Joan Armatrading - Save Me Lyrics

Caught up in a whirling motion
Such a strange sensation
The currents uncertain
Like sails of a mill
I spin
Like wheels I move in a circle
While you stand on the bank
Immune or evasive
Throw me a lifeline
Save me...

Intimacy and affection
In this game of chance
I forfeit
Full hand of love
With no counters
Like a moth
With no flame
To persuade me
Like blood in the rain
Running thin
While you stand on the inside
Looking in
Save me...

Inside looking in
Complete in yourself
Throw me a lifeline
Save me...

Stand on the bank
Immune or evasive
Throw me a lifeline
Save me...

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Joan Armatrading Save Me Comments
  1. MrSeveral123

    Unbelievably good - class

  2. Brian Reilly

    I think only her vocal can work for this song such emotion in her voice amazing

  3. Elvis Mcgoo

    Never mind all your bullshit TV shows. Listen to the song FFS. Im a film director and producer. We know how to manipulate people. Listen to the song. Forget everything else.

  4. Branden Webster

    Not too many people like OZ , but it will 4ever be one of my favorite shows

    Branden Webster

    Also really good song

  5. Owen Thackeray

    This song reminds me of man utd!

  6. loveit

    The producing on this song is flawless!

  7. sammy scotch

    My best friends favorite song. She was always talking suicide. She had endured years of abuse as a child from her dad. She and I were very close friends and worked at the same hoapital ER. Tho depressed she and I laughed alot but I knew someday her talk of suicide would be more than that. She was found in her car dead from a gunshot wound to her head. She was only 27. That was 1983. I miss her. I tried but couldnt save her.

    Tom -

    I'm sorry mate... Love from the UK.

  8. Jason Lucas

    26 people gave out candy corn for halloween

  9. themoreiseeyou


  10. Leoni Burge

    Saw her last week in Brighton still fabulous x

  11. Burt472 is entire album

  12. Elvis Mcgoo

    One of the best songs ever written or sung. Superb.

  13. pauljupiter71

    Adjectives really fail to do justice to the strength of this song. Its poignancy is so pervasive and so debilitatingly truthful. It speaks a story that almost anyone can identify as being one of their own experiences.

    Shannon Allison

    This so is electrifying. I can feel it.

  14. MikeWildfrog

    Like blood in the rain,, running thin

  15. علي القحطاني ١٣٥

    مسلسل اوز 👏🏻👍🏻🤞🏻🤘🏻 رهييييب جداً ونهايه رهيبه وكل شي رهيب في ذا المسلسل الا اللقطات الشاذه لكن هذا واقع السجون 🙌🏻

  16. Susan Boyle

    So beautiful and so true you can be in a relationship and they don’t know who you are save me inside x

  17. Angelo Secreto

    This song made a fan of Joan for life.

  18. Carpe Diem

  19. William Duff

    this and "You've got someone who loves you" breaks me up....

  20. Juan Fernandez


  21. Bean Kennedy

    Is there a live version of this song anywhere?

  22. Peter Nicholson

    Hi Simone. have you ever heard Joan's first album "Whatevers for Us." From 1971 if i remember rightly, but THE most powerful, honest,and intimate songs of hers. Mostly Joan didn't write them, but oh .

  23. 1Atomtan

    I've always loved Joan. This generation could use her.

  24. mataform

    This is so painful it's almost unbearable.

  25. loveit

    thete is a song of Joans that starts out:
    " take it from me, Im a woman who knows..."
    i cant find it. this song, you can feel her pain, so real!
    it just smashed me. please, anyone know its title?
    first heard it via LP, yet, cant find it in my collection.
    id so appteciate it. was atypical for Joan. But powerful!!!!

  26. loveit

    is it the heart asking the brain? the soul speaking to the heart?
    one speaking to the other?
    love [email protected]

  27. loveit

    ps) thanks

  28. loveit

    love Joan! tryimg to find a song she did that starts out:
    " take it from me, Im a woman who knows..."
    it blew me awsy!

  29. MobiusBandwidth

    one of the three saddest and most beautiful sad songs ever, along with the Night by Morphine, and Asleep by the Smiths. Joan is incredible.

  30. Ruth Whittington

    Joan came to NZ and sang after she was very ill with surgery. Strong woman, and this is one of her best songs alongside Love and Affection.

  31. Nadia Zayman

    Fell in love with this song 40 years ago. Still one of my faves of this phenomenally gifted and original songstress.

  32. 20bluelilies

    So beautifully crafted

  33. alkativo

    Wonderful song

  34. Marilyn King

    Incredible lady. Mega talented and under rated

  35. Hemi *

    Makes me cry. Like blood in the rain, running thin....

    john doe

    oh romantic!

  36. Alessandro Cadenasso

    Come non amarla,è meravigliosa!

    Jacqueline Caddle

    Good music

  37. Rob Silver

    one of the best songs recorded/written by any artist - lovely to hear it.

  38. Sol Skipnes

    The O'Reilly brothers <3 OZ <3

  39. Gomez Poquito

    Cyril O'Reilly... OZ... The best tv show ever.

  40. Scahoni

    To the Limit , is an album I enjoy the most by Joan ..

  41. Penningmeester Wielerclub Midden-Limburg

    Indeed one of the best. I have some live recordings from Joan. This song is very rare on them......a pity!

  42. Amiskulma

    A Day in the Death...maybe one of the best and saddest episodes what I have ever watched

  43. Deborah D Colebank

    Thank You for making this soundtrack . I absolutely love this women

  44. Dude Man

    Great song..Oz brought me here but this song touches me...

    Shannon Allison

    Me too. I love that show. I'm watching it now

  45. ec s

    so. incredibly. beautiful.
    touches my heart

  46. Lorraine Wepener

    So Real So Sad

  47. Allan Madsen

    i lov tenn tha
    e all your songs, you ar so feeling, about your sool, i love your Heart.

  48. Ruth HUrley

    I bow down to you! Thank you so much!! A lifelong fan. See you in OCt. Thanks for coming to Madison, WI!! 

  49. Natascia Diaz

    This song kills me. Such majesty simplicity and ache….

    Max Cornish

    +Natascia Diaz The descriptive words you use are perfect - uncannily perfect.

    Shannon Allison

    I'm crying to it right now.

  50. genç çapinyonun acıları

    cril o'reily 

    Feukka 1

    genç çapinyonun acıları you best be bangin on your cell door

  51. David Carlson

    beautiful!! K

  52. riverboydrew 45

    One of my favourite songs so pleased others love it to ,

  53. AnotherMusicLover2

    'Like blood in the rain running thin. While you stand on the inside looking in'. Her lyrics are always so spot on without that pretentious bs that so many artists fall into. She's such an important artist. I can't wait to see her.

    Hemi *

    An important artist, I like that. Your so right.

    uno skyseagel



    Cyril O'Reily

  55. crushedz

    I was smashed up and never thought I would ever be functional again.Life puts people back together.Joan Armatrading's music intensely resonated with my walking disaster of a life at that time

    Jay W

    Roy Batty: All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain

  56. Dezley Scott-Davidson

    like a moth, with no flame to persuade me

  57. twilliger123

    Beautiful, haunting, brilliant.  Speaks to me in so many ways about my life right now.  Thank you for sharing.

  58. Simone Ellis

    very few, but some songs, are so profound as to speak to the depths of one's soul, decade after decade. The people's names change, the places, the situations, the colors, but the same existential vulnerability remains and she nailed it all the way back then-- proving once again that Time is not part of Space as Einstein postulated. All feeling of this sort, this song's sort, is forever NOW.

    Sheamus Wilson

    Hi Simone, this link would not work for me. However, from the photo, and the face, and i know you know from experience thst things must change.
    Had things not changed for me through you i would not be once again on the road to fulfilment. Those times before then that vulnerabilitycould not be ever more present.

    Ed Pitman

    Beautifully written

    Meredydd Barrar

    Three years later the song still remains all the things you explain, This song the best insight of love lost or what could have been and more "like a moth with no flame to persuade it" It's perhaps about our potential life also "save me"!! Still makes my cry.


    Agree completely!

    Davorin Flis

    You said it perfectly, and I agree with you, I also think that all of us who love Joan and her music somehow share that feeling. Don't you think?

  59. cariad cloggy

    was there in 2007 paradiso way out there this woman is underrated

  60. Mertcan Doyran

    OZ is best

  61. Elizabeth Aurelia

    commercial every btw every song.. but Joan's fab

  62. Frank Johnson

    This song was used so amazingly in Oz

  63. j mo

    Joan sold many albums in 70s 80s, but unfortunately will never get the REAL recognition she merits, no-one has ever got close to the emotions she gives those lucky enough to have listened to her. wonderful.

    Jeff Blythe

    I agree. Joan and Joni... No one can touch their lyrics and musicality.

    Geraldine Reid

    She touches your heart emotionally, I have always loved her. Had her vinyls back in the day...bought my first one when i was in Ireland back in the 70's visiting my grandparents...

    Dara Richter

    @Jeff Blythe Joan and Joni. You said it. 

  64. Stevie Styles

    Cyril O'Reilly's first execution that got called off last minute in "Oz"...incredible scene

  65. Renata Covers

    so amazing

  66. nurigergin

    Cyril O'Reily!! :(

  67. eren güvercin

    Thanks to all cast for this show. We will never forget you #OZ

  68. Govanmauler

    And to you for posting it !

  69. Elena Delgado

    Thank you! :)

  70. TheMusicalJourneys

    She is The Voice, but if she was on The Voice today, I do not think she would win The Voice, because she is too great, too much of an artist, too unique, too inspiring. And some people would say she was not as good as the inferior talent that won.

  71. maria norgate

    thankyou joan

  72. liquid lou


  73. conghamking

    I saw her last year at the o2 in London, It was so amazing. She sounded exactly the same as on a record, she is pure talent. Love this song thanks for uploading.

  74. S Darling

    I am an atheist but good luck anyway. ;)

  75. zjowdown

    It warms my heart to see all these loving replies to my clip. Thank you all and especially thanks to Mss Armatrading :-)

  76. S Darling

    Did your angel make it on time? :)

  77. nukejockey

    R.I.P Cyril =(

  78. Nefdal Kaplan

    I'm coming OZ.I very cried for Cyril O'reilly :(

  79. Laura Levendofske

    Praying for all of us who cry to be saved from samsara, this prison of darkness. Let us all be shown the truth about our Creator's love for us quickly and irrefutably. Help us renew this planet and its inhabitants to the garden You intended us to inhabit. Reverse the effects of our quarantine quickly aid us to full connection with the light and love of the heavens shine it upon us now I pray. We claim our relationship with your light. Let it be so; as above so below. Peace for all. Laura

  80. Rob Sinclaire

    joan u r wonderful!

  81. hocuspocusfocusable

    I heard 'Love & Affection' when it was released in 76...and it took me some time to find out who it was...This song soon became one of my favorites from that incredible album.

  82. Frank Durant

    It was used during Cyril's execution in the tv series OZ

  83. Jon Wainwright

    Yea got to agree the scene in OZ with this track fits perfectly. Such a beautiful piece of music. She is playing in Canterbury i October. Has to be done!

  84. itgetseasierlessitry

    Dame Joan Armatrading. It will happen.

  85. Kevin Clepps

    it reminds me of a beautiful Norse song

  86. Ionuţ D.C.

    So beautiful

  87. utubehall

    Brilliant. I can't play it too much either. She is unique. Save me too.

  88. SeeYouL8rAligator

    Thumbs up if Cyril O'Reilley from Oz brought you here!

  89. MobiusBandwidth

    hard to top this for beautiful sad songs, heartbreaking, I can only listen to it once in a great while, startin to tear up now! Joan is awesome. definitely one of her best songs, shame more people don't know about her, still touring too!

  90. faralag

    Rip Cyril

  91. Jan Malseed

    @taragreenaurora but real to many; life is like this sometimes. Fantastic woman!

  92. 59jimmyb

    such a beautiful song,,such an astonishing songwriter

  93. Jerkie

    i hear more then music in this song! its so strong! love it! so magic!!!

  94. zjowdown

    @TheHotZ If you feel you're love is slipping away from you...

  95. zjowdown

    @Govanmauler Yes, or about to break a heart ;-)

  96. zjowdown

    @taragreenaurora I hear this song was a part of a TV-serie. It was never broadcasted over here so I can't disagree :-)

  97. zjowdown

    @aspiva4 You're very welcome :-)

  98. neworleansartist

    i cant believe i never heard this. xoxoxo thanks

  99. Govanmauler