure they're black metal.

    Black Projex

    lol. Please say you're trolling

    SF CinSity

    @Black Projex Please forgive me, at the time that I was exploring this field of metal I was getting it mixed up with black and death metal and couldn't tell the difference between them. I'm sorry for looking stupid at the time that I posted that comment since now I can tell the difference between the two sub-genres and identify these guys as part of the death metal scene. :)

    Ananth Rao

    @WatchMeKlown lol..BM? Fuckin noob


    @Ananth Rao I was typing sarcastically >_>.


    If you only was just exploring this field of metal why you wrote that you're sure?

  16. Joel Gravelle

    Whoever says their deathcore now is fucked. Clearly death metal, theres lots of similarities but uve been lustening to them since they started also and I'm much more into death metal then deathcore....

  17. mtbrobotanist

    idk it was pretty groovy baby

  18. Darian Bax

    i think they were better as deathcore than death metal, but they are superb either way

  19. SF CinSity

    One of my favorite political songs of all time

  20. BlackValor93

    your joking right? just search doom metal, it sounds nothing like this lol

  21. BlackValor93

    in my opinion i feel like they have tons of groove. just listen to the parts around :54-1:20, not to mention Tony Sannicandro is great at writing solos

  22. elasdickband027

    No, they basically did the opposite. They were grindcore, and they moved into progressive death metal. I've followed them from when they released doom. I know this shit.


    They never were grindcore lol

  23. Charlie Yeager

    its actually Doom Metal

    Randall Braun

    The one song from this albume that is like doom metal is tarnished gluttony you're not wrong

  24. sam williams

    This is Death Metal.......fuck off :)

  25. Muffy Muffin

    3:30 to end of song is groove.

  26. Richard Jevons

    Plus, the album "Genesis" which had themes of New World Order, was based upon the rise of the antichrist to power, based upon the book of Revelations, and the theory that "he will rise from the eternal sea" was a reference to a rise to power via a political nature, a commonly believed theme and also explored in the film The Omen.

    Tony Glock

    You look like Jesus!

  27. Richard Jevons

    Their lyrics are rather politically charged and whatnot because if I'm correct one of Jonny's relatives is heavily involved in politics and it's had a profound impact on him. So he, thankfully, is one of the few meta vocalists that writes political lyrics that aren't just "FUCK THE GOVERNMENT" but are an actual commentary on governmental failings.

  28. BubbleSlime

    Good song :D

  29. João Felipe Alves

    Ending Easter Egg
    :T sad
    Poor kid

  30. Jeremy Erbacher

    My personal favorite passage, but how is this even relevant to the music?

  31. FizzleAction

    Can ANYONE tell me what the sample at the end of this song is? The man screaming...

  32. HighGround

    Sleep, Job for a cowboy, and sandwiches= Complete life

  33. herfmonny

    Yes, YES. So much FUCK in this sandwich.

  34. Dr Scottles

    This is my new favorite band, ever since Genesis came out. Avenged Sevenfold has officially been bumped down to 2nd. Their messages are amazing and try to share them with my friends who are fairly new to metal and dislike our government as much as we all do. You stay shiny metal heads.

  35. assfullofdick

    fucking love how he yells DOMINATION at around 3:00 that screech was fucking beautiful

  36. IxBlind

    Lyrically, Politics is where its at

  37. axel russell

    john 3.16
    For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life
    not here to judge anybody
    God loves us and wants to save us
    he is waiting for us

  38. Sergio P

    The gay thing is that Emmure and Motionless in White is gonna play

  39. Sergio P

    DeathMetal at its best... Doom was great but Demonocracy is just a fucking work of art. Every REAL metal band knows it. Oh and fuck hardcore

  40. Amy-Lee Angel

    They have lost their fan base because little emo flap hair wearing, hipster, scene kids want to hear pig squeals in replacement of words, breakdowns, and the old JFAC when they were 16-17 on stage in their adolescence. The band matured, they got rid of the people they needed to, they grew pubes, their balls dropped, they grew up mentally and physically. Their sound is death metal, and a very rare and delicious death metal sound at best. I have grew up with this band since 06 myspace days. <3

  41. Vocal Covers

    They aren't deathcore anymore, they've matured into a technical death-metal band that has music about mature things, this isn't scene-kid moshing music. It's music you listen to and feel the emotions they emit.
    Demonocracy is a fantastically written album.

    MAsSinfInTERealities ChakraStr8Go

    I, like whomever wrote this ∆, has been there since pre doom in the A Day in Black days, have watched and listened to the reform the entirety of the band has evolved from and into today's cog of engined maelstrom of malice. Utilizing that entombed machine once labored into a pit of doom saturated in gloom and bipartisan demonocractic maturity has unearthed itself into a vision that even other metalblade and other entities cannot compare with. Glad to see them become so much more than the scene aesthetic metal mascot they started as

  42. preparedness123

    google fema camps

  43. MudMonki88


  44. Mustard Hornets

    couldn't agree with you more.

  45. MrPill0w1

    sounds like every song they've put out in the last 5 years

  46. ohsheeshyall twasadream

    Everything about this band is great.
    Sick riffage, thunderous drums, amazing shredding, filthy vocals, meaningful lyrics, high quality production and a no pussycore breakdowns.
    True death metal.

  47. shimoshamman

    This has 10x more talent then the old shit they did. Which was still good but this tech death metal is WAY better.

  48. ian timm

    because its one of the only ways to share whats going on eh?? i guess this is the first time you've been on the internet....

  49. WolF HaleY

    At the begining it sounds like "i throw glitter to the crowd, angrily at the soup" xD

  50. Lil Kukuy

    couldnt agree more

  51. Alex Bogdanowicz

    What do breakdowns and Deathcore have to do with anything he said? He just thought it didn't have enough groove or it sounded random or something like that. Also, what makes him scene or elitist? Do Deathcore elitists even exist yet?

  52. juan pablo meza

    filósofos reprimidos? cállense y escuchen las putas canciones...

  53. Dalton Zimmerman

    They are the greatest i dont understand what youre meaning by "the groove"

  54. Jon Grimm

    fuck!! That solo is so groovey!!

  55. Patty clements

    In my opinion, Genesis is still their best album. Knee Deep is my favorite song, but Demonocracy is still a good album.

  56. UsernameUnrecognized

    Thanks. It's a trait I acquired.

  57. Zack Smith

    Oh, you're clever.

  58. UsernameUnrecognized

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I'm just glad to see yours is wrong.

  59. Zack Smith

    You're an idiot.

  60. Alexander Rocha

    This album was great. Glad I bought it the day it released.

  61. OrangeCounty92

    Deathcore and death metal is the only reason how I found out about the illumanati and open my mind.

  62. Connor Carlson

    Reminds me of The Black Dahlia Murder o.0
    Never actually given this band a listen, thought they were overrated, I was wrong, pretty school shit!

  63. King Krueger

    I miss old Job For A Cowboy :c

  64. Austin Raitz

    What does this songs lyrics mean?

  65. Tyler Mueller

    Nick Schendzielos is probably the best thing to happen to JFAC. I couldn't imagine them going on without him, the bass is just unbelievably amazing and the fact that its audible (HOLY SHIT!) makes it all the more better.

  66. North Fiend

    It was a good day when they got rid of that shit!

  67. 3sixkids

    Job for a cow boy, warped tour 13!

  68. szameth

    I don't care whether you classify it as deathcore or death metal. This shit isn't metal enough for you? So be it, like I give a shit. Your condescending judgment of all things -core is a boring cliche btw.

  69. Haley Wilde

    lol, a deathcore elitist. That is really funny. Sorry there aren't enough br00tal breakdowns for you, scene kid.

  70. Nicole kinzel

    that is the best lyric video ever

  71. KillerPanda420420

    this is alot more creative then just a normal lyric video

  72. szameth

    Random shit, a shame for all the talent and potential involved really. They missed 'the groove'. Otherwise they could be the greatest.

  73. Jon W. G.

    I love you.

  74. John Scotter

    What is the little thing that happens after the song of the dude crying .

  75. Cassius Methyl

    the lyric videos are fucking generic and commercial as shit.

  76. carl barnes

    I can't keep up with the lyrics dude what the bloody hell

  77. 555egw666


  78. Max Max


  79. shane peters

    Job for a cowboy are amazing, and i love how nobody relises that they sing about New World Order and Illuminati. They dont sing about it for themselfs. they sing about it for there fans because its one of the only ways to share whats going on in the world but you still
    dont listen.

  80. Daniel Ayllón

    Black For a Dahlia Cowboy

  81. CobaltRaine

    Did they change tuning or something? This sounds like it could be a B-side from In Sorte Diaboli.

  82. Metalfeak3

    I bought the album off Itunes with my gift card, just to see what it sounded like. I'm now going to buy the actual CD so I can support this band more. I love JFAC.

  83. Aziz Sghaier

    Can't finde a single fuck.

  84. Oversquib

    This is the attitude i wish everyone on the internet had.

  85. Air Budd

    That bit after the end of someone being executed in front of that guy sent chills down my spine

  86. Donnie Smithers

    looking back on knee deep and then this i have to say well done! the riffs are so much better and the vocals are just amazing i hope my friends go through with their band it would be a great addition to metal blade! i love what you guys do with music keep it up!
    and brutal.

  87. DaddyDick

    Welcome to America!

  88. tricksonafixed

    why do they sound so much like the black dahlia murder music wise and vocally

  89. Tobias Johnson

    Genius: Using dark Letters on a dark background...

  90. Maximum Subtlety

    I think the video is very well done.

  91. MarkusSsZ

    wow, this lyric video is retarded.

  92. Harrisabd

    2 hours? 12 year old? seriously you have no real experience in editing. this is pretty good

  93. HeroSpiderman

    goosebumps all the way

  94. fbrdj

    Yeah, in particular it reminds me of Ov Fire and the Void

  95. Joseph Wallington

    Tomorrow in Houston I'm going to fuck someone's face!!!!!!

  96. Ursoc

    this was bad ass glad they played summer slaughter

  97. TacoBoyManThing

    great video, bad lyric video. sorry :P

  98. Guaguadeath

    i fucking love the art jfac does with all their albums it just makes you stare at the picture and notice all the trippy little references to corruption in our govt. or dark refrences to death. all their art is so evil haha i love it

  99. MrMalicious1

    Does anyone else hear an "Evangelion" Behemoth vibe on this track? I love it!