Joan Baez - Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You Lyrics

Babe, I'm gonna leave you
Tell you when I'm gonna leave you
Leave you when ol'summer time,
Summer comes a-rolling
Leave you when ol'summer comes along
Babe, the highway is a-callin'
The old highway's a-callin'
Callin'me to travel on, travel on out the Westward
Callin'me to travel on alone
Babe,I'd like to stay here
You know I'd really like to stay here
My feet start goin'down,goin'down the highway
My feet start goin'down, goin'down alone
Babe,I got to ramble
You know I got to ramble
My feet start goin'down and I got to follow
My feet start goin'down, and I got to go

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Joan Baez Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You Comments
  1. Gail D'Alessio

    All the negative comments on this site. This was her high range at her youngest. She was/is a phenomenon.

  2. mjt11860

    she was such a babe.

  3. lee graves

    Thank God Led Zeppelin made this a good song. This woman is horrible.

  4. bluespiral58

    This would make a beautiful and bittersweet funeral song.

  5. frontleftfender

    Its way easier to arrange a song and improve on it than completely write a song from scratch. This song laid the groundwork for zep. Sad they didnt credit the original writer

  6. Brian Carroll

    Anne Bredon wrote this. This ( trad arr)nonsense is so annoying. Joan later recognised her mistake and gave credit.

  7. samnic1998

    this is kind of a spooky song you know, I can imagine it being used in a movie in a part when the main character is facing some kind of demons or facing his death

    Andrew Sneacker

    You must be young fuck:D

    Reinhard Heydrich

    Yes this song should be played for a Wyatt Earp movie. He has to go west and follow and fufill some kind of inner desire. Only to find trouble and the previous demons come back to follow him in the new town. Then slowly he will leave his wife for another woman, while his former wife will eventually die of a opium overdose. At the end Wyatt realizes he never fufilled any destiny. He chased a empty road which only lead to death for his first wife, brother, and soon after his best friend. This song is about perfect for that kind of monologue. It eve has a spooky western sound.


    @Andrew Sneacker ok

  8. Allan Bieler

    Well, Honestly, My ears hurt so badly after listening to this, possibly beyond any hope of repair, maybe permanent brain damage too.
    I'm on my knees now thanking the music gods for Led Zeppelin

  9. Mr while

    This sounds much like gretta van fleet


    Yes, they do sound like Joan Baez. : )

    whoa Bobz


  10. Paul Metzger

    Her voice is atrocious.

  11. Dragos Marinescu


    phosphorescent wave
    2. can you do what zeppelin did when you were 18?

  12. andrew bintang

    a beautiful composition by anne bredon.

  13. Phil Weatherley

    An unbearably sad song - coupled with this wonderful voice coming down from the years just brought the tears. The tears for all parting souls, parting lovers and friends and - now I'm old - tears for myself and my long lost youth. Back in the 60s this sadness was tolerable since it served to compensate, balance, add gravity to the rash shallowness of youth. Now I just can't bear it.

  14. сергей серый

    нет слов !!!! Bravo !!!!

  15. Jesse Mcelroy

    Fuck you led zeppelin

  16. Noore Aswad

    This song is not bad .... compared to led Zeppelin

  17. blazedyasa


  18. Pawel Dobkowski

    Led zeppelin makes a hit but emotions are here...

  19. Horse Sense

    Can't stand this woman.

    Horse Sense

    @Tommy Diamond - Phoney pos

  20. German Guti

    Me dejo Ella para siempre Este verano. Con esta cancion siempre estara aqui

  21. eda

    I'm here again again...

  22. Andy Leininger

    Ok, I’m am not a fan of this arrangement at all. I’ll stick with the LZ version!

  23. Mike Patterson

    They ripped this off and gave her no credit her son heard her playing singing it and asker her why she was singing zeppelin

    Sweet James

    I recall when Dylan sang All Along the WatchTower and fans thought he was ripping off Jimi...! LOL

    Bila Bong

    Mike Patterson she did not write this song

    Nina Lisa

    Anne Bredon was the songwriter from Babe I'm gonna leave you not Joan ... when you want to put credits where it belongs, do it right..

    Led Zeppelin adopted the song after hearing Baez's version, crediting the song as "Traditional, arr. Page". In the 1980s, Bredon was made aware of Led Zeppelin's version of the song and so, since 1991, this version has been credited to Anne Bredon/Jimmy Page & Robert Plant. Bredon also received a back-payment of royalties.

  24. Vladimir Segovia

    Baby tengo ke abandonarte, te o estoy diciendo.Cuando el verano este despuntando

  25. FAF4567

    The song's author is Anne Bredon:
    1964 The Plebs
    1964 Barbara Muller
    1965 The Association

  26. James Demetro

    First time hearing,thanks for the videos

  27. Desert Psychlist

    Welsh psychedelic rockers MAN also did a version which was radically different

  28. Eli Malaga

    Headphone listeners RIP

  29. Andor Solymos

    Simply wonderful...

  30. Michael August

    She be good lookin' but Zeppelin did it much better.

  31. Victor Edwards

    A voice, a guitar and the result is heavenly music.

  32. Bridget

    I just love the fact that Page and Plant were once listening to this shrill female folk singer and were like, "yep. we could turn this into a banger. " XD

    J W

    Of course Zeppelin blew this away and fully transformed it.

    Bryan Hawkins

    Haha! Yeah that’s a trip to think about! I always tell people that the artists we love listen to stuff we’ve never even heard of/would ever listen to.

  33. Frankincensed

    With every original Zep got ahold of, they turned it up a dozen notches giving it such superior structure, dynamic, and power. The songs literally didn’t exist until Zep got ahold of them. And even though 90% of Zeps songs are total originals, the covers are magnified by ten. The masters.

  34. David Aranda

    Ambas versiones son hermosas . zeppelin le encontró la vuelta a esta versión no tan traumática sino mas dulce

  35. andy

    traditional arrangement isn't the same thing as traditional song.

  36. Lovely Lozer

    Wow.. I had no idea this wasn't an original Zep song until reading When Giants Walked the Earth and there is an excerpt when first meeting and Plant is flipping through Page's vinyl's and listens to this song. Completely taken aback.

  37. Steve Bahr

    I seriously don't see how anyone thinks Zep ripped this off. Other than the title and a couple of incidental words, there is no resemblance between the two. Even if inspired by this, still waaaay different.

  38. shark3939

    Tiny Tim used to be a woman?

  39. JakeArino

    This doesn’t sound like the Led Zeppelin version!! Yes it has the same title and first couple lyrics are the same but instrumentally it’s different!! By listening to both versions, I mostly think Led zeppelin did not plagiarize this song!! Yes in one sense they kinda did by the using the same title and the lyrics are almost the same but not completely!! It was most lyrically plagiarized and but not instrumentally plagiarized!!

  40. eda

    Year 2019 but ı just listening this beatiful voice. From turkey.😊

  41. David Becerra

    When I saw the thumbnail I thought it was Zach de la Rocha

    Hiro Beats

    haha damn dude, now I can't unsee it

  42. Stevie ray vaughan

    led zeppelin is better

  43. ChristianFreeman

    Good grief she sounds like Yoko Ono! Hadn't been for Zep this tune would just be another 3 mintues wasted that nobody would even care about.

  44. avery ritchot

    No way love it

  45. MGA2

    OUCH...and I sorta like Joan.

  46. Paulo Pereira

    Don't hear much resemblance between this version and Led Zeppelin's. Hardly seems worthy of a lawsuit.

    Dan Borden

    Paulo Pereira well the lyrics are the exact same and the layout and arrangement of the song is similar.

    wylie richardson

    they werent actually sued over their version of this number - that was the case with 'whole lotta love'.

  47. Stephenson Ruddy

    No doubt Zepp "cover" exceeds in each and every aspect this "original". AND THAT GOES FOR ALL THE ZEPP'S, SO CALLED, "COVERS". That was Jimmy Pages' idea to cover the American classics on each genre but THROUGH THE ZEPP'S UNIQUE STYLE JUST TO GRAB THE ATTENTION OF THE AMERICAN AUDIENCE. It was a very genious idea by Zepp, as their whole musical work was, as well.

  48. Mr Dude

    warbling to the max

  49. crack 123

    No se parece mas que en el titulo a la version de led zepp

  50. War Pig

    You did a great job reworking songs Robert and Jimmy, I just wish you would have credited the originals from day 1 instead of pretending they were 100% your creation.

    Hiro Beats

    @Frodojack Damn, thank you for that thorough information, and for taking the time to share it


    @Hiro Beats you are basically thanking them for googling it and copying what from Wikipedia. Not saying it is a bad thing, but if we are going to give credit for the song, give credit to Wikipedia for the info.

    Shay Kosovac

    @thundrrd5 yes. All facts have a resource or multiple resources. Otherwise it would be a theory. Thanks

    Reinhard Heydrich

    This was not Joan Baez's song. And it was Jimmy Who was the plagiarist not Robert Plant. Jimmy was a session guitarist who worked with many musicians including the Yardbirds. Plant wrote most of the good Zeppelin songs. So I think it bothered Paige that Plant got all the attention when he put the band together. It seemed as Paige wanted to prove he could write valuable songs. Most bamds covered songs from other artist. Hell the entire Doo wop era has their songs written by composition specialist. Thats the music buisness.

    Stick Man

    The reality is that this song and Zep's song barely sound like each other. If it wasn't for the lyrics no one would think they were the same. So Zep's music is 100% original. Each of these songs sound more like other songs than each other. The chords in this song are mostly basic shared by thousands of guitar songs. Zep should have changed the lyrics more than they did. Page seems to blame that on Robert. Whatever the case, the only reason Zep gets sued is because they were a lot more successful and made much more money. If you want to see more blatant stealing, see McCartney on songs such as I Saw Her Standing There. These artists including the Beatles admit to stealing music for their own use. In those cases when you hear the original, the theft is obvious. The only song that Zep stole musically was Dazed and Confused, and even there they added several minutes of completely original music. All the other stealing was just partial lyrics and no one is buying these albums because of the lyrics. But go ahead, keep spouting your nonsense. Zep typically put more original music into one song that many bands did on an entire album.

  51. Erica M.

    I’m a devoted Baez fan, I love her music, and that incredible voice.....that being said.....Zeppelin made this song everything!

  52. aikidoboynj

    Umm... " Yea

  53. Crux Psicanálise

    That's why many people tend to accuse Led Zeppelin of plagiarism. It's not easy to perceive the fact that Jimmy Page very discretely inserts the darkness into the song which speaks about love - The blues - in order to make it speak about the dark side. Light and shade, that's the key to understand.


  54. Joshn569

    So haggard.

  55. Fräulein Menke

    Not a bad song, but Led Zeppelin made it into something much greater.

  56. Marcelle Aries

    Terrible, I never liked her shrill, unpleasant voice that slammed into her head.

  57. Gabriel Cury

    Total trash.

  58. George Powell

    Joan and Zep both did this soulful piece justice. (Please end the unnecessary arguments.)


    She did it they didn't creat it.

    Matthew Donko

    @adullday Well they still did a great version. Some like her version more, some like Zep's more, but they're both extremely well done.

  59. pamela rose

    The most beautiful song

  60. Zeb Fischer

    I feel like she has a really beautiful voice, she just doesn't know how to use it quite right. It could be so much more powerful, i feel like her voice could carry a lot more emotion, but i feel like she goes for loud instead.


    I agree, i would like to hear her voice being pushed, hear her do some Carol king, Heart, fleetwood mac, rondstadt style ...etc etc

  61. 7542ben

    To Julian urban-if led zeppelin didn't do this song, no one would ever know about it. Jack ass.

    ono 724

    Along with every other song they "ripped off" Who's Jake Holmes?? Who's Spirit?? :D

  62. brubeck_108

    dylan knew it.

  63. mark orris


  64. Douglas Iommi

    Realmente siento que la letra de la canción en su voz expresa más que el mismo Robert Plant, siendo que amo Led Zeppelin.

  65. Andrew Apperson

    This song literally gave me a flash back of all summer flings that ended way to quickly

  66. blairjayson

    Much respect to Bredon and Joan, but this song sounds MUCH better with JPJ's bass and Bonzo's drums.

  67. JulieDozier

    If you really want to hear the BEST version of this song, listen to Quicksilver Messenger Service do it. There are several versions but the best one is on the Revolution soundtrack album. Do yourself a favor. The others don't even come close.

  68. sundown005

    That comment section is the most pathetic thing I've seen all year...


    How come, is it because people are entitled to their opinion?

    Mr Dude

    led for the head! ;)


    sundown005 hey everyone. Here’s the superior human being you’ve all been looking for. He’s going to show us the way. Lead on, your oerfectedness

  69. Craig Anderson

    first time, like a virgin.

  70. Loris Ducly

    Led Zeppelin made it much Greater.

  71. Blanktach 10

    original composser is Anne Brigs

  72. PowerTuber 3.0

    YouTube "Jimmy Page | Full Address and Q&A at The Oxford Union"... brought me here.


    Me too...

  73. BluesLicks101

    Old Ice-pick voice. Hate her. Only here to see how it sounds compared to Led Zeppelin. She sucks.


    Ahhh hating is so easy these days.

  74. milfordmkt

    Led Z didn't do a "version" of the song -- they just stole it and knowingly tried to pass it off as "Trad." making royalties on their "arrangement". That robbed Anne Bredon of income and wealth from legitimate royalties from a song she wrote. Bredon finally got some but not all the money back from Led Charlatan along with some partial writing credit begrudgingly allowed by Led Z skinflints Plant & Page. Ask Jake Holmes about "Dazed & Confused", another brazen Zep theft, where the original artist was never compensated or credited by the Led Grifters. Growup kids. Adults have a thing called money, and stealing it from others is illegal.

    Peter Hockenhull

    oh grow up and celebrate all versions. yes people should be recognised and paid for their works. bob dylan took and arranged many lovely works. it's always happened. and led zep did it better than most. dont know why people like to spread such negativity but that's the world we live in

  75. Kevin Hagler

    A beautiful aria turned into an uncredited 70's pop rock rip off.

  76. Stefan Shikerov

    Unfortunately, I have to say that Led Zeppelin are Fake... Perhaps we have to research their other song's origin, as well.

    Rob Perl

    Dude - The one thing Led Zeppelin were NOT is FAKE. They performed their tunes onstage - four pieces without backup singers or musicans You may not like them ripping off songs left and right, but that's just the music business - EVERYBODY gets screwed. Just ask any professional musician - we all have war stories about dirtbags who ripped us off. The Archies, Milli Vanilli and The Banana Splits!!!! Those were FAKE!!

  77. Luke Bhawk

    Led Zeppelin was way better

  78. Michael Sieger

    A slow ethereal and lamentable dirge that Zeppelin turned into an overblown orgasmic affair as they always do

  79. David Edward

    Gotta say.... Not my cup of tea.

  80. Olivia Demilio

    mom it's a Led Zeppelin song!

  81. treid100182

    I believe Baez never credited herself with the song ... which makes Zep look even more disgraceful .... I mean, at least credit Anne Bredon - none of the fans would've cared!!! HOWEVER, the fact that they "stole" everything else w/o crediting writers, I'm not surprised.
    ZEP= Greatest Cover Band of the 1970's.

    John Cornell

    Led Zeppelin NEVER credited this song to themselves. On the first album the credits were "trad:arranged by Jimmy Page".
    Get your facts right before you look stupid.
    By the way, Zep credited 4 songs to others and credited 2 of their songs as 'trad'.

    Luke Bhawk

    Zep gave credit to almost all the people the "stole" from. Stairway to Heaven was theirs though. A lot of songs use a similar guitar rhythm the way zep did

  82. treid100182

    I love Zep, but this version is much better... it feels like a voice calling from a dusty, deserted highway ... BUT! I do agree that you won't want to listen at max volume - Baez will burst your eardrums.


    This rendition is shit

    Joe Alexander

    You "love" Zep but you call them the greatest cover band of the '70s? You obviously don't know shit about them or the songs they supposedly stole. This song wasn't credited by Joan Baez when they covered it in the '60s. When Anne Bredon was able to prove she wrote it, they gave her credit and paid her back royalties. So what's the fucking problem?

    John Cornell

    Zep were the greatest cover band. They covered every spectrum of music brilliantly. And yep, Zep did what Baez did, called it "trad". Zep never knew who wrote it and never argued against it when Bredon came forward. I don't see a problem either. Bredon is now more well known thanks to Zeppelin and she's also made a fair bit of money thanks to Zeppelin so win win for her.


    treid100182 it’s better than the other versions I’ve heard, but it’s still way weaker than Zeps. Zep put it on the charts. 10 times better

  83. Guy S.

    I see the younger folks don't much care for Joan's version but much prefer Zep's. I think they're missing the point. This is a folk song in the traditional sense and on Zep's album, this song is the most mellow using acoustic guitar and drums and giving it more of a bluesy feel. Both versions are excellent in their own right and for their individual platforms. Although I think Plant has an awesome voice, Joan's can take you to places you've never been before and this song is sooo haunting the way she does it that although Zep's was the first version I'd heard, this is the one that really makes you "feel" the song. Peace & Love!!

    Zac Nuccio

    Precisely. I havent heard the original in ages and am listening now and am truly ~shook. Haunting. And the Zeppelin version is one of my favorite tunes. There's room for both, people!

    Sanjay Singh

    For me Original is far better than Led Zeppelin..!

    George Powell

    Me too. Thanks, Guy.

    Hans Citis

    Exactly. And it must've been enchanting in its day, for Led Zeppelin to want to cover it in the first place.

    Seashell 47

    I'm 20 now and love this version too. Zeppelin's cover is great, but they're unique in their own respects.

  84. robert Last

    I have to say this, every song Led Zeppelin has "covered" is so much better through their musicianship, I can hardly recognize the original at times the song has been improved so much. Just MY opinion. Peace brothers and sisters.

    Vincent Byrne

    The internet is full of idiots who say Zeppelin "stole" or "plagiarised" their songs, but you (& the many others) don't understand the context of the time. Back in Zepp's early years, folk & blues standards were endlessly borrowed, circulated and re-used. How you interpreted what you were borrowing counted for everything. Authorship only became an issue when Zeppelin achieved big sales. Go and study some music history before cluelessly mouthing off on the internet.


    "The Context of the Time" says it all....Thx!!

    zane snow

    I would have agreed with you until i was "Led" to this (pun intended)

    zane snow

    this one song is better in its original form. Black mountainside aka Blackwater side is the exception


    Jesus Make Up My Dying Bed by Blind Willie Johnson. You should try it.

  85. Miguelangel Moya

    Amazing !!! Thank you for share !!!

  86. James Eric

    Then go already. Just leave me in peace. Sheeessss

  87. AyrBe

    Great cover

    Jay Dave

    It's not a cover:)


    It is, the original folk song was written by Anne Bredon.


    Yes and it was so haunting Jimmy wanted to recreate that feeling.

    malena gamboa

    AyrBe Oh My God ...
    😂😂😂 the stupidity is killing me


    Sorry yes I know it was the original. I meant to say LZs was the cover and JP wanted to recreate that haunting feeling.

  88. luciana melis damme o cane

    Un pò diabetogena, secondo me non è il suo genere.

  89. Eddie Soto

    Julian I beg to differ. Had it not been for Zep. We would not even whispering about Joan Baez. The beauty about it, it's like Hip Hop. Had it not been for Rap. we would not know or even look them up .peace

    Brian Kish

    for the record, she played woodstock, they didn't

    John Cornell

    ""wtf Joan Baez is very popular without zeppelin.""
    He means she wouldn't be as well known today. She would have been more forgotten. This is no longer the 1960s. Its not as if her albums still sell shed loads anyway LOL

    Hu -

    Come on, she played with Bob Dylan. Led Zeppelin had nothing to do with her popularity.


    +Paperback Writer ~ Absolutely correct. Not to mention a different fan base.

    Dan Borden

    She is famous without Zeppelin.

  90. Don Dondonald

    What a beautiful voice.

    Don Dondonald

    I'm not really sure.

    Mr. WildChild 01.

    Guys, it is me or does she looks like Robert Plant wife, Maureen Wilson? XD.

    Luke S.

    @Brad Kursh w-what? No, dude. Also, that's way too many exclamation points considering your comment was a question.

    I am the Hydra

    Brad Kursh no


    @Mr. WildChild 01. never occurred to me, but yes, she does resemble her somewhat.

  91. DCM

    Jesus christ, don't listen to this with headphones on max volume


    Too late, I heard it before I read your warning. Now my ears are bleeding.

    Don Jude

    Im sure Jesus appreciates the advice :-)

    Florian Saint Poulof

    just did it ! Deafening.


    Wish I had read your post before playing lol


    @CarSVernon let's not start a war here. ur comparing mangoes to watermelons. both great singers.

  92. Tau Noctua

    I remember an early 70's interview with Robert Plant and he was talking about this being done by Joan Baez and they were fans, but didn't know who the composer was. I think people forget that there was no internet in the 60's or 70's. As for the "Trad Ar." note on the zeppelin album, this is indeed a traditional arangement, and you can hear the same chord progression to Marriane Faithful's Scarborough Fair 6 months prior to Simon and Garfunkle. I've heard these chords on early 50's folk albums.

    Mike Patterson

    Tau Noctua rip off

    Andres Prieto Spool

    Anne Bredon was the composer, an amateur guitarist.

    Mariangeles Baldé

    That's not the problem. As a big Zepp fan, you can't just say that you're a fan, you've got to credit those responsible. The songwriting was attributed to Plant and Page. That's plagiarism, plain and simple.


    Are you moron? Zep knew this song from JB, she credited it as trad. arranged by, so did Zep. When later they knew who was initial writer, in accord with AB, they attributed the credit on its following releases to AB for 50% of lyrics, Plant for another 50% of lyrics, and Page for the music. If AB didn't see nothing wrong with this, who are you to claim plagiarism ?

  93. taddyd1

    by far the most soulful version. magical. no wonder zep loved her so much

    Radu Elf

    Led Zep is almost nothing compared to her.

    Paul Wilson

    @Frankincensed Each to their own!

    Αντώνης Μερτίκας

    @Radu Elf Led Zeppelin are much better than her, they are better musicians and robert plant has a better voice


    @Frankincensed PINK FLOYD

    Austyn Cains

    You're all fools for making objective statements about totally different styles of music. Both this and LZ's versions are great in their own ways.

  94. Les Franzi

    Baez did not write this song.

    Allen Albright

    she did a great arrangement, obviously Page and Plant thought so, they did something really good too.

    Dan Borden

    Who said she did?

  95. Julian Urbina

    One of many songs Zeppelin ripped off


    @Eduardo Mántaras
    No comprende Eduardo. I only know a few words in Spanish.

    miles lucas?

    Julian Urbina It’s called a cover


    Even though she got song writing credit and royalties

    100,000 subs for three videos ?

    so hendrix ripped off dylan with all along the watchtower? they're all musicians it's the way they respect each others work

    The Lizard King

    Zep didn't rip any songs off. They were always up front about what they were doing. If anything they just enhanced a few that's all like most big bands have done including Sabbath and many more. Lovely song this but my goodness Zep took it to a whole new level. Joan would have been proud.

  96. NTA Design Ltd

    Folk music is all about soulful interpretation. I admire what Jimmy Page created with this. NT


    Jenny sang this as bobbie dylan in memphis

    Vinicius Silva

    Jib Wangler This is normal!!

    William Parks

    Page conveniently left out the original author's name when the album first came out. They subsequently added her name. Dazed and Confused is another example, they left off Jake Holmes but later added his name. Two blatant rip offs among many others.

  97. Aurelia Lambrecht

    Absolutely Beautiful. Thank you