Joan Baez - The Song At The End Of The Movie Lyrics

This is the song at the end of the movie
When the house lights go on
The people go home
The plot's been resolved
It's all over

This is the day after the last sad goodbye
That took so long
My true love is gone
He's left me alone
We're all over

I am the girl with her face in her hands
Crying love forsaken
I'm left badly shaken

This is the letter he left on the stairwell
That seemed so unreal
With words that could kill
I'll send you the bill
when it's over

This is the song at the end of the movie
When the house lights go on
The people go home
The plot's been resolved
It's all over
All over

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Joan Baez The Song At The End Of The Movie Comments
  1. Damijan Ruzic

    lovely, so sad and lonely beautyfull song.

  2. Jean Marie Boudreau

    Thr most Beautiful voice.
    I love her music,

  3. Pierce Pettis

    my friends from college & I played on this track (recorded in Muscle Shoals) ... Joan was gracious and very funny, as I recall ...


    You also wrote it and are too modest to say as much. Fantastic song!

    John McArthur

    Great song, Pierce. Who was your violin player on this? He sat in one night when I was playing at Freebird Pub in Tampa, FL.

    Doyle Darby

    A lady in tampa said that she was a friend of Joan baez. She gave me a check for 50 dollars to make a demo of an original song of mine. She was very drunk. I didn't believe her. I never cashed it. I was singing at dino' s Pizza near usf. I went to the firebird pub. Heard a duo there. Guitar and viola. They did this song. The guitarist said he wrote it. Years later I saw it on a Joan baez album. also a teenager from the middle East named rami el-batrowi heard me at dino's & said he wanted to manage me. I didn't believe it. He is now a multi-milionare business man. I've had a good life but it could been a lot better. Singer,guitarist, butch Darby from tampa florida.

  4. Bruce Too

    PS--thematically--see a Taiwan-ese film set in a closing movie theater--LAST DAYS OF DRAGON INN--wonderful!

  5. Bruce Too

    This song was written by Pierce Pettis, a singer-songwriter best-known to other musicians.  I heard him do this live once.  It stays in my mind--I've been going to movies by myself for years now.  He has a page on Wikipedia.

  6. overthemoon

    Thanks!  I haven't heard this since my record player expired!

  7. Michael Lemieux

    The only good song she ever did and i have tried hard to like others but...
    this song is right up there with Send In The she didnt write it though

  8. frenchfilmbug2

    Absolutely stunning :)

  9. GoodVibesOfficial

    ♪♫♥ !

  10. ymaryang

    Bellissimo... grazie!

  11. Giuseppe Iacobellis

    Joan Baez l'adoro! Bellissima canzone e belle le immagini!5555555* Un ciao da Pino

  12. Oldrabit

    Great voice and great song ! Thank you for posting!

  13. taddyd1

    This is one very depressing song.

  14. grease52

    Come liquefatto ... allora lo sai quali sono le 2 categorie ke soffrono di più il caldo????
    I bambini e gli anziani... naturalmente tu fai parte della prima :-))))))

  15. WaterBlueFairy

    Beautiful song.... very beautiful.....

  16. Moonlightnoir Noir


  17. Erika Ragazzi Fun Club

    Molto bello complimenti !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. gnomo62

    5000...per un ciùpaciù va là,quella è la spesa per "i confetti blu"!!!,o,al limite per un video in 3d!!!!,..cosa vuoi che faccia ancora,il nano...può giusto "sbavare" guardando!!!!...e rovinare una nazione,ma quello lo"scarica a noi",come spesa.....

  19. gnomo62

    Sai qual'è il problema Vale?...che io,te Joan Baez e,tutti "gli amici" che ritrovo qui,sul tuo canale (un dì la definisti "piazza",ricordi?)....alla "fine della fiera" .....passiamo per....DINOSAURI,o se preferisci...MATUSALEMME...,scusa lo sfogo ,ma è così,davanti alle nuove generazioni,noi siamo così....

  20. Caterina Righele

    bella!!!!!!!!!ascoltandola si ritorna indietro,con meno anni,e senza nanetti,gli anni sono quelli ..............e aumenteranno...... speriamo spariscano i nanetti,ciao Vale,buona notte!!!!!!!

  21. letto26

    Mai dimenticata.......

  22. grease52

    Bella ballata dalla grande Baez, mi pare del 79 se non erro .
    Scritta da un autore non molto conosciuito.
    5***** polari x te visto il caldo ke stai soffrendo :-))))))))