Joan Armatrading - Baby I Lyrics

Remember when you took me
Out last night
It was a clear night
The nearest moon
I'd ever seen
Filled the sky
Threw light on the city

Remember when you took me
To some party
With your arms around my waist
Planning my weekends
Maybe planning
To change my name
I'm in love
And I got to let you know

Baby I
Want to be
In your loving arms again
Baby I
Want to be
In your loving arms again
Feel you near to me
Baby, ah can't you see
So much
Romance in the air
And all I really want
Is to be with you

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Joan Armatrading Baby I Comments
  1. Keorapetse Thagane

    "Bathong" this woman's voice is something else... What a pleasure to hear him live in anthem of freedom Johannesburg state theatre

  2. ChatterboxCT

    Beautiful lady, beautiful music and love this song too. Joan is the best 😁

  3. Thabang Mosena

    All commendations due to the guy that plays the sax on this song.

    What an amazing performance.

  4. Wiseman Mpunzana

    We used to call her "The Lady With The Key". She could open the hardest heart with her voice. Wow! When music was soulfully meaningful...

  5. Hendrick keineetse

    i cant express how much i love this song, never gets old.. Thank you Joan

  6. Delano Demas

    Reminds me of my first love.

  7. Tiyani Hlaisi

    My mother loves this song.

  8. William Ngoepe

    All time classic, beautiful and well orchestrated.

  9. Puleng Gloria

    yeah - when life was kind...

  10. Gayalert69

    I remember..I remember those heady days of love...excitement...anxiety

  11. BlaqOnyx

    Still beautiful in 2019. Timeless classic. I pray for a time when we will celebrate true talent like this again.

    Thabang Mosena

    BlaqOnyx Wooow

    angela smith


  12. David Sigal

    What can you say about Joan except that she is a brilliant songwriter with a unique delivery that cuts right to the soul. Love it!

  13. Brenda Flowers

    Did you know that she's a Barrister.She studied British law while writing music and gave it up when her music took off.

  14. Jet Set

    Best love song ever- the lyrics blended with that sax and gentle strumming is absolutely ... well I haven’t the word to describe it: It is tear jerking, reminiscent,
    real, and forever!!

  15. Sissel Jahnsen


  16. Nhleko Clement

    Was in form 1 at St Mary Secondary ka Lobamba. My uncle came back from South Africa with this half album. Only one side had songs. Knew the lyrics of this song, such that I had to sing the song on the bus going to a Science Fair. Was the hit on the school bus.

  17. Sissel Jahnsen

    gracias <3

  18. John Benn

    WOW WOW WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    From a mad keen 75yo Aussie fan.
    Amazing performance.

    Brenda Flowers

    John Benn You have good taste.

    Brenda Flowers

    John Benn
    Check out straight talk from album :the shouting stage.

  19. Alexander Loewe

    This was actually one of the 'most listened to albums' at that time for me. I still keep it as an all time companion, although I haven't been listening to it much over the years. It still remains an old intimate friend.

    Kebo Mfenqe

    She was still is my fav female singer, her voice n songs she keeps you alive inside

  20. veronica jnmarie

    Love the girl since 1974. Agree with all the comments below, even the foreign language ones

    godfrey mthembu

    What more can one ask for in music. listening to this song makes you feel like the whole world is yours. woaoh

  21. Philip Lane

    Great song. Love he sax.

  22. Marija Fiala

    Koliko puta sam ovo slušala?! Milina........

  23. Chwaro Tholo

    Joan is  the best and will always be one of my best artist.

  24. Refuoe Molepe

    Really music ever

  25. Sonja DT

    Joan's voice is as smooth as silk and her lyrics are sharp as a knife

  26. Patsik

    Sounds like Christine McVee

    Brenda Flowers

    No freaking way

  27. SC G

    @Alberto Truffi Thank you so much for posting this song, Alberto.
    I couldn´t help, but, cry... a great bunch of memories of love in my younger days, returned as I listened to this touching song.
    I used to listen to it in my Sony Walkman 1982 long ago.
    Thanks GOD I have a good past to joyfully remember.

  28. P A Schulze

    Just read Glyn John's memoir... he loved working with Joan. His work is masterful as evidenced here on "Baby I"

  29. LMM Neuendorf

    Beautiful voice, amazing song, soulful lyrics

  30. Sipho Dlamini

    classic, amazing, beautiful, awesome stuff right there I ought to propose my lady playing this track on the background

  31. angela bland

    very much not appreciated. huge fan for years!

  32. Mitt Obama

    This is the song where her vocals are really showcased the most.

  33. Janice Lorenzetti

    luv her. real music, heart music

  34. Vallerius Vinogradov

    To my mind she's the best female singer for decades...

    Maha Lingam

    Your mind ist right.

  35. j mo

    class class class

  36. Amalyn Investments

    This is the kind of music that would remind you what is actually this thing called LOVE.If you ever been in love you will know what i'm talking about.

  37. Afra Raymond

    'What do you want?' is actually titled 'The Weakness in me'...

  38. Thembekile Mtsi

    Love this song it reminds me of back in the days in the 80's when music was magical and life was so easy...Yoh!

    Brian Gerald Eager

    +Montell Nicks Yo Montell true..!

    Jessie Williams

    This queen puts what I be trying to say to music so lovely! Jessie James wiliams

  39. Dezley Scott-Davidson

    Baby I would

  40. Julie Williams

    Can't express how much I love this song!!! I have seen joan armtrading twice live in concert, amazing women x

  41. Mario Maneri

    una delle sue più belle ballate, meravigliosa!

    Petra Crete

    almost moves me to tears, but it gives strength

  42. triumph66500

    A song for us romantics ..

  43. kenneth king

    There is something very sincere about this song that touches you deep inside. It is haunting. To have someone feel for you like this is what love is all about. One of the greatest love songs of all time.

    sello ntsie

    What a song

  44. Rhonda Wade

    Thank you Alberto, for putting this wonderful list on here  :)

    PS  Do you have a copy of Armatrading's "The Letter?"  Thought I would ask this wish - you have everything else!  Thanks either way.

  45. Tendai Makarudze

    I really love this song. Joan has been forever my best artist. Each time I play her "To the limit" I feel so close to her. I love this lady's music.

  46. Crucible 155

    I really would've liked to have seen her in concert I'm sure I would've enjoyed it she has such a beautiful delivery that you could'nt possibly find fault with her or any of the music that she chooses.

  47. Rich King

    wow, great job, thanks a million

  48. gracie102997

    Wow nice to meet you! I LOVED all her music in the late 1970s - it really meant a lot to me! thank you!



    Didi Marcal


  50. JusLiveMylyfe

    This song to me is amazing , the way she sings the chorus..."Baby I, I Wanna Be In Your Loving Arms Again,
    Baby I, I Wanna Be In Your Loving Arms Again,
    Feel You Near To Me, Babe I, Can't You See
    So, Much Romance, In The Air
    And, All I Want To Be Is With You"

  51. Alberto Truffi

    It's true, but she joined her parents in UK when she was eight and grew up musically there. Anyway she is a citizen of the world, but also always linked to her native land.

  52. Annabel Delisle

    She's not English. Shes from St Kitts, please!


    She grew up in Birmingham and lives in the Shetlands. So, Please! She's a Brit. :)

    Brenda Flowers

    Annabel Delisle
    She's a British subject.

  53. giov.andrea addis

    grande Joan,è sempre un emozione,grazie grazie,grazie.

  54. Sonny Delight

    amazing,so moving.was raised on this

  55. Robbie Egha

    one can not say enuff on her great this lady is; when you think she can't better a song, she.... great, great song

  56. Alberto Truffi

    You can listen to everything you want in YouTube, if you don't like Joan Armatrading let choose something else, but why do you post offending comments? You're an unpolite person.

  57. Amy O

    seems you have a wasted life as a perv, You can Not ruin my youthful memories or this beautiful song...untouchable me :)

  58. diamonddesk1975

    I'm looking for "What do you want?" from this album...Joan Arma Trading's "To the limit."

  59. Lucky I. Mhlanga

    the best of the best...

  60. Joe Cossa

    so emotional, i like this song it is so beautiful. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  61. 1993bailey

    Love this song-she is wonderful!

  62. Blasty McNasty

    I have some great memories to this song. Thanks for the post !! .